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g d 8 Primavera P6 a Implementation 7 Manual 8 B 3 q a Eng. Wael Ammar, PMP ese se PROM Bars e snows mM Na ee Direetory bar Us the Directory bar to display windows quickly. Choose View, Toolbars, Directory, to display of hide the Directory bar. Vou can als click Dit. on the Navigation Bar. [Navigation bar {Use the Navigation bar to move between open windows to display a hide the Directory Bar, and 0 acess Help forthe curren window. The Nevigaton bar is displayed or hicken when you choose View, Toolbars, Navigation Bar. Back: Displays the las window yor opened. Forwards Displays the next window ina series of windows you opened. The Forward Brat is available only afer you use the Back buon to relsplay a previous window. Home: Returns tothe Home window. Use the Home whndow mera to display windows quick: Din: Displays or hides the Directory bar Help: Opens Help forthe ewrent window. Tp + To show or hide Navigation bar burton text, choase View, Toolbars, Navigation ar Buton Test, Projects: Displays the Projects window. Use to erate or eit your orzanization's cies. Projects A project isa set of activities and associated information that consis a plan for ‘reoing a prohctar ervice A project hata tartan ig date, work breakbwy Structire (WBS). ad any mamber of activites, relatiomhps, baselines, expenses, sks, issues, thresholds, and work products and documents. | projeet may aso have is ex Web ste, While resources typically extend across ll projec, eae projet has its own resource assignments. Similarly, while calendars, reports, and acti codes may Spar Projects, they cam ao be projeer- specifi. Resourees: Displays the Resources window. Use to create or eit your organizations Resourees Resources include he personne and equipment thot peform work on aces aerosol projects. Resources are generally reused benveen actives andior projects. Inthe Project Managenent module, you can ereote a resource poo! that reflec your ‘organization’ resource sircture and supports the assignment of resources fo aces. The Project Meragerve module also enables you to distinguish benveen Tabor ‘material. and nonlabor resources. Labor anu nonlabor resources are akvaysrime-based ‘and material resources, sich os cossimable lems, use unt of measure you can speci: