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TANK PROVIDES BACKUP WATER SUPPLY FOR GROWING COMMUNITY From the antiquity the man has come developing his intelligence and together with this one he has been analyzing the needs that that exist in the planet. The man uses his mind to create methods that help to diminish the needs in the world; but, how do men make these inventions? It is with this question that the brain initiates to thinking to find the way of creating the solution to these problems and of turning the life a bit easy. The inventions that have been realized across the time, today turn into something very useful for the people, for example the systems of drinkable water to supply a population. The supply of drinkable water is a problem that has occupied the man from the Antiquity. The drinkable water is a class of water that it is used for the human consumption that can be consumed without restriction because, thanks to a purification process and it doesn't represent a risk for the health. the term is applied to the water that fulfills the norms of quality promulgated by the local and international authorities. Previously aqueducts and pipes of pressure were built to assure the local supply. In some zones they were constructed and there are constructed underground wells that gather the rain waters. These warehouses are in the habit of being undergrounds in order that the water is kept fresh and without light, which would favor the development of algae. The previous thing is a clear example of what lived through Elverson's city in the 50s, since he was lacking a system of aqueduct of drinkable water. In 1987 due to the census Elverson it demonstrated to be a very small city located in the United States of America of the north, in the state of Pennsylvania, in the county of Chester; where that epoch there were only 800 persons. It is in this time where Stoltzfus Enterprises Ltd a company organized as an equipment of builder of houses of premiere and an equipment of general contracting and also an equipment of real estate agents in the north of the County of Chester, Pennsylvania; it began the construction of housings one-family and leaned in the

city. The company realizing this project it had the need to construct a supply of drinkable water for his construction company, but instead of constructing a system of drinkable water only for his own development, the brothers Merle and David Stoltzfus owners of the construction company incorporated Elverson Water Co. Inc., a company of services pbliocs to serve to the population and the development of the community. The brothers Stoltzfus with help of the company Fisher Tank, a company specialized in the design, manufacture, construction, repair and field modification to raising tanks of welded steel, Elverson obtained a system of drinkable water for his citizens; this city stopped using the wells deprived to being supplied by a tank raised with capacity of 500.000 gallons. David and Merle wanted to rest of the city but Elverson was limited, with supply to only 30 housings; so they rested on ideas using the ancient piping installed in the 50 to the back of the city not to install new pipelines of principal waters. The city was possessing 100 wells deprived of water, but the new company perforated four to a distance of a mile and also the company installed a tank of 50,000 gallons, for the supply of the community. Unfortunately this tank did not provide sufficient capacity of storage, since his capacity was 45.000 gallons of water a day. This only would be on the supply of one day for 250 housings in 1999 and with a safety copy of one day and without right to which the population was growing, since this was going to remain constant. Analyzing the situation the company constructed a tank of 500.000 gallons that it would provide a safety copy of 10 days, this would be a great advantage, since in case of emergency or when something go out slightly badly with the system, the city would have approximately 10 days of consumption of water supply, also viewing the growth of the population. The tank was measured by 36 feet of diameter and 64 feet of height, with an entry in the brand of 50 feet and the exit to three feet and with a pressure in the system it is 130 psi. The supply that offers this tank would give him to the system 10 days to

manage to be on line. The system supplies water for 1.100 residents of the city and a development near 250 residential units. The system used the former tank of 50,000 gallons to chlorinate the water; since it comes from the wells. We see a clear example of the importance of the water for a community, where these men demonstrated that yes it is possible to contribute the citizens; they returned what his natal city has realized the whole life for them. The problem of the supply of drinkable water to a community, is influenced by two basic factors from which all the problems stem and consistently the solutions; the first one is the minimal quantity that will need this community to satisfy his needs.If the supply is lower than this minimal quantity there will take place restrictions that they will affect from negative form to his activity, hygiene, comfort and quality of life. The second one is the necessary quality to serve to the uses for those that it has been foreseen, with full guarantees of efficiency, this quality is based on the contents, so much of salts like bacteriological that must contain the supplied water. Many industries exist today that threaten strongly our environment, contaminating our water resources, unlike the brothers Stoltzfus, who realized a system of drinkable water, for a vulnerable population and cedienta for acquiring a water supply for his needs. On the other hand, also we are responsible for the care of the water; and we must not have bad habits, for example not save water. So it is a time to think and analyze our behavior to initiate to realizing a way of life preserving the water. The Civil engineering is one of the most surprising careers; in this case focused in the hydraulics, for example to take drinkable water to our houses, ingenuity that arises for a need and this one is realized by a high degree of complexity; since this system understands the capture, the storage of brute water, treatment, the storage of treated water and distribution network; where everything was realized following a few procedure and a few parameters; it is for this that we all must give him a good use.