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Talent with Purpose

Why hire the best talent when you can have Talent with Purpose

Donald E. Jenkins Master Purpose Development Coach

Purpose Development Institute Atlanta, GA Published By: Purpose Unlimited Publishers

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Hello, My name is Donald E. Jenkins and Im the President and Co-Founder of the Purpose Development Institute in Atlanta, GA. We believe that Purpose is one of the most mismanaged resources in business which is why we work hard to provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients to help them turn purpose into their most valuable resource. Our latest initiative is our Corporate Purpose Strategy which is designed to provide a strategy for synergizing corporate purposes with the purpose of human capital. This is a leadership development initiative to help management raise their Purpose IQ for managing human capital. We have taken into account that the workforce does not consist of just management personnel, but all the workers that help provide goods and services to the end user. My Talent with Purpose initiative accounts for the entire workforce to measure the readiness levels of individuals in light of maintaining a sense of purpose in the workplace. We are aware of the fact that theres a huge gap in personality profiles that overlook key factors that determine whether a person can thrive in a workplace culture. As a result, we advise our clients to not only hire the best talent, but hire Talent with Purpose which ensures that they are hiring individuals that will perform their best to get the job done.

Donald E. Jenkins Master Purpose Development Coach

What the experts are saying?

In practice, there are different levels of purpose: Personal purpose, organizational purpose, and task purpose. Each level is important, and effective organizations will pay attention to each level to enhance performance... Once you can recognize purpose at all three levels, its easy to see how alignment of purposes can enhance or inhibit productivity. The ideal state is for all three levels of purpose to be aligned. In other words, you want the following statement to be true, no matter who says it, I see the connection between the companys purpose, our strategies, the way we work, and the specific work that I do. I commit to this companys mission and vision, because doing so helps me fulfill my own purpose in life. Matthew Marichiba Sustainable business consultant with Sustainability Works The reality is that people care less about working for a company and much more about working for a compelling cause. Without a purpose, your employees are just putting in time. Their minds might be engaged, but their hearts will not be. A team without a purpose is a team without passion. Your team members may achieve short-term results, but they won't have the heart to go the distance. Dr. Lee J. Colan President of the L Group Leading experts on organizational behavior and human resources states in their book titled Hidden Value workers would like to believe that what [they] are doing makes a difference and that [their] work is important. OReilly and Pfeffer Stanford Business School Professors Employees today are seeking meaning to their work In mission-driven companies employee motivation comes from believing in the purpose of the work and being part of creating something worthwhile. Bill George Harvard Business School Professor, Former Med-

tronic CEO and Bestselling Author

Author of Why Pride Matters More than Money states, pride and a sense of purpose are the most powerful motivating forces in the world, and that thriving corporate leaders motivate by igniting these feelings among employees. Jon Katzenbach Senior Partner Booz & Com-


The New Skilled Labor

Again, Purpose is one of the most mismanaged resources in business which is why companies should be looking to increase this skill-set in the workplace. The lack of training resources in this area has created managers with novice skill levels on how to turn purpose into a resource. They are skilled in personality and behavior strategies that still leave the employees famished to have their appetite for purpose fed in the workplace. This lack of insight along with varying personalities among co-workers have created a workplace environment with many ebbs and flows that affect how individuals contribute to the bottom-line of the organization. The biggest nemesis for the workforce in the 21st Century is that leaders do not realize that a sense of purpose is hidden within people like gold . As a result, many business leaders are unskilled in mining its potential which is why companies need Talent with Purpose. They must realize that the true purpose of work can get lost in human dynamics and increasing workloads which can transform the workplace into one of dread and discontentment. This is why HR professionals and Recruiting/Employment services should be inspired to seek solutions to prevent this modern day erosion of job satisfaction. They must face the reality that anytime you gather a group of people in an enterprising endeavor, the product or service thats delivered to the end user is dependent on how well the purpose of human capital is managed. Without making use of this abundant resource to manage human capital, the culture will evolve with dysfunctions that will affect productivity. The new skilled laborer in the 21st Century is not only those who are highly skilled in regards to their talent, but individuals who are skilled in restoring a sense of purpose to their work. For if individuals are not skilled in restoring a sense of purpose to their work, they will become the victim of job dissatisfaction which will eventually cause them to seek greener pastures elsewhere. The affects of not being able to add meaning to jobs is costing companies thousands of dollars in hiring and retraining new employees.

The Personality Purpose Gap

Being experts in purpose, we listen to what other experts are saying about human dynamics. Professor John Mayer of the University of New Hampshire and expert in personalities, defines personalities as the organized, developing, system within the individual that represents the collective action of that individuals major psychological subsystems. He is quoted in a FOX Business News article saying, I like to think of personality as that inherent driver of how we act. Its that natural disposition we fall back on when all those other forces of the outside world are accounted for. Mr. Mayer made a brilliant observation of personalities, but the only problem is, what happens to the driver if the engine breaks down under harsh driving conditions? In the workplace, personalities matters greatly because people have to be able to get along in order to get the job done. On the other hand, varying personalities can create harsh driving conditions which causes individuals to respond in a negative manner. At the institute, we liken Purpose to engine that powers the vehicle that the Personality is driving. The only problem is that if the engine is broke, the driver will have to walk which describes modern day management techniques. Many managers are skilled in managing drivers (Personalities) but unskilled is servicing the engine (Purpose) that powers the vehicle. When the engine stops, they change drivers without checking to see if the engine is in running condition. Identifying personalities are great to reveal personal inclinations, but it does nothing to reveal to individuals their capacity to perform when they are placed in an environment that does not match their personality type. This is why managers need to shift their focus on bridging the PersonalityPurpose gap which is the difference between self-awareness and performance awareness. Performance awareness allows the driver to perform under harsh conditions because they know the potential of their engine vs. having to rely solely on their personality which can break down under harsh driving conditions.

The Performance Difference

Our Workplace Readiness IQ assessment is not a measure of personality, but a measure of personal aptitude. To further distinguish the difference between the two, lets consider the meaning and origin of the word aptitude which means capability, ability, innate or acquired capacity for something, talent. The word aptitude is derived from the Latin word aptitudo which means fitness and is akin to the Latin word aptus, which means suitable, adapted or ready. The measure of a persons sense of purpose in the workplace is a measurement of their capacity to adapt and remain ready to perform a job. Its like a workplace fitness test to see if the individual is in shape to continue to perform at high levels under varying conditions and personalities that will challenge their motivation. We realize that you cannot change a persons personality to fit a particular job or to make them perform better on a team, but you can expand their capacity for purpose to help them adapt to any culture. Unlike personality tests, our Workplace Readiness IQ assessment is a non-threatening evaluation that respect the ability of each person. It does not make the them feel like their privacy is being invaded because it simply reveals the common bond that all humans share which is the appetite for purpose. It can be used as a tool for inspiration and motivation to inspire them to get in shape to increase their capacity to adapt to the workplace environment. Hiring Talent with Purpose means that you have a workforce thats durable and resilient because their personalities are anchored to a higher purpose.

The Anchor
Everyone was created with a personality type and they were also created to have a sense of purpose to anchor their personality to things that are meaningful and worthwhile. Their sense of purpose is what helps prevent their environment from having a negative affect on their personality. The focus for managers in todays workplace should be to help individuals increase their capacity for purpose in order to anchor their personality to a purpose thats higher than the conditions and personalities of others in the workplace culture. Companies cannot afford to just hire the best talent, they must discover how to hire Talent with Purpose in order to support job satisfaction initiatives.


Agreeable Sense of Purpose

Extravert Introvert



The Big 5 personality types and purpose

Turn your Talent Pool into a Talent Gold Mine

Recruiting good talent is the life-blood of your business, but a good talent pool that is unskilled in using purpose as a tool to promote job satisfaction, can become a pool of toxic personalities. Identifying personality types is an essential part of doing business, but its benefits are lost without mining the potential of purpose that is hidden in your talent pool. Our mission at the institute is to help our clients excavate the potential of purpose in their human capital. We encourage our clients to not just hire good talent, but hire Talent with Purpose which brings a much needed solution to guard against the negative affects of toxic personalities while blowing a fresh wind of purpose into the workforce. Many companies spend a tremendous amount of capital on hiring good talent, but very little is spent on mining the potential of purpose. Its true that recruiting is the life-blood of your business, but purpose is the DNA of your workforce which constitutes the need to hire Talent with Purpose. The absence of purpose in your workforce will create a DNA mismatch that causes dysfunctions among employees. Our Workforce Readiness IQ assessment can be helpful in many ways to mine the potential of purpose in new hires and existing employees. It can serve as a tool for HR Professionals to provide intelligence on new hires or existing employees capacity to use purpose as a resource for succeeding in the workplace. Recruiting services can use it as a part of their applicant screening process, to glean much needed insight into an applicants ability to adapt and perform in any environment. Job satisfaction, a productive work environment and ownership of corporate goals is the gold mine for any company. Without Talent with Purpose, its almost impossible to achieve these goals but having it will lead your company to the gold at the end of the workplace rainbow. It equips your workforce to be skilled in extending their range of purpose to add meaning to their job, which serves as a guard against job dissatisfaction. It also allows your talent to leverage purpose as a resource to overcome the negative affects of a culture and transfer ownership for your corporate goals. Good companies have good talent but great companies have Talent with Purpose.

Purpose based testing solution

Our mission at the Purpose Development Institute is to provide customized solutions for our clients to maximize the synergy between their corporate purpose and the purpose of human capital. We understand that having a strong sense of purpose is one of the most powerful motivational forces in the workforce. As a result, we have engineered a purpose-based testing solution to measure an individuals insight to use purpose as a resource to overcome motivational obstacles. The fact remains, regardless of how much screening and personality profiling you conduct to determine the best candidate for a job, its still difficult to measure the day-to-day motivation to overcome workplace obstacles that affect employee performance. There are several obstacles that stand in the way of performance. They include, poor leadership, poor working conditions, personalities, low morale, undesirable culture, personal crisis, low wages, etc. If an individual does not have a strong sense of purpose, it will be difficult to work through these obstacles to achieve workplace objectives. Our purpose-based testing solution is one of the most unique measures of performance metrics against workplace motivational obstacles. It takes into account that we all have a service guarantee when theres meaning to what we are doing. We measure an individuals insight to turn purpose into a motivational resource by using what we call the three milestones of purpose which are the keys to adding meaning to a job. With proper training, the three milestones of purpose can be achieved by anyone. They are a measure of an individuals willingness to render their service (talent) with a sense of purpose and is a great tool to ensure that your workforce has a motivation beyond getting a paycheck.

Motivation Intelligence
Motivation is simply the sum total of a persons Sense of Purpose to endure opposition to achieve goals which is why having a strong Sense of Purpose is essential. We define it as a greater appreciation for the existence and performance of humanity which transfers respect and responsibility to endure counter motivating forces in order to get the job done or reach a goal. When a person has a high Sense of Purpose, they will be able to add meaning to their existence and perform at peak levels. They will respect what they are capable of achieving by choosing the path of purpose and take responsibility to perform the appropriate action to get them there. An individual who masters their Sense of Purpose will become high performers and achieve greatness which is why you want Talent with Purpose. If individuals can master the art of purpose, they will discover the secrets to being able to maintain high levels of motivation in the face of counter motivating obstacles. The secret to being able to measure how individuals are motivated by purpose is asking the right questions which require insight into the potential of purpose. Mr. Jenkins has spent 23 years discovering how purpose affect the way people exist and perform in their life. As a result, he has engineered a system of measure based on what he calls the three milestones of purpose that can be achieved by anyone regardless of their personality type. The three milestone system follows the pattern that once a person has an Awareness of purpose, they can transform it into a Resource. This will verify the individuals ability to build or contribute in a positive manner toward the workplace culture. Once the individual realize the resourcefulness of purpose, they will be more willing to take Responsibility or ownership of their attitudes and actions. The questions are designed around the Likert scale in order to determine a unit of measure based on the response of the test taker. The higher the number, the more a person is prepared and ready to adapt to the ebbs and flows within a workplace. Our Workforce Readiness IQ is motivational intelligence in its finest.

New Intelligence
Technological advances coupled with the ever-changing workplace environment has made our lives a little more complex which requires new intelligence to determine individual motives. Our purpose-based testing solution provides the necessary intelligence to train existing employees and screening new candidates to determine their readiness to engage in the workplace with a high sense of purpose to get the job done.

Company Initiative:
Your human capital is your most valuable asset and being able to pinpoint their readiness to use purpose to get the job done is invaluable. We provide a purpose-based testing solution for new applicants and current employees to gather intelligence on their readiness to embrace the workplace environment with a sense of purpose. For clients who want to take the testing a step further, we are prepared to provide training for all employees to empower them with the necessary insight to become Talent with Purpose.

Employment/Recruiting Services Initiative:

Sending your clients the best talent is of utmost importance but being able to send them Talent with Purpose gives your company a competitive-edge over your competition. We provide an online solution so that you can use our Workforce Readiness IQ test as a part of your screening process for new applicants. This intelligence can be used to not only send your clients the best talent but Talent with Purpose.

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