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DRO Ending (3-5 mins)

Hi __________,(DM) I am back, did you find the video informative? Yes, that drug is just horrible; it destroys the person and destroys the whole family. Okay well I have _______(Reg Name) on the other line and I am going to transfer you over. I will call you in the next 24-48 hours to checkup and see if you need further assistance, is the (818-555-5785) the best number for me to reach you at? Or do you have an alternate number you want to leave with me? Okay I told the counselor a little bit about the situation with ________(Addict) but you may need to bring him/her (Reg) to speed on some the details. Oh and a couple of things before I forget to find out what the centers current success rate is, and find out what the admissions process is and if they have an interview. Most importantly you want to speak to at least 2-3 parent references that will give you their experience with the center. Okay I am going to transfer you now hold on 1. Reg Build ARC/Recap Problems & Ruin Patter (5-10mins)

Hello this is _______ (you) Yes hi __________ (DM) _________ (DRO) called into our facility and told me that you were having a problem with your _________(son/daughter) using ___________(DOC) So _________ (DRO) explained a little bit about the situation with _________ (Addict). From what I understand ________ (Addict) is _________(snorting/smoking/shooting) __________(DOC) and has been for ______(#months/years) and just recently __________ (lost job/overdosed) etc Is that correct? Okay well tell me in your own words a little bit about what has been going on with _________(Addict) and how it has effected ______(him/her) as well as you and the family.

2. Reg Presentation Patter (20-25 mins) (Pick out and Recap 2-3 major Problems/Transgressions and ruin points then go into how the program works and addresses those issues) ***It is vitally important that you keep this a good 2 way comm and keep the prospect talking by you asking questions and checking for understanding and agreement when connecting the problems to the part of the program that will address and handle that specific problem if you do all the talking you will lose them in the presentation) Okay ______(DM) well let me go over with you how the program works and I will answer any questions you have along the way okay? The program is a bio-physical all natural approach to drug rehabilitation. The program focuses on two basic fundamentals. The first deals with the physical aspect of addiction and the second deals with the mental aspect or life repair part of rehabilitating ______. Now if I had to bet I would say that _________(Addict) is pretty good at manipulating people and situations at this point yes? Okay and I would also say that _________(Addict) has not been taking good care of his/her self as far as eating and sleeping habits? Right so when _______ (Addict)first gets here his/her responsibility level is usually pretty low so we cannot expect the world from him/her right off the bat. We first focus on getting the basic physical rudimentary things in such as general health, diet, nutrition, and sleep. Drugs rob the body of nutrition so it is very important to correct this from the start. We give _______ a lot of vitamins, supplements and minerals to do so. We take _____ on walks to get him/her out of their head, because that is usually where they are when they get here. Most everybody when they first get here, are here physically but mentally they are still somewhere else. So the first few days we get them to arrive mentally and settled in. We give ______ some touch type assists that is similar to a light massage or acupressure to help with any aches, pains, or anxiety that ______ feels while coming down off the drugs. This is an all-natural process, where no drugs are used strictly holistic and homeopathic remedies in nature. This process usually takes between three and ten days. If you picture ________(addict) as a house that burnt down and needs to be rebuilt -This initial phase is the foundation to the house we need to rebuild. Does that make sense? Next we start on getting rid of all the toxins, residues and byproducts that are in _____ body that could otherwise cause him/her to relapse in the future. Remember when you said _________(Addict) __________(skinny, mood swings, eating habits)? See when you take drugs into your body (any drugs) your body breaks it down and treats it like a poison. Most of the drugs are gotten rid of, however there is a significant amount of toxins, residues and byproducts that are left behind and they store in the tissues of the body. The more drugs you do over the longer period of time, the more the residues accumulate and the more toxic your body becomes. The more toxic your body becomes you start to see changes--- sleep pattern is all messed up, eating habits mood swings. ______ is angry one minute and depressed the next. Weight Changes, the person begins to look pale and unhealthy. This is the body saying that it is toxic and it is rejecting the drugs. The problem is that these drug toxins, residues, otherwise known as metabolites can stay in the body for years if left alone. During that whole time _____ is subject to relapse because they are like landmines or time bombs waiting to go off. _____ could be

working, or exercising the toxins are released they send a message to the brain and _____ goes and gets high. So it is imperative to get rid of them. To do this we put _____ through a 2-5 week body cleansing and purification program. We flush out all of the cells, tissues, and organs in the body through this process. We start by giving ______ vitamins, supplements and minerals targeted at releasing the residues, we couple that with light exercise to get the heart rate going and let the supplements take effect, and then the most important part of the equation are the dry SAUNA TREATMENTS. ______ literally sweats out all the toxins and residues . By the end of this procedure all of a sudden ______ has color in their face, they have a glow about them, their energy level is increased--- he/she is sleeping at night for the first time in a long time his/her head hits the pillow at 9:30- 10 oclock at night and they are out cold and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed. The mood swings from anger to depression tend to subside, and _____ feels more balanced and centered. See with his/her diet, health, fitness, nutrition, sleep, and all the toxins out of their body they feel great and usually at this point of the program their motivation and willingness level increases tremendously and we know that from a physical perspective they will not relapse in the future which is the main reason we put _______(addict) through this process. This is the first time you will see you true __________(son/daughter) back and the first time he/she will have back his/her freedom of choice and not be a slave to the drugs which is vitally important. Does that make sense? When we have gotten ______ to this level we begin phase two which is more the mental aspect of the program. This is where the meat and heart of the program and where the majority of time is spent. This is where we get to the bottom of all the underlying issues, the traumas, transgressions, or problems that caused ______ to reach for the drugs to begin with. As you probably know THE DRUG IS ONLY A SYMPTOM OF WHAT IS GOING ON UNDERNEATH IT. ______ didnt just wake up one day and start doing_(DRUG). There were many things that led up to this, things that ______ has been running and hiding from and unable to look at, confront, or accept. Lets go back to when you told me about __________(problem or transgression #2) Remember we spoke about ________(addict) and how he/she .. So this is where we have drug counselors and a team of course supervisors work with ______ on such things as life skills, coping skills, repairing ethics and morals, repairing life and relationships. He/she will work on their relationship with you and their other family members as well as the negative people that they consider their friends. _____ will look at the impact their actions and using drugs has had not only on themselves but the people around them. I am jumping ahead quite a bit for time purposes but further on down the line we take ______ back through their whole life from the time ______ was just three or four years old, all the way into the future- step by step one by one so that they can locate each and every unresolved issue with the help of a counselor and course supervisor. Look at it and really confront it for the first time, sort it out, take responsibility for what was theirs, therefore raising their responsibility level and level of ethics, and truly for the first time be able to solve it and move on from it. _____ is able to drop all the weight they have been carrying around on their shoulders, the crap that they have buried in the back of their head and they feel a huge sense of relief. At this point _____ can finally be able to move on from this and plan a future without the use of drugs. This technique has been used for the last forty seven years and it has produced the highest documented success rate in the country. The program yields a 76% success rate. Of The four most successful centers in the country one of them is located in California; one of them is located in the state of Nevada a third in Texas and the fourth in Colorado. Because these four centers yield such a

high success rate, they actually guarantee their program to work. If _______ goes through the program, and then goes back to using drugs within six months, we will take them back and do the program again for free. This is how sure the counselors and course supervisors are that they know the best possible way to get ______ off drugs so that __________ as well as you and the rest of the family can go back to living normal lives. As far as the cost of the program it is a onetime flat fee of $33,000 this cost stays the same whether it takes ______ 3 months, five months, or longer, it doesnt matter. This fee covers almost everything the housing, food, room, board, the counseling, the therapy, the body cleansing, purification drug free detoxification etc the only things it doesnt cover would be the one way plane ticket to the facility to start, the ticket home when _____ has completed the program and any incidentals such as if _____ forgets to pack a bathing suit or needs some toiletries. Which location do you think ________(addict) would fit best in? 3. Website Walkthrough Patter(20-25 mins) Okay ________(DM) I would like you to see all the things we have talked about, it is very important that I take you through some of information and show you the facility pictures and videos. Are you in front of your Computer? (If no Can you get to a computer?) Important Note: (Most of the time (75%) the prospect will be in front of a computer or can get to one, however If the prospect is not in front of a computer and cannot get in front of a computer, set up the next step to call them and do the website walkthrough, you should give them a choice of 2 different times to do it over the next 24 hours and have them pick one of the two times) Okay type in the address bar where it says http: www type in and let me know when you are there. (If you have trouble getting them to do this have them Google search Fresh Start and have them click on the one that says Drug Rehab California) See the top pictures flashing? Those are some of the pictures of the different locations and it goes in order of the program steps and then by center. This home page has a lot of good information on it and you should read through all the text on the home page later on, it gives the basic overview, explains addiction, our philosophy and goes over the two main reasons people relapse. The first picture on the left side of the page says Parent Testimonials Video, see it? Okay good, click on it I am going to put you on hold and pick you back up when the video is over. This is very important for you to see the before, during and after treatment from other parents. Can you hear the music and is the video playing? Okay I will put you on hold and pick you back up at the end. (Pick them up at the end) What did you think? Ack) The full stories of each of those families can be found under the Tour Tab, we are not going to watch them now but click on the Tour Tab (the big green button) and then click on Video Gallery so I can show you where they are that you can look at later, they are 20-40 minutes each, but they are very informative and give you the before, during, and after treatment events of each family. I would like you to watch the __________ (Faith and Jim for son Michael) when we get off the phone okay?

Okay now click on the Big Green Tab that says Program Information and under the drop down box, click on Fresh Start Keys to Success. Here are some of the main reasons our program works and has such a high success rate. Lets go through the bullet points right now and I would like you to click on the Print Fresh Start Keys to Success and print them out and read them. These are the key reasons why our treatment works and is so successful. Did you print them out? Now for the Center Pictures and Center Specific Information, scroll the mouse over the big Green Locations Tab and in the drop down box click on (Center that is best fit) Sunshine Summit Lodge. Let me know when you are there. Okay good, now over to the right you will see where it says Print Sunshine Summit Lodge Overview and Guide and underneath that Print Full Program Description Good, click on each of them and print both of those out now for your reference. Did you print them? Ack) To the left is the Center Description you should look through and read that later on as well. Back over to the right you can see Sunshine Summit Lodge Photo Gallery, click on That and click on the first picture, this is the main lodge on the campus okay the next picture is the . (Go through several photos explaining what they are until the Prospect has mass on the facility) Okay now going back up towards the top of the page on the big green buttons; locate the one that says Who We Are which is over to the right. Good click on that I would like you to read through this at some point later on today. This gives the history of our program and its beginning in 1966, goes over our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and has some of our Recognitions and Certifications as well as community activities and studies of our program from outside entities. It gives you the scope of who we are and what we do, so I always encourage parents to read through it. ***Next Step -If you are talking to the only DM on the cycle then do the below Take-Away Patter 1A). If you need to Reg the Spouse or another DM on the cycle then use patter 2A) If you need to Reg a whole family or multiple DMs and OLs then use patter 2B) Important Note - Do Not do Take Away Patter 1A if you still have another DM or OL to speak with and Reg it will not work.

Patter 1A) Okay now before we go any further into the program, I need to let you know that we are very selective on who we let into the facility and there is an interview I would need to do with you to see if _______ (Addict) would qualify for the program. It covers basic information on past treatment, medical history, legal and a few other points. I do it over the phone and it takes about 10 minutes we can do it now or we can do it tomorrow at ___(9am) which one works better?

***Next Step If you need to Reg the spouse or do a family conference Call Patter 2A) Spouse - Okay the next step for me to go over the program with your (Wife/Husband) and much of what we have gone over and uncovered today. Now I am working with three families today, one from ________(Connecticut), one from _______(Texas) and another from ________(Arizona)lets see here I have an opening tonight at __(6pm) or one tomorrow morning at __(9am) here is what I need you to do Call _____(other DM) let them know you are speaking with a counselor in regards to _____(addicts) ______(DOC) addiction. Do not go into details or specifics about the program as far as length of time, cost, location etc

you will overwhelm them. ________ (other DM) needs to go through a similar process that we both did today and I will need you to bring up some of the things we looked at today like _____ and _______ (2 or 3 uncovered problems/transgressions) After you call ______ (other DM) call me back and let me know what time will work the ___(6pm) tonight or __(9am) tomorrow morning, if I dont pick up leave a message on my VM and I will call you back to confirm. Okay and then between now and then spend some time on the website reading through the home page, the who we are tab and watch the _______ video that I mentioned before. Patter 2B) Whole Family Conference Call Okay now the next step is to setup a conference call with(aunt Judy, Uncle Bob, Cousin Vinny and of course you). Now I am working with three families today, one from ________(Connecticut), one from _______(Texas) and another from _______(Arizona)lets see here I have an opening tonight at__ (6pm) or one tomorrow morning at __(9am)- here is what I need you to do Call ______ and ________ and ________) let them know you are speaking with a counselor in regards to _____(addicts) ______(DOC) addiction. Do not go into details or specifics about the program as far as length of time, cost, location etc you will overwhelm them. ________ and ________ and _______ need to go through a similar process that we both did today and I will need you to bring up some of the things we looked at today like _____ and _______ (2 or 3 uncovered problems/transgressions) After you call ______ and ________ and _______ call me back and let me know what time will work the __(6pm) tonight or __(9am) tomorrow morning, if I dont pick up leave a message on my VM and I will call you back to confirm and give you the conference call number and pin. Okay and then between now and then spend some time on the website reading through the home page, the who we are tab and watch the _______ video that I mentioned before.

4. Interview for Acceptance Patter (10-15 mins) should be executed formally and professionally
***DO NOT DO THIS ACTION UNTIL ALL DMS AND OLS HAVE BEEN FULLY PITCHED*** _______ (DM) hold for me while I pull up the interview. Okay I am back. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability, I may need to do a final interview with _______(addict) at some point. Okay what is _______(addicts) full legal name? Okay and what is ________(addicts) date of birth. The first question is what type of treatment/therapy/hospitalizations both substance abuse and mental health has ______(addict) had in the past. (Need Name and Month and Year Month and Year of Treatments)

Has _______(addict) seen a psychologist or psychiatrist? If so did they receive a Diagnosis? (Month/YearMonth/Year)

Has _______(addict) taken any Mood Stabilizers/Antidepressants/Sleep Medications or any other forms of Psychiatric or other medications? (Month/Year-Month/Year; Frequency; Amt of Mgs)

Were above Medications prescribed by a family doctor or Psychiatrist?

Has _______(addict) ever Threatened or Attempted Suicide? (Dates Month/Year - Circumstances surrounding the scene)

Does _______ (addict) have any Legal issues/Court Dates/Warrants Outstanding? Will ______ (addict) need to appear in court in next six months?

Does _______(addict) have any medical problems; need special medical attention; past/ future surgeries; when? Any illnesses/ medical complications due to Drug/Alcohol use?

Is _______(addict) willing to get off all drugs both illicit and prescribed? What drugs is ________ (addict) currently taking? (Month/Year-Month/Year; Frequency; amt of Mgs)

What drugs has _______(addict) taken in the past? (Month/Year-Month/Year; Frequency; Amt of Mgs)

Is there any other pertinent or relevant information that the senior case supervisor should be aware of? 5. Referral Assignment Patter Okay _______ (DM) what I need to do now is submit this to the Senior Case Supervisor, who adjudicates who is accepted and not accepted into the program. While I am walking this through on my end I need you to do a couple of things okay? Do you have a pen? (if no - can you get one?) Okay write this down: Sherry Villemuer (985) 788-6949 Nola Penn (847) 226-5595 Brad and Lisa Dehaven (916) 224-6981 or (916) 740-2789 Susan Anderson (801) 377-9522 James and Faith Palo (973) 450-1166 I gave you five out of a few hundred parents we have listed, one of the requirements I have as a counselor is to have everyone I speak with talk to at least three families prior to potential enrollment, it is very important that you get the before, during and after treatment from other parents that were in very similar situations to where you are right now. It will give you a much better perspective of what is to come. So while I am walking the interview through on my end will you call at and speak with at least 3 of the 5 parents I gave you? Okay good I will call you back here in the next 45 minutes to an hour or so with the interview results.

6. Call Back with Interview Results Patter Hello _______(DM) hi this is _________(you). Were you able to reach and speak with some of the parent references I gave you? If yes continue on

If no then say okay well I am held up on my end to trying to get the interview through, but it is very important that you speak with at least three of those families. Lets do this I have an opening tomorrow at 9am or 12pm which one works better for you? Okay between now and then will you contact and speak with 3 of the families I gave you? Okay I will call you at _____ tomorrow. In the meantime if anything comes up you can call me at (555) 867-5309. DO NOT MOVE ON FROM HERE UNTIL THE DM HAS SPOKEN WITH 3 FAMILIES.

If yes Good how did that go? Okay and were you able to get a hold of any of the others? And how did that go? Okay well I have good news on my end. _________ (addicts) initial interview has been accepted, which is what I thought but you never know. Also I spoke with the executive director and there are 2 male beds available at the __________(location).

What we need to do next is setup a time for me to speak with ________(addict) but first there is an internal routing form that I would need to do with you over the phone that goes over basic information, names, phone numbers, addresss, anticipated arrival date etc I attach the routing form with the approved interview I just got back along with payment details. It all gets routed to about six different departments. First, to the Senior Case Supervisor so he can start preparing and writing the program, then it goes to treasury to allow us to reserve the bed, then to housekeeping to get the accommodations set up, and finally to the transportation department so that we can coordinate the intake time and appointment. That gets us prepared for _________(addicts Name) arrival and we have all our Is dotted and Ts crossed. The routing form takes about 10 minutes we can do it now if you like to do it now or I have an opening at 10:00am tomorrow, which one works better? 7. New Person to Service on Routing Form Patter- This should be executed formally and professionally Okay ________(DM) Now the routing form I might have already asked you some of these questions but bear with me as this form goes to different departments. First, again what is ________ (addicts) full legal name? Okay now we are looking at _______ (day of the week), the ________ (date) for (her/his) arrival. What can we use as his permanent address? (Use the familys address if they prefer.) OK, I need a phone number for ________ (students name). Now, I am putting down ________ (Cocaine, Meth, etc.) for her/his drug of choice.

(Go over Medical Detox if necessary.) If ________ (students name) needs a Medical Detoxand the doctor will make the final adjudication whether or not she/he doesI will need to call you to collect $________. Okay. Now, I need the name or names of the responsible party, or parties. This works in a couple of different ways. First, this establishes who the counselors can call to give updates or if they need to talk to someone in the family. Second, it establishes who is financially responsible. Is that you? Or, you and ________? Okay, may I get your full name and your address? Thank you. The phone number I have is ___-___-____ (the number). Is there another number where you can be reached if the counselors need to get a hold of you? Now, theres another item I usually go over at this point. The program fees cover just about everything as far as the housing, the food, counseling, purification and body cleansing, etc., everything except incidentals. Usually we suggest setting up a private student account for those incidentals miscellaneous things like toiletries or a pair of sneakers. Most families put in $100 or so to start. Did you want to put $100 in the account, or would you prefer to do that later? Okay, as we discussed, the program fees are $33,000.00. Did you want to do that by check or credit card?

(They will most likely ask if they need to do it all now. If they do say:) Yes. Normally, in order to hold her/his bed I do need the $33,000.00 fee. However, if it would be easier to do $16,500.00 by check or credit card and then the rest when he/she arrives on ________ (day). That will work as just fine. At this point, they might originate all kinds of things. Stick to getting their bed reserved and saving their son or daughter, or their family members life. Put the urgency on the new start arriving and getting out of harms way. If there is still too much resistance, back off and set a next step to re-reg them or another family member that is a ________ (father, mother, uncle, aunt, etc.). If you have done everything correctly up to that point it should go smooth. After you collect you should say: You will be receiving some orientation material in the mail. It will include a list of counselors you can call, as well as other important information you will need. The orientation material along with an invoice and receipt should arrive in about three days. Let them know you are not a tax advisor and cant give out tax advice. But inform them they should keep a copy of the invoice and receipt and show it to their accountant at year end. We are a 501-(c) 3 non-profit organization, and there may be potential tax benefits because of our status. Next, let them know also that they will get a call from the Transportation Specialist when ________ (students name) has arrived at the airport. The Transportation Specialist will have a sign with ________ (students name) name on it and will be waiting for her/him at the baggage claim. Go over what to pack. They need to bring lots of socks, underwear, tee shirts, two bathing suits if possible, flip flops, etc. ________ (students name) can bring her/his laptop computer, I-pod, books, sporting equipment (within reason), etc. Then MAKE SURE YOU give them the Back in Black PR Avoidance Patter see attached.