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Additional Resources:
The Art and Science of Competency Models: Pinpointing Critical Success Factors in Organizations by Richard Lepsinger, Anntoinette D. Lucia Building Robust Competencies: Linking Human Resource Systems to Organizational Strategies by Paul C. Green

Human Resources Champion by David Ulrich A Project Report On Competency Mapping and Knowledge Management in Krishak Bharati CoOperative Ltd. HAZIRA Jignesh Panchal From Dahod

Competency Mapping AS HR INTERVENATION in Power Distribution Business By Indranil Banerjee Manager (P&A) IR Cell A Project Report on Competency Mapping at (Size: 364.2 KB / Downloads: 78) Reference: Recommended Further Readings Paul Green, Building Robust Competency, John Wiley and Sons David Dubois, Competency-based HR Management , Black Publishing Source: Sheetal Shrivastava Competence Management Offshore Competence Management developed by industry experts YOU MAY CHECK THE FOLLOWING LINKS FOR MORE INPUTS : DO TRY TO GET SOEM CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS FORM THE LOCAL MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATIONS OF YOUR CITY .. Prof R S S Mani HRM Educator & Career Mentor