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Technological Holocaust

Technological Holocaust
Bringing awareness to a crisis that can not continue to go unnoticed without lethal consequences for all of humanity.
What's happening is so outrageously inhumane That the natural response is to slip into shocked Denial, overwhelm, or complete disbelief, but There is not time for this type of response.

Due to secret remote mind control technologies and microwave weapons being used on unsuspecting, non-consenting individuals, families and communities most of humanity is in dire need of help and protection.
Although remote mind control sounds like science fiction, I beg you to take this seriously, because ongoing successful use of such technologies are a devastating reality for growing numbers of individuals, families and communities. This is serious stuff! This criminal covert aim to control human beings is done through computers, which utilize technologies like HAARP, satellites, cell towers, glen towers and other sorts of radio wave transmitters that can operate at the same frequency as the human brain. It is my understanding that remote mind control is done through remotely directing beams of condensed radio waves into specific parts of a persons brain. Depending upon which part of the brain is invaded and which frequency is used, this can either put us into a hypnotic state for the delivery of whatever messages the intruder wants to project, or it can disrupt our natural rhythms and instigate a wide range of emotional responses, including a general numb feeling. This can also be done to whole communities in a more general brainwashing, through flooding an area with encoded radio waves. Reports say that those who take mind altering drugs, such as antidepressants, are more susceptible to remote mind control. Is it a coincidence that 2008 news reports showed antidepressants, being found in around TWO DOZEN public water supplies in the USA? I think not. It appears that there has already been a mass brainwashing against the belief that remote mind control is even possible, because most people seem unable to even think of the possibility of this devastating reality. The unusual part is that people seem to not even want to TRY to investigate this. This exaggerated reluctance to even looking at what is happening, on its own, can be proof of mass mind control, because there is scientific proof of such technologies and just a little bit of research and common sense can KNOW that they were created to be used. But will the proof continue to be covered up as thoroughly as the graves of growing numbers of scientists, researchers, reporters, authors, human rights activists...etc., who have realized and tried to publicize, this devastating reality? Possibly. Please let your immagination take a glimpse at the magnitude of atrocities, which are being perform with secret remote technologies, that are also capable of creating a heart attack or stroke as well as stimulating any other nerve or organ in our bodies. . .including the ability to instantly render a person unconscious. (Keep in mind that, through satellites, these criminals can reach anywhere in the world and see through walls and into a person's body in similar ways to that of cat scans.) Can you imagine what kinds of abuses will continue and increase if the general public remains unaware of being held under satellite surveillance by criminals who use technologies that we do not even know exist? With criminals aiming to create confusion, suffering and chaos, the destruction can soon become as debilitating for all of humanity as it already is for the individuals and families who've been being experimented on through the past few decades. And we wonder why the sudden shootings in schools...etc., are happening? Could some of these events be instigated by remote mind control? A question we should SERIOUSLY ask and investigate. This is an indescribably dangerous situation! There has been much debate over who holds the top controls of this operation. The perpetrators seem to be masters at deceptive set ups for blame to be placed on innocent people or nations. We must be VERY careful to not continue falling into their traps. Theyd like us to blame only our own governments or only the USA. Though PARTS of our governments seem involved, it appears to also extend beyond them and into the UN - into what some view as the global "elite. . .into Hitlers un-prosecuted scientists, into secret societies - satanic occults...etc. (What Ive read tells me that Russia was more advanced than the USA when these technologies began being used to target common citizens.) Please do not disbelieve this without investigating it, for your own sake as well as all of humanitys. When the decent parts of our governments step in to bring an end to this holocaust, and the media is allowed to share accurate reports, we may begin to see exactly who is leading it. I hope that time comes VERY soon.

Technological Holocaust

Some Symptoms of Remote Technological Targeting

I believe that the general numbness, growing lack of care and growing levels of discord in the world are mostly due to the effects of wide spread remote mind control. Sudden rises in crimes are being blamed on economic difficulties. But the Truth is that, by nature, human beings pull together during tough times - letting our Hearts help each other through. What is now happening is not natural, not normal, not meant to be. . .and is a criminal assault on an unsuspecting and defenseless populous. Many mind control victims will only experience a faint high pitched ringing in their ears, which they may not even notice. Remote mind control is mostly unnoticed by victims. But others may experience any number of the following symptoms and many that are not listed here. Symptoms may happen suddenly and then disappear as quickly. They may come and go or slowly increase and continue almost constantly. There are many variables. High pitched ringing in ears (from faint to moderate) ~ Light headedness or dizziness ~ Sinus problems and swollen gums ~ General pain (possibly misdiagnosed as fibromialgia) ~ Flashes of heat in head or body ~ Digestive problems ~ Interrupted thoughts ~ Faint sharp pains shooting into head ~ Unusual headaches ~ Mental and Physical Fatigue ~ Forgetfulness ~ Diminished or increased hearing ~ Diminished or increased eye sight ~ Unusual decrease or increase in memory ~ Unusual thoughts ~ Unusual mental blocks ~ Unusual swings in emotions ~ Numbness in face or right arm ~ Burning sensation or metallic taste in mouth ~ Slow or suddenly altered belief systems ~ Unusual spiritual experiences ~ Slow or sudden change in personal preferences ~ Slow or sudden change in personality ~ Slow or sudden drop in morals ~ Slow or sudden change in values ~ Unusual depression ~ Unusual anxiety ~ Unusual anger ~ Unusual dreams ~ Body bloating ~ Ridges on finger nails ~ Hair Loss ~ Dehydration ~ Sudden injuries that seem to happen almost on their own ~ Episodes of gibberish talk ~ Unusual accumulations of cellulite ~ Joint problems ~ Heat flashes in head ~ Sudden medically unexplainable neurological problems ~ Tumorous cancers ~ Skin rashes ~ Organ failures ~ Heart palpatations ~ Periods of dizziness ~ Nasea ~ Frequent urination ~ Sudden onset of allergies ~ Uneplainable weight gain or loss ~ Cateracts ~ Malfunstioning of technology around you ~ Lupus ~ Leukemia ~ Aneurysms ~ Strokes ~ A targeted pregnant woman can have a child with a heart defectetc. Primary Targeted Individuals usually experience more than this due to also being tortured with remotely directed laser and microwave weapons. Our own hearts and natural instincts can override some of the remote mind control manipulations. BUT if we are not AWARE of what is happening we can easily confuse exterior manipulations with our own thoughts, feelings and instincts. Through awareness and a strong will we can bypass manipulations that are alien to our own nature. But when issues or feelings, that already have roots inside us, are fueled by exterior intrusions, it is more difficult to resist. . .and the resulting turmoil and confusion can be devastating to unaware victims and those who are close to them. Mild forms of remote mind control are like hypnotic suggestions. Severe levels can cause brain damage, raging outbursts, mass murders, sex crimes...etc., which would not take place without exterior manipulations. Can you imagine? Can you look around you and out into the rest of the world and honestly say that you do not notice something unusual and unnatural happening to humanity through the past couple decades? Do you notice the growing numbness, craziness, lack of Heart and darkness? It will continue until we do more to stop this Technological Holocaust. Please do what you can to help stop technological targeting

The Depopulation Operation Also Needs Our Attention

It is my understanding that Agenda 21 - a United Nations Document, suggests a 90% reduction in the Earths population by 2025. Do you realize what this means? And has this already been being implemented through the past few decades? I believe so. Would you believe that, aside from toxins being put in our vaccines, food and public drinking water, secret military microwave weapons are being aimed at countless thousands of unsuspecting targeted individuals, in order to cause illnesses like Lupus as well as leukemia and other terminal cancers. . .as part of a lethal depopulation operation through the past few decades? Listen very closely to the Heart of your Instincts on this one, because concrete proof may never fully arises. There is, however, scientific proof of lethal microwave technological capabilities and their criminal use. Would you believe that mass murders are also taking place through technological weather modification, which can strike selected parts of humanity with devastating storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, droughtsetc. Yes. It is True - Technologies like HAARP are successfully performing weather modifications. A growing number of scientists feel that this explains what is being masked as "Global Warming as well as the sudden changes in weather patterns and rise in unusual storms. The book, Weather Warfare: The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature by Jerry E. Smith has good references to documented scientific proof of this. You can also do a Yahoo search for HAARP WEAPON or Weather Modification Technologies or HAARP Mind Control or whatever other term you may think appropriate. But beware of intentionally misleading posts on the web. There still appears to be a HUGE effort to cover up these crimes and the capabilities of technologies used to perform them. (Many are saying that they are on the horizon when they have REALLY been being used for decades now. There also appears to be a long chain of slanderous discrediting and inconspicuous murdering of researchers, authors, scientists, reporters, humanitarians...etc., whove uncovered this secret operation and tried to inform the public. So, for the most part, you will need to rely on the heart of your own instincts. Please listen carefully.

Technological Holocaust

Who Are Targeted Individuals

At this point, it appears that most of humanity is already being targeted, one way or the other, due to the implementation of the UNs Agenda 21 and the depopulation program. I dont know how many individuals are remotely targeted, with microwave weapons, to be slowly and inconspicuously murdered in ways that appear like natural deaths, but it has to be at least hundreds of thousands, world wide. If it is true that Aids, as well as Lupus and other diseases, which suddenly appeared in the past few decades, are intentionally inflicted into Targeted Individuals. . .and if some cases of Leukemia, tumorous cancers, flu, lung and heart inflictions are also intentionally inflicted upon Targeted Individuals. . .you can do the math yourself. Just remember that the public statistics for rapidly rising cases of cancer, Lupus...etc., is probably not accurate. Just look around and you, with your heart. . .and will see. Targeted Individuals are often used for remote technological experimentation and will suddenly acquire strange medically unexplainable inflictions. The list of possibilities is almost endless. But one thing remains the same - most victims have a feeling that something is wrong, that their illnesses are not natural. Many have a gut feeling about this but just do not know how to label it due to a lack of awareness that such lethal technologies even exist and are allowed to be used on us. At this point in time it appears that most of humanity is being targeted with toxic substances being placed in our water, food, air...etc., aside from the technological targeting. Although it seems like the USA is being hit hardest, this is a global crisis that can not continue to be ignored without lethal consequences for all of humanity. Seriously.

The Plight of "Primary Targeted Individuals"

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies. We are the tortured ones put on a list to die. We are rising wounded begging for your aide - becoming specks of dust in an evil charade. Primary Targeted Individuals are those of us who are put on a hit list, which aims to literally destroy our lives. Victims of this program can be either randomly picked for technological experimentation, witnesses to the technologies that are being used to harm humanity, individuals whom members of the Patriot Act surveillance teams happen to dislike or find attractive. . .and sometimes even those who are chosen to become a member of the criminal operation that attempts to desensitize us and force us into joining their rapidly growing teams. It appears that once a person is put on the Hit List we are held under constant satellite surveillance while being literally tortured, both psychologically and physically, through remote weapon attacks and local organized stalking and harassment groups. . .all of which is orchestrated to make us look "crazy" or "paranoid" if we dare to speak out about what is happening to us. Thus far those of us who have figured out what is happening, are hit with unbearable levels of torture. We are being discredited and or destroyed, in criminal efforts to prevent this information from being heard or believed by the general public. Countless numbers of lives are being destroyed through what is being wrongly perceived as natural deaths, suicides, false paranoid schizophrenia assumptions, or framings for imprisonment. Even our own families are being manipulated against us. This is Hitler style sadism at its worst and those who are unaware are believing the lethal deceptions. Please become aware. We don't want to be destroyed or declared insane for their hateful gain. We need you to soothe our wounds instead of inflicting more pain. We don't want you to watch from a silent distance while we die. We need you here beside us as we pray to God and cry.

The Secret Criminal Part of Our Own Communities

Though most people have never heard of organized stalking and harassment (also called gang stalking or cause stalking) the extremely sad truth is that most of our communities already have a secret organized stalking group in place, which is connected to the others, so that a Primary Targeted Individual can be harassed literally everywhere he or she goes. Primary Targeted Individuals are being listed, in these secret societies, as some sort of criminal or violent person or suspected terroristetc., and this is blindly believed by its members. The overall operation seems to be run military style with the lower levels being unaware of the master plan. . .and in the case of these stalking groups, unaware of being used as pawns in a lethal game that will eventually harm them as much as those whom they target. Around the clock surveillance, stalking and harassment is an extremely devastating part of the covert targeting of Primary Targeted Individuals. The stalkers work in groups of often a dozen or more, against one victim. They secretly stalk and harass their victims in such deceitful ways that it makes them appear to be "just paranoid." The cruelty is shocking! The result is usually lethal. Some of these stalking groups were originally set up to protect communities from criminals, but are now also being used for the criminal targeting of witnesses of technological crimes against humanity. Id like to believe that most stalking group members are not aware of the truths and are not aware of the mind control technologies that can be used against them as well as the victim, but I have seen so many of them enjoy inflicting pain that good intentions do not appear to be a part of it. Many stalking group members are law enforcement personnel who believe lies that are fed down through a corrupt system. Some appear to be respected community members. Some are foolish kids who are manipulated into stalking, as if it were a game. Some are criminals who are paid to perform crimes against the targets. Some are Doctors and Dentists who plant microchips in unsuspecting victims. Many are veterans who are still caught up in a war. . .their plight being taken advantage of by criminals. Many proudly display USA flags and support our Troops bumper stickers, while destroying our freedom and liberty. (I have found these depths of hypocrisy shocking!) Many seem to be unaware victims of remote technological mind control. Many are obvious sadists. All of them are accomplices to the countless numbers of psychological and physical murders, which are now taking place throughout the USA and the rest of humanity. PLEASE Help Stop Gang Stalking. (Those who follow others sacrifice themselves In shadows that dont

belong to them)

Technological Holocaust

You dont have to just take my word for any of this, because there is scientific proof. All you need do is open your mind and Heart enough to consider this horrible reality, and then find the courage to do your own research and help find methods of protection.

How to Protect Ourselves?

A little Beacon Shines Into the Break of day To chase out the dark And Light A Healing Way
It is difficult to face these facts and realize that such sinister forces already have control of our world. However, we must not only face this, but also quickly rise up and do all that we can to protect ourselves and prevent continued harm to the rest of humanity. Until these crimes are more fully realized and then stopped, by either a united public or agencies that are supposed to be protecting us. . .the only protection we have is to help bring these crimes into public and government awareness and either purchase or invent technologies that can protect us. There are technologies that can detect microchips. There are technologies, which can detect and block the radio waves and microwave energies that we are being harmed with. However, as far as I know, they can only be legally purchased by high ranking Law Enforcement, Military and Government officials in some countries. In my heart I feel that we have the right to purchase or create technologies for the purpose of our own personal protection. . .and that this is what we should IMMEDIATELY start doing for ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors. If modes of protection continue to be denied to us. . .it tells us something about how wide spread this crime is and who is involved. Much can be learned through simple observation. Remember this.

What kind of world can my weary eyes see - what kind of world need grow to be? A world where kindness picks up paces to lift broken people from wounded places. A world where the void of greed and hate is filled with Love by the hands of fate, A world where all is in a state of repair and none are left in deep despair.
Authors Jim Keith, Jerry E. Smith and Tim Rifat offer numerous references to documented proof of mind control and weather modification technologies. Look up "Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon. . ." by Jerry E. Smith, And remember that HAARP is only one of many similar technologies. (It seems that Russia may be secretly more advanced than the USA with these technologies.) Also look up "Mind Control, World Control" and "Secret and Suppressed" by Jim Keith. (I believe that these two authors were inconspicuously murdered when they began figuring out that remote mind control technologies have already been being used on an unsuspecting populous through many decades now.) You can also do web searches and see what you find. A few search terms could be, Weather Modification Technologies, HAARP Weapon, Remote Mind Control, Mind Control Technologies, and Agenda 21. Just keep in mind that many accurate sites have been taken down. And there are sites set up to intentionally misinform and confuse the public. So, let the heart of your own instincts do the searching. Aside from Jerrys and Jims books you can start with looking up the following sites.

Find this info and much more on: or

The Russian Woodpecker: experiments in global mind control: Microwave Mind Control by Tim Rifat: The Secret Uses Of Microwave Mind Control... By Tim Rifat: Mind Control by Anna Keeler: The Depopulation Bomb by Jim Keith: PREDATORY GANGSTALKING: Books by Jim Kieth: Weather Warfare by Jerry E. Smith: Conspirators Hierarchy... by Dr. John Coleman:

No matter how difficult life is today no matter how much is torn away The sun will rise on all of humanity as we embrace our hearts and set love free
This paper may be copied and freely distributed as long as it is not changed. Please do so.