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Press Release February 2013

Oliver Wight releases new Integrated Business Planning brochure

Business improvement firm Oliver Wight has published a new guide to Integrated Business Planning, its blueprint for outstanding business performances and long-term commercial gains. Integrated Business Planning provides the perfect platform for innovation, and it creates opportunities for organisations to drive sales up and costs down, explains Oliver Wight EAME partner, Liam Harrington. It gives the senior executive team an accurate and holistic view of the entire business over a 24 to 36 month horizon, which makes it a real asset in the current business environment. As the originators of Integrated Business Planning, Oliver Wights long-term modus operandi has been to help businesses deliver best-in-class service, maximise efficiency and minimise costs. This new brochure, Integrated Business Planning for High Performance Businesses, gives companies an invaluable introduction to the Integrated Business Planning process; how it works and the benefits it can bring, from improved decision-making and increased teamwork to oiling the wheels for more effective relationships with suppliers, customers and consumers. Integrated Business Planning allows organisations to allocate resources to the most productive activities and react swiftly to ever-changing market conditions, so they can meet customer demand in the most efficient and profitable way. But Harrington stresses that for Integrated Business Planning to transform the performance of a business, it is vital it is to create the right culture within the organisation: We look at the business from top to bottom to see how we can help foster a company-wide culture of teamwork and cooperation towards a common set of goals, he says. Oliver Wight has implemented Integrated Business Planning for some of the worlds bestknown companies, across a wide range of industries. The mantra is to plan for whatever lies ahead, helping companies to stay on course whatever the economic weather.

Notes to editors About Oliver Wight Oliver Wight has a 40 year track record of delivering business improvement to some of the worlds best-known organisations. With a team of professionals offering a wealth of experience, Oliver Wight is the largest consultancy of its type, with offices throughout Europe, South Africa, North and South America, and the Asia Pacific region. We believe that sustainable business improvement cant be delivered by external consultants but only by our clients own people, so unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer our knowledge to them, helping deliver performance levels and financial results that last. Integrated Business Planning At the leading edge of management thinking and practice, our Integrated Business Planning (IBP) model lies at the heart of our clients journey to outstanding business performance. Oliver Wight are the originators of sales and operations planning (S&OP) and IBP can most simply be described as advanced S&OP. However, unlike S&OP, IBP brings a truly strategic perspective, integrating diverse processes - in the extended supply chain, product and customer portfolios, customer demand and strategic planning - into one seamless management process. Supply Chain Design and Optimization Oliver Wight supply chain design and optimization allows organisations to understand their position within the extended supply chain; identify where value is being created and destroyed; develop profitable relationships with suppliers customers and consumers; and optimize their supply chain (however complex) for the ultimate in customer service and business performance. Performance Benchmarking for Supply Chain Oliver Wight Performance Benchmarking provides a qualitative and quantitative assessment of supply chain performance, allowing organisations to identify opportunities for improving customer service at the same time as dramatically reducing supply chain costs. Meeting the Class A Standard The Oliver Wight Class A Checklist is the longest standing and most successful business assessment tool. The latest, Sixth Edition, raises the bar, and sets ever more demanding standards for companies on their journey to business excellence and the Oliver Wight Class A standard.

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