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Barret Roebuck

My Passion is Making Things Better

Always Improving


Project Manager: Motawi Tileworks: Ann Arbor, MI: 2010-Present 30 Person art tile design and manufacturing firm, structured on the lean manufacturing methodologies developed at Toyota. Member of a 5 person senior leadership team. Served as a communication bridge between production and administrative staff. Created numerous new tile products through collaboration with our team and personally completing the drafting in Autocad, Artcam or Solidworks, CNC Machining, and project management through the production processes. Led Lean initiatives, including overhaul of Kanban system for inventory items, creation of a visual project tracking board, job instruction cards for manufacturing processes, and calculated production scheduling based on budgeted demand. Created visual financial and production information dashboard. Gathered data and analyzed cost to produce individual items. Worked with six sigma consultant to determine root causes of defects and improve overall quality. My team and I have built a culture around constantly improving the quality of our designs, our production space, processes, process controls, equipment, and reducing the many forms of waste.

Exhibit Technician: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan: Ann Arbor, MI: 2008-2010 Collaborated with a team to design and fabricate unique displays and object mounts, then safely install over 3000 museum objects for the opening of a new gallery. Working independently, set up exhibit shop, built and finished wood mounts, created enlarged drawings of tiny objects, worked with wood, acrylic, and brass. Managed student assistants and volunteers.

Owner + Designer: Roebuck Studio: Chelsea, MI: 2006-2009 Product design and fabrication studio offering unique, well crafted furniture and home accessories to retail stores nationwide. Structured on lean principles developed at Toyota, such as Just in Time Manufacturing and Work Cells. Focus on a modern, playful design aesthetic inspired by nature. I created all designs using the following workflow: Hand sketches, Finding precedents, Drafting in 3D in Autocad, Fabrication of prototype, Revisions to design, Create 3D assembly instructions, Manufacturing of the piece in the studio, Photography, and Marketing to the media and retailers.

Project Engineer: Special Projects: Raleigh, NC: 2004-2006 Architectural millwork firm focused on commercial and public projects. Collaborated with architectural, fabrication, and installation teams for several successful projects. Crafted detailed, accurate, and legible three dimensional shop drawings, bills of materials, and cutlists from architectural plans and field measurements. Participated in fabrication, finishing, and installation. Designed and produced all marketing materials.


I am an empathetic leader who easily builds rapport and respect through hard work,

shared personal interests, and compassion.

I create support and consensus amoungst the

team by recognizing the often unseen unique skills and motivations of individuals, then positioning and encouraging them to achieve

their goals and those of the customers and company.

I utilize the following design process to approach any situation:

1. Goal Statement

2. Analysis of current conditions

3. Research existing solutions

4. Discuss the situation with team members

5. Conceptualize possible solutions

6. Discuss solutions with team, build support

7. Product Development

8. Testing

9. Implementation

10. Evaluation


Communication and collaboration Team building and motivation Strong work ethic Passion for making things better Desire to learn new skills, curiosity Continuous improvement Cost analysis and pricing Product development 5S and 5Why, Fishbone analysis, Etc.


Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, Purdue University: 2003


Dave Weber, Production Manager:

Motawi Tileworks: 734.474.4157

Colleen Crawley, Senior Designer:

Motawi Tileworks: 734.646.2224

Scott Meier, Museum Exhibit Coordinator:

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology: 734.647.0447


521 West Middle Street, Chelsea, MI 48118