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November XX, 20xx Dear Sir or Madam:
November XX, 20xx
Dear Sir or Madam:

Sheridan College is proud of its many unique applied learning programs. Our 1year International Business Graduate Certificate program provides University and College graduates new knowledge and skills so they can quickly contribute to international businesses. Graduates are employed in international sales, marketing, customer service, logistics, trade finance and as trade specialists in consulates and embassies.

Our program includes a major capstone project where teams work with businesses to address international opportunities. Students perform the role of consultants and work with corporate clients to research and assess international business opportunities, then prepare a business plan on how to best seize the opportunity! Students are expected to:

evaluate the market, industry dynamics and competitors, and determine buyers’ decision making and purchasing behaviour;

evaluate risks and opportunities;

explore regulatory requirements ranging from import/export issues, work permits, product modifications and regulatory approvals needed;

explore distribution channel opportunities;

develop a plan and budget to implement the proposal including product modifications and approvals, business registrations, product promotions, distribution costs, etc.;

These projects are a win-win as students gain valuable real world experience and clients obtain data from a new point-of-view. There is no cost to this service other than the time a client would take to direct any consulting team. Clients are experts in their business so can steer students in productive directions. Faculty will advise teams throughout the semester.

For more information on the Sheridan International Business Program and the project opportunities please contact the undersigned at: or 905-845-9430 X 5203

at: or 905-845-9430 X 5203 Phil Adams - Coordinator, International Business Links of

Phil Adams - Coordinator, International Business

Links of interest:

Business Plan Course:

The overall project schedule:

1. Accumulate potential projects - December 14

2. Notify Students of possible projects Dec 19

3. Faculty to assess student applications progressively to January 3

4. Forward best applications to companies no more than 2 applications per project - January 4

5. Assign student teams to company projects January 9 th

6. Students meet with companies to formulate their Statement of Work January 10 to 21

7. Students prepare a market diagnostic document defining the opportunity, obstacles, competitors, etc They will present to clients either at Sheridan or client offices. March 8-15

8. Based upon feedback and directions given at this presentation, students will prepare an International Strategic Business plan with financial projections and action plans. Delivery April 8-13

If you have a project you could assign to Sheridan International Business Students please let me know. All that is needed is the following:

a. Company:

b. Contact Name:

c. Key contact information: telephone, e-mail, other

d. The product or product family you are considering for export : we can consider import projects but then students cannot research and use export support programs from DFAIT, EDC, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

e. The country or region(s) you wish to have analysed:

f. Any product information or web links for students to reference:

g. Any specific requests as to team make up, e.g. minimum and maximum size, ability to travel to

We have many International students for

the USA to meet customers or attend trade shows, etc

whom visitor permits to other countries may be difficult.

Your involvement can be as intense or as arms-length as you like. Some companies have in the past asked for brief weekly conference calls. Others have held monthly meetings in person, or have held a small number of meetings but have asked for formal written updates. The minimum are probably 4 1-hour meetings.

The format of reports can be customised to your company’s expectations, with Sheridan templates being available if as suggestions to students for content required.

This is a unique opportunity for businesses in the overall GTA, as well as Hamilton Wentworth region. Based on our location in Mississauga we are ideally located to serve Peel and Halton regions.