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Hand Gloves, Coverall, hose, compressor, pressure gauge, spade, gasket etc.
SEQUENCE OF BASIC JOB STEPS POTENTIAL HAZARDS Non compliance of Safety Policy Unauthorized Personnel Planning Defective Tools / Equipment Exceeding Maximum Allowable Pressure Yes /No PRECAUTIONS Refer to KOC Safety Policy. Conduct Tool Box Talk. Barricade the area where pressure-test is to be carried out.

Post warning notice in three languages min.

Ensure the equipment / tool to be used for pressure testing (such as hose, coupling, pressure gauge, spade, gasket etc) are free from defect and suitable for the pressure rating of the system. Pressure-testing Exceeding Maximum Allowable Pressure

Injury to Workers.

Pressure Testing

Damage to Equipment/ System Unattended Pressurized Tool /Equipment Changing the Duration of Hydro-test. Unsafe Depressurization. Scattered Material

Arrange the adequate Nitrogen Cylinders / Unit considering the volume to be filled and tested. Ensure the pressure relieving device is set at maximum allowable pressure for weakest portion of the segment of piping to be pressure-tested. Keep away from the pressurized segment of the system being pressure-tested. Testing Area to be barricaded and provided with warning signs in three languages min. Monitor the pressure gauge(s) from a safe distance away from the potential source of high pressure jetting (Such as Flange Joint, Spade, and Coupling etc.) Ensure the workers are wearing required PPE. Never increase the test pressure more than the maximum allowable pressure for the weakest portion in the segment or pressure rating of the hose & coupling. Do not leave the pressurized hose unattended when the pressuretest is going on. Isolate the equipment from all source of energy when not in use. Do not change (exceed / decrease) the duration of pressure test without permission from InspectionEngi neer. Ensure the safe depressurization of Nitrogen Gas Ensure proper wind up & housekeeping at worksite. The accessories (hoses & compressor) not being used must be disconnected and the hoses are stored properly PSV (in case isolated) to be lined up after pressure test completion. Ensure the deployment of Nitrogen unit inside the plant does not create any hazard for the facility. Ensure the working area is thoroughly ventilated.

Windup &Housekeep ing

Additional Hazards (Other than indicated above) JSA Done By

Using N2 Gas Cylinders