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StAR - Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative - Corruption Cases - Mansur ul-Haq

10/18/12 1:58 AM

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Mansur ul-Haq
Case Control Number: Description : 146

According to a case study posted on the website of Pakistan's National Accountability Bureau, in 1994 Mansur ul- Haq, as chairman of the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC), manipulated approval for purchase of three ships for the Corporation, causing a loss of 19 million U.S. dollars to the state exchequer. Subsequently, on his appointment as Chief of Naval Staff (ex-officio maritime adviser to Prime Minister) he continued supervision of the purchase process of the said ships. The investigation process of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) established misuse of authority and personal influence in undertaking dubious purchase of three cargo ships made at prices much higher than the market prices of the said ships of same specifications: a. Apolonia (Renamed Sawat); b. Ora Bhum (Renamed Shalamar); c. Independent Voyager (Renamed Lalazar). Najma Mansur, wife of the former naval chief, filed an application in the Accountability Court No 1, Rawalpindi, under section 25 of the NAB Ordinance, seeking a plea bargain. Under section 25 of the NAB Ordinance, an accused, before or after commencement of trial, can return assets acquired by him through corruption or corrupt practices. It is alleged by the NAB that the former admiral had, in collusion with others, received U.S. $3.36 million as kickback and commission in a defense deal. Evidence collected by the NAB showed that the amount was put in an offshore company, M/s Titan Europe, Gibraltar. Subsequently, another company, M/s Foraker, was established and the share of Mr. Haq in the kickbacks and commission was transferred from the account of M/s Titian Europe to that in M/s Foraker. The money was transferred to another offshore company, M/s Moylegrove, which was owned by Mr. Haq.

Type of Illicit activity involving Public Official :

Bribery (kick-backs)

Impediments to investigation:

Chains of corporate vehicles

Most recent legal action against Public Official?: Other legal action/ other prosecutions:


Region: Country of Public Official: Sources:

SAR Pakistan Case study #16, "Mansoor ul-Haq" by the National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan, accessed at Order, In
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StAR - Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative - Corruption Cases - Mansur ul-Haq

10/18/12 1:58 AM

re: Letter of Request from the Government of Pakistan for Assistance in the Investigation of Adm. (R) Mansur ul Haq, Case no. 1:01-cv-00164-SS (W.D. Tex., Mar. 9, 2001) "Former head of Pakistan navy disciplined." BBC News, Jan. 31, 2002, accessed at "Anti-corruption bureau claims double investigations victories." The Independent, Apr. 12, 2001, accessed at Position of Public Official during scheme: Is there a pending case or appeals?: UNCAC Articles(s) Implicated: Chief of the Naval Staff No Art. 16 Art. 23 Yes 1994

Money laundering Implicated?:

Year scheme began:

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