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Aleksey Desyatkov

Toronto, ON, h (416) 848-0721, c (734) 730-2645,

Extensive experience in design and implementation of multi-terabyte Data Warehousing and OLTP systems. Fifteen years of experience in IT industry with focus on enhancing end user value. Vast experience in collaborating with business community to provide delivery of actionable data. Architected and delivered Very Large Database (VLDB) systems from the ground up. Supervised implementation and support of large Retail, Financial and CRM databases including the Retek Data Warehouse and Enterprise Data Warehouse. Proven skills in architecture, data modeling, design, and development of corporate BI reports.

Technical skills

Databases and tools: Oracle 10g RAC, 9i RAC, 8i, 8, DB2 UDB 8.2, SQL Server 2000, Erwin, Control M. Project management: experienced in leading small to medium sized projects with up to 7 people working on it. Data Warehousing: Dimensional data modeling using Ralph Kimball methodology, MicroStrategy specific Data Modeling optimizations, Materialized Views, Partitioning, Advanced SQL Tuning, External Tables, Dimensions, Parallel Execution, Table and Index Compression, and Change Data Capture. ETL tools: Oracle Warehouse Builder 9i and10g, Informatica PowerCenter 7, RETL (Retek ETL) Enterprise Reporting tools: MicroStrategy 8, Unica 6.4 (campaign management tool) Application servers: Oracle Application Server, IIS Languages: PL/SQL, SQL, UNIX Shell, XML, JavaScript, DHTML, Java. Operating systems: Unix (AIX, HP-Unix, Solaris, Linux), Windows Hardware: Broad technical knowledge of SAN, Disk Arrays, Networking and Server configuration Experience with very large Financial, Retail, and CRM databases Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i and 8 Certified Database Administrator. MicroStrategy 8 Certified Project Designer, Platform Administrator, Report Developer, Engine Specialist, and Advanced Administrator. BrainBench Certificates: Master Oracle DBA, Master Oracle PL/SQL Programmer, HTML Programmer, JavaScript Programmer.


Bank of Montreal Toronto, ON Position: Technical Architect - Contract June 2006 Present

Architected, designed, and documented technical solutions for multiple data warehousing projects. Provided expertise in performance tuning, security, and troubleshooting of 6 terabyte Data Warehouse. Participated in design, data modeling, and architecture of BMO Basel projects. Produced High Level System Design and Security Design documents. Specific duties and accomplishments include: Architected several technical solutions for BMO Basel projects. Worked in a team of architects on design, implementation, and documentation of database architecture, ETL processes, network infrastructure, and disk array configuration. Gathered and documented business requirements. Environment: AIX 5.2, DB2 UDB 8.2, Oracle 9i, Ab Initio v2.13, Reveleus 5.2, Web Sphere 5.2, Erwin. Designed and implemented an upgrade of MicroStrategy 7.2.5 to 8.0.2. Optimized data model using Ralph Kimball methodology and MicroStrategy specific optimization techniques. Tuned MicroStrategy performance using new advanced VLDB settings. Set up MicroStrategy and Narrowcast Web components. Designed and implemented security schema for MicroStrategy users. Environment: Windows Server 2003, MicroStrategy 7.2.5, 8.0.2, DB2 UDB 8.2, AIX 5.2, Erwin. Architected a solution for a seamless upgrade of Unica 4.6 to 6.4. Calculated CPU, memory, and disk space requirements for a new server. Produced High Level System Design and Security Design documents. Tested several Unica campaigns in the new environment and made technical recommendations and Data Model. Environment: AIX 5.2, DB2 UDB 8.2, AQT, Unica 6.4.

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Architected a migration of several Disk Arrays to EMC Symmetrix DMX 3000. Recommended the best suited RAID setup for different kinds of applications. Mapped and redesigned file systems for the best performance. Investigated a possibility of using Networked Storage Virtualization (EMC Invista) to provide Dynamic Volume Migration (migrate disk arrays with applications remaining online). Borders Books - Ann Arbor, MI Position: Lead Data Warehouse Architect August 2001 May 2006

Architected, developed and supported 3 Terabyte Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) using Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) technology. Data Warehouse was required to be available on a 24x7 basis and perform by returning sub-minute report results. The EDW was the primary source of data for managerial and operational reports. Designed and implemented ETL processes in heterogeneous environment: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server. Designed and implemented Corporate Reporting strategy by working with users to gather business requirements and suggest the best alternatives for attaining mission critical data. Tuned Data Warehouse performance by optimizing Database Model, ETL processes, and SQL. Lead the effort to transition the EDW to a Retek Data Warehouse based off of Retek best-ofbreed technology and a Microstrategy reporting front-end. Performed Data Model gap analysis between Operational systems and Retek Data Warehouse. Rated as Exceeds Expectations in Architect position for last 4 years. Specific duties and accomplishments include: Supervised implementation and support of Retek Data Warehouse. Managed 2 developers working on modifications to Retek data structure and ETL processes. Provided expertise in optimization of high volume data loading. Designed and developed code for loading historic sales from legacy database to Retek Data Warehouse. Environment: AIX 5.3, Oracle 9i RAC, DB2 UDB 8.2, Unix Scripts, RETL, SQL, PL/SQL, Toad. Improved EDW performance by implementing advanced Oracle Data Warehousing features: Materialized Views, Partitioning, External Tables, Dimensions, Parallel Execution, Table and Index Compression, Star Schema, Rely Constraints, and Change Data Capture. Environment: Oracle 10g RAC, SQL, PL/SQL, Toad. Managed design and development of Enterprise Data Warehouse. Architected data structure for crucial business applications. Worked with users on gathering business requirements. Implemented dimensional data warehouse model using Ralph Kimball methodology. Optimized existing structure of POS and Inventory data structure to accommodate growing data volumes (3 Terabytes). Provided guidance to members of Business Intelligence team on creating optimized design and code for new applications. Environment: Oracle 10g RAC, DB2 UDB 8.2, AIX Unix 5.3, Unix Scripts, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL, Erwin, Toad. Optimized performance and reliability of critical business applications. Improved performance of aggregates calculations in more than 3 times. At the same time reliability of these applications grew to 100%. Saved hundreds of hours of weekly support. Created ETL processes for new corporate initiatives. Environment: Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g, XML. Worked with Production Support team to immediately resolve failures in production data processing. Collaborated with business users on resolving data inconsistency and reporting issues. Prepared and documented scheduled Data Warehouse Outages. Assisted Database Administrators in resolving unscheduled outages. Environment: Oracle 9i, DB2, SQL, PL/SQL, AIX 5.3, HP-Unix. Managed migration of Enterprise Data Warehouse (3 Terabyte) from HP-Unix to AIX platform. Supervised and provided guidance to three developers during testing phase. Designed and implemented a multi-stage migration plan. As a separate project, managed migration from Oracle 8 to Oracle 10g. Created comprehensive testing plan, provided technical assistance in fixing issues discovered during testing. Environment: IBM P 590 / 570, IBM Enterprise Storage Server ESS 2105, IBM SAN Volume Controller, Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, AIX 5.3, HP-Unix. Architected and realized corporate reporting strategy. Migrated custom legacy report system to MicroStrategy. Implemented four-tier reporting architecture. Environment: Microstrategy 8, Microstrategy Intelligence Server, Websphere, Windows 2000. Evaluated new releases of Oracle database 10g and 10g R2. Tested Oracle Grid technology. Assisted Database Administrators in implementing Oracle 10g Grid for Warehouse Management System. Evaluated and made comparative analyses of Oracle Warehouse Builder and Informatica. Calculated Return of Investment (ROI)

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for Warehouse Builder and Oracle 10g adoption. Environment: IBM P 590, IBM Enterprise Storage Server ESS 2105, AIX 5.3, Linux, Oracle 10g, Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g, Informatica, Windows 200, XML. Electron Economy Inc San Francisco, CA Position: Lead Oracle DBA January 2001 July 2001

Supervised Oracle database support in a group of seven Oracle administrators and developers. Monitored and tuned high-availability, web-driven supply-chain database. Architected and implemented Oracle failover solution using Veritas Cluster. Counseled group members on best technical practices. Consulted management on database Hardware and Software solutions. Designed and developed Corporate Data Warehouse and Data Marts. Performed performance analysis, tuning, and backups of 30 Oracle database instances. Provided 24x7 support of production OLTP and Data Warehouse databases. Performed fine database tuning. Set up automatic nightly database backup using RMAN incremental backups and Legato Storage Manager. Developed and implemented templates for various database disaster recovery scenarios. Provided direct access to production servers located in an outside data center by using Oracle Connection Manager and Names Server. Installed, configured and maintained 30 developers' databases. Assisted in application performance tuning and schema design. Environment: Oracle 8i version 2 (8.1.6), Solaris 2.7, RMAN. Supported SONY Play Station (one of company's clients) supply-chain production database. Set up Veritas Cluster on data servers to provide high reliability and accessibility of the database. Set up RAID arrays and Veritas Quick I/O access (similar to raw partitions) to data files. Installed and set up Oracle Stats Pack. Created Stats Pack Alert scripts for automatic monitoring and paging in critical situations. Created and tuned ETL scripts loading data from transactional to data warehouse database. Environment: Oracle 8i, Sun Enterprise Server 3500, StorEdge A5200, Veritas Cluster and FS Software. Prevision Marketing Inc Boston, MA Position: Oracle DBA and Developer April 1999 December 2000

Created logical and physical data models for large Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases. Designed and developed ETL processes for Toys R Us, Things Remembered, and Stride Rite. Installed, configured and monitored Oracle Data Warehouse databases. Provided maintenance, security, data integrity, performance and capacity planning of the corporate information system database servers. Designed, developed and maintained company clients databases. Collaborated with clients to accommodate new business requirements. Designed and loaded production databases of all sales and customer information for the following clients: Toys R Us, Stride Rite, and Things Remembered. Built ETL scripts for automated monthly updates and Quality Assurance. Prepared business reports using Microsoft Excel and ODBC connections. Gathered business requirements and database specifications. Environment: Oracle 8i, ERwin 3.5.2, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL-Loader. Optimized performance by using Dimensional Data Model, Materialized Views, Parallel Query and SQL tuning. Performed logical and physical backups using RMAN, Veritas Backup Oracle agent for Windows NT, and Oracle Export. Environment: Oracle 8i, Oracle Enterprise Manager 2.1, SQL-Navigator, RMAN, Veritas Backup. Developed and deployed Oracle Forms applications on the web using three-tier and "thin client" architectures. Performed conceptual, logical, and physical data modeling for new projects. Environment: Oracle 8i, OAS 4.0.7, Oracle Developer 6.0, Oracle Developer Server, IIS. Information Center of Internal Affairs Board Kurgan, Russia Position: Project leader April 1991 November 1998

Managed team of four Oracle and Web Developers. Pioneered adoption of Oracle database as primary information storage and retrieval system. Provided technical guidance and directions to team members. Presented new developments and suggested solutions to management and business users. Designed and developed custom made 3-tier reporting and query system. Universal nature of this system allowed new applications to be easily added by simply entering new Metadata no code changes were required. Debugged application so that it was compatible with Internet Explorer 3-4, Netscape Navigator 4. Supervised four developers. Environment: Oracle 7, Unix SINIX 5.42, Windows NT4 SP3, Windows 95, Oracle Web Server 2.0.

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Languages: JavaScript, JAVA, HTML, PL/SQL, Unix Shell, C/C++. Internet Explorer 3-4, Netscape Navigator 4. Monitored, administered, and maintained production Oracle databases. Architected and implemented corporate security protocols. Planned, designed and developed new database applications. Designed and implemented database replication strategies in distributed environment (snapshots, export and import). Configured and supported Windows NT Network. Environment: Oracle 7- 8, Oracle Designer 2000, SQL Loader, Export and Import Oracle utilities, SQL Navigator, Windows NT4 SP3, Unix SINIX 5.42, Windows 98/95. Hardware: SIEMENS NIXDORF RM-300, RM-400. Designed and developed program for entering data of address inquire system (30 tables, 300 field). Program checks entered names for the sound alike (prevents operator mistakes). Sound alike function used a sophisticated search algorithm specifically designed for Russian language. Environment: SCO UNIX 3.2, Oracle 7.1.4, Oracle SQL Forms 3.0, PL/SQL.

Kurgan Machine-Construction Institute (State University) Master of Science in Electronic Engineering and Programming Oracle Warehouse Builder 9i class (New York) Various MicroStrategy classes (USA) 1987 1992 2005 2005-2006

Professional references will be provided on request.

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