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LSQC among top ten best private high schools in QC

by Jasper Cruz

(Based on 2012 NAT Results for 4th Year HS students for schools with 100 and above examinees)
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 School Ateneo de Manila HS St. Theresas College QC Mriam College School of the Holy Spirit St. Pedro Poveda College Jubilee Christian Academy Lourdes School Quezon City St. Bridget School Holy Family School of QC, Inc. Grace Christian College No. of Examinees 554 265 457 182 160 103 184 135 103 305 Filipino 50.76 61.81 56.49 58.78 51.36 51.59 57.30 58.11 55.79 46.55 Math 78.23 68.52 64.15 65.09 66.23 64 59.10 51.05 53.61 66 English 78.28 76.09 77.74 76.02 77.95 74.43 70.75 69.86 68.83 69.99 Science 54.95 46.40 55.23 52.52 52.36 49.32 44.90 44.28 44.30 47.20 AP 60.75 67.08 64.66 63.30 61.86 61.05 64.18 61,38 61.29 54.14 Critical Thinking 76.13 76.21 77.94 71.98 76.84 69.66 68.18 70 68.11 66.54 Overall 64.90 64.62 64.56 63.65 62.78 60.57 59.83 57.97 57.60 57.11

these exclusive schools have better grasp of the English language rather than Filipino. LSQC scored high also in Critical Thinking with an MPS of 68.18% (moving towards mastery). This seems to show also that our graduates have acquired good critical thinking skills compared to others. The highest score obtained was 77.95% by QC Science High School. On the other hand, LSQC registered with an average MPS in Math (59.10%) and Science (44.90%) for last school year. Interestingly, majority of schools MPS in both subjects belonged to this range. However, several public schools scored higher than the private schools. Importance of NAT According to Mrs. Toledo, the results of the NAT aid the school in reviewing, reassessing and reflecting on its curriculum and academic offerings. The scores will serve as an indicator for the actions to be made to improve further instruction and curriculum. As for the rankings, the Department of Education (DepEd) would be able to know which schools perform well in terms of meeting the requirements. Those schools, on the other hand, that are low performing are given further assistance and close monitoring by DepEd. The results also help identify schools perhaps with best practices for benchmarking.

Always a familiar face, Lourdes School Quezon City (LSQC) had once again landed in one of the top ten best performing private schools in Quezon City according to the results of the National Achievement Test (NAT) last school year. LSQC ranked seventh, a notch lower than its previous two years ago. Dep-Ed QC Division Table 1: TOP PERFORMING PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOLS IN QC (100- 199 examinees cluster) (Based on 2012 NAT Results for 4th Year HS students) last released the result with the rankings two years ago. Though the schools ranking was down a notch, High School Assistant Principal for AcaRank School No. of Examinees Filipino Math English Science AP Critical Thinking Overall demic Affairs Mrs. Cecilia Toledo stressed that LSQC still performed much better than the previous 1 School of the Holy Spirit 182 58.78 65.09 76.02 52.52 63.30 71.98 63.65 years as based on the higher Mean Percentage Score (MPS) which is the average percentage of all 2 St. Pedro Poveda College 160 51.36 66.23 77.95 52.36 61.86 76.84 62.78 correct answers obtained by all students who took the exam. 3 Jubilee Christian Academy 103 51.59 64 74.43 49.32 61.05 69.66 60.57 The NAT was administered to the Fourth Year students last year. 4 Lourdes School Quezon City 184 57.30 59.10 70.75 44.90 64.18 68.18 59.83 She added, It (the results of this NAT) implies that we are really one of the best schools not 5 St. Bridget School 135 58.11 51.05 69.86 44.28 61.38 70 57.97 only in QC but also in the NCR. 6 Holy Family School of QC, Inc. 103 55.79 53.61 68.83 44.30 61.29 68.11 57.60 Hopefully we would be able to land in the top five for this years NAT, (and this is) if the students will take the test seriously. Usually kasi some students, tinutulugan o tinatapos ito para Table 2: TOP TEN LIST OF HIGH SCHOOLS IN QC WITH HIGH PERFORMING SCORE IN ENGLISH makatulog, she points out. (Based on 2012 NAT Results for 4th Year HS students for schools with 100 and above examinees) A Closer Look
Rank School No. of Examinees English

The results of the NAT for school year 2011- 2012 for QC schools revealed 254 public and 1 Quezon City Science HS 281 80.26 private secondary schools that had taken the mandatory test. 2 Ateneo de Manila HS 554 78.28 The schools though were clustered according to the number of examinees (4th year HS 3 St. Pedro Poveda College 160 77.95 students) much like that of the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) which administers the 4 Miriam College 457 77.74 board or licensure exams for various professions. 5 St. Theresas College QC 265 76.09 The schools had been clustered according to the ff: 21 and below, 22 to 54, 55 to 99, 100 6 School of the Holy Spirit 182 76.02 to 199, 200 to 399 and 400 and above. LSQC belonged under the 100 to 199 category with a total of 7 Jubilee Christian Academy 103 74.43 184 examinees last school year. 8 Don Alejandro Roces Sr. Science and Technology HS 379 71.60 To arrive at the rankings, the school excluded those categories with examinees below 100 9 Lourdes School Quezon City 184 70.75 as their high MPS would be understandable given their smaller size. 10 Grace Christian College 305 69.99 With an overall MPS of 59.83%, LSQC ranked seventh among 33 private high schools in QC with 100 and above examinees. Top 1 and 2 were Ateneo de Manila HS and St. Theresas College Table 3: TOP PERFORMING PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOLS IN QC (100- 199 examinees cluster) with surprisingly a bigger number of examinees compared to the rest in the top ten. (Based on 2012 NAT Results for 4th Year HS students) If to rank the schools in the same cluster (100- 199 examinees) only, LSQC would place 4th overall. Interestingly, LSQC had the biggest number of test takers compared to its counterparts which School Filipino Rank Math Rank English Rank Science Rank AP Rank Critical Rank Thinking ranked and scored higher. (Please refer to Table 2 below) School of the Holy Spirit 58.78 1 65.09 2 76.02 1 52.52 2 63.30 2 71.98 2 Against though public schools in QC, LSQC had just placed 11th overall among schools 51.36 6 66.23 1 77.95 2 52.36 3 61.86 3 76.84 1 with 100 and above examinees. Quezon City Science High School ranked first among all schools St. Pedro Poveda College Jubilee Christian Academy 51.59 5 64 3 74.43 3 49.32 6 61.05 6 69.66 4 whether public or private with an MPS of 74.90% followed by another public science secondary Lourdes School Quezon City 57.30 3 59.10 4 70.75 4 44.90 1 64.18 1 68.18 5 school Dr. Alejandro Roces Senior Science and Technology HS which scored 67.63% then Ateneo de Manila (64.92%). It would be good to note that both the first and second placers are science high St. Bridget School 58.11 2 51.05 6 69.86 6 44.28 4 61.38 4 70 3 schools with a higher student selectivity rate. Holy Family School of 55.79 4 53.61 5 68.83 5 44.30 5 61.29 5 68.11 6
QC, Inc.

Subject Performance LSQC posted the highest score in English this year to lead the rest of the subject areas in the last NAT. With an MPS of 70.75% which according to DepEd is moving towards mastery, LSQC ranked 7th overall all private high schools in QC and 9th to include public schools. Based on the results, it was also clear that majority of the private schools scored higher than public schools in this subject area. High School English Area Coordinator Mr. Marvin de Pano attributes this high score to the curriculum upgrades constantly done by the area to consider or align competencies covered in the NAT. He emphasized, Our curriculum offers beyond what is mandated by Dep-Ed, so the competencies in the NAT have just been packaged and embedded in our course outline and scope and sequence. If we scored higher in the NAT, then we were able to meet the minimum competencies set by DepEd through the NAT which is a standardized test. He added, The standardized test is a good way to evaluate schools on equal footing, so the results would indicate whether your school is doing better than the others. However, it just is based on standard requirements or minimum competencies. If you scored higher then it may likely indicate that the curriculum you are offering is at par or better with the rest of the schools under the same range. He also attributed the consistent high scores from instruction. It somewhat also reflects the performance of teachers and their competence to teach the subject. In other subjects, LSQC fared higher in Araling Panlipunan and Filipino compared to its counterparts. With an MPS of 57.30% (average) and 64.18% (average), LSQC advanced higher than Ateneo, Miriam and even Poveda in the rankings though it can be understood that most students in

PEB Online launched

Get wired all the time! After years of envisioning and weeks of arduous preparation, Lourdesians all around the world will be updated with the latest school happenings with the launch of the PEB Online. The online version of the Pax Et Bonum, the high school departments student publication, was recently launched December 18, 2012 at the Magnificat Grounds The online publication which marks a historic milestone in the history of the PEB and of LSQC joins the bandwagon of universities and colleges and selected high schools in the country that have existing online publication sites. The difference though with the PEB Online is its own domain name and hosting services which is entirely its own separated from the schools official website. This is to ensure that the said site shall be managed and operated by the staffers of the PEB. See PEB Online Launched, Turn to Page 2

2 News

Winning streak continues for Lourdesians

by Briane Dela Pea
the Pax Et Bonum (PEB) came home with special awards: Briane dela Pea (News Editor) - Best in Effective Public Speaking Steven Patrick Carrasco (Cartooning Staff) - Second Place, Literary Musical Alexander Hans Collado, Jr. (Layout Editor) - Third Place, Literary Musical Furthermore, SAB President Alain Lorenzo Aycardo and SAB Fourth Year Councilor Alija Rowie Schailey Pandap-

NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

Lourdesians went on to bag honors and recognitions in the different competitions held during the last quarter of 2012. Lourdesians took the lead as they secured spots in regional- wide contests such as the 2012 NCR Annual Computer Competition and the Voices in Harmony Choral Competition of the Childrens Museum and Library Incorporated (CMLI). Further, the Retiro- based squad went on to win in several contests and secured spots as officers nationally via the CMLIs 54th Annual National Convention.

groups in the metro during the CMLI Voices in Harmony 2012 held November 25 at the AFP Theater, Quezon City. Led by their trainer and conductor Mr. Angelo Castillo, the LSCS contended with nine other schools from Metro Manila for musical supremacy in this choral competition organized by the CMLI Junior Council Alumni Association (JC-AA). During the grand finals, LSCS performed two choice pieces: a medley of two Ilocano songs: Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing and Pong Pong Ginapong, and After Images Tag-ulan aside from this years contest piece Identity Crisis Sumigaw, Umawit Ka. Prior to the finals, the elimination round was held last September 23, 2012 at Miriam College Quezon City where LSCS presented the same choice pieces and went on to land as one of the grand finalists. Annual Computer Competition Proving the schools niche in IT and Computer, three Lourdesians went home bringing awards for the school during the 2012 NCR Computer Competition of the Philippine Association of Junior IT Achievers (PAJITA). . Over 500 high school students vied for the said awards in various categories last November 10 at La Consolacion College Manila. The following Lourdesians who have secured spots were:

The LSQC Choral Society (Photo courtesy of CMLI)

CMLI National Convention 13 Lourdesians represented LSQC in the 54th Annual National Convention of CMLI Junior Members and Teacher-Advisers, October 23-27 at the Teachers Camp in Baguio City. The said delegation was accompanied by Student Advisory Board (SAB) Adviser Mr. Carlo Dela Cruz Out of the over 700 delegates from various schools that joined the convention, three juniors who are staffers and editors of

atan were elected as councilors of the 2013 Junior Council-National Executive Board (JC-NEB), the CMLIs youth arm which coordinates several activities of the organization. Voices in Harmony

Ryan Jasper Ang and Alexander Hans Collado, Jr. - First Place, Web Page Designing Bryan Del Castillo and Steven Patrick Carrasco - Third Place, Simple Cartoon Animation

These students shall join the other winners to represent the NCR in the upcoming 4th Grand National Computer Compe Improving their finish last year, Lourdes School Cho- tition on January 26, 2013 at the Meralco Fitness Center Multipurral Society (LSCS) finished fifth in the list of the best HS choral pose Hall of the Meralco Compound in Pasig City. From Page 1

PEB Online launched

Slam N Jam, celebrity alumnus return to LSQC

by Jasper Cruz
After a two-year hiatus, the Slam N Jam returned with a bang as the biggest high school event had made its comeback last December 3 at the High School Auditorium. The said musical literary production and competition among seniors was one highly anticipated school tradition that was watched by Third year students, parents, teachers and alumni. The Justice Ninjas, an all-boy regular class went home with the bragging rights as comeback champions for this year. The cream class Wisdom Wizards was next in line as first runner-up while the semi-cream class Charity Knights trailed after as second runner-up. It can be recalled that the champion for the said event three years ago was IV- Wisdom, which also holds the most number of titles. This years contest piece was Kit McCallums The Road Less Traveled which speaks about deliberating on choices in life. Martin Del Rosario, a renowned alumnus from Batch 2010 stole the spotlight drawing huge cheers from the crowd as one of the judges for the said competition. The rising Kapamilya actor belonged to the champion class of Wisdom in the last edition. Having just starred in the recent teleserye Precious Hearts Romances Pintada, the promising actor was just grateful for being invited back to his alma mater where he was a consistent honor student, an SAB officer, debater and batch salutatorian way back in grade school. He was discovered then by a talent agent and went on to start his career as an actor while he was a student here in LSQC. At present, he is also pursuing college at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Together with him as judges were the pioneer of the Slam N Jam and Grade School Language and Speech Coordinator Mr. Julius Grandea, Guidance Coordinator Ms. Ginalyn Go, Alumni Justin Veneracion of Batch 2009 from the champion section of Fortitude and Martin Justice Nionuevo of Batch 2006 from the champion section of Charity.

KUDOS. HS Principal Mrs. Arlyne Hope Blanco (right) leads the staffers in the toast ceremony celebrating another milestone of the PEB and of the school. The staffers (left) celebrate their success. (Photo by Justin Tajon)

The PEB Online unlike other publications will don under its banner information not only on the latest school events that are usually found in the hard copy but also details and information in a broader sense on high school life in Lourdes School QC. Aside from news stories, netizens will have a peek also at co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the students with the Classroom Extensions. Here, you will find those student activities which may be unique to Lourdesians only. Further, Lourdesians whether staffers or non- staffers may contribute their own works thru the Sari- sari and Loved Zone sections. Written works such as prose and poetry, cartoons and photos may be submitted by students who are interested to have their works published online. On the other hand, the Bloodline section will feature Lourdesians who have brought pride and honor to the school with their achievements in competitions outside the campus. Likewise, the Recognition awardees for each term will be posted here from time to time. Announcements by the school will also have its section in the website where students, parents and alumni will be updated every now and then. Photos of different school events and the uploaded version of the past issues will likewise be found in the new website under the Gallery and the Archives sections. As for future plans, the organization plans to put up another section to highlight the schools mission, vision and thrust and other significant information about the school. These, however, will not overlap with the schools official website, Lourdes School Interactive (LSI). As such, the PEB Online will maintain its light, varied, informal set-up as against the LSI. After all, the PEB Online represents the high school students and high school life of LSQC. The PEB Online was a huge project initiated by this years PEB Editor in chief Jasper Cruz and Associate Editor Richard Fronda together with the rest of the editorial board under the guidance of their adviser Mr. Marvin de Pano. In-charge of the layout and maintenance of the said site is PEB Layout Editor Alexander Hans Collado Jr.

The PEB Staffers SY 2012-2013. (Photo by Justin Tajon)

OF COMEBACKS AND HOMECOMING. The Slam N Jam winners this year: (top left) Champion IV-Justice, (bottom left ) 2nd Placer IV-Wisdom, (top right) 3rd Placer IV-Charity; Alumnus judge Martin Del Rosario (photos by Justin Tajon and Alyssa Medina)

NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

LSQC holds annual vocation week
by Raphael Dominic Dizon
pels me Come follow Me... Yes, Lord! For Your love comThis was the theme of this years Vocation Week held November 12-16, 2012 where students and employees participated in various activities spearheaded by the Christian Living (CL) Department and the Campus Ministry Office. Highlighting the Vocation Week were various seminars that centered on Buhay Capuchino, Religious Life Mens Edition, Single Blessedness & Married Life, Religious Life Womens Edition which were all held at the Instructional Media Center during CL classes while the last one about the seminar on vocation was held at the auditorium wherein invited speakers lectured on the deeper meaning of vocation. Further, CL Coordinator Ms. Mary Margaret Penuela shared, This is a special celebration of the school to celebrate our awareness of Gods calling. Each one of us is being called by God to play a unique role in carrying out His divine plan. She further stated, This is also being celebrated to give us a fuller view or orientation on the different types of vocation: single blessedness, married life and religious life. In short, God is giving us different options, that whatever vocation we choose, we are answering His call to become like Him, that in whatever vocation, we should bear in mind that it is a way of becoming like Him.

News 3
Highly anticipated SMILE Week delivers as expected
by John Gabriel Buena, Briane dela Pea and Jasper Cruz

BIGGER AND BOLDER. The SMILE Week comes up with activities that are magnanimous than ever surpassing its impressive feat 2 years ago. (Photo courtesy of the IMC and Justin Tajon.)

Living up to its theme, Beyond Imagination, the Science, Math, IMC-IT, Library and English or SMILE Week pulled off this years celebration in high note with breakthrough major activities that brought to life those that imagination can only reach. The said academic week was held from November 24 until the awarding last December 10. Heroes, Dr. Doom clash in SMILE edition The GS grounds went action-packed on November 24, 2012 as superheroes came to life in the very first SMILE Heroes Edition. The SMILE Heroes Edition 2012: Beyond Imagination is a mega production of all HS sections anchored on a huge story set in the future where the school has turned ala Professor Xs school for the gifted youth or mutants (from classic comics turned cartoon series X-Men) featuring future Lourdesians endowed with scientific and mathematical superhuman abilities. They embark on a messianic mission by battling evil master Dr. Doom and her minions. The event started with a prologue narrating a Lourdesian who woke up to see herself in the future, but only to find out that Lourdes School is under the hands of Dr. Doom, a former Lourdesian employee who had mourned the failure of all former students in Science, Math and English creating evil minions out of these. The highlight of the event began with the exposition of the backfiring of Dr. Dooms plan, thus the formation of mutant Lourdesians who shall become heroes that will save the school and the world from the said villain.


Grade Seven First Place Second Place Third Place Second Year First Place Second Place Third Place Third Year First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Year First Place Second Place Third Place (Creativity of Concept for Presentation) Grade Seven Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Justice Fortitude Charity Perseverance Prudence Reverence Minority Piety Fidelity Faith Love Joy

COME, FOLLOW ME. Selected HS students perform a skit during the opening program of the Vocation Week. (Photo courtesy of the IMC)


Faith and Joy Fidelity Perseverance Wisdom and Counsel

Alumni nostalgic over PEB Online launch and homecoming

Several alumni of the Pax Et Bonum were nostalgic over the old high school PEB days as they graced the first ever Balik PEB event held December 18, 2012. The said event coincided with the launch of the PEB Online. Former editors and staffers of the PEB were treated to a formal or special program and dinner prepared by this years editorial board and staff under the supervision of their adviser Mr. Marvin de Pano. Prior to this event, invitations had been sent out via the social networking site Facebook. The alumni were surprised by the formality of the occasion as the staffers donned in their semi-formal wear welcomed them during the registration and escorted them to their seats in the Magnificat ground which was transformed to an events place. The program was jumpstarted with the welcome remarks of the PEB Editor in Chief Jasper Cruz and the introduction of the alumni guests as well as the PEB editorial board and staff by Mr. De Pano. The main highlight of the event, the launching of the PEB Online, came next with a short overview by Mr. De Pano. The ceremonial click which officially marked the birth of the PEB Online was initiated by HS Principal Mrs. Arlyne Hope Blanco while the initial tour online was done by HS Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs Mrs. Cecilia Toledo. After which, the ceremonial toast followed after the short speech of Mrs. Blanco. The administrators and alumni, meanwhile, were treated to a string of song performances by staffers Jennus Alonte and Rain Valencia along with musicians Mark Barrera, News Editor Briane dela Pena and Layout Editor Alexander Hans Collado and a series of games facilitated by Mr. De Pano which pitted the alumni against the staffers and at the same time had them worked together on trivias about LSQC and the PEB. Towards the end of the program, representatives from each batch of alumni were asked to render inspirational messages: Theodore Joseph Ablaza (Batch 2009), Junico Boribor (Batch 2010), Vincent Galang (Batch 2011) and Daniel Evangelista (Batch 2012). Mr. De Pano ended with the closing remarks extending gratitude for their presence and calling for their close collaboration and active support in future organizational activities. The program ended with the photo shoot of all guests and staffers as well as a short dance party after.


Grade Seven Second Year Third Year Fourth Year

(Effective Demonstration of Math and Science Concepts) Joy Piety and Fidelity Perseverance Counsel


Grade Seven Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Library Aide Mrs. Penny Pelayo as Dr. DOOM herself. (Photo by Alyssa Medina)

Joy and Love Piety and Minority Perseverance Wisdom, Charity and Counsel


Grade Seven Second Year Third Year Fourth Year

As the story progressed, each section went to show off their creative and impressive presentations serving as subplots for the entire epic with different settings, characters and their powers anchored on mathematical and scientific concepts learned in the respective subjects. After all the presentations, the final sequence came about with the revelation of Dr. Doom, portrayed by Mrs. Penny Pelayo of the Office for Library Services. The epilogue went on with the discovery of the Lourdesian warped to the future to be Dr. Doom herself, thus shrieking in terror. In the end, it was revealed that everything was just a dream and a product of imagination for her English class composition. Weeks prior to this event, the students stayed overtime in school for practices and props making. Meanwhile, several special awards were handed out to winning sections during the awarding ceremony last December 10, 2012. The winners are as follow:

(Reinforcement of both universal and Lourdesian values) Faith Fidelity Perseverance Counsel

HEROIC APPEAL AWARD (Archetypal hero award)

Grade Seven Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Joy Fidelity Perseverance Wisdom


Grade Seven Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Joy Minority Perseverance Counsel

Race to Success Students were treated to a day of fun and excitement with the SMILE Amazing Race held last November 28. Several activities in the form of physical and mental challenges were prepared by the respective subject areas. The entire high school department was divided into several teams that took part in events held in the morning and in the afternoon. A separate team was formed as student facilitators and marshals that will help in the smooth transition of activities. All classrooms in the second floor, some laboratories, the auditorium, library and the Magnificat Grounds were used as venues for all challenges. In the end, Team Dewey emerged as winner for this race that was thought to be impossible at first with the bold idea of grouping all high school students according to the said teams.

NOSTALGIC. Batch 2009 Valedictorian and PEB Editor-in-Chief Theodore Joseph Ablaza delivers his message on behalf of the Alumni (Photo by Justin Tajon)

4 Opinion
Editorial Cartoon by: Matthew Paano

NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

Jasper Cruz

This side up
Anong bago?
Muli na namang nagsara ang isang taon. Tila kahapon lamang ay inaalala natin ang ating mga pinagkakaabalahan, at marahil ang iba nating kinababaliwan noong 2011, ngunit ngayon ang 2012 ay isa nang kasaysayan, kasaysayan na nakatala sa ating mga isipan at marahil sa ating talaarawan. Gasgas na ang mga katagang, Bagong taon, bagong buhay na ating naririnig sa tuwing papasok ang panibagong taon. Malamang marami na naman sa atin ang nagbabalak ng mga pagbabago at gumagawa na ng kanya-kanyang New Years Resolution. Karaniwan at marapat lamang na resolusyon ay ang pagpapabuti ng sarili pag-aalis ng negatibong ugali o gawi sa ating sistema tulad ng maana habit, sa harap ng kompyuter o telebisyon at hindi mawawala riyan ang walang hanggan at hindi kumukupas na sakit ng karamihan ang katamaran. Wala naman siguro sa atin ang gugustuhing maulit ang lahat ng kanyang kamalasan at pasanin muli ang mga pasakit na kanyang naranasan sa nakalipas na taon. Ang paggawa ng new years resolution ay isang paraan upang mapagbuti ng isa ang kanyang sarili. Maisasaayos niya ang kaniyang sistema at mawawaksi niya ang kaniyang mga maling gawi at ugali upang magkaroon siya ng panibagong simula ika nga fresh start.

Wala namang masama kung lagi tayong nagnanais ng pagbabago para sa ikabubuti natin. Nagiging masama lamang ito kung paulit-ulit natin itong sinasabi sa ating mga sarili at hindi naman natin ito maisakatuparan.
Wala namang masama kung lagi tayong nagnanais ng pagbabago para sa ikabubuti natin. Nagiging masama lamang ito kung paulit-ulit natin itong sinasabi sa ating mga sarili at hindi naman natin ito maisakatuparan. Nakaraan na marahil ang isang dekada ngunit hindi pa rin natin naisasagawa ang sinasabi nating pagbabago sa ating mga sarili. Minsan naman ay oo, inspirado tayo at ginagawa natin ang pagbabago na ating sinasabi ngunit habang tumatagal, marahil makalipas ang ilang buwan, linggo o minsan nga ay araw lamang ay tila nakalilimutan na natin ito. Ningas-kugon, ika nga. Ngunit ang tanong tuwing bagong taon lang maaaring gumawa ng pagbabago? Wala namang masama sa paggawa ng new years resolution tuwing sasapit ang panibagong taon ngunit hindi bat mas mainam kung kahit sa kalagitnaan ng taon ay gagawa tayo ng resolusyon, ora mismo matapos mong mapagtanto ang iyong maling gawi? Mas marami ang iyong pagkakataon na mapabuti ang iyong sarili at hindi ka lamang magmumuni-muni sa tuwing lilipas at magsasara ang isang taon. Sa huli, sa pagsasagawa ng pagbabago, ang kailangan lamang ay ang mapanindigan ang gagawing resolusyon at dapat itong matimbang, mapagnilayan at mapag-isipan nang maayos kung ito ay para sa ikabubuti at hindi para sa ikasasama. Manigong bagong taon sa ating lahat!

An Unwavering Commitment
2012 was veiled with gloom and fear with the series of unfortunate events marked by campus shootings, violence and murders that left the world asking how and why these had happened then doubting next whether schools are still safe from the brooding evil just creeping outside. News spread like fire last year with the campus shootings at the University of Southern California where four were killed during a Halloween party. And then, there was the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting at Connecticut leaving 20 dead mostly grade school students and one of the worst campus shootings recorded in the US history. Just two weeks ago, another shooting incident took place at Rural California leaving two students dead and several injured. Locally, similar incidents had been recorded with the death of two Far Eastern University (FEU) students shot just outside the school gym and the 20-year-old student from the University of Santo Tomas who was allegedly stabbed by six female students inside the FEU campus. The question now is how secured is campus security and how safe is safety for the students. With these in mind, schools more than ever should intensify efforts to ensure security and safety of their stakeholders. These would include school administrators and parents bolstering security even outside the campus to extend to its vicinity. Working closely and actively with the community and its varied sectors is a constant effort. On our schools end, Lourdes School Quezon City has raised security to a higher level due to incidents in the past where students and employees had been held up or victimized by snatchers or modus operandi just outside the schools perimeter. The school also discourages and even prohibits students from loitering in nearby fast-food


chains and computer shops in order to prevent such incidents since they cannot assure anymore their hundred-percent safety once they step out of the blue faade. That is why the school commits itself in constantly upgrading its standard practice and operating procedures on security and safety through the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. At the moment, there are 34 CCTV cameras spread in strategic places around the campus both in Grade School and High School Departments. Guidelines and contingency measures have been crafted as well to respond to disasters and emergencies including the holding of randomly scheduled fire and earthquake drills every year. Seminars have been administered as well to employees and students on disaster and emergency preparedness. Further, the school firmly implements strict policies, rules and regulations on admitting visitors and guests to include proper dress code and the rule on the non-bringing of cellular phones and other unauthorized electronic gadgets. Strict measures though have created ire for some who have been denied entry or sanctioned for unauthorized accessories citing the schools unreasonable and unfavorable ways as lousy alibi. With the SOP on admitting visitors, the school can control those entering the campus and can trace their whereabouts and transactions, thus ensuring a safer and secured environment only. On the other hand, the rule on bringing of cellular phones and other unauthorized electronic gadgets is only a move to veer Lourdesians away from undue harm and danger especially from the preying eyes that threaten outside . The bottom line is that the school best and fully exercises and utilizes its freedom, authority and resources to assure only our welfare in and out of the school. As such, these policies, rules and regulations may seem harsh and stern but if we closely look and analyze these, we will realize that there is more to what meets the eye only. After all, we would not just want to end up as a banner headline of a newspaper of the latest school to go down this sorry list.

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NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

Richard Fronda Louis Adolfo Arceo

Opinion 5

Survival of the Fittest: 2013 edition
2013 marks not only another year but also blots the beginning of the third trimester. Every Lourdesian knows how crucial the last term is. For most Lourdesians, the final term will be the time to reclaim themselves (academically speaking) after goofing around the past two terms, while for others, especially that of the graduating batch and those part of the crme classes, this would be their final chance to give their all with hopes of landing in one of Days before our 2nd trimester examinations, I found out my Physics notebook missing and I was feeling totally awful over the loss. What irked me more though is knowing that someone allegedly stole my comprehensive notes for his/her own sake. So, whoever you are, may I just say how pitiable your personality is! Upsetting it may be, but realizing further, it is not I who was actually placed in a disadvantageous position here rather it was that person who intentionally submitted to this

Epitome of Happiness
13 Ways to start 2013
Out with the old, in with the new; hola 2013! adios 2012! 2013 marks the beginning of another chapter in our life, a fresh start indeed! It is the chapter which we all look forward to and hope for prosperity, happiness, possibility, and success. 2012 though was a one-hell-of-a-ride. There were ups and downs along the way but thats life. As they say, life may at times be rough with pen and paper. Its more of a dream list than a goal setting thing. For example, learn a new language or fly in a hot air balloon. The more creative you get, the more fun your bucket list will be! 3.) Enjoy life more. Amidst the stressful days that we face every day, we should at least take a rest. Make the most of it while youre still young and fresh, as they say. Take time to relax and

Let us allow nature to take its course i.e. to be recognized because we are worthy of such. To gain recognition and honor becomes all the more elusive to those who seek for it.
the sacred spots in the pedestal that is aspired by many. To ensure these, students have devised various ways to attain the success theyve been eyeing for; unfortunately, some at others cost though. Our lingo defines crab mentality clearly. While our mentors have been constantly reminding us about its ills, many seemed still dense on this matter. Many still believe that at the end of the day what matters is what one has gained even if he clawed his way up by clawing others down. I know that several of us have been placed in such situations wherein a classmate of yours: a close friend even would attempt to pull you down. Just recently, Ive been once again victimized by this ill scheme. wrongdoing. It only clearly shows how his/her action was rooted from his/her envy and false pride. This crab-like mentality is not just limited to such acts. Crabs may also be those who refuse to cooperate with others initiatives given that it wasnt your idea theyll work on. They may also be those that cannot be happy for others success often finding faults in them instead. Nobody among us can claim that we have not been crabs at one point in time. I would be a hypocrite if I was not at some point. Even if we dont take these things into action, merely thinking ill with envy and insecurity over others makes you a crab already. See Survival of The Fittest: 2013, Page 11

Going out of ones comfort zone may be a little hard for some but I bet that once you got out, you wouldnt regret it.
and tough, but having the right attitude can turn these trying times into unexpected opportunities. This year wouldnt be as fun as last year if you will not start it with a fancy to-do-list, right? To start 2013 right, here are 13 awesome ways on how to seize the year. 1.) Set your goals for the year: may it be academic, social or spiritual as long as you have something to aim for and to motivate yourself to be better. 2.) Have your own bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you (ehem) die. These are dreams, goals and sometimes life experiences that you want to fulfill. I recommend you to create one starting now because its free and takes only a little of your time chill a bit. Life has lots to offer and its up for us to take it or leave it. Everyone deserves a break, a vacation, a leave or an escape from reality. I suggest that we should study hard so when its about time for a one-two week break, we wouldnt be worrying about academics at all! 4.) Be unique. Bring out the new you! To start 2013 with a bang, there is no other way than to bring out the new you perhaps by changing your ragged closet, your hairstyle, your study habits or anything else under the sun. So long as you feel better than before, its a thumb up! As an old saying goes, there is no other person in the world that would be proud of you than yourself, so dont be shy and flaunt those assets. See 13 Ways to Start 2013, Page 11

Alexander Hans Collado Jr.

Baron Carreon

Adobe Sweet
It is undeniable that the fast development of technology continues to bring us new and exciting innovations helping us live easier and more efficiently. We must keep up though with these innovations and upgrades so as not to be left behind. There is, in fact, a huge milestone achieved this year by adapting to the inevitable quick pace of technology; Im sure that you already know the answer: the launching of PEB Online, the official online student publication of the high school department. It also hosts and features content from the students themselves be it poems, short stories, essays, films, and so on. In addition to this, the site also provides announcements from authorities on school activities and the like. What does PEB Online offer? Each page of the PEB Online is uniquely created to befit the students online needs. For instance, if one wants to know the whos

Shaft of Grain
Grin from Ear to Ear
A smile is a curve that sets everything straight, says the late comedian Phyllis Diller. As great the irony these words have, the irony of real life gets even greater. We usually neglect simple things for many reasons. It can be because of a busy schedule, being in hot water or simply of an end justifies the means attitude. Perhaps for most people, that would be smiling. We tend to underestimate such thing not knowing the true power it holds. Even experts and researches are witnesses to the practical perks it can offer. for everyone. This is helpful during group works especially if the team needs a spirit lift. Just dont forget those reality bites that you also need or else you might miss your hit in the long run. Believe it or not, smiling can boost your immune system. It aids ones immune system to work better and improve its function. Thats because a person becomes more relaxed after a smile treat. As well, smiling lowers the blood pressure through carrying away the tensions from a problematic mind. Another thing to know, happy chemicals such as endorphins, nat-

Surprisingly though among Lourdesians, web development as a skill and hobby has yet to find its way in the norm.
LSQC. Thus, a new dawn is upon us; one that is truly exceptional. Such is indeed a cause for the school to celebrate, for not all can adapt to these changes nor afford these actually. But for us in the PEB and the entire Lourdesian community, weve already marked our way towards the top of the food chain. What is PEB Online? Technically, it is a website composed of your favorite language learned or yet to be learned in TLE: HTML, CSS, and the latest fad in the world of web development, jQuery (Javascript). But to put more simply, the PEB Online is the Lourdesian gateway to the latest events in who at the moment, one can simply refer to the Lourdesian of the Month section. This page is updated monthly to feature a long list of model students among them. Next, if youre seeking to make your time worthwhile online, then Sari-Sari is for you. This section is for the literary fanatics along with those who like a very well-written feature article. On this page also are found the cartoons illustrated by our very own cartoonists. The PEB Online also caters to the needs of the emotional and lovesick; hence, the Loved Zone section. See Instantaneous, Page 11

A smile can work magic, heal your heart and body aches, earn you a profit or even get things done.
Obviously, smiling makes us more attractive. Even some will be humiliated to admit it but we are usually drawn to people who smile. This is where the attraction factor begins. Out of our natural curiosity, we tend to find out the reason behind that beaming curve we see. On the other hand, frown, scowls and grimaces just drive others away. You wouldnt want to hear out a lifeless group report nor sitting in front of performers who wear long faces on a happy tune. They actually lack an important thing that is to smile. Now, we have checked one in our list. Like a creepy pandemic, a smile can be contagious. When someone smiles, this person helps lighten up the room for others as well. Peoples mood changes and things turn lighter and easier ural pain killers and serotonin are released in the body. With these three together, feeling good just even gets better. Ever wonder why there are people who look younger than their age? Ill tell you one secret of theirs: its a smile. The muscles we use when smiling lift the face, making a person appears younger. Indeed, the body has its own anti-aging agents just like the beauty bars and facial moisturizers you get to see in the market. There are alternatives around that can give you some of your wanted results without terrorizing too much your pocket. See Grin from Ear to Ear, Page 11

NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

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NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

Teachers Day 7

The ABCs of Teaching ng Pagtuturo

By Roi Anton Boribor | Ni Coleen Lucille Recio
Gayunpamay di mapapantayan Ang mga ngiti ni Bb. Soliman. O - Orange obsession of Mrs. Alnajes Bright and bubbly all around her With the cheerful orange, would she be stressed? Just on look and it removes her anger. P - Powerpoint presentation on a projector The modern day bread and butter of a teacher Against an uninviting enthusiasm of a class Takes their eyes away from the hourglass Q - Quizzes are the reason students cram For every wisp of information they can grasp The process fatal, causing teachers to cram Its results make both students and teachers gasp. R - Rest in peace, Maam Bella, our teacher With your guiding smile hovering above us Your students have always seen you as a mother A great teacher, with kindness so generous A - Ambidextrous Ms. Autillo Choose: left or right? She can write on both hands though Each hand capable, each task made light. B - Big projects, skits or presentations It always gives an aura of panic or confidence Those last moments of cramming for the students It is now or never for these big events. C - CS is the terror down Nightmare Street The peak of stress and sleepless season Students cannot keep themselves in their seats Why? Its CS time, no other reason. D - Door locked by Sir Marvin Due to his student Sir JC Alnajes Being late in Mr. De Panos class again Teacher or studentcan anyone guess? E - Enthusiasm is the key to getting attention Whether a creative ice breaker Or a funny video about the lesson A teachers trick makes a discussion easier. F - Fist full of paperwork Works worse with the rising stress Checking and making tests arent a walk in the park The stacks of papers look like a huge mess. G - Getting to know activity is where all is shy For advisers have a crash course with their class But of course, teachers cannot really pry Teachers enthusiasm is all but never the last. H - Headbands ni Gng. Urmaza Na kaakit-akit at terno pa Ang buhok niyang unat na unat, Marikit at tunay na kaakit-akit I - Inoobserbahan ng koordineytor ang klase Tunay na napakakabado talaga ang lahat Pati ang pasaway, tahimik at tikom Pero ang guro ay nakakaturong tama at sapat. J - Jokes na sobrang corny naman Dahil minsat dapat daanin sa biruan Kahit ganon, tawa pa rin ng tawa Ang masayang guro ay tunay na hindi nakakasawa. K - Keeps calm and carries on after a hard day For a teachers responsibilities always lay Life might be harsh; it can get you down But look at the teachers; theyd never frown. L - Lesson plan is the teachers best friend For an organized lesson each and every week A teachers weekly homework Yet another valiant task to be systematic M - Macbook of Ms. K can be seen As she struts down the tiled corridor But her glitz and glam is something much more Brains and beauty, much like of a queen N - Ngiting nakapangingilabot Sadyang nakakatakot

Photo courtesy of the IMC

important place A common denominator among our English teachers The College of Education, their precious alma mater Making LSQC, now their school, in many ways, much better V - Vacation para sa kanila ay ang inaasahang tulog, Na dapat kumpletuhin ng guro para mabusog. Busog sa kapaguran at trabaho, Walang panahon sa sariling luho. W - Worst Combo: Tamad na student + Mahirap na lesson Especially with the deadlines approaching The short fuse burns faster than ever The time to blow or never? X - Xtreme biking ni Papa Art at Sir Carranza Sino ang tatalo sa lakas nila? Pinahahalagahang tunay ang kalusugan, Ng makisig nilang pangangatawan.

S - Starbucks addiction will die hard With its tempting first line of defence against Y - Yieeee Mr. and Mrs Alnajes! sleepiness With its fulfilling aroma, keeps teachers on guard Tunay na bagay kayong pares. Isang kagwapuhat kagandahan, When they are down, Starbucks knows best. Na pinagsamang kapalaran. T - Taray ng iba dyan Z - ZZZZZZ. Fatigue will never let them win Shhh wag kang maingay malalagot ka niyan. Nobody has won its tired touches Marahil inaakala mo lang ito, Yet teachers become so adaptable Dahil ang busilak ng kanilang pusoy totoo. Miracle workers they are to us, always remainU - University of Santo Tomas for them is an ing unbeatable

To the best teacher Ive ever had in my life

In all of my thirteen years, no one has ever taught me more than you did. I could never thank you enough for your undying support, the insane amount of time youve used up teaching me and your unparalleled long tolerance. You tirelessly spend hours on end giving me advice at the time when I need it the most, despite being occupied and ill. The lessons youve taught me have more value to me than a lifetime of knowledge, and even if youre gone, your lessons will remain in me forever. Im sure that I learned more from you than ever will from any teacher. I know I was never the best student youve had, Ive stressed you to no end, Ive ignored your advice and Ive only realized what Ive done when it was too late, but even so, when you were still here, despite my disobedience, you never gave up on me. After everyone criticized you for things that werent your fault, after everyone else tried to convince you I was a lost cause, you never lost faith in me. Ive always been so stubborn and careless and irresponsible, but you never forgot your duty as a teacher, for that, I want to apologize. These days, I still wish you were here to see my achievements and the things I can do that I couldnt do before. I miss those times when I can run to you with my problems and ask for help, but even though you arent physically here, Im sure youre there somewhere, watching over me and guiding me. I sure hope that Im making you proud. After all, youre not just the worlds greatest teacher to me; youre my counselor, my friend and most of all, my mother. I love you mama. Sincerely, Your only daughter,

Photo courtesy of Gemina Bella from the painting of her father, Mr. Grandier Bella


8 Teachers Day

by the LSQC PEB and SAB Alumni

NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

Photo courtesy of the IMC

It still amazes me to think how time flies by so quickly. Four years ago, in my crisp Barong Tagalog, I took my last glimpse of the pale green and white painted High School buildings at the middle of the uneven Magnificat Grounds with rough lines of badminton courts. As I visit now, much of the half century structures have not changed except for the different shades of blue that drown you in an ever-peaceful sense of peace and serenity. I cannot help but feel a little twitch in my heart now that I am about to graduate again this time from college. Its as if a part of me has never left the school I love so much. Moving on from LSQC has proven to be a big challenge for me. This must be the feeling of a child when his most beloved toy has been taken away from him or that of a prisoner being sentenced to life imprisonment away from his family. It pains, rather torments me to look at the possibility of being farther once more. Ultimately, this must be the case when a child departs from his parents to take on bigger challenges in life.

To all my former teachers, I might not have said these before but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again deeply from my heart just like how a child thanks his parents for buying him the featured toy of the month at the storeit means the whole world to me. On this special day of yours, let me extend my praises to you once more by saying that you have been the best teachers a student can ever have. I will never forget what one great person told me allow me to be the one to thank you. For the many times that Ive thought of quitting, you have been my inspiration. Thank you. I hope that I have made you proud as my parents. To all my beacons of inspiration, happy teachers day! - TJ Ablaza (Batch 2009 Valedictorian)

Photo by Justin Tajon

Dear Ms. Angel, Thank you for being my first favorite teacher in LSQC. To be really honest, I was really scared to go to high school but you being my adviser and all-smiling during our Math classes made me less anxious during freshman year with I-Joy. When you assigned Math buddies in class, it made me realize that really, you were a good teacher (and might be a good mother in the future as well). Thank you for caring for us, your babies (then). - Ico Boribor (Batch 2010 Valedictorian) Half-inked Papers and Bottomless Conversations by Steph Sison (Batch 2011 PEB Features Editor) Of all the things I miss most, None involves the classroom feats, Barely even remember who dated who; Not the exams or the projects, Or who championed the baskets Of all the things I miss most, These were greatly my bliss: Half-inked papers murdered By his bloody strike-throughs & comments Bottomless conversations eluding The inescapable pending deaths Of all the things I miss most, Tis the home I found In the four walls of that room, In his waterfall frankness, In the wisdom he shared, In the passion and patience he showed, I constantly reminisce All these revelries I wish to say Just because I miss you so All the times Im under your care, All the moments Ive been honed By the greatest mentor Ive ever known

Photo by Daniel Evangelista

Pag-aalaala at Pasasalamat ni Veronica Solis (St. Francis of Assisi Awardee, Batch 2009) Sa dinami-rami daw ng mga detalye na pumapasok sa ating utak, halos isang bahagdan lamang ang naiiwan at nananatili sa ating alaala nang pangmatagalan at bahagi nito ay ang mga bagay, tao, at mga pangyayaring nag-iwan ng malaking impresyon o kaya namay nagdulot ng pagbabago sa ating buhay. Halos apat na taon na mula nang magtapos ako sa LSQC. At sa pagbabalik-tanaw ko ngayon, nakatutuwang isipin na naririto pa rin sa aking alaala ang napakaraming karanasang napagdaanan ko noong akoy nasa LSQC pa kung saan nakasalo ko ang aking mga kamag-aral, mga kaibigan, at siyempre, ang aming mga naging guro. Naniniwala ako na isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit marami ang nagsasabing pinakamasaya sa hayskul ay ang mga gurong nakadaupang-palad natin. Natatangi sila sapagkat, sa paaralan, sila ang ating kasa-kasama at gumagabay sa atin sa mga panahong nagsisimula nang umusbong ang ating kaisipan. Sila ang ating tinatakbuhan upang idaing ang ating mga problema sa pag-aaral o mumunting tampuhan sa loob ng barkada. Higit sa lahat, sa loob ng paaralan, sila ang may pinakamalaking pagpapahalaga at pagmamahal na inilalaan para sa ating mga mag-aaral. Isipin na lang natin kung gaano kalaking parte ng buhay at pagkatao nila ang walang pag-aalinlangan nilang ibinabahagi sa atin. Sa pagkakataong ito, nais kong iparating ang aking pasasalamat sa mga guro na

masasabi kong naging malaking bahagi at nagiwan sa akin ng malaking impluwensya habang sa buong pananahanan ko sa LSQC nang apat na taon. Kina Maam Editha Catotocan, Maam Cecilia Toledo, Maam Cielo Pineda, Maam Ara Blanco, Sir Anjo Castillo, Maam Joyce Andaya, Bb. Leidy May Gomez, Bb. Mylene Regner, Maam Weng Requidan, Sir Marvin de Pano, Sir Edzel Gonzales, at Maam Eljay Godinez at sa lahat po ng naging guro namin, maraming salamat po sa bawat aralin na inihatid ninyo sa amin at sa mga aral ng buhay na natutunan namin mula sa inyo. Kasama po kayo sa mga taong ipinagpapasalamat ko na nakilala ko sapagkat ilan po kayo sa mga taong masasabi kong nagbigay ng inspirasyon sa akin upang mapagbuti pa lalo ang pag-aaral ko at ang pagiging Lourdesian ko. Dahil po sa naramdaman kong binigyan ninyo ng tiwala ang kakayahan ko, natutunan ko ding magtiwala sa sarili ko. Kayo po ang ilan sa mga taong pinaghugutan ko ng lakas noon upang suungin ang anumang balakid o paghihirap na naranasan ko bilang isang mag-aaral at upang huwag matakot na tanggapin ang mga oportunitad na makapagpapayaman ng aking kaalaman at kakayahan. Madali pong mahanap at mabalikan sa mga aklat ang mga leksyong tinalakay natin sa loob ng silid-aralad, kayat sa tingin ko ay ayos lamang kung malimutan ko ang mga iyon. Subalit ang mga pinagsamahan natin, ang mga tunay na aral ng buhay na ibinahagi ninyo, ang oras at pagkalinga, at ang pagmamahal at tunay na pagmamalasakit na natanggap ko mula sa inyo, tiyak pong hindi ko malilimutan sapagkat narito na po sila, maingat na nakatago sa aking pusot isipan nang pangmatagalan.

Photo by Justin Tajon

NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

To the light of my young teenage years, Its been, what? Almost half a decade? Since I have left the four corners of our alma mater Yes, perhaps some of the memories may have come to fade Except, of course, those things that really matter. And of the latter Ive said, I will always cherish so The laughter, cries, and inspiring moments shared with my maestros! Behind the eyes of clear hindsight, I am compelled to feel grateful Having such mentors equip me as I dare increase my might Carefully discerning the wisdom that separates the wise from fools Four months from now, Ill be finishing tertiary education And Ive seen many faces in this tertiary school race This college journey has led to my LSQC learning coming into fruition The character a Lourdesian builds - that is his best ace! I may forget my grammar, history dates, math equations, and scientific solutions But the values and character built by my persevering teachers will be in my heart forever. Very truly yours, A Proud Lourdesian Alumnus (Patch Aure- SAB Vice-President, Batch 2009 Second Honorable Mention)

Teachers Day 9

Photo by Justin Tajon

One day before graduation It was the very day before our graduation A couple of dresses were making such a commotion Parents have complained and shouted in frustration The dressmaker kept giving misleading information Yet despite the stress and overflowing phone bill She answers the calls calmly and smiling still The day has past yet problems remained unresolved Her response were warm smiles but the evening turns cold When she realized it was too much, she made a call Talking to her mom, her tears uncontrollably began to fall As she ends her cry I did not look at her with pity She wiped her tears; no explanations and smiled at me She walked back in with the same elegance and class Thats when I knew, my teacher is a one of a kind lass. (One evening before graduation day with Ms. K Manarang, when the dressmaker failed to finish a lot of the dresses because somebody died in her family. Parents and students, on the other hand, were complaining non-stop.)

Twenty minutes of the impossible She never really became my teacher But there is something I couldnt forget about her Maybe its the way she implied me a geek and a loser Yet in all harshness I continue to admire her She never congratulated me during Recognition She just whispers You could do better in somewhat frustration As the student I should probably be scared Yet I choose to think that maybe she really cared One fateful night in the Old Coors room She laid out in front of us a writing training doom Her instructions were simple and clear Three articles; twenty minutes Ill be returning here Yet after the many cussing and writings that were terrible In the end, in twenty minutes she made me do the impossible. (One time Journalism training with our principal then Ms. Jocelyn Andaya) Stressbusters

Photos courtesy of the IMC

Ilang taon lamang tayong pormal na matuturuan ng ating mga guro, ngunit higit pa sa ganitong haba ng panahon ang itatagal ng kanilang mga naituro. Maaaring sabihin ng ilan, Kaunting mga buwan lang ang lilipas at malilimutan ko na rin ang mga paksang kanilang tinalakay kahapon. Hindi maitatanggi ang kahalagahan ng mga pang-akademikong bagay na ating natutunan mula sa kanila, pero aling alaala ba ang mas magpapangiti sa atin? Ang alaala ng isang mahirap na aralin sa Math na mabilis mong naintindihan, o ang alaala ng mga kamemo-memoryang kataga ng ating mga guro na nagpagaan sa isang seryosong talakayan? Alin ba ang mas masasabi mong bahagi ng iyong pagkatao? Ang bawat mahirap na paksang naituro o ang tiyagang unti-unti mong nagawang ipamalas para intindihin ang mga iyon? Ang proseso ng pagkatuto ay isang mahalagang bahagi ng ating pag-unlad, ngunit para sa akin ay hindi magiging tunay na buo ang karanasang ito kung hindi dahil sa presensya ng ating mga guro. Naging saksi sila sa bawat mabuting pagbabagong nangyari sa atin, na maaaring sila pa nga ang nagdulot. May mga guro tayong hinangaan sa kanilang dunong, at lalo pa ang ating paghanga sa kanilang tiyaga sa pagpapasa ng mga kaalaman sa atin.

Sa klase, minsan ay hindi buo ang atensyong ibinibigay natin sa kanila, ngunit handa pa rin silang pakinggan ang ating mga problema o maging mga saloobin lamang kapag tayoy nagkukuwento sa kanila. Maaaring sila ang humimok sayong limutin ang hiya at kaba upang mailabas mo ang talentong kanilang napansin sayo. Nariyan rin ang gurong ikay napagalitan sa kanyang paghahangad na tulugan kang bumuti. Ang inyong samahan bilang guro at mag-aaral ay maaaring hindi naging perpekto, ngunit sa bawat mong pagbisita upang makamusta, kanyang ngiti ang sayo ay bubungad. Hindi sasapat ang mga payak na salita upang tumbasan ang mga sakripisyo ng lahat ng mga gurong minahal ang isang propesyong hindi binibigyan ng mataas na karangalan ng lipunan gayong mahalaga ang kanilang ambag dito, ngunit mabuti ring ating maiparamdam ang ating pagpapahalaga sa kanila. Sa lahat ng mga guro, maraming salamat po at naway hindi po kayo magsawang maging inspirasyon sa mga magaaral na unti-unti niyong inilalapit sa kani-kanilang mga hangarin. - Charlene Mae Celoso (Batch 2011 Valedictorian and St. Francis of Assisi Awardee)

It is very rare to find a teacher you can talk to as a friend, one who you can be totally honest with, to talk to unguarded and at times uncensored. The most amusing and interesting conversations I had with a teacher would probably be with Sir Marvin. I reThe Coin Story member one afternoon, when we were all just Of all my teachers in high school, Sir sitting around the PEB room, exhausted and Carlo has probably given me the most senti- drained of all our energy. Then Sir Marvin walks in, and just mental token I had from my years then: a five peso coin. It was a day most would not even starts to talk, and talk and we cant help but remember. I never thought days like those to smile and laugh. He really was just gifted would be of any significance until our teacher with a very natural sense of joviality. Our conpicked up a coin at the end of our Math class versations coursed then towards our teachers and gave it to me. It was just an ordinary coin being the topic, and we began to share funny until Sir Carlo told me that if I still have that moments in class as well as awkward failure coin until graduation, he will multiply it by moments. Some of us even imitated some of 20. It was an interesting challenge, yet seem- our teachers. He then started scribbling down all ingly insignificant at that time. At first, I was not even up for it. I was about to spend it on we were saying and told us he would share a jeepney ride home but I suddenly felt like it as blind item to his friends. My stomach really hurt laughing that day, but as much walking home instead. Since then, I have developed quite a as that memory was humorous to me, it was fondness for our ever-energetic Math teacher also very sentimental. The thought of making ever since he danced BUTTERFLY in front him laugh and him wanting to remember the of the classroom and so I decided to keep it things we were saying felt pretty special. We since then. And for all the years I had him as felt as important to him as he is of value to us. a teacher, that coins value has increased more His comical dialogues never fail to take some and more. I had it with me during graduation of the weight off our shoulders and I am very day, but I never told him about it because he much glad we are able to do the same for him. probably doesnt remember, but mostly because I wouldnt want to trade a sentimental - Anecdotes from Sarah and Sidney Bravo piece of our first conversation to any amount (Batch 2011 Valedictorian and First Honorof money, my memory of him is far more val- able Mention) uable.

Photo courtesy of the IMC

10 Teachers Day

NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

Yes, I am a Teacher
by Mr. Marvin de Pano

IDOL: The LSQC Edition

IDOL kita Ms. Mangaliman kasi, ginagawa mong masaya ang mga lessons kahit medyo hirap kami at napaka-cool mong adviser! Love you maam! Jill Cregencia, II-Purity IDOL kita Ms. Dedase kasi, sobrang bait mo at nandiyan ka lagi para sa amin. Love you maam! Isay Aguila, II-Purity IDOL kita Mrs. Requidan kasi, ginagawa mong masaya at di malilimutan ang bawat araw namin. Eloiza Medina, IV-Charity IDOL kita Mr. Castillo kasi ikaw ang naging inspirasyon sa buong apat na taon ko sa LSQC Wanya Tan, IV-Wisdom IDOL kita Ms. Regner kasi ang bait mo sa akin kahit magulo ako sa iyo Patricia Astudillo, VII-Faith IDOL kita Ms. Maiquez kasi, magaling po kayong magturo at inaalagaan niyo po kami bilang adviser niyo Jhon Carlo Vista, VII-Love IDOL kita Sir Marlon kasi mabait ka at laging nagpapatawad. Magaling din po kayong magturo Jeremiah Candelaria, VII Joy IDOL kita Sir Carlo Dela Cruz kasi kahit na madalas ka man wala, parati pa rin po kitang nararamdaman kahit through text. Salamat po sir sa lahat ng payo about life, school and the SAB. I appreciate it very much sir. Mahal po namin kayo ng Wisdom. Alain Lorenzo Aycardo, IV-Wisdom IDOL kita Ms. K Manarang kasi you inspire me Michael Fernando, IV-Fortitude IDOL kita Ms. Lumanlan kasi magaling kang adviser Denise Angelo Napenas, IV-Counsel IDOL kita Sir Marlon kasi magaling ka sa sports. Hinahangaan rin po kita dahil magaling kang magturo David John L. Ventura, VII-Hope IDOL kita Mrs. Angelina Lumbre kasi kahit anong gawing kababalaghan sa klase, nananatili ka pa ring unkabogable! Minnelle Maguyon, III-Reverence IDOL kita Mrs. Alnajes kasi ang galing mong magturo Jinia Garcia, II-Purity IDOL kita Sir Jonathan kasi napaka-astig mong magturo Louis Arceo, IV-Wisdom IDOL kita Ms. Reyes kasi magaling kang magturo Mikhail Insame, II-Piety IDOL kita Mrs. Lumbre kasi, kahit sobrang gulo ng klase, nakukuga mo pa rin ngumiti at magturo Felix Joaquin, III-Reverence IDOL kita, Mrs. Blanco dahil sa iyong motherly approachsa aming mga estudyante. Jasper Cruz, IV-Wisdom IDOL kita, Ms. Arisgado kasi matatag ka. Di ka agad bumibigay. Margaux Morales, III-Obedience IDOL kita, Ms. Alviz, kasi nandiyan ka pa rin palagi kahit hindi na kita guro. Justin Tajon, III-Perseverance IDOL kita, Ms. Penuela kasi ang galling niyong magturo! Dominic Chua, III-Prudence IDOL kita, Ms. Autillo kasi magaling kang magturo, very creative, isa kang anghel at pretty pa. Queenie Mangahas, IV-Charity IDOL kita, Ms. Genny kasi minahal mo kami gaya ng pagmamahal ng isang ina sa kanyang mga anak. Robert Basiloa, IV-Wisdom IDOL kita, Ms. Penuela kasi kahit na palagi mo kaming dinidisiplina, mabait ka pa rin. Janjan Viernes, II-Fidelity IDOL kita, Ms. Parel kasi magaling ka at mabait ka pa. Miguel Ozaeta, II-Piety IDOL kita, Mr. Alnajes kasi magaling kang mag-basketball. Anthony Sarte & Deus Samaniego, II-Minority IDOL kita, Ms. Soliman kasi araw-araw mo ako pinapasaya! Naisa Fernandez, III-Patience IDOL kita, Ms. Dignos kasi ang galling mong magturo, magpasaya at magjoke. Juan Tiangco, III-Perseverance IDOL kita Mr. Gonzales kasi malupit ka! Coleen Lucille Recio, III-Perseverance IDOL kita, Mr. Laygo kasi isa kang understanding na teacher. Jerome Co, III-Patience IDOL kita, Sir Gervic kasi ang haba ng pasensiya mo sa mga estudyante. Alyssa Medina, IV-Wisdom IDOL kita, Mrs. Pineda kasi napakagaling mong magsalita sa Ingles. Ervan Fernando, IV-Wisdom IDOL kita, Sir Jun Arrojo kasi naging tatay ka na sa amin at hindi ka nagkulang. Noel Corales & Owen Ignacio, Iv-Wisdom IDOL kita, Mrs. Toledo dahil sa iyong kasipagan at katalinuhan. Richard Fronda, IV-Wisdom IDOL kita, Ms. Belalo kasi kahit galit ka, nagbabang-loob ka pa rin sa amin. Paul Lorenzo, 7-Hope IDOL ka namin, Mr. De Pano kasi marami kang itinuro sa amin at lagi mo pinahahalagahan ang aming mga kakayahan habang inuunawa naman ang aming mga kahinaan. Mahal ka namin! PEB STAFFERS

Photo courtesy of the IMC

I am a teacher. And I am proud to be one. In a society where teachers are relegated to the lower ranks, many fear to tread this path. In an average or struggling family whos entitled to small dreams only, teaching is the best option. In a world where were considered modern day heroes with the noblest of all professions, were heroes looked down instead. Truly, we are a class of our own: unsung heroes whose lives will perhaps stay uncelebrated forever. Yet, I still chose to be a teacher. Against all odds, nah! I did not go through it. Did I belong to a struggling family who can only afford for a college course in teaching? Not even. It was just a choice. They say that if your child cant make a living or a fortune, then have him be a teacher instead. Or if your child is weak showing no prospects of a bright future, tell him to be a teacher. I beg to disagree though. Unknown and unrecognized by many, teaching is the hardest job;

a reason why many fear to tread this path. Teaching may be relegated to the lower ranks, but that is just noble and humble service. Christ himself was a teacher, and He chose to serve not to be served. Teaching is for those who are entitled to small dreams only. But dont big dreams start from small ones? Society has a lot then to thank for in teachers. We chose to dream little or small so that the others can dream big. We chose to stay in this profession and earn a little just for others to earn more in the future. Now, can you imagine a world without teachers? Will you be able to afford big dreams without those sacrificing theirs to help yours? Truly, we are a class of our own. Genuine. Noble. Pure. No ifs nor buts. I chose to be a teacher. Id rather have a small dream; so that I can give way for your big dreams.

Photo courtesy of the IMC

NOV 2012 - JAN 2013

13 ways to start 2013...

Survival of the Fittest...

From Page 5 (by Richard Fronda) The If I cant have it, neither can you attitude sadly is rooted among students as it is among Filipinos in general. It is depressing though that this negative mindset is more rampant among students from the cream class touted supposedly as role models of the entire studentry. The mere thought of it is just sickening aside from saddening, but as always realization of ones fault will always be hurtful if only truth will set us free. Lourdesians, let this be not the type of attitude that our school wanted to mold us with. This is not what healthy competition, as our teachers stress, really means. Being a crab, either silently or blatantly, is never right. Let us play fair instead. Let us stop tugging each other back into the bucket. Let us allow nature to take its course i.e. to be recognized because we are worthy of such. To gain recognition and honor becomes all the more elusive to those who seek for it. Let hard work and unyielding selfless efforts lead you to your rightful place in the end. Thats the best way to survive the third term and end high school. Thats the best way to live ones life. Happy New Year everyone! Have a wonderful and just year ahead! All the love in the universe!

Opinion 11

From Page 5 (by Louis Arceo) 6.) Go Beyond. Safe is the enemy of greatness as Rajo Laurel would point out. Going out of ones comfort zone may be a little hard for some but I bet that once you got out, you wont regret it. We may not know that those things outside the barriers are the things you may really be good at, so why not try and make those bold steps out of your comfort zone this year? 7.) Get a planner. Planning ahead is an amazing way to start the year. Planners are meant for busy bees like us as we have tons to think and remember like upcoming projects, home works and a long quiz These planners are such a life-saver for once you flipped those pages, you will instantly be reminded. On the brighter side, it helps ones life be organized, easier and hassle-free.

10.) Always pray. Prayer is our means of communication with Him. As a Catholic student, we are taught by our CL teachers that faith is what keeps us holding on whenever we feel down or depressed. He is always there for us no matter what. Of course, we should thank Him for a year full of blessing and grace and continuously pray so this year. 11.) Work for better grades. Who wouldnt love a higher grade this 2013? Certainly, this entails hard work, perseverance and 101% of determination. Its time for us to make that effort and put a smile on our parents face. At last, it will pay off!

12.) Have a healthy lifestyle. Staying physically fit and healthy, I bet, have been some of Lourdesians New Years resolutions. In a country marked with a lot of holidays and occasions, its really hard to keep up with the standards that the society observes. Who doesnt indulge in eating? Being 8.) Fill in the empty jar. This empty jar is the talk of healthy does not mean though that you have to be skinny or the town among social networking sites like Twitter, Face- slim; it means that you have to be healthy i.e. physically by book, Instagram and Tumblr. Its about filling the jar with exercising daily, mentally by being positive and spiritually notes about good things that might happen this year. At the by keeping an unwavering faith. end of the year, you will then open it again, read all the notes that you have written and surely remember the good 13.) Stand up, walk and do it with a smile. Learn to apprethings that happened. A genius and fantastic idea, so why ciate the little things that we have like our education. not try it for a change? Start your year right. Be proud of yourself. Stay happy and optimistic for there are endless possibilities that await. Furthermore, claim this year as yours. Its time to come out of your shell and shine to the fullest. Be confident! Be you!

From Page 5 (by Alexander Hans Collado Jr.) Looking for inspiration? Check them out in the campus with their distinctive feats and achievements at the Bloodline page. Youll catch a glimpse of how great Lourdesians really are! There are still a number of pages to check out like the Archives where you can view the soft copy of the recent issues released, and the Gallery wherein you can find the photos for each school event. Last but not the least, the About page talks about the PEB as one of the elite organizations of the school. PEB Online aims to serve well its purpose as an extension of the high school publication. So, be seen, be read, and be heard. Be one of us; be one with us. Be updated all the time! The road less traveled: Web Development

9.) Count your blessings. Blessings are gifts that God has bestowed upon us. Counting ones blessing is a good thing to start a new year because it means that youre grateful for the amazing things received and experienced last year. When we do so, we become more positive than ever.

Grin from Ear to Ear...

True enough, people today are more inclined to the various splendors of modern digital art. Anyone can now be a photographer especially with the influx of mobile devices with built-in cameras and downloadable apps such as Instagram. DSLR cameras are also on the go as more people buy them, take a picture with, and perform post processing techniques with either on Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. On the other hand, with millions of videos on Youtube, people seek to learn how videos are put together and are created; thus, video editing programs come into place. On the other hand, musicians have found a place to record their tunes; like a superhero, SoundCloud comes to their rescue. Graphic design, photo manipulation, film making and music production have become invaluable these days; they continuously feed us with entertainment, i.e. cool graphics, remarkable pictures, outstanding films and videos, and captivating music. Although this may be true, theres only one thing where you find these and enjoy then: the web. The web, in its current state, is the future. People log-in to Facebook and Twitter and spend countless hours checking out online content from photos to videos, peeking though their friends changing status or having a quick chat with a crush. The web has indeed the power to change the way we live and interact. Surprisingly though among Lourdesians, web development as a skill and hobby has yet to find its way in the norm. Web development can be referred to as the non-design aspects of building websites coding or mark-up (according to Wikipedia). If youre a big fan of programming, then this might be the right hobby and eventually a form of business for you. Understanding how domains, web servers, HTML, CSS and the free open source content managing system Wordpress work is already a great advantage. One may be able to sell websites at prices ranging from P10, 000 P15, 000, and thats still considered affordable. Moreover, taking a course in web development can be done online. There are literally thousands of resource websites that offer help. Web development can be coupled with graphic design too. For all the graphic artists, imagine your very own Photoshop skills embedded into coding. Not only will your art be more visible to netizens, it can also be a means to extend your potential further than youve never imagined. Web development does not only focus on coding; it also encompasses web design as well. Design theories and concepts work well when building designs for web sites. Do you know how Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all social networking sites came into place? They were all made possible by web developers and web designers. Certainly, the web is the future.

From Page 5 (by Baron Kenneth Carreon) When we give in to our cold feet and shivering toes, we tend to nail down things immediately. We stop noticing whats going on around the edges and we only see whats right in front of us. Unfortunately, gaining insight into a problem becomes another problem when were not able to think outside the box. Aside from feeling well, it also increases the flexibility of our minds and our ability to think holistically. This idea was once tested and the results showed that participants who smile did better on tasks requiring loads of attention. It just is that they saw the whole forest not only its trees. To cut the story short, smiling does spark ones insight. There is no weapon in the feminine armory to which men are so vulnerable as they are to smile, Dorothy Dix once said. A womans smile has a magical effect on men, over and above the eye contact. One study of psychology researchers Walsh and Hewitt in 1985 examined how men approached women in a bar. A womans eye contact gets her approached for some time but adding a single smile greatly extended the approach. Though for men, it is less magical. It is likely that men look more appealing to women when they display pride or even shame. Some would even say that less smiling makes a man look more masculine.

people. Of course, thats not the whole story. Still, working hard is needed though smiling really plays a vital role in such industries. But watch out, a constant mismatch between felt and displayed emotion, particularly called an emotional labor by the psychologists, can be exhausting and may lead to a job burnout. Better yet, before pursuing your life long career dream, consider carefully not only the profit youll gain but also your ability to handle the job. Our school also makes sure that we wont miss the dose of smiles we need. So no doubt, there are various activities in the campus. These are outlets for having fun and at the same time for learning. The Intramurals, Dance Night and SMILE Week are just some to mention. Just a penny of thought, one can say that SMILE is a smile. Such an academic week consists of various areas as to a smile that is of a variety of purposes and perks. There are many roadways to that precious beaming curve. Hopefully youre opening your eyes wide enough to see one.

Life can really work in its own mysterious ways. Youll just get surprised that what is supposed to be simple and small can actually touch thousands of lives. A smile can work magic, heal your heart and body aches, earn you a profit or even get things done. Another amazing characteristic of a smile is that it can be radiated, shared and act as a catalyst. Just imagine a whole network of optimists, idealists and inspired workers in the world. Most would agree that the greatest practical perk that So, start the year with a beaming smile on your face and smiling can give is making money. Just think of a smiling forget all those blues. You wouldnt want to miss the magic waitress who gets more tips, a flight attendant, a celebrity, this year, wouldnt you? and hospital personnel who earns a living for smiling at



2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year

Winners revealed for Intrams 2012

By Jasper Cruz and Richard Fronda

100 Meter Sprint Dodge Ball Egg Relay 4x4 Relay 4x1 Relay Eating Contest Kadang Kadang Going To Market Pasahang Itlog Tug of War Obstacle Course Mat Dance Patintero Darts Game

Grade 7

Hope Hope Love Love Faith Faith Hope Hope Faith Faith Faith Love Hope Joy --------Love Joy Love Faith Love Faith Faith Hope Faith Hope

Minority Humility Purity Purity Humility Purity Fidelity Minority Humility Minority Humility Piety Purity Piety Minority Purity Minority Minority Minority Piety Humility Minority Humility Humility Minority

Obedience Obedience Reverence Obedience Reverence Reverence Patience Patience Obedience Obedience Perseverance Obedience Patience Patience Prudence Obedience Obedience Obedience Patience Obedience Perseverance Patience Reverence Perseverance Perseverance

Wisdom Charity Charity Charity Counsel Counsel Fortitude Charity Counsel Justice Counsel Counsel Charity Charity Wisdom Justice Wisdom Counsel Wisdom Charity Counsel Charity Wisdom Charity Charity

SHORTER BUT STILL JAMPACKED. This years Intramurals still had all Lourdesians actively engaged and enjoying despite the shortened schedule. (Photo by Justin Tajon)

Bucket Relay Dota Badminton 3 Points Shoot Out Table Tennis Chess Sudoku Upwords Math Equilibrio Basketball Volleyball

Despite the shortened schedule and the postponement of the Search for the Lourdesian Ambassadors, this years Intramurals was held successfully from December 18- 20 in three different venues: High School Grounds, Apo Street and Ramon Magsaysay Elementary School Grounds. Over all, there were twenty three events participated in by the Lourdesians still categorized into the following: Palarong Pinoy, Board Games, Recreational Games and Athletics. Meanwhile, the championship events for the ball games were held during the first day after the short opening program. The awarding and closing ceremonies were held on Dec. 20 in the afternoon. Winners (both individual and class) for the ball games are the ff. Basketball Grade 7 Champion MVP Mythical Five

Second Year Champion MVP Mythical Six

Third Year Champion MVP Mythical Six

Piety Miguel Luis Esquivel Michael Franz Baylon, Carlos Alonzo, Mikhail Iosef Insame, Jose Gabriel Pabellano, Joshua Luis Torreda, Diego Villanueva Perseverance John Michael Ontimare Jairus Joyosa, Juan Salvador Tiangco, Ma. Princess Camille Ramillosa, Paul Tristan Alday, John Alec Geronimo, Jordan De Gula Charity Joshua Rommel Cosico Reyland Dicioco, Emmanuel Christy Obien, Emmanoel Luis Bucalig, Jose Osmundo De Vera, Kiersen Russel Leyte and Hans Aaron Eugenio

Second Year Champion MVP Mythical Five

Faith Mathew Henry Clerigo Karl Benedict Huertas, Ernest Rapha el Macasil, Patrick Andre Mendoza, Jaden Jardiolin and Marcelo Gabriel Bihis Humility Josef Andrei Calderon Mike Jaren Yap, Antonio Miguel Magtalas, Kyle Jedrik Mendiola, Jeremy Lance Ang and Joshua Luis Torreda Perseverance Jairus J.Joyosa Henar Mike Canilang, Carl Jason Mabunay, Aaron Jacob Cruz, John Christopher Doctolero and Julius Nakpil Charity Roland Joseph De Leon James Kenneth Pacheco, Robert John Casauay, Dan Justine Yamzon, Miguel Alfonso Dumlao and Marion Francis Baylon

Fourth Year Champion MVP Mythical Six





On the other hand, the over-all champions and runners- up of each level are the ff. Grade 7 Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up Second Year Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up Third Year Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up

Third Year Champion MVP Mythical Five Fourth Year Champion MVP Mythical Five

Hope Love Faith

170 160 146

Minority Humility Purity

175 126 99

Obedience Perseverance Patience

157 124 118

Volleyball Grade 7 Champion MVP Mythical Six

Hope Jethro Dominic Herrera Godfrey Garcia, Aaron Crucillo, Althird Aranilla, Gabriel Bihis, Miguel Daplas, and Jose Enrique Buenviaje

Fourth Year Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up

Charity Counsel Wisdom

185 124 123

Photos by Justin Kazuya Tajon and Alyssa Medina Layout by Alexander Hans Collado Jr.