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J: Hi Claudia. How are you? C: Hi Jose. So-so. J: Whats wrong? C: Im hungry a lot. J: Me too. Do you like Mexican food? C: Yes, I do. I like chicken tacos. J: Do you eat desserts often? C: Yes, I always eat desserts. And you? What do you have for lunch? J: I usually have a spaghetti with tomato sauce. ------------------------------------------------------------------------J: Hello? P: Hi Jose, Its Piero. What are you doing? J: Im at the bus stop with Claudia. Were going to a restaurant. P: Oh! Ok, Im with Ernesto here. Can I go with you? J: Sure. P: I see you at the Rustica restaurant. J: Ok Bye. ----------------------------------------------------------------------P: Hi Guys C: Hi Piero J: Hi Piero. How are you?

P: Im fine, thanks. C: How are you doing in the university? P: So-so. C: Why? P: Im bad at science. C: Oh, I see. Do you like junk food? P: No, I dont. I like to eat healthy food. C: Why? P: Im on a diet and Im trying to lose 5 kilos. C: Its Ok, No problem. E: Good Afternoon. What can I get you? C: Id like chicken tacos. E: Anything to drink? C: Ill have a coke, please. E: Anything else? C: Yes, Ill have apple pie. E: And you Sir. What can I get you? J: Id like spaghetti with tomato sauce. E: Anything to drink? J: Ill have a beer, please. E: Anything else? J: Yes, Ill have cookies. E: And you Sir? What can I get you? P: Id like a soup and salad. E: Anything to drink?

P: Yes, Ill have a bottled water, please. E: For here or to go? P: To go. C: Why do you have to go? P: Because, I have to study for a test. C: When is your test? P: Its Tomorrow. I have to go, see you later. C: Its ok, Bye. J: Bye. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------J: Which Classes are you taking this term? C: Im taking Biology, business, and a French class. J: Why are you studying French? C: Well, I will travel to France. J: Oh, I see C: And you? Which classes are you taking this term? J: Im taking math, science, and History classes . Im doing a great in my science class but Im not doing well in my History class. C: Oh, I see. Well, I go to the University. J: Its ok. See you tomorrow. C: Sure, bye. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------E: Hi Piero. Study together for a test? P: Sure. E: Does the teacher take hard test?

P: Yes, he does. E: Oh, I see. P: I do not feel good. E: Why? Whats wrong? P: I feel very tired. E: Do you eat breakfast every day? P: No, I dont. E: I see. Do you smoke every day? P: Yes, I do. E: Do you exercise every day? P: No, I dont. E: Do you drink three to four glasses of water every day? P: Yes, I do. E: mmmm Do you take vitamins? P: No, I dont. E: Well, maybe you just need to take vitamins. P: Oh, I see. Its ok. E: Sure. Ok, lets star to study!