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By Colleen Sonntag

The shape of a pyramid is unique in the way it can collect and focus the gravitational and magnetic field energy that swirls all over the Earth. This energy, having a beneficial effect on all living things, and a preservative effect on non-living matter, can be focused using the pyramid on anything you want. The pyramid shape enables collection, and then discharges it out of the top (apex). This shape also enables deflection of cosmic radiations that fall on this apex downwards through to its base where, with the help of the magnetic field, it creates a very powerful bioenergy field known as Pyramid Energy. With this deflection, the inner center of the pyramid remains unaffected, safe from the radiation, yet surrounded by a powerful bio-energy field on all sides, which helps to preserve the things and objects kept in the pyramid. Interesting, right? Did the ancients know this when they built them? I think so, since over the millenniums this energy has come to be known by other names such as Orgone Energy, Life Force, and Chi Energy. In fact, if you did a small scale replica of the great pyramid of Egypt, when aligned to magnetic north, it will trap, focus and resonate Pyramid Energy. How do you use that energy? Well, take the dollar bill in the picture for example. After

placing it under the pyramid, you visualize the moneys energy flowing up from the bottom, into the center and out the top to bring you prosperity. Does it work? Well, as with most things it is relative to those who do it. What prosperity means to one may not be the same to another, or how they visualize, or how often; the variables are endless, so there are people who claim success, and others who dont. Try it yourself, and let us know how well it worked for you with an entry in our blog SpiritDance. The Great Pyramid of Giza remains virtually unchanged, and its actual purpose is still only guessed at, but some things have come to light. For instance, we know that the sides must slope at 51 degrees, and 51 feet to focus positive energy within while enabling the deflecting of negative energy into space. A smaller version of course can be created, but must be designed to scale to be effective. Here is a video about the real power of pyramids, and how much we really dont understand about it yet. It makes you curious. The Power is Evident. And then there is the true story of what they did in India to reduce traffic accidents by Alex in Auto & Transportation, Paranormal, Travel, July 2010. Tired of dealing with the rising number of accidents on the road, Indian police came upon a novel (and they say, surprisingly effective) approach: harnessing the positive-power of pyramids! The stretch of the Mumbai-Kolkata National Highway near Nagpur city was among 12 spots identified as most accident-prone but now the stretch is considered safe. No accidents have occurred in these accident-prone spots in the past six months,

Bernama quoted Nagpur Commissioner of Police (Rural) Yashasvi Yadav as saying. I am no great propagator of Vasthu Sastra but, in the public interest, we will try to adopt new ideas, he said. If the experiment proved successful, police would install Vasthu pyramids in 30 to 40 killer stretches, he added. This may sound illogical to some people but not for Nagpur police who are serious about saving lives on the roads. The number of accidents in the city, home to 2.5 million people, had been increasing since 2003, with about 500 human casualties on the road a year. Most accidents happen because of the negative energy surrounding these places. Suicides, accidents and murders happen when people are surrounded by negative energy. Using pyramids, we can try to correct the negative energy, said Vasthu expert Sushil Fatehpuria, 50, who offered his service for free to Nagpur police. The pyramids are placed on posts at the corner of the chosen intersections. So far, the results have been very positive, and the city has indicated they are going to expand their pyramid program to more accident troubled sites. That is just another indication of the power of pyramids and proof that the energy power not only exists, but works, and in a very positive way. This next video is really quite amazing. It shows the energy being drawn up into the pyramid in the first part, and then shows how the energy is concentrated in the middle of the pyramid and goes up and out the apex in the second part. Its a simple video, but certainly shows the existence of the energy. The Energy Is Evident. So what does this indicate overall? To me it means we have a

potential powerhouse that needs to be studied, understood, and put to use as soon as possible. Many people are building their own pyramids to use and experiment with for meditation, healing, greenhouses, and even dog houses. Right now, scientists know that when water is placed inside the pyramid, the molecular structure changes, they just don't know why. They know that using copper to build the pyramids seem to have the best effect, and plants placed inside grow twice as fast. Fruit decays slower (there is a pyramid for this here), razor blades stay sharp, and it will diffuse scents into the air from what you place into it such as flowers or herbs. What we do understand about it now, is most assuredly just the tip of the iceberg. Think about the possibilities it may hold beyond what we already know for producing free energy, healing our bodies, and producing unlimited food in a greenhouse pyramid. It surely is a remarkable structure with incredible potentials we are just starting to unlock. If you want to build your own pyramid, here is a way to do that, compliments of Les Brown. Predetermine the length of one side of your base (A). Now on paper, draw a square to your base, then divide it into four quarters. Now, draw a diagonal (B) down one of the small squares and measure it. Mark that measurement from the base up the center line (C). This will be the length of the apothem, that is, the length of the center line down one of the sloping sides of the pyramid. Finish off the triangle by drawing two lines (D) and (E), each running from the top of the mark you have made on the center line (C) down to a bottom corner of your base. By measuring these lines you now have the length of the side edges of your pyramid, and you already know the base measurement. When you look at the triangle you have just drawn, it may look too tall, but don't forget that it has to lean in to join with the other three sides. When all four sides are put together you will have a pyramid the right height and leaning in at 51 degrees, 51 minutes, 14 seconds.

This method can be used for any size pyramid, whether it is two inches along its base or 46'1-1/4". There are other methods of constructing a perfect pyramid, but this is the easiest. When you start to build one, aim at perfection. The nearer you can get to a perfect pyramid, the more you will benefit. Many people want the benefits of a pyramid but don't want to build one so they use the placement of many small pyramids such as those on our website, around their house to displace the negative energy, and promote the positive. Those who do swear by its effectiveness. Let us know how it works for you. Here is a link to some more very good information, and another easy yet precise building plan: Amazing Secrets of Pyramids A Pyramid Trellis Plan Using the power for meditation: Meditation Pyramid Power Seriously, taking advantage of the infinite benefits of pyramid power is available to all who wish to use it. The simple plans to build it yourself make it possible for all who wish to create it. If not, there are kits available on the internet for a price, and we also plan to add kits to our site for your peruse. I'd like to give you two last examples of the power of pyramid energy. An egg broken out of its shell and left within the confines of the pyramid will gradually congeal and become like plastic, as the interior energy works on its cells--harmlessly. The cells do not die nor induce putrefaction. After a period of even weeks or months these congealed eggs can be reconstituted in water to the point where they can be eaten with complete safety-and taste even more delicious than eggs produced in the usual ways. Interesting right? Then, again compliments of Les Brown, in a large glass greenhouse pyramid, early in the morning dew forms on the plants inside. During all my years of experience with greenhouses I never noticed dew forming on any plants in conventional greenhouses. This dew gently dissipates as the sun

grows stronger, exactly as it would outside. Also, after a recent thunderstorm, his pyramid cucumbers grew two and even two and a half inches in a matter of a few hours. Now that bears some serious notice. What we can do for ourselves with the pyramid energy is nothing short of exciting, and amazing natural use of free energy. Anyone can access and benefit from it so let's start using free energy that does not harm or destroy us or the environment.