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Superstudio: A Selective Bibliography

Compiled by Aileen Smith, June 2006

This bibliography consists of a selective list of books and articles relating to Superstudio. Those books held within the AA Library are indicated with a shelfmark.

Books (Alphabetically by title) Architecture experimentales 1950-2000: collection au FRAC Centre / coordination generale Marie-Ange Brayer Orleans: Hyx, 2003 ISBN 2910385302

Changing of the avant-garde: visionary architectural drawings from the Howard Gilman Collec tion / contributions from Terence Riley and others New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2002 ISBN 0870700049
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036:742 CHA

S-Space presents: vita, morte e miracoli dellarchitettura = life, death and miracles of architecture: catalog festival no.1 November 9-11 1971, Space Electronic, Firenze / co-production 9999-Superstudio; Firenze: Superstudio, 1971

Superstudio 1966-1982: storie, figure, architettura / a cura di Gianni Pettena Florence: Electa, 1982
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(45):92SUP SUP

Superstudio: life without objects / Peter Lang, William Menking 2003 ISBN 8884915694
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(45):92SUP LAN

Milan: Skira,

Superstudio: the Middelburg lectures / edited by Valentijn Byvanck Amsterdam: De Vleeshal & Zeeuws Museum, 2005 ISBN 9074038042
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(45):92SUP BYV

Superstudio 1966-1982: storie, figure, architetture

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(45):92SUP SUP

Florence: Electa, 1982

La Ville: art et architecture en Europe 1870-1993 / sous la direction de Jean Dethier et Alain Guiheux Paris: Editions du Centre Pompidou, 1994 ISBN 2858507430
AA SHELFMARK: 711.4.035/6(4) PAR

Journal Articles (Chronologically by year and month) 2004 Superstudio: life without objects / article by Anna Holtzman (exhibition, on the 1960s group of radical architects based in Florence, held at the the Pratt Institute and the Storefront for Art & Architecture, New York) in Architecture (New York) vol.93 no.1 January 2004 / p.77 Super comfort; Architects: Superstudio Architects / article by Christopher Moore (refurbishment of a Federation home in Sydneys inner south) in Houses no.39 2004 / p.62-68 Spatial synergy; Architects: Superstudio (a 1960s apartment on Sydneys northern beaches) in Houses no.32 2003 / p.98-104 2003 Radicals revisited / article by Kenneth Powell (review of Superstudio exhibition at the Design Museum, London) in Architects Journal vol.217 no.14 April 10, 2003 / p.42 Flooded with ideas / article by Pamela Buxton exhibition at the Design Museum, London) in Blueprint no.206 April 2003 / p.99 (review of Superstudio

Brave old world / article by Gerrard OCarroll and Mark Garcia (the work of Italian architects Superstudio on exhibition at the Design Museum) in Building Design no.1568 February 28, 2003 / p.18 2002 Utopian reflections, reflected utopia: urban designs by Archizoom and Superstudio / article by Marie Theres Stauffer in AA Files no.47 Summer 2002 / p.23-36

2001 Superstudio: Monument continu, 1969 / article by Dominique Rouillard (the projects Monument continu (Superstudio) and No Stop City (Archizoom, 19701971) represented a major turning point for the young architects of the Architectural Association in London) in Moniteur Architecture AMC no.115 April 2001 / p..80-87 (text in French) 1992 Radicale architectuur: architectuur en Utopie in het Superstudio / article by Juliette Bekkering in OASE (32) 1992 / p.50-71 (text in Dutch) 1988 Edificio bancario ad Alzate Brianza [Bank building at Alzate Brianza]; Architects: Adolfo Natalini, of Superstudio / article by Roberto Gamba in Abacus (Milan) vol.4 no.14 June/July 19888 / p.52-59 (text in Italian+summaries in English, French, Spanish) 1985 Bank, Alzate Brianza; Architects: Adolfo Natalini, of Superstudio in Baumeister vol.82 no.11 November 1985 / p.43-47 (text in German+English summary) Bank headquarters near Como; Architects: Adolfo Natalini, of Superstudio / article by Sergio Poretti in Industria delle Costruzioni vol.18 no.159 January 1985 / p.6-15 (text in Italian+English) 1984 Two variations on a theme; Architects: Adolfo Natalini, and others of Superstudio / article by Jacques Lucan in Architecture Mouvement Continuite no.3 March 1984 / p.28-41 (text in French) Suburban basilica, Alzate Brianza; Architects: Adolfo Natalini, of Superstudio / article by Fulvio Irace in Domus no.648 March 1984 / p.5-12 (text in Italian+English)

Rationalism and abstraction: two projects of Superstudio: Bank at Alzate Brianza, Como, Italy; and, Computer centre at Zola Predosa, Italy; Architects: Adolfo Natalini, of Superstudio in Techniques et Architecture no.352 February/ March 1984 / p.137-148 (text in French+English summary) Architecture of working areas: the Zola Predosa (Bologna) electronic computer centre; Architects: Roberto Magris, and Adolfo Natalini of Superstudio / article by Adolfo Natalini in Werk, Bauen und Wohnen vol.71/38 no.1/2 January/February 1984 / p.26-33 (text in German+English summary) 1983 Stone-clad building: premises of the Cassa Rurale e Artigiana in Alzate Brianza, Como; Story of a project; Architects: Adolfo Natalini of Superstudio / article by Adolfo Natalini and Vittorio Savi in Lotus International no.40 1983 / p.4-21 (text in Italian+English) 1982 Bank at Alzate Brianza; Architects: Adolfo Natalini, of Superstudio in Casabella vol.46 no.486 December 1982 / p.2-9 (text in Italian+English summary) Looking at history; Architects: Roberto Magris and Adolfo Natalini of Superstudio in Domus no.633 November 1982 / p.16-21 (text in Italian+English) A city model for a model city; Architects: Adolfo Natalini, of Superstudio / article by Adolfo Natalini in Daidalos no.4 June 15, 1982 / p.81-85 (text in German+English) Natalini Superstudio / article by Peter Cook in Architectural Review vol.171 no.1021 March 1982 / p.48-51 1980 Piero Frassinelli of Superstudio, Florence in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism (120) September 1980 / p.79-88 (text in Japanese)

1977 Characterisation of a restoration; Architect: Frassinelli in Ville Giardini no.117 November 1977 / p.20-24 (text in Italian) Architettura didattica; modular elements for a school in Florence (project in competition for school complex at Mantignano Ugnanom, in Florence; Architects: Superstudio in Domus no.585 August 1977 / p.36-37 (text in Italian) A triangular house, a farmhouse, a townhouse; Architect: Piero Frassinelli of Superstudio in Domus no.569 April 1977 / p.37-40 (text in Italian) 1974 All in plastic: a bank in plastic in Florence; Architects: Superstudio (Banca Toscana, Florence) in Domus no.540 (11) November 1974 / p.32-33 (text in Italian+English) The new architecture of Florence (includes Superstudio) in Architectural Record, 155 February 1974 / p.95-108 1973 Propositions pour lutilisation de quelques places perdues, ou le design fonctionnaliste cest la pollution de lenvironnement (avant-garde criticisms of town planning; contributions from Superstudio, Archizoom and others) in CREE (21) May-June 1973 / p.36-43 (text in French) Vita, educazione, cerimonia, amore, morte: cinque storie del Superstudio in Casabella, 37 May 1973 / p.30-35 (text in Italian) Life, education, ceremony, love, death: five tales / article by Superstudio in Casabella vol.37 no.374 (2) February 1973 / p.34-41 (text in Italian+English) Sottsass, Superstudio: Mindscapes / article by Mildred S Friedman and others (records an exhibition organized by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis) in Design Quarterly no.89 1973 / p.1-33

1972 Two banks: Branch of Banca Toscana in Florence; Branch of Banca Toscana in Donoratico; Architects: Superstudio; Superstudio: dal catalogo degli istogrammi la serie misura; in Domus no.517 (12) December 1972 / p.25, 26, 36-38 (text in Italian) Salvaging the historical centres of Italy / article by Superstudio in Argomenti e Immagini di Design no.5 May/June 1972 / p.4-13 (text in Italian) Superstudio presenta larchitettura interplanetaria in Casabella, 36 (364) April 1972 / p.46-48 (text in Italian) Il ruolo dellavanguardia / article by Andrea Branzi (Superstudio, Archizoom, Archigram) in Casabella, 36 (364) March 1972 / p.31-38 (text in Italian) 1971 Twelve cautionary tales for Christmas: premonitions of the mystical rebirth of urbanism (Superstudio evoke twelve visions of ideal cities) in Architectural Design, 42 December 1971 / p.737-742 The supersensualists / article by Charles Jencks (the work of the Italian architects Superstudio and Archizoom) in Architectural Design, 41 June 1971 / p.345-347 Superstudio in Perspecta no.13/14 1971 / p.303-315 1970 Discorsi per immagini (imaginary fantastic architecture designed by Superstudio and by Archizoom) in Domus (481) December 1970 / p.44-48 (text in Italian) Conceptual architecture: towards a definition / article by Peter Eisenman and others (includes Superstudio) in Design Quarterly no.78/79 1970 / p.1-66

1969 Projects and ideas of the group Superstudio of Florence in Domus (479) October 1969 / p.38-42 (text in Italian) Superstudio: Libreria Marzocco, Florence; Boutique Domitilla, Florence; Night Club Mach 2, Florence in Domus (473) April 1969 / p.25-30 (text in Italian) Website

Compiled by Aileen Smith, Deputy Librarian June 2006