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66158 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

227 / Tuesday, November 27, 2007 / Notices

Maryland Avenue, SW., room 6E227, Security and Suitability Purposes’’ (18– covered by this notice with the Chair of
Washington, DC 20202–6110. 05–17) as ‘‘Investigatory Material the Senate Committee on Homeland
Compiled for Personnel Security, Security and Governmental Affairs, the
Suitability, Positive Identification Chair of the House Committee on
If you wish to determine whether a Verification and Access Control for the Oversight and Government Reform, and
record exists regarding you in the Department of Education Security the Administrator of the Office of
system of records, contact the system Tracking and Reporting System Information and Regulatory Affairs,
manager. Your request must meet the (EDSTAR)’’ (18–05–17) and to delete the Office of Management and Budget
requirements of regulations in 34 CFR system of records entitled (OMB) on November 21, 2007. The
5b.5, including proof of identity. ‘‘Identification Media Records’’ (18–05– altered system of records will become
RECORD ACCESS PROCEDURES: 16). The Department is taking these effective at the later date of—(1) The
If you wish to gain access to your actions because these systems of records expiration of the 40-day period for OMB
record in the system of records, contact have been merged into and consolidated review on December 31, 2007 or (2)
the system manager at the address listed with the EDSTAR system of records. December 27, 2007, unless the system of
under SYSTEM MANAGER AND ADDRESS. EDSTAR is designed to implement the records needs to be changed as a result
Requests should contain your full name, requirements of Homeland Security of public comment or OMB review.
address, and telephone number. Your Presidential Directive (HSPD)–12. ADDRESSES: Address all comments about
request must meet the requirements of HSPD–12 is a Presidential directive that the altered and deleted systems of
regulations in 34 CFR 5b.5, including requires the promulgation of a Federal records to Cecelia E. Briscoe, Senior
proof of identity. standard to ensure a common, Program Analyst, Security Services,
governmentwide standard for secure Office of Management, Room 2W312,
CONTESTING RECORD PROCEDURES: and reliable forms of Personal Identity U.S. Department of Education, 400
If you wish to contest the content of Verification (PIV). On February 25, Maryland Avenue, SW., Washington,
a record regarding you in the system of 2005, the National Institute of Standards DC 20202–5345. If you prefer to send
records, contact the system manager. and Technology’s (NIST’s) Computer comments through the Internet, use the
Your request must meet the Security Division issued Federal following address:
requirements of the regulations in 34 Information Processing Standard (FIPS)
CFR 5b.7, including proof of identity. 201, entitled ‘‘Personal Identity You must include the term ‘‘EDSTAR
Verification of Federal Employees and Comments’’ in the subject line of your
RECORD SOURCE CATEGORIES: Contractors’’, in order to satisfy the electronic message.
Information maintained in this system requirements of HSPD–12 to improve During and after the comment period,
of records is obtained from anyone who the identification and authentication of you may inspect all public comments
chooses to voluntarily submit a public Federal employees and contractors for about this notice at the U.S. Department
comment or supporting materials in access to Federal facilities and of Education in room 2W330, 400
response to a Department rulemaking information systems. Maryland Avenue, SW., Washington,
document or notice, including The Department maintains records in DC, between the hours of 8 a.m. and
individuals and representatives of EDSTAR for the purpose of making 4:30 p.m., Eastern time, Monday
Federal, State or local governments, individual positive identification through Friday of each week except
businesses, and other organizations. verification, adjudication Federal holidays.
determinations concerning suitability
for Federal employment and contract Assistance to Individuals With
None. positions, decisions concerning access Disabilities in Reviewing the
to the Department’s facilities and Rulemaking Record
[FR Doc. E7–23058 Filed 11–26–07; 8:45 am]
BILLING CODE 4000–01–P information systems, and information On request, we will supply an
related to the issuance of PIV and FIPS appropriate aid, such as a reader or
compliant identification media and print magnifier, to an individual with a
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION access to restricted areas. Because many disability who needs assistance to
of these records are currently covered by review the comments or other
Privacy Act of 1974; System of the systems of records entitled documents in the public rulemaking
Records—Investigatory Material ‘‘Identification Media Records’’ (18–05– record for this notice. If you want to
Compiled for Personnel Security, 16) and ‘‘Investigatory Material schedule an appointment for this type of
Suitability, Positive Identification Compiled for Personnel Security and aid, please contact the person listed
Verification and Access Control for the Suitability Purposes’’ (18–05–17), the under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
Department of Education Security Department is merging and CONTACT.
Tracking and Reporting System consolidating these systems of records FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
(EDSTAR) by amending and renaming the Colette Hawley, Security Services,
AGENCY: Office of Management, ‘‘Investigatory Material Compiled for Office of Management, room 2W312,
Department of Education. Personnel Security and Suitability U.S. Department of Education, 400
Purposes’’ (18–05–17) system as Maryland Avenue, SW., Washington,
ACTION: Notice of altered and deleted
EDSTAR and deleting the system of DC 20202–5345. Telephone number:
systems of records.
records for ‘‘Identification Media (202) 401–2993. If you use a
SUMMARY: In accordance with the Records’’ (18–05–16). telecommunications device for the deaf
Privacy Act of 1974, as amended DATES: We must receive your comments (TDD), you may call the Federal Relay
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

(Privacy Act), the Department of about the altered and deleted systems of Service (FRS) at 1–800–877–8339.
Education (Department), publishes this records notice on or before December Individuals with disabilities may
notice to amend and rename the system 27, 2007. obtain this document in an alternative
of records entitled ‘‘Investigatory The Department filed a report format (e.g., Braille, large print,
Material Compiled for Personnel describing the altered system of records audiotape, or computer diskette) on

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:26 Nov 26, 2007 Jkt 214001 PO 00000 Frm 00030 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\27NON1.SGM 27NON1
Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 227 / Tuesday, November 27, 2007 / Notices 66159

request to the contact person listed in publishes a notice of altered and deleted CATEGORIES OF RECORDS IN THE SYSTEM:
the preceding paragraph. systems of records to read as follows: This system consists of records
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: containing investigative information
DELETED SYSTEM OF RECORDS pertaining to current and former
Introduction The Department identifies the system Department employees, current and
The Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a(e)(4)) of records entitled Identification Media former contractor personnel, and
requires the Department to publish in Records (18–05–16), as published in the current employees of entities making
the Federal Register this notice of an Federal Register on December 26, 2002 offers to the Department for purposes of
altered system of records maintained by (67 FR 78794–96), to be deleted because doing business. This information may
the Department. The Department’s it has been merged into and include information pertaining to the
regulations implementing the Privacy consolidated with the following system individuals’ character, conduct, and
Act are contained in part 5b of title 34 of records: loyalty to the United States as relevant
of the Code of Federal Regulations to determination of their suitability for
ALTERED SYSTEM OF RECORDS employment in the Department. This
The Privacy Act applies to 18–05–17
system of records may include an
information about individuals that is individual’s name, former names, birth
maintained in a system of records from
SYSTEM NAME: date, birth place, Social Security
which individually identifying Investigatory Material Compiled for number, home address, phone numbers,
information is retrieved by a unique Personnel Security, Suitability, Positive employment history, residential history,
identifier associated with each Identification Verification and Access education and degrees earned, names of
individual, such as a name or social Control for the Department of Education associates and references and their
security number. The information about Security Tracking and Reporting System contact information, citizenship, names
each individual is called a ‘‘record,’’ (EDSTAR). of relatives, birth dates and birth places
and the system, whether manual or of relatives, citizenship of relatives,
SECURITY CLASSIFICATION: names of relatives who work for the
computer-based, is called a ‘‘system of
records.’’ The Privacy Act requires each None. Federal government, mental health
agency to publish notices of new or history, drug use, financial information,
SYSTEM LOCATIONS: summary report of investigation, results
altered systems of records in the Federal
Register and to submit reports to the (1) Security Services, Office of of suitability decisions, level of security
Administrator of the Office of Management, U.S. Department of clearance, date of issuance of security
Information and Regulatory Affairs, Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW., clearance, requests for appeal, witness
OMB, the Chair of the House Committee Washington, DC 20202–5345. statements, investigator’s notes, tax
on Oversight and Government Reform, (2) U.S. Department of Education, return information, credit reports,
and the Chair of the Senate Committee Data Center, 6710 Oxon Hill Road, Oxon security violations, circumstances of
on Homeland Security and Hill, MD 20745–1117. violation, and agency action taken.
(3) U.S. Office of Personnel These records also may, as
Governmental Affairs, whenever the
Management (OPM), Federal appropriate to the individual being
agency publishes a new or altered
Investigations Processing Center, P.O. investigated, include the following
system of records.
Box 618, 1137 Branchton Road, Boyers, types of information:
Electronic Access to This Document PA 16018–0618. (1) Documentation as to his or her
arrests and convictions for violations of
You can view this document, as well (4) Verisign, 487 E. Middlefield Road,
the law.
as all other documents of this Mountain View, CA 94043–4047. (2) Reporting as to interviews held
Department published in the Federal (5) U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), with the individual, his or her present
Register, in text or Adobe Portable DOJ Rockville Data Center, 1151–D and former supervisors, co-workers,
Document Format (PDF) on the Internet Seven Locks Road, Rockville, MD associates, neighbors, educators, etc.
at the following site: 20854–0001. (3) Correspondence relating to
fedregister. adjudication matters involving the
To use PDF you must have Adobe individual.
Acrobat Reader, which is available free (4) Reports of inquiries made of law
at this site. If you have questions about This system contains information on enforcement agencies for information
using PDF, call the U.S. Government applicants seeking Federal or contract about the individual contained in the
Printing Office (GPO), toll free, at 1– employment with the Department, agencies’ records.
888–293–6498; or in the Washington, current Federal employees and (5) Information provided by
DC, area at (202) 512–1530. contractors, and other persons or organizations having association with
entities doing business with the the individual, such as employers,
Note: The official version of this document
is the document published in the Federal
Department, or persons either seeking educational institutions attended,
Register. Free Internet access to the official unescorted access to the facilities, or professional or fraternal or social
edition of the Federal Register and the Code access to the information systems of the organizations to which the individual is
of Federal Regulations is available on GPO Department, or both. The system does or was a member, etc.
Access at: not cover term employees of less than (6) Reports of action following an
index.html. 30 calendar days with monitored access OPM investigation or a Federal Bureau
to either the Department’s facilities or of Investigation Section 8(d) full field
Dated: November 21, 2007. information system, or both. Nor does it investigation.
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

Michell C. Clark, cover occasional visitors or short-term (7) Personal access logs of individuals
Assistant Secretary for Management. guests to the Department to the extent entering access controlled space.
For the reasons discussed in the that they are issued non-Personal (8) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
preamble, the Assistant Secretary for Identity Verification (PIV) temporary Certificates issued under direct
Management of the Department identification. guidance from Homeland Security

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:26 Nov 26, 2007 Jkt 214001 PO 00000 Frm 00031 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\27NON1.SGM 27NON1
66160 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 227 / Tuesday, November 27, 2007 / Notices

Presidential Directive (HSPD)–12 and employment, security clearances, access receiving entity. It is Office of
Federal Information Processing to classified information, unescorted Management policy not to disclose
Standard (FIPS)–201. access to Federal government owned records under this routine use that
(9) Personal fingerprint records for and Federal government leased facilities pertain to those questions for which the
identification and criminal records or restricted areas, and evaluations as to Office of Management has promised
checks. acceptability for performance under confidentiality under SF–85P,
(10) Other information developed Federal contracts or other agreements Questionnaire for Public Trust
from the previous sources. with the Federal government. Purposes Positions.
In addition, this system contains of this system also include: Ensuring the (3) Contract Disclosure. If the
records maintained on individuals safety and security of Federal facilities, Department contracts with an entity for
issued PIV credentials by the systems, and information resources, as the purpose of performing any function
Department. These records may include well as the safety and security of the that requires disclosure of records in
the following data fields: Full name; occupants and users of these facilities, this system to employees of the
Social Security number; date of birth; systems, and information resources; contractor, the Department may disclose
signature; image (photograph); verifying that persons entering Federal the records as a routine use to those
fingerprints; hair color; eye color; facilities and using Federal systems and employees. Before entering into such a
height; weight; organization or office of information resources, are authorized to contract, the Department shall require
assignment; company name; copy of do so; and tracking and controlling PIV the contractor to maintain Privacy Act
background investigation form; PIV card cards issued to persons entering the safeguards as required under 5 U.S.C.
issuance and expiration dates; personal Federal government’s facilities and 552a(m) with respect to the records in
identification number (PIN); results of using its systems and information the system.
background investigation; PIV request resources. (4) Litigation or Alternative Dispute
form; PIV registrar approval signature; Resolution (ADR) Disclosure. (a)
PIV card serial number; emergency ROUTINE USES OF RECORDS MAINTAINED IN THE Introduction. In the event that one of the
responder designation (if applicable); following parties is involved in
copies of documents used to verify litigation or ADR, or has an interest in
identification or information derived The Department may disclose litigation or ADR, the Department may
from those documents such as information contained in a record in disclose certain records to the parties
document title, document issuing this system of records under the routine described in paragraphs (b), (c), and (d)
authority, document number, document uses listed in this system of records of this routine use under the conditions
expiration date, document other without the consent of the individual if specified in those paragraphs:
information); level of national security the disclosure is compatible with the (i) The Department or any of its
clearance and expiration date; computer purposes for which the record was components.
system user name; user access and collected. The Department may make (ii) Any Department employee in his
permission rights, authentication these disclosures on a case-by-case basis or her official capacity.
certificates; and digital signature or, if the Department has complied with (iii) Any employee of the Department
information. For those issued non-PIV the computer matching requirements of in his or her individual capacity where
identification these fields do not apply. the Computer Matching and Privacy the DOJ has agreed to or has been
Protection Act of 1998, as amended, requested to provide or arrange for
Note 1: OPM and DOJ issue the standard under a computer matching agreement.
forms used to collect information in this
representation of the employee.
(1) Program Purpose. The Department (iv) Any employee of the Department
system, i.e. Standard Form (SF) 85, SF–85P,
SF–85PS, SF–86, SF–87, and Fingerprint
may disclose records from this system of in his or her individual capacity where
card FD–258. records to any source or potential source the Department has agreed to represent
from which information is requested in the employee.
Note 2: To the extent that the Department the course of an investigation (v) The United States where the
has records of a personnel investigative concerning the suitability or retention of Department determines that the
nature that come from OPM or its an employee or a contractor, or the litigation is likely to affect the
contractors, these records are covered by retention of a security clearance,
OPM/CENTRAL–9, Personnel Investigations
Department or any of its components.
Records, and are not covered by this system contract, grant, license, or other benefit, (b) Disclosure to the DOJ. If the
notice. to the extent necessary to identify the Department determines that disclosure
individual being investigated, inform of certain records to the DOJ or
AUTHORITY FOR MAINTENANCE OF THE SYSTEM: the source of the nature and purpose of attorneys engaged by DOJ is relevant
HSPD–12, Policy for a Common the investigation, and to identify the and necessary to litigation or ADR and
Identification Standard for Federal type of information requested. is compatible with the purpose for
Employees and Contractors (August 27, (2) Enforcement Disclosure. The which the records were collected, the
2004); Executive Orders 10450, 18 FR Department may disclose relevant Department may disclose those records
2489, 3 CFR 1949–1953 Comp., p. 936); records to a Federal, State, local, as a routine use to DOJ.
10577 (3 CFR 1954–1958 Comp., p. foreign, or tribal entity or other public (c) Adjudicative Disclosure. If the
218); and 12968 (Access to Classified authority responsible for the Department determines that disclosure
Information); 5 U.S.C. 3301 and 7301; investigation, prosecution, enforcement, of certain records to an adjudicative
Federal Property and Administrative or implementation of a statute, rule, body before which the Department is
Act of 1949, as amended through Public regulation, or order, when a record on authorized to appear or to an individual
Law 106–580; and 5 CFR parts 5, 731, its face or in combination with any or entity designated by the Department
other information indicates a violation or otherwise empowered to resolve or
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732, and 736.

or potential violation of law (whether mediate disputes is relevant and
PURPOSE(S): civil, criminal, or regulatory in nature) necessary to litigation or ADR and is
Records in this system are maintained if that information is relevant to any compatible with the purpose for which
to assist in making determinations enforcement, regulatory, investigative, the records were collected, the
concerning suitability for Federal or prosecutorial responsibility of the Department may disclose those records

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:26 Nov 26, 2007 Jkt 214001 PO 00000 Frm 00032 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\27NON1.SGM 27NON1
Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 227 / Tuesday, November 27, 2007 / Notices 66161

as a routine use to the adjudicative to obtain information relevant to the order to: (a) Assist with the protection
body, individual, or entity. Department’s conduct of a security or of the safety of Department employees
(d) Disclosure to Parties, Counsel, suitability investigation of an individual and customers, the security of the
Representative, or Witnesses. If the seeking employment, licensure, other Department’s workplace, or the
Department determines that disclosure benefits, or to perform contractual operation of the Department’s facilities
of certain records to a party, an services for, or to otherwise associate or information systems; or (b) assist
opposing counsel, representative, or with, the Department. with investigations or prosecutions with
witness is relevant and necessary to (b) For Decisions by Other Public respect to activities that affect such
litigation or ADR and is compatible with Agencies and Professional safety and security or activities that
the purpose for which the records were Organizations. The Department may disrupt the operation of the Department.
collected, the Department may disclose disclose information from this system of
Note 3: Disclosures within the Department
those records as a routine use to a party, records to a Federal, State, local, or of data pertaining to date and time of entry
counsel, representative, or witness. foreign agency, or other public authority and exit of a Department employee working
(5) Freedom of Information Act or professional organization, so that the in the District of Columbia may not be made
(FOIA) Advice Disclosure. The receiving entity may obtain information to supervisors, managers, or any other
Department may disclose information relevant to its conduct of a security or persons (other than the individual to whom
from this system of records to DOJ for suitability investigation of an individual the information applies) to verify employee
the purpose of obtaining advice seeking employment, licensure, other time and attendance records for personnel
regarding the releasability of records benefits, or to perform contractual actions because 5 U.S.C. 6106 prohibits
maintained in this system of records services for, or to otherwise associate Federal Executive agencies (other than the
under the FOIA and the Privacy Act of Bureau of Engraving and Printing) from using
with, the receiving entity.
a recording clock within the District of
1974. (10) Employee Grievance, Complaint,
Columbia, unless used as a part of a flexible
(6) Congressional Member Disclosure. or Conduct Disclosure. If a record is schedule or compressed work schedule
The Department may disclose relevant and necessary to a grievance, under 5 U.S.C. 6120, et seq.
information from this system of records complaint, or disciplinary proceeding
to a Member of Congress or to a regarding a present or former employee POLICIES AND PRACTICES OF STORING,
Congressional staff member in response of the Department, the Department may RETRIEVING, ACCESSING, RETAINING, AND
to an inquiry of the Congressional office disclose the record in the course of an DISPOSING OF RECORDS IN THE SYSTEM:
made at the written request of the investigation, fact-finding, or STORAGE:
constituent about whom the record is adjudication to another agency of the
maintained. Records are maintained on paper and
Federal government, or to any witness,
(7) Disclosure for Use by Other Law in electronic form. Paper records are
designated fact-finder, mediator, or
Enforcement Agencies. The Department stored in fire resistant locked file
other person designated to resolve
may disclose information from this cabinets in locked access-controlled
issues or decide the matter. The
system of records to any Federal, State, rooms. Within the locked access-
disclosure may only be made during the
local or foreign agency or other public course of the investigation or the controlled room, electronic files are
authority responsible for enforcing, proceeding. encrypted and stored in alarmed
investigating, or prosecuting violations (11) Disclosure in the Course of electronic retrieval file systems. The
of administrative, civil, or criminal law Responding to Breach of Data. The data servers, the laptops, and the desk
or regulation if that information is Department may disclose records to computers where the data resides are in
relevant to any enforcement, appropriate agencies, entities, and locked access-controlled rooms.
investigative, or prosecutorial persons when (a) it is suspected or PIV identification card data on
responsibility within the receiving confirmed that the security or cardholders entering the Department’s
entity’s jurisdiction. confidentiality of information in this facilities is stored in an encrypted
(8) Disclosure for Use for Intelligence system has been compromised; (b) the database.
Activities. The Department may disclose Department has determined that as a RETRIEVABILITY:
information from this system of records result of the suspected or confirmed Electronic and paper records are
to Federal, State, or local agencies, other compromise there is a risk of harm to retrieved by an unique identifying
appropriate entities or individuals, or, economic or property interests, identity number by the Department pursuant to
through established liaison channels, to theft or fraud, or harm to the security or the National Institute of Standards and
selected foreign governments, in order integrity of this system or other systems Technology (NIST), Federal Information
to enable an intelligence agency to carry or programs (whether maintained by the Processing Standard (FIPS) 201,
out its responsibilities as authorized by Department or by another agency or Personal Identity Verification for
law, including the National Security Act entity) that rely upon the compromised Federal Employees and Contractors; this
of 1947 as amended, the CIA Act of information; and (c) the disclosure is number is cross-referenced to the name
1949 as amended, Executive Order made to such agencies, entities, and of the individual.
12333 or any successor order, applicable persons who are reasonably necessary to
national security directives, or classified assist the Department in responding to SAFEGUARDS:
implementing procedures approved by the suspected or confirmed compromise All physical access to the
the Attorney General and promulgated and in helping the Department prevent, Department’s sites, and the sites of the
pursuant to such statutes, orders or minimize, or remedy such harm. Department’s contractors where this
directives. (12) Disclosure to Protect Safety and system of records is maintained, is
(9) Employment, Benefits, and Security of Department Employees, controlled and monitored by security
Contracting Disclosure. (a) For Decisions Customers, and Facilities. The personnel who check each individual
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by the Department. The Department Department may disclose to Federal, entering the building for his or her
may disclose information from this State, and local law enforcement employee or visitor badge.
system of records to a Federal, State, or agencies and private security In accordance with the Department’s
local agency or to another public contractors, as appropriate, information Administrative Communications System
authority or professional organization, that the Department deems necessary in (ACS) Directive OM: 5–101 entitled

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:26 Nov 26, 2007 Jkt 214001 PO 00000 Frm 00033 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\27NON1.SGM 27NON1
66162 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 227 / Tuesday, November 27, 2007 / Notices

‘‘Contractor Employee Personnel investigative activity and then destroyed entities, other departmental
Security Screenings,’’ all contract and by deletion or shredding. components, State, local, and foreign
Department personnel who have facility Personal access logs of individuals governments;
access and system access are required to entering controlled space are retained in
(b) Applications and other personnel
undergo a security clearance accordance with GRS 18, Item 17. In the
and security forms;
investigation. Individuals requiring Department’s secured facilities, records
access to Privacy Act data are required are destroyed five years after final entry (c) Personal investigation, written
to hold, at a minimum, a moderate-risk or five years after date of document, as inquiry, interview, and the electronic
security clearance level. These appropriate. For all other facilities, accessing of computer databases of
individuals are required to undergo records are destroyed two years after sources, such as the OPM system of
periodic screening at five-year intervals. final entry or two years after date of records known as Personnel
In addition to undergoing a security document, as appropriate. Records are Investigations Records (OPM/Central-9),
clearance investigation, contract and destroyed by deletion or shredding. employers, educational institutions,
Department personnel are required to PKI certificates and PIV cards issued references, neighbors, associates, police
complete security awareness training on under guidance of HSPD–12 and FIPS– departments, courts, credit bureaus,
an annual basis. This training is 201 will be retained in accordance with medical records, probation officials,
required to ensure that contract and the pending GRS disposition authority prison officials, DOJ, newspapers,
Department users are trained as issued by NARA, or in a NARA- magazines, periodicals, and other
appropriately in safeguarding Privacy approved, Departmental records publications; and
Act data in accordance with OMB retention schedule, as appropriate.
Circular No. A–130, Appendix III. (d) Confidential sources.
Computer databases are kept on SYSTEM MANAGER(S) AND ADDRESS:
encrypted servers on an isolated virtual
local area network (V–LAN) that is not Management, U.S. Department of The Secretary has exempted by
connected to any outside network Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW., regulation—in 34 CFR 5b.11(d)—this
including the Internet. Database Room 2W314, Washington, DC 20202– system of records only to the extent that
accessibility is restricted to hard wire 5345. the information is investigatory material
network connection from within the NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE: compiled solely for the purpose of
Office Management, Security Services, determining suitability, eligibility, or
If an individual wishes to determine
and direct Integrated Services Digital qualifications for Federal civilian
whether a record exists regarding him or
Network (ISDN) line to the Department employment, Federal contracts, or
her in this system of records, the
of Justice (DOJ), or via secure portal to access to classified information from the
individual must contact the system
the Office of Personnel Management following provisions of the Privacy Act
manager and provide his or her name,
(OPM). Authorized log-on codes and pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552a(k)(5):
date of birth, social security number,
passwords prevent unauthorized users
signature, and the address to which the (1) 5 U.S.C. 552a(c)(3), regarding
from gaining access to data and system
record information should be sent. This access to an accounting of disclosures of
resources. All users have unique log-on
information is required to ensure the records.
codes and passwords. The password
positive identification of the person’s
scheme requires that users must change (2) 5 U.S.C. 552a(d)(1) through (4) and
record in the system. Requests for
passwords every 60 days and may not (f), regarding notification of and access
notification about an individual must
repeat the old password. to records and correction or amendment
Any individual attempting to log on meet the requirements of the regulations
in 34 CFR 5b.5. of records.
who fails is locked out of the system
after three attempts. Access after that (3) 5 U.S.C. 552a(e)(4)(G) and (H)
time requires intervention by the system regarding inclusion of information in
If an individual wishes to gain access the system notice about procedures for
manager. to a record in this system, he or she notification, access, and correction of
RETENTION AND DISPOSAL: must contact the system manager and
Most background investigative provide information as described in the
notification procedure. As indicated in 34 CFR 5b.11(f),
records are maintained in accordance individuals will be provided access to
with General Records Schedule (GRS) CONTESTING RECORD PROCEDURE: information in this system, except
18, Item 22—destroy not later than five If an individual wishes to change the when, in accordance with the
years after separation or transfer of content of a record in the system of provisions of 5 U.S.C. 552a(k)(5):
employee or no later than five years records, he or she must contact the
after contract relationship expires, (1) The disclosure of such information
system manager with the information
whichever is later. Records are would reveal the identity of a source
described in the notification procedure,
destroyed by deletion or shredding. identify the specific item or items to be who furnished information to the
Reports of background investigations changed, and provide a written Government under an express promise
conducted by the Office of Inspector justification for the change, including that the identity of the source would be
General under delegated authority of the any supporting documentation. held in confidence; or
OPM are retained in accordance with Requests to amend a record must meet (2) The information was obtained
OPM retention standards for similar the requirements of the regulations in 34 prior to September 28, 1975 and the
records, pending National Archives and CFR 5b.7. disclosure of such information would
Records Administration (NARA)
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reveal the identity of the source under

approval. Records will be maintained RECORD SOURCE CATEGORIES:
an implied promise that the identity of
for 15 years after the last investigative Information contained in this system the source would be held in confidence.
activity, except investigations involving of records is obtained from—
potentially actionable issue(s) will be (a) Investigative and other record [FR Doc. E7–23059 Filed 11–26–07; 8:45 am]
maintained for 25 years after the last material furnished by other Federal BILLING CODE 4000–01–P

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:26 Nov 26, 2007 Jkt 214001 PO 00000 Frm 00034 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\27NON1.SGM 27NON1