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A BYTE OF LIFE Friday, February 20, 2009

08 11
Fashion’s new obsession Madhavan on Yaavarum Nalam


Infuriated by the abject lack of discipline not to have fun at workplace, Ergo Editor Karthik Subramanian
asked his team to go to the sea and take a jump. They did and took him along too. Read on.
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02 ERGO Friday, February 20, 2009

Discount Alert

Namma Chennai Mothercare is offering up to 51 per cent

off as part of their end of season sale.
The offer is on till March 8 at Kuppu
Arcade, T. Nagar. Ph: 42651850-55


Get ready to
Food rock
It’s time to wear your dancing

Simply shoes! Renaissance Dance works and

SS Music presents Dancing Doll .
If you are a female dancer of 15
Kongunadu years and above and know to shake
to any free style dance then this is
Explore the delicacies of Kongunadu your chance. The winner will be
in this food festival that promises to crowned as ‘Dancing Doll-2009’.
tickle your taste buds. Pollachi When: February 22; 10 a.m.
panagam, poondurai nadu kaikari Where: Kalaivanar Arangam (near
perattal, karupatti payasam ...there is Chepauk stadium)
lot to savour. Entry forms and tickets are available
When: Till February 27 at all Landmark outlets, Renaissance
Where: Sabari Nest, No. 105, Dr. Dance Studio and Textile India. For
Radhakrishnan Road, Mylapore details contact 9003116060/45538482
The dinner is priced at Rs. 249. For
reservation call 2811 5111 or 2811

Contest Television

Doodle to Millionaire on air

cartoons It is one of the most talked about
rags-to-riches story today. Oscar-
To encourage youngsters to take nominated Slumdog Millionaire will
up cartooning the Indian Institute be premiered today for Tata Sky
of Cartoonists has instituted the subscribers. To order Slumdog
Maya Kamath Memorial Award. Millionaire on ‘Showcase’ subscribers
Participants need to be 25 years or press the ‘showcase’ button on the
younger. Send in your published/ remote and follow the instructions.
unpublished entries with cartoons Or, send an SMS to SC <SPACE>
and caricatures (maximum of six) <EVENT CODE> to 56633.
along with copies of publications in
which these have appeared (if any).
All entries must be sent on or
before February 28.
For details call 9980091428/ 080 –
25559998/ website:

Sale Act 1, Scene 1

The affordable art Theatre Y is starting a new course
in acting, scriptwriting and voice
training. Actor, writer and director
Art is increasingly seen as an investment Yog Japee will be introducing
and here’s the perfect platform for you courses in microphone presentation,
to buy them. The ninth edition of the voice one and like. An open house
‘Affordable Art’ show will be interactive session will be held to
inaugurated on Saturday, where over discuss timings and batches.
900 paintings of 150 artists will be on When: February 20; 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
display. Where: studYo, 35 Mandaiveli
When: Till March 22; 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Street, Off R.K. Mutt Road,
Where: Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, Mandaiveli.
CIT Colony, Mylapore For details visit
For details call 3253 3655
Friday, February 20, 2009
Rajasthani food festival
Take a mystical voyage to Rajasthan, where tradition and culture exist in a time
warp. Taste the authentic preparations like Ker shangiri, Mugar kaju, Dal
Bhatia,Mava Kachori, Tingley ki burjiya & Bhatti shurma from February 20 to
March 8 at Deccan Plaza’s Olives multicuisine restaurant located in Royapettah.
For details call 97910 33884

DVD pick of the week

Max Payne
Those who’ve played the
compelling PC game by the
same name will know that Max
Payne is as film-noir as it gets.
It’s gritty, dark, cinematic and
engaging. The film features a
well cast Mark Wahlberg as
the wronged detective, Max
Payne, who must bust a drug
racket and unearth the conspiracy behind the
murders of his wife and child. Although gamers
may cringe at the inconsistencies, those going in
with no expectations will be rightly entertained.
There’s probably more action than your home
cinema will digest. Watch it for Marky Mark,
guns, and neat effects.
We say great action fare to show off your
spanking new home cinema with.

Music of the week

As the name suggests, Seal’s latest
album is all about soul music.
There are no original songs in this
album though. Instead, this one is
a tribute and features covers of
classic soul numbers from artistes
like James Brown, Ben E. King, and
Sam Cooke. Overall, Seal’s effort is
quite notable. His voice
confidently cruises through tracks like A Change Is
Gonna Come and I’m Still In Love With You.
Although Seal’s musical background is varied –
ranging from funk and blues to pop, he does a
good job here by adding his own special style to
the music.
Sound advice: There’s more to Seal than what’s
apparent, and Soul’s a great example of just how
diverse his musical skills are.

Game of the week

“HadoOOOuken!” Bless you.
This update of the most
beloved fighting franchise has
kept everything that was good
about the originals. Old hands
will feel right at home
mastering Chun-Li’s kicks and
Ryu’s hadouken, and the
effects of them are even more
satisfying; as you now see your
enemies suffer in much more
precise detail. If you’re not into
fighting games, you won’t understand the fuss,
but the game play here is so perfectly balanced
and satisfying, rewarding practice and skill rather
than button-mashing, it kicks the crap out of its
so-called rivals. It is a great revival of an arcade
04 ERGO Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Story
For a catamaran ride and a plunge in
the middle of the sea, call Ravi at

98408 19458 or Hafiz at 98405 75555. I’m a hydro-
phobic who’s
never wet more than
her feet in the sea. Still,
the temptation to jump
after everyone else had
and a vague feeling
that I might regret it
later if I didn’t, ensured
that I did jump off the
catamaran. After 10
minutes of hollering in
the water, a frantic
struggle with the ropes
thrown to us and re-
entry into the
catamaran, it was with
a sense of
Shalini Shah

Our lensman

and I were
having the laugh of our
lives watching each of
our colleagues plunge
into the sea, one after
another, gasping for
breath to eventually
enjoying the ‘flotation’.
One was screeching

‘Somebody help me, I
want to come out’,
another hiding on to
the side of the boat and
showing no signs of
having recovered from
An invitation to get into the middle of the down my spine as I took what ap-
peared to be minutes but were
the initial shock. And,
yet another, for whom
sea and jump in, life vests attached of course. mere seconds to reach my face we for a moment

t’s not every day that you set above the water again. I remem-
thought all was over.
out to face your worst fears. How to turn down an invitation like that? bered instantly that the sea is
Until, he finally
Last week was a unique op- kind enough to give three chanc-
portunity at least for some of Team Ergo was all at sea last week. Read on. es. But my immediate impulse regained some energy.
us at Ergo to face the fear of the was to get back on the catamaran We heaved a sigh of
open seas. We set alight on a cat- asap. For the next few microse- relief for preventing the
amaran off Kottivakkam Beach, conds, as I bobbed and tried to many restless journos
travelled some one-and-half kilo- keep afloat, I was wondering just from writing another
metres into the sea and simply why I got there in the first place. crime piece – ‘Ergo
dived into the water. “What a fool,” I was screaming in- Editor drowns in deep
Alright, we were wearing life side. And then, for the second sea’.
vests and the lead was just for ef- time I plunged into the sea. Liffy Thomas
fect. But still … By this time, I think everybody
Hafiz and Ravi, residents of else on the catamaran hit panic
Kottivakkam off Thiruvanmiyur, stations. My team was kind
organise team-building exercise enough to throw all the ropes

of a different kind for corporates. available on the catamaran into
In their email to Ergo last week, the sea. But the rope, I suspected
they welcomed us to an outing at was just an allegory. What good
The first tow
the sea off Kottivakkam Beach. moment now, just enjoy the like a fish to land. But whatever. was a tiny rope? There is no way I had already
When we reached the beach Fri- calmness of the sea. Soak in the Pratap managed to find his fins in was going to get help from it. And made their way to the
day afternoon, the duo greeted us wonders.” less than 30 seconds, and was then for the third time, I sank into middle, gobbling down
along with a team of local fisher- And that was when we were floating like a fish. But appear- the sea. bucketful of sea water,
men. They briefed us on safety asked to jump into the sea. ances are deceptive. Which is And then it happened. In a and despite trying to
requirements and handed us our “The first two to three minutes what I found out. Without a strange impulse, I decided to loo- keep a brave face my
life vests that we fastened on. The are like a child’s entry into the doubt, the one person in the cata- sen myself a bit and tried to bring heart was already
sea was “slightly rough,” we were world. And slowly but surely, you maran with the ability to displace my feet to the top of the water. skipping a few beats.
told. And as we sat inside the cat- will find your way to float,” Hafiz maximum water, I dived in. The And there I was, lying on the sea,
Eyes closed, hands
amaran, the fishermen pushed us continued. That was our cue. If next two minutes were undoubt- as if it were a water bed. I was
into sea. And as the catamaran not for the adventure, there is no edly the longest of my life. floating. Hafiz was right all along.
clutched, I at last took
rode the waves, the first bit of hanging around to listen to more As I plunged in, I sank some For the next 25 minutes, I float- the plunge but all
adrenaline started pumping. For philosophy. considerable distance into the ed on water, just like Pratap, a few seemed to be lost then.
some time more at least, none of Our young designer Pratap Ku- sea, swallowing enough salt water other colleagues, and the fish. It Where is the sky? I am
us had any jitters. But as we pro- mar was the first to go. And he in the process. As I tried to keep was the most incredible thing I going down…
ceeded somewhere towards the took to it like a fish to water, my eyes open, the salt water have yet attempted. I have struck Ayon Sengupta
mid-sea point, Hafeez asked us to which is actually not the right washed them, instantly setting one fear off my list. But there are
summon our inner zen. “For a analogy here. Actually it has to be my eyes on fire. A chill went a few more to go. ■
Friday, February 20, 2009

All the best, ARR

t’s A.R. Rahman mania at all A.R. Rahman’s office,” said an
the campuses of Sutherland. employee, adding, “We have six
As a run-up to the Oscar Nite, centres in Indian and our Mum-
all the employees of the MNC bai and Kochi offices have al-
are singing paeans and signing ready sent us their vinyl

Biker chain-snatchers
signatures on huge banners, in packages.”
the name of the music director Apparently, all these will be
who has three Oscar nomina- woven together and handed.
tions. The huge fan following the
The signature campaign start- music director has among the
ed in the first week of February, employees as well as the prob-
where 10 ft banners were put up ability that he is sure to bag the

on the rise in city

in each of the floor and em- Oscar this time has made the
ployees were asked to pen their Employee Welfare Team come
wishes for the ‘Mozart of Chen- up with such a concept, said the
nai’. “Some time tomorrow we employee who pleaded anonym-
will be presenting the banners to ity.
Ergo Correspondent

The escalating number of chain-snatching activities

in the city is the result of the emergence of a new
breed of criminals – first-time offenders

he criminals that have been ficers on the case said the duo However, police haven’t been
sending city cops on a rol- had bought three motorcycles able to curb chain-snatching in
lercoaster ride off late are and boosted the engines for bet- the city, which has been escalat-
not gangsters, robbers or ter pickup to facilitate the crime. ing at the rate of a minimum of
phishers but chain-snatchers on “They were arrested after one of two cases a day. The usual mo-
motorcycles. them fell down from the motor- dus operandi is that the helmet-
The escalating number of cycle and accidentally dropped clad culprits ask vulnerable
chain-snatching incidents in the his cellphone during a snatching women an address and snatch
city, especially over the last two attempt,” said an officer. their gold chains and speed off
months in areas like Anna Na- Using the cellphone as a clue, on their bike. Off late, even men
gar, Kilpauk and Adyar, has put police tracked the culprits who, are falling prey to chain-snatch-
the police on the hot seat. Fol- much to the astonishment of the ing. On Sunday, a bank execu-
lowing this, City Police Commis- police, were college pass-outs tive in Aminjikarai, near
sioner K. Radhakrishnan had who had taken to chain-snatch- Thiru-vi-ka Park, was relieved of
ordered his subordinates in the ing to support their posh lifes- his gold chain and bracelet,
respective snatching-prone ar- tyle. There were a few cases of worth 2,5 sovereigns. Similarly, a
eas to crack the whip and bring similar first-time offenders who man in Chintadripet was also
the culprits behind bars as soon fell into the police net on snatch- robbed of his bracelet.
as possible. ing charges. The rising chain-snatching
The truth is that the investi- cases in the city have driven the
gating officers are facing an city police to form special teams
uphill task as in most cases it is to nab the offenders.
not the known offenders who are
Using the cellphone Thorough vehicle checks and
committing the crime, but as a clue, police regular police patrols in areas,
youngsters who are first-timers. tracked the culprits including places where chain-
Police sources say these uniden- snatching incidents have been
tified men on motorcycles who, much to the rampant, are been intensified.
snatch gold chains from victims, astonishment of the Moreover, police advice that the
mainly women walking in isolat- public should be well aware of
ed and even crowded areas in
police, were college such criminals and act
the city. pass-outs who had accordingly.
A few months ago, Teynampet taken to chain- They suggest that people be
police arrested two youngsters wary off strangers, keep off iso-
on charges on chain-snatching snatching to support lated places and avoid untoward
in and around the Mylapore and their posh lifestyle. incidents. ■
T. Nagar areas. Investigating of- Ergo Correspondent
06 ERGO Friday, February 20, 2009

Armstrong’s stolen bicycle recovered

Police said they have recovered a one-of-a-kind bicycle swiped
from Tour de France legend Lance Armstrong at a northern
California racing venue. A person brought the purloined Trek
training bicycle on Wednesday to a police station in the city of
Sacramento, where it was stolen during the weekend.

Hero’s return
Making his first competitive appearance after a
whopping 358 days Croatian Eduardo showed no
signs on jittery nerves as he scored twice to help
Arsenal beat Cardiff City 4-0 in a FA Cup fourth
round replay.
Tough task
The forward had suffered from a fractured ankle
and leg following a tackle from Birmingham Confident India seek rare NZ Test triumph
defender Martin Taylor last season. After a year
long rehab the Croatian showed no signs of rust in
his opening game and many are saying that he will
be Arsene Wenger’s talisman to improve Arsenal’s
disappointing season.
(Each week we feature a
player who has defied all
odds and come out as a
winner during the past
week. If you have a
choice for next week,
write to us at

Indian players at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)

awards function in Mumbai. PHOTO: AFP

ahendra Singh Dhoni’s als. India and New Zealand will land before. “Conditions can vary
all-conquering India flew also play five one-dayers and in New Zealand,” Kirsten said.
out to New Zealand on three Tests. The previous tour in “When the Indian team went
Thursday with confi- 2002 was a nightmare for India, there in 2002 the ball was seami-
dence high they can redress a mi- who under Sourav Ganguly lost ng around. But when the West In-
serable Test record there. Not both Tests in “windy” Wellington dies played there recently, the
only have India had just one Test and Hamilton inside three days, wickets were flat. So we can as-
series victory in New Zealand – before being thrashed 2-5 in the sess the conditions only when we
way back in 1968, under Mansur One-Day International series. get there.” The tourists will draw
Ali Khan Pataudi – they have not Seamer-friendly pitches and cold inspiration from their recent Test
even won a Test match there for and windy conditions all made and One-Day International suc-
more than 30 years stretching life difficult for the tourists, with cesses under Dhoni and Kirsten.
back to 1976. only Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul India beat Ricky Ponting’s Aus-
But coach Gary Kirsten said the Dravid scoring a half-century tralia 2-0 and Kevin Pietersen’s
team, riding high on the back of apiece. “It’s going to be a tough England 1-0 in home Test series
home series wins over Australia tour,” captain Dhoni said on last year and clinched the One-
and England, were now capable Wednesday. “Every place has its Day series in Sri Lanka 4-1 early
of dealing with the country’s un- challenges. Foreign players come this month. Their hopes of end-
familiar weather and pitches. to India and struggle against spin ing the New Zealand drought will
“We have a very balanced team – and bounce. We would focus on depend on their batting line-up,
in batting, pace and spin bowl- planning well and in executing which is virtually unchanged
ing,” said the South Afri- those plans. The results will since 2002. The only name mis-
can. “We are capable of follow.” sing from the middle order is the
playing in any condi- retired Ganguly, who has been re-
tions. Conditions will Looking into the positives placed by Yuvraj Singh.
be vastly different Kirsten was not worried about Sehwag’s opening partner
and the weather the absence of any practice Gautam Gambhir has cracked
would be cold with a match ahead of the Twenty20 three hundreds and as many half-
bit of rain. But we have opener on February 25, saying centuries in his last eight Test in-
the players to overcome four days of net sessions would nings. India also have two good
these.” put his team in gear. Only six new-ball bowlers in Ishant Shar-
players in the current squad – ma and Khan, who played a key
Nightmares Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, role in the wins over Australia
The six-week tour opens Dravid, V.V.S. Laxman, Zaheer and England even on slow home
next Wednesday with the first Khan and Harbhajan Singh – pitches. ■
of two Twenty20 internation- have played a Test in New Zea- AFP
Friday, February 20, 2009

I don’t know why he (Mohammad Yousuf ) is running around. He should just
come and talk to me about the issues he has with the ban imposed on him
from playing for Pakistan. But the ICC has made it clear it would leave home boards to
deal with legal issues according to the laws of their countries.
PCB chairman Ejaj Butt

United’s Wayne
celebrates after
scoring the third

back with
goal during the
match against
Fulham at Old

ooney ended his six-week injury lay-off with a goal as Manchester United moved
five points clear of Liverpool at the top of the Premier League with a 3-0 victory over
Fulham at Old Trafford on Wednesday.
Rooney, sidelined since straining a hamstring against Wigan on January 14,
scored from South Korea winger Park Ji-Sung’s cross moments after replacing Dimitar
Berbatov to put the seal on United’s latest victory.
Paul Scholes’ opener and a strike from Berbatov had given United a 2-0 half-time lead
against a Fulham side that rarely looked like adding to their three away league goals this
But United were in determined mood and the victory left them in a commanding
position at the top of the league and with dreams of an unprecedented haul of five
trophies in one season looking more realistic by the week.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson had warned against complacency ahead of the game
by admitting that “this fixture looks a bit too easy”.
But United’s peerless form in recent weeks and Fulham’s winless run away from home
in the league this season suggested that the only likely outcome was a United win.
And although Ferguson had warned his players that the unthinkable could happen,
the prospects of such an unlikely outcome vanished once Scholes had spectacularly
opened the scoring after just 12 minutes. The former England midfielder has been
overshadowed by fellow veteran Ryan Giggs recently, but the 34-year-old cer-
tainly reclaimed the spotlight with a jaw-dropping display against the
London club.
His goal, only his second in the league this season, was as
good as any you are likely to see, even if it was
given a helping hand into the net by Fulham’s
Australian goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer.
As Michael Carrick stepped up to take a
corner, Park’s decoy run left Scholes un-
marked 25 yards from goal and Carrick
picked him out brilliantly, allowing the mid-
fielder to unleash a right-foot volley.
Schwarzer managed to get his body behind the
shot, but he could not hold the ball and it squirmed
United cement grip
out of his grasp before bouncing over the line and into
the net.
on pole position
Settling the issue
But Scholes is not contended with scoring and he proved that on the half hour mark, when he created
the second goal for Berbatov with another piece of brilliance. This time his deft chip into the penalty area
in the 30th minute allowed John O’Shea to tee up the former Spurs striker, who scored from close range.
Berbatov was denied a second early in the second half when Schwarzer redeemed himself for his
earlier mistake by repelling the United striker with a brilliant save to keep out a powerful snapshot.
But the former Middlesbrough keeper could not continue to stem the tide and Rooney made it 3-0 in
the 63rd minute – less than three minutes after climbing off the bench.
Park’s shot across the face of goal was met by Rooney at the far post and, after springing the offside
trap, the England star slotted in his seventh league goal of the season. ■
08 ERGO Friday, February 20, 2009

Fendi BCBG Ma

Derek Lam

Midas touched the

in gold paint. Oscar de la Renta, Diane Von Furstenberg fea-
in his collection showcased in tured one-shouldered dull gold
New York Fashion Week, opted gowns, while Nanette Lepore
for a black-and-gold palette. paired golden shifts with tights.
Where the dresses were mono- Derek Lam had golden jersey
chromatic, gold appeared in the dresses.

here’s an extra glimmer on form of accessories like belts, Christian Lacroix, who mixed
the catwalks. And gold is shoes and clutches. Carolina Her- prints, colours stripes and dots in
the most likely culprit. In rera, the lady of the lovely gowns, his Spring/Summer 2009 Haute
fact, it has been the com- also opted for black-and-gold. Couture collection showcased in
mon thread between Spring/ Badgley Mischka, though, Paris, also had his way with gold.
Summer 2009 and Fall/Winter chucked the black from the gold. Dresses that look spray-painted
2009-2010. The recent shows Accessory-wise, Fendi and Mi- to stiffness made models look like
have seen a high dose of me- chael Kors depended on gold. gold statuettes than anything
tallic and most conspicuous While Fendi’s breezy spring/ else.
has been gold in various forms summer white-centric collection As if to disprove the fact that
– from head-to-toe pale gold to featured golden totes, the latter’s women love things gold and
black-and-gold and little bits models had gold bondage chain golden, the menswear lines of
in the form of accessories. as neckpieces. Alexandre Herchcovitch and
Georges Chakra sent mod- Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2009 collec- Thierry Mugler, golden pants, et
els down the catwalk in gold- tion, chiefly characterised by eye- al, proved a point. ■
hued gowns. BCBG Max Azria squinting neon, featured Midas’ With inputs from agencies
reworked the now-so-hot favourite in the form of gold shifts
tights and gave spectators under oversized jackets. And for
metallic tights once, gold managed to look more
that made Goth than royal.
the models

Oscar de la Renta

Christian Lacroix Georges Chakra

Friday, February 20, 2009
ax Azria Michael Kors
Muse’s the word
English model Kate Moss will be taking
part in an exhibition that is exploring the
role the fashion model plays as an
artiste’s muse.

e clothes
The exhibition is taking place this spring
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New
York, and supermodels like Moss, Naomi
Campbell and Twiggy will be a
part of history’s great muses,
reports the Guardian.
Thomas Campbell made the
announcement in front of Peter
Lindberg’s 1990 British Vogue
cover portrait of Campbell, Linda
A look at Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy
Turlington and Cindy Crawford.
Campbell was accompanied Marc
gold’s recent Jacobs, sponsor of the exhibition,
who took to the podium to
quote Yves Saint Laurent: “A good

dominance on model can advance fashion by 10 years.”

Moss has been praised by Jacobs as a
“muse to a generation... she defines a

the ramps time, a feeling, that has become part of

The exhibition will open on May 6.

Beyond leggings
Lindsay Lohan is
planning to expand her
fashion portfolio by
launching a full range
of clothes in the next
two years. Last year, the
Mean Girls star released
her own line of
leggings, named 6126,
but she is preparing to
take her ambitions one step further. “In
2011 I’ll be doing more clothing,” the
Daily Express quoted her, as saying.
According to fashion website,
Lohan is also working on a self-tanner
and cosmetics line with beauty company
Stay Gold.

Video kills the

runway star
Video already killed the radio star. Now,
it has also replaced the traditional
runway show at Halston, at least for the
fall season. This fashion week, Halston
went digital with a music video concept
that capitalises on the viral marketing
opportunities many in the fashion world
are still catching up on. The video,
featuring Dree Hemingway
as a modern-day
Halstonette, showcases a
cool, urban woman as she
Thierry Mugler glides from uptown to
downtown, experiencing all
walks of New York City life,
with different vignettes
Marc Jacobs outfitted in Halston’s fall
“Retailers and press are
looking for more flexibility
when they go and look at a
collection,” Bonnie Takhar,
Halston’s president and chief
executive officer, said before
Diane von Furstenberg the video was released.
NYT News Service
10 ERGO Friday, February 20, 2009

Ash-the most bankable star

Forbes has listed Aishwarya Rai as India’s most
bankable star in Hollywood, pushing down the
Khans of Bollywood in the ratings of the best bet
for a film’s financial success.

a knee trouble that cropped up

Supermen of
after his stunts in Krrish and
Dhoom 2.
The 35-year-old actor had torn
a ligament in his right knee and
continued working despite the
pain. In December 2007, after
wrapping up Jodhaa Akbar, he
went to Singapore for a six-week

After the birth of his second
son in May last year, he went in
for a knee surgery in the US, but
soon after his return Hrithik shot
for the title song of Krazzy 4.
He hurt his knee again while
doing a dangerous car stunt for
Big B, SRK, Hrithik home production Kites in Las Ve-
gas. Though doctors advised him
and Saif - the eight weeks’ rest, the brawny ac-
tor was about and running just
ailing stars who three days after the accident.
Commenting on his knee prob-
let the show go on lem, a source close to Hrithik had
told IANS: “It’s a fact that Hrith-
ik’s knee is a cause for great con-

he show must go on - that’s cern for him and his entire
possibly the mantra for Bol- family. The doctors told him that
lywood’s ailing stars like he would never dance again.
Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh “After his second son was born,
Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik went for surgery to the US
Hrithik Roshan who, despite their and spent nearly two months re-
injuries and health problems, covering. He was determined to
continue to spin magic on screen. let it heal properly because Kites
Not once would the audience requires considerable athletic
believe that Shah Rukh was suf- movement. Hrithik didn’t take
fering excruciating pain in his left one wrong step until he left to
shoulder when he would have shoot ’Kites’ in the US and suf-
shot for the song ‘Mar jaani’ in fered another injury.”
recently released Billu, for his Another actor synonymous
moves are so perfect in the song. with multiple hospital visits is
Just two weeks before his ar- Saif Ali Khan, who was last ad-
throscopic shoulder surgery was mitted to hospital towards the
successfully conducted in Mum- end of 2008 following pain in his
bai Monday, Shah Rukh had said abdomen due to a stomach
that the pain is so bad that he infection.
can’t hug anyone “hard enough”. In 2006, Saif had undergone
At that time he was busy promot- surgery in the Malaysian capital
ing Billu, one of the reasons his of Kuala Lumpur. He had com-
surgery was delayed. plained of pain in the abdomen
In the past as well, Shah Rukh then too and doctors had diag-
has had his share of injuries and nosed it as appendicitis. The 38-
accidents. In 2003, he underwent year-old actor had also suffered a
a spinal operation in London mild heart attack in 2007, forcing
and he has also been operated him to change his lifestyle and
upon for his knee. But he quit smoking.
never let these become a While discussing the health of
hindrance in his career. these young actors, one mustn’t
Even Hrithik’s effortless forget megastar Amitabh Bach-
daredevilry in the battle se- chan, who had a near fatal acci-
quences of Ashutosh Go- dent when he was in his prime.
wariker’s period romance The veteran was first injured in
Jodhaa Akbar weren’t in- 1982 while shooting a fight se-
dicative of the pain he quence for his hit film Coolie.
was going After that, the Big B has paid
through, several visits to hospitals - the lat-
thanks est instance being his birthday in
to October last year. He was admit-
ted to the Lilavati Hospital in
Mumbai after he complained of
severe abdominal pain.
Though these stars are bound
by a string of health problems,
the common trait among them is
to work relentlessly. It is their
never-say-die spirit that keeps
them going and thousands of
cine fans entertained year after
Friday, February 20, 2009
Bhoomika in Blessy’s flick
Actress Bhoomika is making her debut in Malayalam through director
Blessy’s Bhramaram. She will be pairing up with Mohanlal in this

‘I dare you to watch the Cine City

movie and walk out halfway
to buy popcorn alone’

completely in
black, actor
Madhavan looked
right out of
Michael Jackson’s Vishal to romance 3
Actor Vishal will be seen romancing three heroines
music video, in his next film. The movie tentatively titled
Theeraadha Vilayattu Pillai is a romantic flick
‘Thriller’. It might directed by Thiru. Apparently, director Thiru has
worked with Vishal in his previous film Sathyam as
as well be true as associate director. Vishal recently dropped out of a
project to be directed by Selvaraghavan and signed
he was in BIG FM Thiru’s flick. The new movie will go on floors once
the actor completes the shooting schedule of his
studios shooting upcoming flick, Thoranai.

promos for his

upcoming bilingual
thriller, ‘Yaavarum
Nalam’ a.k.a. ‘13B’

ANUSHA PARTHASARATHY & and they are subjects that have done justice to it.
MONISHA MOHANDAS not been dealt with before. I look
for brilliant scripts. The character Your take on the chemistry
What kind of thriller is doesn’t matter. between you and the leading
Yaavarum Nalam? lady?
This is your very first thriller Well, to tell you the truth, the
An edge-of-the-seat, nail-bit- movie. What homework did TV is the leading lady in the film.
ing one. No one can go to the mo- you do? Nitu Chandra and I are just char-
vie and come out halfway and We did a lot of research on the acters in the film. The television
neither will they know what is go- impact TV has on the public. All plays the most important role in
ing to happen next. these reality shows and serials the film. For the most part, she
that show the morbid and nega- was poker-faced.
What is the character that tive side of human nature seem
you play? to be a lot more popular than the How different is Yaavarum
A middle-class, newly-wed guy funny, happy ones. For my part, I Nalam from other thrillers?
who has moved into a new home. observed a lot of people who I dare you to watch the movie
He tries to settle down when watch these shows and analysed and walk out halfway to buy pop-
things go horribly wrong their behaviour. corn alone.
Arjun goes Bollywood
You seem to play a ‘middle- What are the lessons Any more movies coming up Actor Arjun is all set to direct a Bollywood film.
aged newly-wed man’ a lot Madhavan has taken from this year? The actor has said that the film will draw
these days. Any particular this movie? I’m doing a few more. So, I’m inspiration from his movie Vedham, but not an
reason? It’s pretty tough to act for a pretty much packed the entire exact remake. Apart from acting and directing this
Apart from me being a middle- thriller. That’s what I found out. year. We’ll see how they turn out. film, Arjun will also produce the venture.
aged man, not really. I look at the To channel the fear you want to Regarding the lead lady in the film, he said that
script, not the character. If you’ve express to your audience takes a Describe the movie in one talks are on with two Bollywood stars.
watched my movies, you will see lot of practice and time. word.
that all the scripts are different It was tough but I think I’ve Brilliant! ■
12 ERGO Friday, February 20, 2009

■ My mom’s photo
Thursday’s Query:
Prasanna, Wipro
What is the one
■ My mobile. I just love it and
superstition or sentimentally I keep my love with me
for 5yrs and still the passion about
sentiment you always my first mobile is going on n on
Arunkumar, TCS
hold on to?
■ During school exams I used to ■ My amma’s favourite do not cut
attempt the last question first and go your nails after 6 pm
backwards. Wonder why! It makes no Dominic, TCS
sense, looking back
Sridhar.R STG ■ If ur nose itches, someone is
thinking about you
■ Knocking on the head thrice on Anulekshmi, Allsec
seeing a full black crow
Senthil, Wipro ■ I write my friend’s name always
before I use a new pen G.Srinath from Amiindia has nominated his friends
■ While starting the work if he or Karthik Infosys as Partners in Crime.
she sneezes, the work will not be
successful ■ I’ll not change my sitting positing
Pandiyan, CSS while watching a cricket match if
India plays well especially when
■ Whenever I move from my house I Sachin is batting
expect my house owner’s baby to Mohan Kumar, Allsec
wish me tata! tata! with her cute
hands ■ I’ll not leave my book open as I
Prakash, Perot Systems believe that I’ll forget whatever I
■ When ever I’m going out or Subashini,
coming to my home I will see my Wipro
mother face first
Asif, Ford ■ I believe that my watch is lucky
■ We feel that it’s not auspicious if Parti,
cat or gary (our office cat) crosses the CSS
Sadiq, Arun, Sam, Nadeem, Thomas ■ When dogs signal a long bark at
Vakhiyil Allsec, Karthi.VR, CSS night they indicate there would be
some death in the colony
■ I’ll wear a green T-shirt before Nandini,
playing a cricket match Inautix
Vimal Vetriselvan, TCS Ambika Ramamoorthy from CTS has nominated her
■ I’ll start my day only after team as partners in Crime. They clicked the pic at
■ To look at my own face as soon as watching a picture of goddess Vayanad.
I wake up in the morning Saraswathi on my mobile
Pradeepa, TCS Arun,
■ Sentimental pen and dress for
exam. I deeply believe that it’s a ■ Every Wednesday evening I’ll go to
source of confidence for me temple, if I miss I’ll be compensating
Priyang TCS, Sonisha, Wipro on Saturday evening
Mohan Kumar, TCS
■ Sending forwards to my dear ones
in the morning ■ Close my eyes and pray god that
Sathyaraj, Allsec today nothing should happen bad
Anu, Jackson Cognizant
■ Praying god before coming out
from home ■ Asking me where r u going? with
Prabhu, Capgemini their ‘otta vaai’ (bare mouth). It
makes me to change the destination
■ Open two hands in front of eyes Arunee, Infosys
while getting up in the morning
Venkat, SBS Today’s query:
■ Not buying a black clothing for
any good occasion or for a festival
What is your favourite Sridher from Perot Systems has nominated his
friends as Partners in Crime. They clicked the pic at
Shanmuga Priya, CTS horror movie and why? Tada.
Friday, February 20, 2009

Venkatesh a.k.a Capt. Ragh- ■ Dear Liffy Thomas ■ Dear Amit,

avan from Wipro has been On your birthday we wish you much Wishing you a very happy birthday,
nominated as our Office An- pleasure and joy; we hope all of your Have a great year ahead!! have a
gel by his team mates. wishes come true.May each hour and rocking and fun filled birthday!!
minute be filled with delight,And With lots of luv
Nicknamed Raghavan for your birthday be as perfect as you Jemi,Then,Ram,Shiva,
his stay in process attitude, are!!! Sathya. Css corp.
commitment and versatility. With love ■ Dear Bhagya & Mahesh,
He is a very enthusiastic chap Anusha, Lokpria, Monisha, It is a special moment in time..
and charges up everyone with Nandhini, Vipasha A day to look towards the future and
his speech. He is highly all it holds. And a day to wish you all
regarded for his selfless ■ Hi Giri, the happiness in the world. Wish you
attitude towards work, Wish you many more happy returns a happy married life ahead...
proactive nature and high of the day!May the coming years With Lots of Love n Prayers,
quality deliverables. He is bring lots of happiness, cherish and Gayathri.S., Madhumitha.R.
good friend to all of us in his fun in your life. We wish you all Wipro Technologies
team and a pleasure to work success in your love n life.
with. With love, ■ Dear Benji(Benjamin),
ESCS Team - Ramco Systems. Side by side,or miles apart
A Hubby like you, Is always close to
■ Hi Dylan Sanders, the heart. May you have all the joys
Many more happy returns of the day. your heart can hold, All the smiles a
Wherever you go, our wishes to you day can bring, All the blessings a life
follow. Have a fantastic birthday!!! can unfold, May you have God’s best
Regards, in everything!! Wishing that you
Decode the wish n find the sender have a lovely day and a great year
ahead! Happy Birthday Dear Benji!
■ Dear Karthi, Lots of Love and regrads,
Advance happy birthday!!! Wish you Lynette
many more happy returns of the day!
May god bless you with happiness, ■ My Dearest Papa,
success and good health. Have a Happy Birthday Papa! I love u so
fantastic future! much
Best Wishes, Lots of love and hugs,
Shobana, HCL Your Loving Little Girl, Becky
Art featured in
this column ■ Dear Hema, ■ Dear Prasanna,
will receive gift Advance Birthday Wishes!!! We all Some people, no matter how old
coupons from wish you a tremendous year ahead they get, never lose their beauty -
Fruit Shop on with loads of happiness and joy they merely move it from their faces
Greams Road. throughout Ur life. And many more into their hearts… Happy Birthday to
Send in your Birthdays to bring you delight! our Beauty Star Prasanna. May ur
addresses so Have a fantastic and lovable birthday bring you as much
that we can Birthday! happiness as you give to everyone
post the cou- From Ur Bunch, who knows you…
pons. TECH, Ramco Systems. Enjoi ur dayJ
Christina Sweetline Careshine of Best Wishes, Gany & Team., Infosys.
Systems Technology Group has ■ Dear Balki,
doodled this. We wish you another year of ■ Dear Saleema,
laughter,joy and fun, surprises, love Advanced Birthday Wishes to you!
and happiness from the bottom of Hope you have a wonderful year
our heart, And may your good times ahead and many more to come!
multiply, till they’re flying off your Lots of Love, The Girls Gang!
!! ■ Hi Mr.Pune(Balu),
With love, We Wish you Happy Birthday!!!May
Gaja, Jaffe, Sareen, Prem, Sabari, Saranya, you get Pulser by Next Birthday and
Swathy ,Arun, Srikanth., TCS. will go to PONDY!!!
Regards, MphasiS Friends
■ Dear Ramli & Vidhya
Wedding bells have rung. It’s the ■ Hey Goutham,
time for two hearts to unite. The Heart Most wishes. A gr8 year ahead
years ahead are those of Loving Bro, Prathap P.Chandru
togetherness, joy , sharing and
understanding. Wish you both good ■ Dear Raji
If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from luck for a wonderful married life. Wish you many more happy returns
vegetables then what is baby oil made from? We shower upon you our humble of the day. Happy Birthday to you.
blessings. With Love
If a person suffered from amnesia and then was cured would Regards, Krithika, Priya, Shikha,Bharathi & Madhu
they remember that they forgot? Aviation Team, Ramco Systems
HR-Team. Nittany-Indus
14 ERGO Friday, February 20, 2009

Pick a favourite

Traffic Jam A married Chinese tycoon who could no longer

afford to support his five
mistresses during the economic slowdown held a
contest to decide which one to keep.


Navin of CSS Corp

clicked this picture
with his Canon
Photography, car

Thanks to the
stupenduous response
to its promotion,
Kantilal Diamonds has
decided to extend its
gift vouchers for the
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weeks. From now,
winners are requested
to collect their gift
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Friday, February 20, 2009
Where’s Osama? Word’s worth
A Californian geography professor “Mackabroin” (mak-uh-broin) an obsolete and rare word meaning ‘an old
claims to have pinpointed three houses hag.’ It probably does not come from macabre, whose origin is obscure. The
in Pakistan where Osama bin Laden word did come from French, but whether the French word came from
could be hiding. Maccabeus (as in Judas Maccabeus) or from another name is not known.



You will be dutiful and sincere more than usual
today. It is a favourable day for updating and
posting your résumé to other companies.You may
take your partner to a nice public place like theatre
or a very good restaurant in the evening.


Your mixing nature will help you gather good credit
from others at office. You will get your work done
very tactfully. In personal life, you may be more
possessive about your partner. Ensure that there is
no ’conflict of power’ between you and anyone else.


You may be more compulsive in your behaviour
BORN LOSER with others. Unwillingly you might have to agree
with what others say. In love life, you may try to
attain more clarity about certain matters if there is
some confusion.
At office, you may experience lot of stress today.
Others may be more demanding and your day may
be spent in meeting their expectations. In
relationships, you could be more forgiving so your
partner may not have any complaints for you.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Ganesha finds this to be active day for you. You
may wonder when the day started and when it got
over. You will find the work becoming more
demanding. Lovers may need to show care and
concern towards partner to make feel good.
It is perfect day to deal with mundane activities like
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT arranging your desk, clearing pending documents
and also for important works like planning the trip
or reshuffling work schedule. You may enjoy nice
recreational activity in the company of your partner.
While you are at work, domestic responsibilities may
keep drawing your attention. Today you may not be
in a mood to work for long hours, but may wish
rush home to relax as soon as the day is over, says
Your sincerity at work may speak volumes for you
today. Others may realise your worth and seek your
guidance in important matters. At home, you may
not have any major issue to deal with. You may
have interesting discussions with your family. You
may stick to your work and try to meet all your
targets or deadlines, even if you have to stretch
yourself a bit. Towards second half of the day, you
may take more interest in matters related to occult
or philosophy and share your views with partner.
You may feel drained if you work for longer hours,
however, you can be very vigorous in your thoughts
and behaviour. You may want everything to be
done very quickly. In personal life, you may demand
more attention from your partner, feels Ganesha.
PREVIOUS To sort out minor issues, you may need to put in
greater efforts at office. You may feel that ’nothing
ISSUE’S is working in your favour’ but towards end of the
day, stars are turning in your favour hence nothing
SOLUTIONS to worry about it.
Ganesha finds you receiving lot of credit and
appreciation for your work. Superiors may remain
happier with you which will make you feel more
secured and happy. Personal relationships may reach
to better level of understanding.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ERGO Friday, February 20, 2009

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