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Chapter 4


The Linen and Laundry Section is responsible for the processing of all requests for laundry service, including guests laundry, employees uniforms and linen used for banquet functions. The Laundry section is usually managed by a Laundry Manager or a Supervisor and is manned with the following personnel:

Valet runner Sorter/marker Washer Flat Ironer Steam presser Dry Cleaner-spotter Linen attendant Seamstress

-picks ups and delivers guest laundry -sorts, classifies and labels laundry items -responsible for washing and drying guest laundry items and linen -does the ironing of linen used by the Food and Beverage and the Housekeeping Department -performs steam pressing of delicate materials like wool -dry cleans and does spot removal -does the recording, storage and issuance of linen -does mending of guest laundry or employees uniforms

In big hotels with voluminous laundry job to be done, there is a rigid division of labor with one laundry staff concentrating on one task. One is assigned to do washing, another one for dry cleaning, one steam pressing, etc. However, if the establishment is small, with limited laundry job to attend to, it is not practical to have too many laundry staff. The job of a valet runner which is to pick up and deliver guest can be done by the room boy or chambermaid, steam pressing and ironing can be delegated to just one person. If there are limited items for washing, only one washer maybe needed to handle both guest laundry and items for house use. If the lodging establishment does not have sufficient laundry facilities, the laundry service is sometimes contracted to a commercial laundry.

Distribution of Responsibilities of Laundry Staff

A. Linen and Laundry Supervisor Basic Function: To direct, lead, monitor and control all activities relating to linen and laundry service Duties and Responsibilities: 1. 2. 3. 4. Checks the quality of laundry service; ensures that laundry standards are complied with and that garments are protected from damages; Ensures the proper use, storage and maintenance of linen and laundry equipment; prepares a schedule of preventive maintenance; Maintains par stock requirements and initiates requisition to replenish used stocks; Initiates and supervises weekly inventory of laundry supplies and other items; reports losses and damages and takes corrective action against reckless use of equipment;

5. 6. 7.

Sees to it that laundered items are delivered on time; Trains, coaches and supervises laundry staff; evaluates their performance and conducts appraisal interview; Attends to complaints regarding linen and laundry service;

B. Valet Runner Basic Function: Responsible for the pick up and delivery of laundry items of guest and also those for house use. Specific Duties: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Picks up guests items for laundry and endorses them to sorter/marker for proper classification; Checks laundry items for possible damages and immediately informs the guest about it. Also indicates noted damages in the laundry list. Informs the sorter/marker about the special instructions of guest regarding their laundry items; Helps in sorting finished laundry items that are ready for delivery; Delivers processed guests laundry making reference to the tag number and the room number and makes sure these items are delivered on time; Coordinates with the Rooms keeping Supervises for the delivery of all processed items when guests are not in their rooms; Informs the laundry office of his whereabouts in case there is any call for pick up and immediate delivery; Coordinates with the Front Office and the Housekeeping office regarding room transfer of guests so that wrong delivery can be avoided.

C. Washer (Guest Items) Basic Function: Responsible for washing and extracting, drying of all guests laundry and FOC (Free Of Charge) items. Specific Duties: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Receives laundry items of guest from the sorter-marker and counter checks number or tag placed by the sorter/marker; Sorts and classifies items according to kind, color, and degree of dirt; Inspects items for damages and stains and reports any damage to the laundry supervisor; Manually cleans with detergent the badly soiled portion of guest items prior to machine washing; informs the sorter or supervisor regarding irremovable stains for the latter to bring it to the attention of the guest; Loads the guests items into the washing machine and performs washing according to standard washing procedures. Unloads washed items and transfers them to the laundry cart; Loads the extracted items to the dying machine for processing; Inspects and sorts dried items and forwards them to the Pressing section for pressings or ironing; Constantly checks the cleanliness and maintenance of the laundry equipment and reports any defect to the supervisor.

D. Washer (Linens) Basic Function: Responsible for washing, extracting and drying of all Housekeeping linens such as towels, bed sheets, pillow slips and pillow cases, etc. and also linen used for dining and banquet function. Specific Duties: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sorts all dirty linens and towels brought into the laundry section; Sorts all dirty linens like tablecloths, napkins and cocktail napkins received from different food outlets; Loads items into the washing machine and performs washing in accordance with standard washing procedures; Unloads extracted items and forwards them to either mangling or pressing section, depending on the type of laundry needed; and Daily cleans his work area and washing machine.

E. Flatwork Ironer/Wrangler Basic Function: Responsible for ironing of linen items in the flatwork machine following the standard procedure. Specific Duties: 1. Prepares flatwork ironing machine for operation;

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Sorts all items by classification before running them in the machine; Feeds items neatly, straightens edges and smoothly presses wrinkles; operates the machine according to prescribed procedures: Inspects and sorts out stains and damaged linens: Refers them to the supervisor to proper action; Folds laundered items; counts and classifies them; Prepares and keeps records of accomplished laundry; Cleans work areas and machines after use; Reports any malfunction of machines to his/her superior.

F. Seamstress Basic Function: Handles sewing or mending of guest room linens as well as those used for banquet and food service operation. Specific Duties: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Performs mending and repair of guest garments as well as uniforms and linen for house use. Mends and repairs torn or damaged curtains, bed cover, skirting of guest rooms. Maintains the cleanliness and condition of the sewing machine. Reports to superior any malfunctioning of the sewing equipment. Maintains a stock of sewing kit and looks after their safekeeping. Assists linen attendant in the issuance of guest room linens and banquet linen during peak season.

G. Linen Attendant/Custodian Basic Function: Responsible for the storage and issuance of employees uniforms, linens, cleaning materials, supplies as well as guestroom amenities. Specific Duties: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Attendants to the issuance of uniforms as well as guestrooms amenities, and banquet linen, cleaning materials, supplies as well as guestroom amenities; Records and accounts for all issuances of guestroom amenities, uniforms and linen used fir guestrooms, banquet and dining service; Reports to the Supervisor all missing articles, losses, breakages and damaged items in the linen room; Assists the supervisor in the conducting inventories of linen, general supplies and uniforms. Looks after the proper arrangement and storage of linen, uniforms and general supplies in the linen room. Receives all surrendered linen items; checks if they are complete and in good condition; endorses soiled items to the Laundry Section for Laundry.

LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT Washing Machine For washing clothes Spotting Table For removal of spots/stains (used with spotting chemical) Flatwork Ironer For ironing flat sheets, linen, pillow case and other flat linen Laundry Cart Used for the delivery of guest laundry Dryer For drying washed items Hydro Extractor For extracting moisture from linen Steam Presser For pressing delicates fabrics like wool, silk, etc. Ironing table Iron

Procedure for Processing Guest Laundry 1. 2. 3. Guest shall fill up the laundry list and shall request for pick-up either through the Housekeeping or Laundry Office or through the Front desk. If the pick-up request is coursed through the laundry clerk, the latter shall log down any instruction of the guest regarding the processing of the guests items. Then she/he shall call the linen attendant, valet runner or room boy for the pick-up of the items. The laundry list, together with the laundry items shall be picked up by concerned staff.


Upon pick up of the laundry items, the attending staff will check items on the list in front of the guest if he is around. If the guest is not around, the checking shall be done in the presence of the floor guard, a room boy or a supervisor who will serve as witness to any noted damage.

If stains or damage are found in the items, the valet runner or room attendant who is assigned to pick up the laundry will fill up the Damage Notice form (Exhibit 4.10) to notify the guest of the noted damage or any discrepancy in the guest list. This notice is brought to the guest by the room boy or bellboy and the guest shall acknowledge receipt of said notice by signing his name in the notice form.

Exhibit 4.1





We are constrained to return to you the attached laundry items in as much as we have noticed the following on the garment when it was sent to us for laundry. ( ) Discolored areas or spots ( ) Double creases ( ) Stains ( ) Deformity ( ) With shrinkage ( ) Worn-out ( ) Has shiny patches ( ) with cut/tears ( ) Not fit for the processing your requested (i.e. not for machine wash but for dry cleaning to avoid damage.)

As these are in excess of what is normal, we cannot guarantee that the garment will be laundered/Dry Cleaned/Pressed to your satisfaction. Please let us know what you would like us to do. ( ) The other items are being processed to avoid further delay and will be delivered to you shortly. Your comments:


If the items is not suited for the requested processing method (dry cleaning, washing, etc), the guest is also notified through the same notification form, indicating therein the recommended method for processing the item. 5. Items for washing shall be endorsed to the washer for processing. Upon receipt of the items, the washer shall: 5.1 count and double check the items against the laundry list; 5.2 sort and classify them, then place the appropriate tag like blue tag if the items is for dry-cleaning pink tag if the items is for machine-washing The washer should hand-wash with care the items shall be sent endorsed to washing. If the items is fit for other forms of processing, they will be endorsed to other laundry staff, namely: Presser for blouse, dresses, trousers, and related items Hand ironer for normal shirts Utility for trousers, shirt and long dresses The attending staff shall double check each item upon receiving them, and will take note of discrepancies in quantity and damaged parts.

6. 7.


9. If the item needs no further processing, it shall be placed in its appropriate pigeon box (if any). 10. If the item is ready for delivery, the linen attendant or valet runner shall sort them against the laundry list, then will collect altogether the laundry items of each guest in a garment bag and attach the laundry list to the bag. 11. If the guest is on the cash basis, the laundry clerk shall prepare a voucher to be attached to the items for billing (See Exhibit 4.2). the payment must be made upon delivery of the items. If the guest has a signing privilege like when he is covered by guaranteed booking, he will be asked to sign and his bill be forwarded to the Front Office cashier.

12. The processed items will now be delivered to the guest. If the guest is around, he is asked to acknowledge delivery by signing in the logbook or delivery receipt. Then the bill is presented to him for settlement. If the guest is not around, the housekeeping supervisor shall acknowledge by signing in the logbook. If the room is on Do Not Disturb sign (DND) and the said items is on special service, a notification is placed in the guests room through the door, (another copy to the front office0 notifying him that an attempt to deliver his laundry was made while he is on DND. Undelivered items are brought back to the laundry area to be redelivered upon the arrival of the guest. Exhibit 4.2 LAUNDRY VOUCHER Voucher No. (Partial list of items only) Name of Guest: Guest Hotel Articles Count Count FOR PRESSING (partial list) Suit Trousers Jacket Barong Tagalog Shirt Long Sleeves Sport shirt Vest Necktie Silk shirt Other FOR WASHING OR DRY CLEANING Suit Trousers Jacket Barong Tagalog Shirt Long Sleeves Sport shirt Vest Necktie Silk shirt Other Remarks or instructions from guest Room No. Price Total Amount Date/Time: Damages if any

Total Extra change Sub total Sales tax Service change 10% Total change

This laundry list shall be filled up by the guest when he wants his garments to be laundered. It already contains the price for the laundry service. In the list, the hotel count and the guest count are indicated. This should always be reconciled to prevent misunderstanding.

Pick Up of Guest Laundry 1. 2. 3. The room attendant, room boy or valet runner (whoever is in charge) shall pick up the guest laundry together with the laundry list from the guestroom. The actual count of items shall be validated against the one listed in the laundry list. The room attendant shall check for possible damages like missing buttons, discoloration, etc.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

The guest (if he is around) shall be informed of any noted damage. The nature and extent of damage shall be indicated in the laundry list. Items that have been picked up shall be placed in a plastic laundry bag (must be segregated to avoid contamination) then will be place directly at the lien chute or personally brought to the linen/laundry section. The linen attendant shall pick up the soiled linen from the laundry chute/ all soiled linen that were gathered from the chute will be recorded in the logbook, indicating the number of pieces of each item and damage, if any. The soiled items shall be turned over to the linen in charge. The latter shall acknowledge receipt of the item by signing in the endorsement form or in the logbook.

Segregation and Tagging of Laundry Items To facilitate processing of laundry items, they should be segregated and labeled. Each items may have a specific laundry requirement and there is a danger of damaging the linen if inappropriate laundry job is performed. Segregate items by: 1. 2. 3. Color separating white from colored items; Classification towels from bed sheets, etc; wet from dry; and Extent of dirt/soil separating the heavily soiled items from those that are lightly soiled.

Sorting-Marking Procedure For Unprocessed Items Steps 1. Upon receiving items for laundry, the sorter lines up the laundry bags according to the time they are received. Count and check all items in the bag to make sure that the count and specifications tally with the ones in the list. Procedures Segregate by bag the items that are for dry-cleaning, for washing and for pressing. Take note of the following: a. Whether the type and count of items tally with what is indicated in the laundry list. If there are discrepancies, inform the supervisor who will in turn notify the guest. b. Check for damages and stains. If there be any, inform the supervisor. Check for valuables inside the garment and turn them over the supervisor for him to send it to the guest. Pay attention to special instructions indicated in the list (if any).





Mark/tag all items to be able to identify the required laundry process Inform the supervisor if the guest has special instructions with regard to his laundry items

Place the appropriate tag i.e. tag for dry-cleaning., pink for washing, etc. Indicate other details like how it will be processed (for washing, drycleaning, etc.) time of delivery, other services required like mending, etc. Items for dry-cleaning shall be endorsed to dry cleaner, items for washing shall be sent to the washer and those for pressing will be forwarded to the presser.



Endorse items for processing to the concerned laundry staff reminding them of the guest (if any)

Washing Procedures Steps 1. Procedures Check the pockets for valuables left by the guest. Check if there are missing buttons or if there are stains or damages. Check also if the garments is already faded or discolored Any deficiency must be indicated in a damage notice form which is

Check garments for stains and damages.

sent to the guest for his information. 2. Segregate laundry items according to color to prevent contamination of colors during the washing process. Segregate as follows: The white items from the colored ones Those that will be hand washed from those that will be machine-washed


Endorse any stained item to the spotter for spot removal.

Upon receiving the items, the spotter must acknowledge by signing in the endorsement form. Use a laundry brush with soap and water Pay particular attention to the collars, cuff, pocket, hemline, waistbands and armholes


Pre scrub all heavily soiled parts of garments.


Load all the items for machine washing into the washing machine. Use appropriate wash formula and the required chemical dosage.

Segregate white items from colored ones. Those with heavy color must not go with light colored items to prevent cross contamination of colors. Use lesser amount of detergent for lightly soiled items. Use bleached for white items that are heavily soiled.

Washing with Automatic Washers Supplies and materials needed: Automatic Washer Fabric softener Bleach Detergent Alkali 1. Select the appropriate load size.. Large load for large items Medium load for medium sized-items Small load for small size items Add washing detergent following the recommended quantity for specific load size. Detergent Alkali Bleach Softener Adjust the water temperature of the washing machine. Use Hot temperature if garments are heavily soiled or white in color Use Warm temperature for items with bright colors and also those that are lightly soiled. Adjust to cold temperature if items are for permanent press. Segregate the soiled linen by classification. Heavily soiled to be separated from lightly soiled Bath towel from hand towel Flat sheets in one classification For stained items, do soaking and spotting before washing. 5. Select the right wash cycle and time. Use super wash cycle for heavily soiled items. For lightly soiled ones, a regular wash cycle is more appropriate. Follow manual instructions to prevent any damage. Clean the machine after using.




6. 7.

Brief Summary of the Basic Wash Steps Wash Steps Flushing Procedure By flushing, the linen is wet to dissolve water-soluble soil and to reduce soil load in the succeeding suds steps. Perform flushing at high-water level and with medium-temperature water. Sudsing This involves actual washing steps. A detergent is added to the water wheel. Low-water level and hot water is used. Bleach to eliminate stains that could not be removed by the detergent. This is done using chlorinated bleach added to the wheel. Low-water level and hot water is usually used. Remove detergent and soil from the linen by rinsing. Utilize about 3 to 5 steps at high-water level temperature, usually dripping with subsequent rinses. This is the final conditioning of the linen using fabric softener and sour (wild acid). It is performed at low-water level using medium temperature. By this process, the moisture content of the linen is reduced by 50% (100 pounds of dry weight). The linen will retain 50 pounds of water after extraction. Perform this before the suds step at low-water level. Use medium to hot water with a highly alkaline-break loose soils. In this process, the soil-laden detergent solution is spinned out of the linen. A high-speed is used, usually after the first rinse step. This process reduces the required number of deep-water rinses. 5 to 8 minutes Time 1 to 3 minutes


5 to 8 minutes


1 to 3 minutes

Sour and Soft Step Extracting

3 to5 minutes

1 to 12 minutes


3 to 7 minutes

Interdictor Extracting

30 seconds to 2 minutes

Drying with Dryers Equipment needed: Drying machine 1. Check the condition of the machine before using. Test whether it is in working condition. Keep clean the lint screen and dryer drum. Put into the machine just enough quantity of linen such as that it will not occupy the whole dryer drum Over loading causes uneven drying and wrinkling and can damage the machine. Select the right drying cycle and setting. Automatic-dry for towels and linens which do not require pressing or are not hard to press Damp-dry for flat sheets, pillowcases and items that require hard pressing. Fluff-air cycles to prevent shrinkage, especially for bed pads, comforters and blankets. Strictly follow manual instructions. Clean the machine after using.



4. 5.

Recording and Delivery of Laundry Items 1. 2. 3. 4. Fold all processed laundry items. Hang those that need to be hanged. Cover them with a plastic cover. Record all finished items for delivery and note down damages, if any, Deliver all items and have the records acknowledged by a checker (usually a guard on duty at the laundry area) Prepare a Production Report on accomplished laundry items and damages Report, it there is any damage.

Sorting/checking ok processed Laundry Items Steps 1. Procedures Check whether: Special instructions are followed: The missing buttons are replaced, stains are removed, etc. The description of the item on the list matches the tag. Put a (/) mark on each item in the laundry list after it has been checked. Supervisor shall call the guest. If there is damage to the items for laundry. The damage notice must be accomplished and sent to the guest. Items should be placed inside a plastic bag. Check the bag weather. It is complete with all laundry items Whether the right items are place therein Inform the delivery staff about the special instructions of the guest regarding his/her laundry.

Check al the laundry items that have been received.

2. 3.

Remove tags after the items have been checked. Report to the laundry supervisor any noted damage and any discrepancy in the actual count. The supervisor will confront the erring laundry staff for any discrepancy in the actual count. Fold or hang the items (whichever is appropriate)

4. 5.


Deliver laundry items to the guest.