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Strategic Management

Vision, Mission, Objective and Goal Strategic Management is a management consideration to :

1. The operation of the organization. 2. Business in the future. 3. Environment. 4. Resource allocation. 5. Achieve operational objectives.

5 basic element of strategic management Direction Setting

Vision Mission Goal

Environment Scanning

Strategy Formulation The best strategy plan is the one that able to adapt and use in all situation

In the set strategies that should be considered include the following of 1 A strategy to respond to the external environment. 2 A strategy to create a competitive advantage. 3 A strategy consistent with the vision, mission and long term objectives. 4 It is a strategy that flexible. 5 A possible strategy.

Strategy Implementation

Evaluation and Control

Organization Effectiveness

Outcome Integration Adaptability Social relevance Productivity

The organization effectiveness need to consider to 8 things to measure and evaluate :