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Collocations List

On this page you can find a few short lists of collocations to give you more of an idea about them. Many good learner's dictionaries show collocations associated with specific words. There are also dictionaries of collocations, though these are more difficult to find. Some common verbs have do make have a bath: tomarse un do business: hacer make a difference bao negocios make a mess: have a drink: tomarse algo do nothing: no hacer make a mistake: have a good time: pasarselo nada cometer un error bien do someone a favour: make a noise: hacer un have a haircut: cortarse el hacerle a alguien un ruido pelo favor make an effort: hacer have a holiday: tomarse unas do the cooking: hacer la un esfuerzo vacaciones comida make furniture have a problem: tener un do the housework: hacer make money: hacer problem la limpieza dinero have a relationship: tener do the shopping: hacer la make progress: una relacin compra progresar have a rest: tomarse un do the washing up: lavar make room: hacer sitio descanso los platos make trouble: dar have lunch: almorzar do your best: problemas have sympathy do your hair: arreglarte el pelo do your homework: hacer los deberes take take a break: darse un descanso take a chance take a look: echar un vistazo take a rest: descansar take a seat: tomar asiento take a taxi: coger un taxi take an exam: hacer un exmen take notes: coger apuntes take someone's place: quitarle el sitio a alguien take someone's temperature: tomarle la temperatura a alguien break catch break a habit catch a ball: coger una break a leg: romperse pelota una pierna catch a bus: coger un break a promise: romper autobus una promesa catch a chill: coger break a record: fro break a window: romper catch a cold: coger un una ventana resfriado break someone's heart: catch a thief: coger un romperle el corazn a ladrn alguien catch fire break the ice: romper el catch sight of hielo catch someone's break the law: infringir la attention: ley catch someone's eye break the news to catch the flu: coger la someone gripe break the rules: infringir las reglas

pay pay a fine: pagar una multa pay attention: prestar atencin pay by credit card: pagar con tarjet de crdito pay cash: pagar en metlico pay interest: pay someone a compliment: darle un cumplido a alguien pay someone a visit: hacerle una visita a alguien pay the bill: pagar la cuenta pay the price: pay your respects

save keep save electricity: ahorrar keep a diary electricidad keep a promise: save energy: ahorrar mantener una promesa energa keep a secret: guarder save money: ahorrar un secreto dinero keep an appointment save one's strength keep calm: save someone a seat: mantenerse guardarle el sitio a keep control alguien keep in touch: estar en save someone's life: contacto salvarle la vida a alguien keep quiet save something to a disk: keep someone's place guardar algo en un disco keep the change: save space: ahorrar guardarse el cambio espacio save time: ahorrar tiempo save yourself the trouble: ahorrarte el problema get get a job: conseguir un trabajo get a shock get angry: enfadarse get divorced: divorciarse get drunk: emborrocharse get frightened: asustarse get home: llegar a casa get lost: perderse get married: casarse get nowhere: get permission get pregnant: quedarse embarazada get ready get started: prepararse get the impression get the message get the sack get upset get wet: mojarse get worried:

go come close go abroad: irse al come complete with extranjero come direct go astray come early: llegar pronto go bad come first: llegar primero go bald come into view go bankrupt come last: llegar ltimo go blind: volverse ciego come late: llegar tarde go crazy: volverse loco come on time: llegar a go dark tiempo go deaf: volverse sordo come prepared: llegar go fishing: ir a pescar preparado go mad: enfadarse, come right back: volver en volverse loco seguida go missing: come second: llegar segundo go on foot come to a compromise go online come to a decision: go out of business come to an agreement go overseas: irse a otro come to an end continente come to a standstill go quiet come to terms with go sailing: irse a navegar come to a total of go to war: ir a la guerra come under attack go yellow


preocuparse Miscellaneous Business English annual turnover bear in mind break off negotiations cease trading chair a meeting close a deal close a meeting come to the point dismiss an offer draw a conclusion draw your attention to launch a new product lay off staff go bankrupt go into partnership make a loss make a profit market forces sales figures take on staff

Time bang on time dead on time early 12th century free time from dawn till dusk great deal of time late 20th century make time for next few days past few weeks right on time run out of time save time spare time spend some time take your time tell someone the time time goes by time passes waste time

Classifiers a ball of string a bar of chocolate a bottle of water a bunch of carrots a cube of sugar a pack of cards a pad of paper

Do or Make Collocations Quiz 1 What do you do/make for a living? 2 Have you done/made your homework already? 3 My husband does/makes the grocery shopping. 4 Amber did/made badly on her geography exam. 5 The children made/did a mess in the kitchen. 6 We are having guests tonight, so please make/do your bed. 7 I only made/did one mistake in my English test. 8 I have to ask you to do/make me a favour. 9 Have you and your friend made/done a decision yet? 10 Please excuse me while I make/do a phonecall.

Score: ________ Time Collocations Quiz 1 He arrived exactly at 11am, bang/straight on time. 2 What do you do in your free/loose time? 3 We couldn't finish because we through/ran out of time. 4 If we take this short cut we'll grow/save some time. 5 I damaged/wasted time, and now doth time waste me. 6 There have been several burglaries in the past few/few past weeks. 7 The Internet was developed in the last 20th/late 20th century. 8 They have no time. They work from dawn to/from day to dusk. 9 You'll forget it when time comes/as time goes by. 10 Can you make time/cut time for me this weekend? Score: ________