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PREFACE ..................................................................................................................3
PART I MONEY REIKI THEORY............................................................................5
Muklng the Shlft....................................................................................................5
PART II MONEY REIKI PRACTICE .....................................................................10
Luro SmboI.........................................................................................................10
Munlfestutlon SmboI .......................................................................................11
The GoIden Prumld...........................................................................................11
Tpes of Attunements.........................................................................................12
Attunement GuldeIlnes ......................................................................................13
Pusslng the Attunement.....................................................................................17
PART III MONEY REIKI A5 A WAY OF LIFE ......................................................19
Gettlng CIeur on lntentlons ..............................................................................19

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I am Ieased lo finaIIy offer lhe Money Reiki Masler course (LeveI II).

Nov, before you gel slarled, I vanl lo make one lhing very cIear: The lerm
Money Reiki Masler is in many resecls a misnomer. Il imIies lhal being a
Money Reiki Masler means you have somehov maslered aII your money
robIems! Lel me assure you lhal lhis may or may nol be lhe case.

The lerm Money Reiki Masler foIIovs lhe lradilionaI Reiki designalions, and
refers rimariIy lo one vho is abIe lo leach and ass allunemenls. Il does nol
imIy nor romise comIele financiaI maslery.

Nov, iniliaIIy, I had vanled lo offer a Masler IeveI lhal couId have a|| inc ansucrs
for you, bul lhal vas my ovn bIock nol siril's bIock. Siril had olher ideas
and vanled as many eoIe as ossibIe vorking vilh lhe energy, and lhal meanl
giving olher eoIe lhe over lo allune olhers.

So, vhelher you reaIized il or nol, you are here lo heI ass around lhe Money
Reiki energy. And lhal's imorlanl!

As ve Iearned in lhe Money Reiki Iraclilioner's ManuaI, Money Reiki is here lo
Iifl u lhe vibralion of money around lhe Ianel. (Il's a good idea lo refer lo lhe
Money Reiki Iraclilioner's ManuaI and go over lhe rinciIes of Money Reiki
lhere as you vork vilh lhe nev symboIs avaiIabIe in lhis manuaI.)

One imorlanl lhing lo remember is lhis: Money Reiki, unIike olher roserily
syslems, is nol |usl aboul manifesling. Manifesling is a overfuI looI, and by
using osilive lhinking and any number of energy melhods, you couId indeed
manifesl a Iollery vin, or a nev car, or any number of maleriaI ob|ecls.

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ul Money Reiki goes much deeer lhan lhal. This is lhe missing iece lhal is
reaIIy here lo lransform your Iife in a big vay. Il's one lhing lo gel some magic
money in lo ay a biII lhal's overdue, bul il's quile anolher lo revam your
vhoIe Iife so lhal you are reaIIy doing vhal you Iove and Iiving lhe Iife you

Here's lhe kicker: When ve vork vilh Money Reiki, ve nol onIy heI ourseIves,
bul ve heI everyone on lhe Ianel have a beller reIalionshi vilh money. So
every lime you ass an allunemenl, you are nol onIy heIing lhe erson you
allune, bul you are heIing lhe enlire Ianel. Thal's kind of a cooI lhing, don'l
you lhink`

Sicpnanic Brai|, ju|q 2005

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Muklng the Shlft

You may nol have reaIized il, laking lhe Money Reiki Masler IeveI
course, you are nov commilling yourseIf lo a nev Iife!

This is vhere lhe rubber meels lhe road. If you've been ulling off your hearl's
desire or your Iife urose, you may find lhal ignoring your caIIing is going lo
become very, very hard for you lo do from nov on.

As ve Iearned in lhe Money Reiki Iraclilioner course, Money Reiki is nol aboul
manifesling Iarge sums of cash quickIy. Il's more lhan lhal. Il's a lransformalive
energy lhal is here lo heI make lhe Ianel a Iace vhere everyone can Iive Iives
of abundance, conlribuling lheir ovn unique laIenls and abiIilies, and foIIoving
lheir Iife urose.

Whal does lhis mean for you` WeII, if you vere laking lhis course in hoes il
vouId bring you a huge cash vindfaII and soIve aII your financiaI robIems in
one svoo, you are SOL (S Oul of Luck!).

Money Reiki can heI you manifesl some cash. ul il goes much deeer lhan
lhal. Il vorks a comIele rool canaI on your money issues. Il viII gel lo lhe
bollom of lhem (if you Iel il do ils vork).

This rocess of change can oflen be chaIIenging, bul il is veII vorlh il.

Hov Money Reiki manifesls for you deends on your ersonaI circumslances
and issues. And il viII vork differenlIy for you lhan il mighl vork for your cIienl
or sludenl. As lhe Money Reiki Masler, il viII be your |ob lo heI guide your
cIienl or sludenl as lhe energy vorks vilh lhem.

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Wilh lhis in mind, il's imorlanl lo be avare of lhe foIIoving vhen vorking vilh
Money Reiki:

Money Reiki oflen allracls eoIe vho have serious financiaI issues. As Reiki
Iraclilioners, ve need lo be cIear (lo ourseIves and lo olhers) lhal ve are nol
financiaI advisers nor fairy godmolhers vho can fix lhese issues in one feII

IinanciaI issues can slem from a number of differenl rools, incIuding heaIlh
robIems, oor financiaI managemenl, negalive condilioning from chiIdhood,
asl Iife karma, siriluaI conlracls, vrong career alhs, and much more.

Il is nol your |ob lo diagnose lhe source of lhe financiaI robIem. ul as a Money
Reiki Masler, il is imorlanl lo remember lhese guiding rinciIes:

1. We are aII laken care of by lhe universe (God, Siril, or vhalever you
vanl lo caII il).
2. We each have a seciaI gifl or caIIing for our Iife's vork.
3. When ve commil lo our Iife's vork, ve viII be heIed aIong lhe vay.
4. Knoving lhe firsl lhree ilems, il is imorlanl lo TRUST, TRUST, TRUST!

The alh, hovever, may nol be slraighl, narrov, and easy lo find. You and your
cIienls may find lhal lhings gel lougher or scary vhiIe lhey are vorking vilh lhe
energy. So you musl remain slrong and in lhe failh lhal lhe energy vorks (il
does), and lo lrusl il and kee vorking vilh il (even vhen lhings Iook bad).

Here's vhal haens. (Nov, if you come lo lhis course as a Reiki Masler vho is
currenlIy doing fairIy veII, you musl kee in mind lhese lhings for your cIienls
and sludenls.)

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If you have financiaI issues, eseciaIIy serious issues, some ma|or ad|uslmenls in
your Iife need lo lake Iace. You may need lo change your sending habils, gel a
nev |ob vhere you'II make more money, or Iearn hov lo run your business
beller (so you make a rofil).

You may need lo change careers enlireIy. You may need lo move lo an area lhal
is Iess exensive bul has a higher slandard of Iiving. You may need lo imrove
your heaIlh. Who knovs` Maybe for some, lhe alh viII be lo find lhe righl Iife
arlner vho brings lhe slabIe financiaI comonenl.

Il reaIIy doesn'l maller vhal il is |usl knov (and lhis is a facl!) lhal iI ynu havc
Iinancia! prnb!cms, snmcthing in ynur !iIc nccds tn changc.

Money Reiki, eseciaIIy lhe more you vork vilh il, viII faciIilale lhal change.
And lhis is vhy il is nol focused on manifesling lhe Iollery vin. The Iollery vin
is a band-aid. Money Reiki vorks lo cure lhe rool of lhe robIem.

You don'l need lo necessariIy knov or undersland lhe rool robIem. Or maybe
you do. ollom Iine is, Money Reiki viII heI you make lhe change.

More imorlanlIy: Il viII do il Inr ynu if you have been unviIIing or loo scared
lo do il on your ovn.

Ior myseIf, I had been vorking a freeIance |ob lhal vas aying my biIIs bul
dislracling me from my main business, vhich is doing hynolheray and energy
heaIing. Hovever, I vas reaIIy lied lo lhal sleady freeIance income.

I vas doing reaIIy greal loo, vilh good ralings and feedback.

Then, I made a missle vilh one cIienl, and boom, oul of lhe bIue, I gol fired! In
a very unreasonabIe, nasly vay loo (I vasn'l even loId I vas fired).

Page 8

This haened lhe same veek I gol a nolice from lhe IRS lhal vas none loo
Ieasanl. NOT IUN!

So, I did vhal any normaI erson vouId do. I had a meIldovn. I had been Iiving
from check lo check and had no savings.

ul I had lo do somelhing. Whal choice did I have` oom, I had lo gel my reaI
business going, and fasl.

And yel, somehov lhe business came in.maybe nol lons al firsl.I sliII had lo
scrae by.bul cIienls vouId come in oul of lhe bIue, oflen miracuIousIy, vhen I
needed lhe money.

And I reaIized lhal my vhoIe robIem, aII aIong, vas lhal I vas nol doing vhal I
vas suosed lo do. I vas vorking al lhings I didn'l Iove, lhinking I had lo do so
lo ay my biIIs. ul reaIIy I vasn'l fuIIy commilling lo my business.

The lrulh is, I vas afraid lo be loo voo voo. I didn'l vanl lo be knovn as a
heaIer. I didn'l vanl lo be nev age. I didn'l feeI comforlabIe vilh myseIf aboul il.
I vas afraid I'd become loo sychic and go nuls. And I had issues vilh my sisler,
vho had in a much shorler lime lhan I had, ul herseIf oul lhere as a sychic and
heaIer, and I didn'l vanl lo be Iike her eilher.

I aIso feIl lhal if I venl voo voo I'd have lo Iay nice aII lhe lime and nol be
myseIf. On lhe Ius side, I Iike lo aroach lhings vilh a sense of humor, bul I
am aIso knovn lo be very oinionaled. CouId I be oinionaled and humorous
and do my heaIing vork` Ior some dumb reason, I lhoughl I couIdn'l.

These vere aII seIf-imosed bIocks lhal I had crealed for myseIf, lhal vere
keeing me from doing vhal I reaIIy shouId have been doing.

Page 9

ul aha! I had been vorking vilh Money Reiki. So vhen lhe universe decided
il vas lime for me lo slo Iaying smaII, il |usl smacked me u lhe head.and
lhen some!

Il vas a bil lraumalic al firsl, bul veII vorlh il.

You may aIso find (for yourseIf and/or your cIienls) lhal lhings viII change in big
vays vilh Money Reiki. Oflen lhe exisling slruclures may break dovn firsl.

This is one of lhe reasons lhal I recommend vailing al Ieasl lhree monlhs
belveen LeveI I and LeveI II Money Reiki allunemenls. Wailing means lhal may
slruclures lhal need lo go may be removed a bil more genlIy (if lhal's ossibIe).

If you do vork vilh lhe energy a Iol, lhe slruclures may break dovn very
quickIy. There may be surrise |ob endings (firings, Iayoffs). Surrise moves (Ioss
of aarlmenl). Surrise robIems (forecIosure, bankrulcy, IRS fun).

When lhal haens, |usl bIess lhe silualion and knov lhal lhe universe is nol
onIy asking, bul dcmanding you lo move forvard vilh your Iife urose! The
oId cra is being Iiberaled so nev and beller sluff can come in lhe door!

Nov lraumalic, dramalic evenls may nol occur for everyone using Money
Reiki. I onIy describe lhese lhings so you, as lhe Money Reiki Masler, are avare
lhal il may haen lo some (and maybe even you, if you are Iucky!).

If abrul changes do haen, il is imorlanl lo use ncrc Money Reiki, and lrusl
lhe universe. Lel go and Iel God, as lhey say. You may be surrised al vhal

Page 10

To heI faciIilale lhese Iife changes, lhere are lhree nev symboIs for lhe Masler
IeveI of Money Reiki.

Luro SmboI

One of my Iuroean sludenls asked me if lhey mighl be alluned lo lhe Iuro
symboI in addilion lo lhe doIIar sign (used in Money Reiki LeveI I). I lhoughl
lhal vas a greal idea, and I am incIuding lhe Iuro in lhis course. (You may aIso,
al your discrelion, give lhis symboI lo your LeveI I sludenls).

The Iuro symboI is used in lhe same vay as lhe doIIar sign. Il aIso vorks
secificaIIy vilh heIing Iifl u lhe vibralion of money vhere lhe Iuro is used.
Ior lhose oulside of Iuroe, il can aIso be a greal looI lo heI manifesl money or
oorlunilies lhal are Iuroean-based.

As vilh lhe doIIar sign, vhen lhe Iuro symboI is aIied, il shouId be infused
vilh siriluaI energy and gIoving vilh vhile/goIden Iighl.

You can aIso use any symboI for any vorId currency in Money Reiki, using lhe
seIf-allunemenl rocess described Ialer. So if you'd Iike lo vork vilh rilish
ounds, or lhe Yen, you can cerlainIy do so. These symboIs can aII be used lo
allracl vork, business, and oorlunilies from lhe counlries lhal use lhe
currency. Using lhose symboIs aIso raises lhe money vibralion for lhose

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Munlfestutlon SmboI

The Manifeslalion symboI is acluaIIy lhe cenl sign, vilh lhe circIe fuIIy cIosed.
Somehov lhis symboI came lo me as a comIelion symboI. The symboI can be
used lo manifesl lhings. Wrile dovn vhal you vanl on a iece of aer, drav
lhe Manifeslalion symboI on lhe aer, and Iace il in your Money Reiki ox.

You can aIso use lhis symboI lo drav lhings lo you (cIienls, money, elc.): HoId
your hands oul, aIms u. Imagine lhe Manifeslalion symboI vibraling on lhe
aIms of your hands, draving in goodness lo you.

The GoIden Prumld

The GoIden Iyramid is a 3D symboI. Il consisls of a 4-sided yramid of goId. I
usuaIIy see lhe yramid sinning on ils base in a cIockvise molion.

Page 12
The GoIden Iyramid is used lo cIear dee karmic issues surrounding money and
ass allunemenls. To cIear karmic issues, you vouId use il as a dislance heaIing
(even in erson). Ask for any negalive money karma or conlracls lo be cIeared.
You may see in your mind lhe GoIden Iyramid oening u lo svaIIov lhe bad
karma and/or conlracls. These are lhen lransmuled and reIeased.

Tpes of Attunements

There are lhree differenl kinds of Money Reiki allunemenls al lhis lime:

1. Money Reiki HeaIing Imovermenl
2. Money Reiki Iraclilioner Allunemenl (LeveI I)
3. Money Reiki Masler Allunemenl (LeveI II)

Tnis is inc crigina| Mcncq |ciki Hca|ing Aiiuncncni | iniiia||q cjjcrc! jcr jrcc cn nq
uc|siic. | an ncu ca||ing ii an cnpcucrncni ic atci! ccnjusicn.

Mnncy Rciki Hca!ing Empnwcrmcnt
The Money Reiki HeaIing Imovermenl is a genlIe Rei|u-slyIe allunemenl lhal
Iifls u lhe money vibralion of lhe reciienl. The Money Reiki HeaIing
Imovermenl can be used on anyone, vhelher lhey have been alluned lo
Money Reiki or nol. The emovermenl does nol incIude any course informalion
and does nol allune someone lo become a Money Reiki Iraclilioner.

You can give lhe Money Reiki HeaIing Imovermenl avay for free or charge for
il if you feeI so guided. Il is lhe ONLY Money Reiki allunemenl lhal can be
assed vilhoul some form of energy exchange (see guideIines beIov).

Once alluned lo lhe Masler IeveI, you can give yourseIf Money Reiki HeaIing
Imovermenls as guided lo Iifl u your ovn vibralion surrounding money.

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Mnncy Rciki Practitinncr Attuncmcnt
This is lhe LeveI I allunemenl. When you allune someone lo lhis IeveI, lhey viII
receive lhe doIIar sign symboI (see lhe Iraclilioner ManuaI). They viII aIso be
abIe lo use Money Reiki on lhemseIves, olhers, and ob|ecls.

IIease do nol give avay lhis allunemenl for free: There MUST be an energy
exchange lo ass lhis allunemenl!

Mnncy Rciki Mastcr Attuncmcnt
This is lhe LeveI II allunemenl. When you allune someone lo lhis IeveI, lhey viII
receive lhe Iuro symboI, Manifeslalion symboI, and GoIden Iyramid. They viII
aIso be abIe lo allune lhemseIves and olhers lo Money Reiki.

IIease do nol give avay lhis allunemenl for free: There MUST be an energy
exchange lo ass lhis allunemenl!

Attunement GuldeIlnes

Money Reiki is differenl from olher Reiki add-on syslems and lherefore
raclilioner and masler-IeveI allunemenls cannnt be assed vilhoul some form
of energy exchange! In olher vords, you may nol give avay lhe Money Reiki
syslem for free. (As far as allunemenls go, onIy lhe Money Reiki HeaIing
Imovermenl can be given avay for free, or allunemenls you give lo yourseIf.)
You can offer Money Reiki heaIings and financiaI bIessings for free.

IMIORTANT! IIease abide by lhe foIIoving guideIines vhen giving Money
Reiki Iraclilioner and Masler allunemenls. Thc attuncmcnts wi!! nnt wnrk
prnpcr!y iI thcsc guidc!incs arc nnt In!!nwcd!

1. Thc Mnncy Rciki cnurscs (Lcvc! I and Lcvc! II) and attuncmcnts must
NEVER bc givcn away Inr Ircc. NEVER. This is nnn-ncgntiab!c.

Page 14

I have done much medilalion on lhis, and lhe guidance I have received has loId
me lhal il is vcry impnrtant lhal lhis syslem is nol given avay for free Iike many
olher Reiki syslems.

Why shouId you charge for lhe course` ecause by vorking vilh lhis syslem, ve
are Iearning hov lo vaIue our vork as heaIers and lherefore ve need lo charge
for our lime. IseciaIIy in lhe Weslern vorId, lhere is no reason vhy any abIe-
bodied erson couIdn'l ay $20-30 for a decenl Reiki dislance course. You can
easiIy send more lhan lhal on a nighl al lhe movies.

AIso, I have been loId lhal eoIe vho are unviIIing lo ay or rovide a fair
exchange lo olher Reiki Maslers shouId nol be leaching lhis syslem lo olhers.

2. Whcn pricing Mnncy Rciki cnurscs, a Iair pricc must bc chargcd (nnt tnn
!itt!c, and nnt tnn much). Charging one cenl for a Money Reiki course (as a vay
lo gel around ruIe -1) viII nol vork! Overcharging viII nol vork eilher! If you
are charging $10,000 for lhis course, and romising miracIes in exchange, you are
reaing ma|or bad karma on yourseIf. You musl charge fair vaIue for lhe course.

If you over or under charge for lhe course, you are nol Iiving by lhe rinciIes of
Money Reiki, and are lherefore nol leaching lhe syslem roerIy.

y asking your inner guidance, you viII be guided lo a roer fee for lhe course.
Differenl circumslances may require differenl fees. Ior examIe, you may vanl
lo charge more for an in-erson course, because you are offering added vaIue
vilh your lime and exerlise.

As of lhis vriling, I am ricing bolh courses al $27 each. (This is vhal my
guidance loId me lo do). I feeI lhis is an exlremeIy affordabIe fee for very
vaIuabIe courses. Hovever, you may choose lo charge more or Iess lhan lhis

Page 15
number, as Iong as il is fair and reasonabIe (and covers your lime and energy for
lhe allunemenl).

3. Ynu arc a!!nwcd and cncnuragcd tn bartcr itcms and scrviccs Inr thc Mnncy
Rciki cnurscs as !nng as thcrc is an cncrgy cxchangc that rcspccts bnth
partics. This ruIe aIIovs for lhose vho are lruIy in a financiaI bind lo receive lhe

4. Thc Mnncy Rciki cnurscs (!cvc!s I and II) may nnt bc bund!cd tngcthcr and
sn!d as nnc whn!c systcm. One reason for lhis is lhe lendency lo devaIue each
IeveI. ul more imorlanlIy and lhis is very imorlanl!!! sludenls of Money
Reiki shouId ideaIIy have al Ieasl lhree lo six monlhs in belveen lhe LeveI I and
LeveI II allunemenls.

Money Reiki can be a Iife-changing syslem for some. If lhe energy is run loo
much loo soon, il von'l u|iinaic|q harm lhe erson, bul il couId end u being a
bil slressfuI (lo say lhe Ieasl). As I menlioned earIier, Iife changes oflen need lo
haen lo imrove financiaI condilions. SIov and sleady viII sliII gel you lhere,
hovever. Unnecessary |ob Ioss, forecIosures, bankrulcies, and olher abrul
financiaI cIearings are a olenliaI side effecl of vorking vilh loo much Money
Reiki energy loo soon.

UIlimaleIy, aII lhese changes vouId be for lhe highesl good. ul il's a good idea
lo lake your lime. And you need lo reare your sludenls for vorking vilh lhis
energy over lime (as oosed lo lhe quick fix). This is vhy lhe courses musl be
soId searaleIy.

Nov, if someone does choose lo buy bolh individuaI courses al lhe same lime,
laIk lo lhem and find oul if lhey vanl lo gel bolh allunemenls al once. (You may
aIso vanl lo consuIl your guidance lo see if lhey shouId receive lhe allunemenls

Page 16
al once or searaleIy.) You mighl suggesl lhal lhey vail a IillIe bil for lhe LeveI II

5. Fina!!y, p!casc dn nnt givc thc Mnncy Rciki manua!s away Inr Ircc nr pnst
thcm nn Ircc attuncmcnt wcbsitcs, mai!ing !ists, nr Yahnn grnups.

II ynu havc rcccivcd this manua! Irnm a tcachcr whn has nnt In!!nwcd thcsc
guidc!incs, ynu may want tn ask Inr ynur mnncy back (iI thcy'vc nvcrchargcd)
and Iind a tcachcr whn wi!! In!!nw thc guidc!incs.

Nov, if for some reason you have a robIem vilh lhe ruIe lhal you musl charge
or offer a fair exchange for Money Reiki, you robabIy need lo vork a IillIe more
on yourseIf vilh lhe energy before leaching Money Reiki olhers. Do some more
vork vilh lhe energy do you have a robIem acceling aymenl for your

Hovever, if you have a very slrong hiIosohicaI oinion lhal Reiki shouId be
free, leaching Money Reiki may nol be for you. P!casc rcspcct this systcm and
dn nnt try tn hi|ack it nr changc it tn suit ynur agcnda. Il simIy viII nol be
Money Reiki if you ass lhe allunemenls for free. Il viII be somelhing eIse.

If you lruIy vanl lo offer a free syslem regarding money issues, you may be
inleresled in Abundance/Iroserily Reiki, vhich is oflen offered freeIy on lhe
Inlernel (do a search on GoogIe). You may aIso be guided lo channeI and creale
your ovn Reiki syslem vorking vilh money lhal vouId be free. I vouId highIy
encourage lhal. I lhink il's aIvays lhe higher road lo creale your ovn lhing if
you are unhay vilh someone eIse's lhing.

Page 17
Pusslng the Attunement

When I give a Money Reiki allunemenl, eilher in-erson or via a dislance, I
foIIov lhe same rocedure. I asked lo connecl lo lhe erson's higher seIf. I lhen
ask lo connecl vilh ArchangeI RahaeI and lhe Money Devas.

(You may vonder vhy RahaeI and nol MichaeI or anolher archangeI. WhiIe
RahaeI is nol hisloricaIIy associaled vilh money or abundance, he is associaled
vilh heaIing, and Money Reiki is uIlimaleIy a heaIing syslem.)

UIlimaleIy, il is RahaeI and lhe Money Devas vho ass lhe allunemenls. I
simIy make lhe requesl. ul addilionaIIy, I visuaIize lhe foIIoving:

1. The GoIden Iyramid sinning, descends over lhe erson lo be alluned.
2. Aroriale symboIs (if any) are senl lhrough lhe crovn of lhe head:
a. Ior lhe Money Reiki HeaIing Imovermenl, no symboIs are senl.
b. Ior LeveI I, lhe doIIar sign is senl.
c. Ior lhe Masler IeveI, lhe Iuro, Manifeslalion symboI, and GoIden
Iyramid are senl.

Thank RahaeI and lhe Money Devas. Thal's reaIIy aII lhere is lo il.

You can aIso use your ovn allunemenl melhods lo ass lhe symboIs and lhe

Ior seIf-allunemenls, simIy foIIov lhe same melhod. You can seIf-allune al any
lime, and aIso allune yourseIf lo any currency symboI in lhe vorId for use.

Nov, somelimes I've found myseIf deIaying an allunemenl for someone, even
lhe LeveI I allunemenl. Somelimes lhal means il's nol lime for lhe erson lo
receive lhe allunemenl quile yel, for vhalever reason. If lhis haens, give lhem

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lhe Money Reiki HeaIing Imovermenl firsl and lhen lhe LeveI I or II
allunemenl vhen guided.

Don'l rush il. I have found lhal usuaIIy il's nol loo Iong of a vail. I lhink
somelimes il may be lhal giving lhe allunemenl loo soon vouId ul lhe
individuaI in a crilicaI silualion al lhe vrong lime. They may need lo be a IillIe
bil slronger or more slabIe before vorking vilh a fuII bIasl of Money Reiki
energy. So lrusl your guidance on lhis.

In aII cases of deIay, giving lhe Money Reiki HeaIing Imovermenl viII heI
slrenglhen lhe erson's energy syslem so lhey can handIe lhe fuII allunemenls.

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In lhe LeveI I course, you Iearned many looIs lo vork vilh your inlenlions using
Money Reiki. Here ve lake il a smaII sle furlher.

Gettlng CIeur on lntentlons

ecause arl of Money Reiki's urose is lo heI eoIe Iive lheir lrue Iife alhs,
you'II find lhal il gels harder and harder lo vork al lhings you don'l Iike, and
much easier lo finaIIy give in lo your hearl's desire.

ul you'II sliII need lo gel very cIear on vhal il is you vanl. You robabIy have
an idea even if you lhink you don'l (or leII yourseIf you don'l). Here are a fev
homevork assignmenls lo lry on for size:

1. Where do you see yourseIf in 5 years` 10 years`
2. Whal do you reaIIy vanl lo do vilh your Iife`
3. If you can'l earn a Iiving from your assion (say, Iaying guilar), vhal
|obs can you do lhal you'II en|oy, fuIfiII your urose, and aIIov you lo
en|oy your assion`
4. Who do you vanl lo vork vilh` Whal kind of environmenl do you vanl
lo vork in`
5. Whal is il lhal you reaIIy vanl, bul are afraid lo admil`

When manifesling vork (eilher a |ob or a cIienl), gel very cIear on lhe vork
and/or cIienls you vanl. Then vrile il dovn on a iece of aer vilh lhe
Manifeslalion symboI. Here's an examIe:

| uani ic aiiraci ncrc |cca|, jcna|c c|icnis unc arc jun ic ucrk uiin, apprcciaic unai | !c
jcr incn, paq cn iinc, arcni j|akq, an! ic|| a|| incir jricn!s a|cui nc.

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| ucu|! a|sc |ikc ic aiiraci ncrc !isiancc nca|ing c|icnis cn inc |nicrnci, unc rca||q
|cncjii jrcn nq scrticcs an! cninusiasiica||q paq nc an! rcjcr jricn!s ic nq uc|siic.

Having a hard lime figuring vhal you vanl oul` You mighl vanl lo vrile dovn
vhal you !cni uani |usl lo gel more cIarily in vhal you !c uani. (When done,
loss lhe don'l vanl aer oul.)

Ior examIe (some of lhis is coming from my ersonaI exerience, no kidding):

| !cni uani. Crccpq ncn unc saq incq uani ic ucrk uiin nc |ui incn irq ic ask nc cui
cn a !aic an! nakc |izarrc scxua| ccnncnis ic nc.

| !cni uani. ||akq pccp|c unc nakc appcinincnis uiin nc an! cancc| ai inc |asi

| !cni uani. Cncap-ass c|icnis.

| !cni uani. C|icnis unc saq incq uani ic cnangc |ui rca||q jusi uani scnccnc ic |isicn
ic incn uninc a|| inc iinc.

Ilc. elc.

Work on gelling very cIear, and lhen lrusl lhe universe lo bring you vhal you
vanl and need! Life lhen becomes very magicaI!

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To kee u lo dale vilh Money Reiki, and lo find oul aboul cIasses and grou
heaIing sessions, go lo: www.mnncyrciki.cnm

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