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• Procedure:

Open the website [1] and go to virtual box download link [4] there you will find
many links one of which will be of the virtual box open source edition and other
will be of sun virtual box. Go to the sun virtual box download link [5]. There two
kinds of setups will be available for windows operating systems one for 32 bit
platforms and other for 64 bit platforms. Other options are also available at [1]
we will use the 32 bit setup. After downloading install Virtual box 2.1.2 through
following steps:

i. Open the setup file by double clicking the icon. Following screenwill appear:
ii. Click on the “Next >” button. Following Screen will appear:

iii. Select the message “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and press
the “Next >” button as shown below:
iv. Following screen will appear and by default the sub components will be

v. Slect the locationwhere you want to install virtual box by clicking the

“Browse” button:
vi. Following screen will appear when we click “Next >”:
vii. Click “Next >” and you will get:

viii.Then click the “Install” Button and installation will begin:

ix. Then you will receivetwo consecutive “Software installation” warnings and a
“hardware installation” warning click “Continue Anyway” Button:
x. Then you will receive the installation completion window:
xi. Click the “Finish” button and virtual box 2.1.2 will be launched

xii. Now the second part of our experiment starts i.e., installing Linux (Ubuntu)
using Virtual Box.
xiii.Click the “New” button and you will receive following window:
xiv.Click ”Next >” Button and you will receive following window on which you
will specify the name of your Virtual Machine:

xv. Then click “Next >” and On this screen you will specify the virtual memory for
the virtual machine:
xvi.Then click “Next >” On this screen you will be asked to make a Virtual Hard


xvii.Click “New” A window will appear and click “Next”::

xviii.On the next screen you will be asked to choose the storage type from two
options i.e., “dynamically expanding storage” and “fixed size storage”.
Choose “dynamically expanding storage

xix.Then click “Next >” On next screen you will be asked to specify virtual disk
location and size. Specify it
xx. Then click “Next >” You will be given the summary and click “Finish”.

xxi.Then you will receive a window and click next:

xxii.Then you will receive the summary of creation of virtual machine and click
23.You will receive the above displayed window and some resources will not
be assigned to the virtual machine.
24.So, assign them to the virtual machine. For example CD-ROM is Mounted
like this:

25.Check the “Mount CD/DVD drive” box and click “OK”. The rest of the
resources such as Floppy, Audio, Serial Ports, USB, Shared Folders and
Remote display can also be mounted by similar procedure. After Mounting
all of them we receive the following window:
26.Now we insert the “Ubuntu 8.04” CD and press the “Start” button and you
will receive ”Windows Security Alert” and Click the “Unblock” button to

27. After that you will receive the language selection screen and select
“English” language option
28.Then you will get a window and select the option “install Ubuntu” and an
auto mated installation will start.
29.After the installation you will recieve a window to select the language.
Select the language and press “Forward”

30. Then you will receive a time zone selecting screen select your timezone
by moving cursor on the map and press “Forward”.
31.Then you will be asked for keyboard layout pressed forward.

32.Then screen will appear for preparing disk space. Select Guided-use
entire disk option.
33.Then you will be asked about personal information i.e., Name, ID,
Password and name of computer.

34.Then it will display the summary and I click “Install” button.

35.Installation will begin:

36.At completion you will be asked to restart computer. Only virtual machine
will restart and not the host operating system.
37.At start we will be asked for username
38.And for password
39.After this you will get a desktop and Ubuntu will be ready to use:

So Linux is installed virtually on our operating system i.e. Windows XP

2002 service pack 2

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