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Easily the most visualy stunning decoration.

Incorporating twisted spiral columns topped with either 16 double bubbles, 18 foil balloons or gum balls. Clouds or arches can then be added to bridge the space between the two columns.
Pair 6 Columns Pair of 6 columns with arch Pair of 6 column topped with clouds with a cloud between

Chair covers are one of the simplest yet most effective ways of transforming your venue, coordinating with your colour scheme and helping to provide the elegant and stylish vision that you have always dreamed of. If you are looking to make an event truly memorable our Chair Covers will transform your venues chairs to compliment your colour scheme, provide a stylish setting for your photographs and create a breathtaking overall look. We provide high quality white, ivory or black lycra chair covers with a complementary organza sash in your chosen colour.To compliment our covers there is also a range of accessories available including buckles, brooches, butterflies & floral accents from 1 each.

80 110 130

Based @

Fleur de Lis Pucklechurch

These are a lovely way to start the first dance. A giant 3 Balloon is filled with 60/70 smaller balloons & confetti. This is then popped with a very dramatic effect. 60

Chair Cover & Sash ONLY 2.75

Air walker balloons are 52-54 helium filled air walking balloons which can dance around a dance floor with your excitable kids. These balloons are filled with helium and will last around a week if they make it through the disco! Bride & Groom 50

Wedding favours Wish tree hire Bay Tree hire Organza table runner Top table swags Cake table swags Candy bar hire Confetti Napkin decor
Dreamstar Wedding Design Fleur de Lis, 12 Shortwood Rd Pucklechurch Bristol BS169RA

from 1.20 from 75 from 50 per pair from 7.50 from 15 from 7.50 from 2 per head from 1 per table from 50p

We provide Balloon Decoration to suit your style theme and budget. Our Balloons are the very best quality and come in many colours and prints. We have experience in decorating for large events. You will have peace of mind that your decor will be finished on time and will look how we have planned it.
Please feel free to have a look through this brochure and if there is anything not listed that you would like. Please let me know as I am sure can accomadate your requirements

We hire a number of centrepieces ranging from glass cubes to feather fantasies. Please ask for information.

Phone:07889 841211 E-mail:

These are the most simple way to add height to your tables making an immediate impact.We use the best quality balloons which are colour co-ordinated to match with your colour scheme and theme. They may be patterned or plain, or a mixture of both. To include a foil balloon an additional cost of 2.50 will incur. Our bouquets can come on weighted bows, coloured boxes or an even more decoarative weight.
3 Balloon Bouquets 11 3 Balloon Bouquets including double bubble 11 5 Balloon Bouquets 11 5 Balloon Bouquets including double bubbles 11 7 Balloon Bouquets 11 7 Balloon Bouquets including double bubbles 11 1 Gumball with collor 16 3 Gumball with collor 16 from from

A balloon group can be used to fill any empty corners or to attract attention to the top table, cake or present table.

11 Balloons
7 Balloons 10 Balloons 12 Balloons

10.50 13.00 14.00 15.00 13.50 17.00

Arches can be any size. They will add a new dimension to any room. They are excellent to frame doorways, cake and buffet tables and look gorgeous behind the top table.
Single arch 15 balloons Single arch 30 + balloons Double arch 15 balloons Double arch 30+ balloons Double bubble arch 15 balloons Double bubble arch 30+ balloons from from from

40.00 75.00 70.00 130.00 55.00 90.00 120.00 20.00 40.00 37.50

6.00 7.50 8.50 10.00 10.50 12.50 10.00 22.50

16 Ballloons
3 Balloons 5 Balloons 7 Balloons

A display of 9 balloons forming a cloud like cluster, topped with a 16 double bubble. This decoration is bound to amaze your friends .
Individual guest table cloud 9 Set of 3 Clouds Linked with tulle Set of 5 Clouds Linked with tulle

Twisted arch Cake arch single Cake arch double Cake Double bubble arch

from from from

18.50 65 100

18 foil balloons can come on weighted bows or coloured boxes. There are numerous shapes, colours and designs available. Please ask for details.
3 foil Balloon Bouquets from (Add 2 latex balloons for only 2 extra) 5 Balloon Bouquets from

Table Topiary Tree Floor Topiary Tree

11 Latex Balloons filled with helium with long ribbon curls. 100 Balloons 150 Balloons 200 Balloons 300 Balloons

from 15 from 40

11.50 16.50

85 115 140 200

Helium Filled Flower from 7.50 Air Filled Flower from 5.00