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Multicultural Markets and Engagement 2013 Summer Scholars Application

The Summer Scholars Program is designed to provide minority undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to enhance their academic experiences with real life work experience. This ten week program commences in June at AARP Headquarters in Washington, DC, and places students in departments throughout the AARP organization, including: finance, marketing, communication, event planning, research and membership. Participating students work closely with an AARP executive/mentor who will share their professional knowledge and expertise in the field. Students work on ongoing and special projects designed to improve thier business skills and increase their knowledge of AARP. Students selected for the program will receive a stipend and have the opportunity to meet and network with one another during weekly intern events. Who should apply? Minority applicants (Hispanic, African American, Native American, Asian American/Pacific Islander) who are currently enrolled in a University or College (Undergraduate or Graduate), with a 3.00 grade point average or higher. Undergraduate applicants must have completed at least 20 hours of academic credits. Applicants must also have familiarity with Microsoft Office software (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint). Applicants must be US Citizens or permanent residents.

How to apply: Contact W. Watson-Florence at email: for application documents. When is the deadline? The application packet must be received by March 31, 2013. How much is the stipend? Interns receive a stipend of $18.00 an hour. Interns will not be eligible for employee benefits. Program dates: June 3, 2013 August 9, 2013 If selected students must commit to working 30 hours per week for the 10 week duration What are the basic skill sets required? Applicants must be proficient with Microsoft Office software (Word, Assess, Excel, Power Point); have experience with web research and have good oral communication and writing skills. Housing and Transportation: Interns are responsible for arranging their transportation to the Washington, DC area, as well as locating and funding their own housing. While the department of Multicultural Markets and Engagement does not officially endorse any particular housing company, as a courtesy we will provide information on area dormitories used by previous scholars.

Multicultural Markets & Engagement Summer Scholars Program

Multicultural Markets and Engagement 2013 Summer Scholars Application Application Check List: Application Packet Please note that you are required to submit a complete application packet. In one large envelope please place the following: A completed application Your Personal Statement Essay Resume An official copy of your most recent transcript in the university sealed envelope (the transcript that is inclusive of your current status). Two Personal Recommendation Forms/Letters You may include two forms and letters of recommendation; one from a professor or advisor and one personal recommendation in your application packet. The materials must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the signature of your recommendation writer on the back of the envelope. Or- The recommendation writer may mail the completed form and letter to: W. Watson-Florence, AARP, Multicultural Markets and Engagement, 601 E Street NW Washington, DC 20049. Application Form Complete the application form. Make certain you fully answer all required questions. Personal Statement Essay All applicants are required to submit a personal statement essay. We want to get to know more about you than just your grade point average. Your personal statement is your chance to tell us who you are and what is important to you. Think of it as your opportunity to introduce yourself to those who will read your application. In your essay, please address the following questions: What unique personal and/or academic qualities will you bring as a participant to the Summer Scholars Program? Why are you interested in participating in the Summer Scholars Program? What do you hope to gain from the experience? What are your long-term goals and how have your past experiences influenced your goals and ambitions? Official Transcript An official transcript must be included in the application packet. The transcript must be current (including your current academic standing, all coursework and grade point average). Only official transcripts, submitted with the registrars seal, will be accepted. Submitting your application packet The application deadline is March 31, 2013. Incomplete application packets will not be reviewed. No application materials will be returned. Notification: All applicants will be notified by April 25, 2013. Notification for the program and all future correspondence will be conducted through email. Please be sure to provide a valid email address. Notification will not be made by telephone. The decisions are final. Application Deadline: March31, 2013. Stipend Students who are selected will receive a stipend of $18.00 an hour. Program Location: The 2013 Multicultural Markets and Engagement Summer Scholars Program is located at AARP Headquarters in Washington, DC. Application Assistance If you need assistance with the application, please contact Winifred Watson-Florence at 202-434-3655 or

Multicultural Markets & Engagement Summer Scholars Program

Multicultural Markets and Engagement Summer Scholars Application INSTRUCTIONS: Complete this application form. Make sure you fully answer all required questions. In order to be considered for
this program you must submit an application packet that includes the following: Completed application form Current official academic transcript Resume Personal Essay Statement Two letters of recommendation (option if enclosed in a sealed envelop Please note that some intern positions require additional application items, such as a writing sample. You will be notified if additional information is necessary. Incomplete application packets will not be reviewed.
Enter name exactly as it appears on official documents

Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Preferred name, if not first name:____________________________________________________


Number and Street

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City State Zip Code

___________________________ Home Telephone Number Your Gender: ____Male ______Female

_____________________________ Cell Phone Number Date Of Birth____________________

____________________________________ Email

Please Check the Box That Best Describes Your Ethnic Background __ African American __ Asian American/Pacific Islander __ Latino/Hispanic Other: Please Specify______________

Currently Attending: (College/University)_____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
City State


Number of Credit Hours Completed: _________________________Current GPA:__________ Class Rank_______________________

Degrees Awarded:____________________________________ YOUR ACTIVITIES & WORK EXPERIENCE:

Please list your principal extracurricular, volunteer, school and work activities in their order of importance to you Provide details of your activities, including: when you participated in the activity and the approximate time spent. Activity 1. 2. 3. 4. Hours Per Week

Multicultural Markets & Engagement Summer Scholars Program

Most Recent Employer: ___________________________________Telephone Number_______________

Position Title: _______________________________________start date_________ end date:______

Description of duties: _____________________________________________________________________

Research Experience: Have you conducted any independent research projects? ___No __Yes If yes, please specify_________

Have you participated in a university research project?

___No __ Yes If yes, please specify_________

Have you conducted financial analysis or macroeconomic research? ___No ___Yes If yes, please specify_

Computer Operation Skills: Check off List.please place a check beside the skills you have mastered

___Proficiency with Word Processing/Desktop Publishing ___Proficiency using Microsoft Outlook ___Proficiency using multiple online research tools to gather information/data ___Compare sources for different viewpoints and bias from Internet resources ___Insert database fields into word processing document ___Interpret and communicate information on existing spreadsheet ___Understand and create the three basic cells (label, value and formulas/spreadsheets) ___Create/copy formulas and functions to perform calculations(spreadsheets)

Language Proficiency Do you speak or read any language other than English: Please specify:

___Yes ___No

Multicultural Markets & Engagement Summer Scholars Program

Getting to know you Please complete the following: My Greatest Strengths are:

My Greatest weaknesses are:

Please describe yourself in three statements.

What do you hope to gain from participating in the Summer Scholars program?

Submit to:

Winifred Watson-Florence
AARP Multicultural Markets and Engagement 601E Street Washington, DC 20049

Multicultural Markets & Engagement Summer Scholars Program

Recommendation Form

Multicultural Markets and Engagement 2013 Summer Scholars Program

Please type or print legibly in black ink

Complete the section below and provide your recommendation writer with a stamped envelope addressed to: W. Watson-Florence AARP Multicultural Markets and Engagement 601 E Street NW Washington, Dc 20049

Applicants name

____________________________________________________________________________________ LAST FIRST MIDDLE

Applicants Address ____________________________________________________________________________________


CITY Applying for: Summer 2013




This form should be returned in the envelope provided by the applicant; please seal it and sign across the seal. Please post to the address noted above. The information you are providing concerning the above named applicant is considered an important part of the application process. Specific statements and your candid assessment of the applicant will be very helpful. We acknowledge the time and care necessary to prepare this evaluation and thank you for your assistance. If you do not want to mail this form directly to the address above you may email it to This form must be received by March 31, 2013 Name of individual completing this form: ____________________________________________________________________________ Circle one Professor Academic Advisor College administrator Other

Please compare the applicant with others you have known during your professional career. For each of the categories below, check the appropriate box.

EXCELLENT Writing skills Oral communication Analytical ability Quantitative ability Research ability Intellectual ability Motivation Maturity Work habits Creativity Interpersonal skills Ethical Results orientation Self-starter





Multicultural Markets & Engagement Summer Scholars Program

Recommendation Form Continued 1. How long have you know the applicant and under what circumstances?


What do you consider the applicants most outstanding talents or characteristics?


In what areas does the applicant need improvement?


How well do you feel the applicant handles disappointment or differences of opinion?

Comments: Please use this space to provide any additional information that should be consider when evaluating this students application to MME Summer Scholars Program. Please include comments regarding his/her ability to meet personal responsibilities, deadlines and personal initiative.

Name: Institution: Signature: Email Address: Date: Title: Telephone:

Multicultural Markets & Engagement Summer Scholars Program