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The Interview Besides those found in the past FAQ, here are some additional questions collecte d from

the Wannabes link:Why do you want to be an airline pilot? Why do you want to work for our airline? Which aircraft do you want to fly? Do you want to fly long or short haul and why? What is your long term ambition? What are your worst/best points? Give a summary of your character. What would your feelings/thoughts/strategies be if your plane has been hijacked? What would you do if a Captain is about to make a professional mistake? What does your family think about the pilots lifestyle? Will you get bored on the flight deck? What are your best/worst times in life so far? About the Company - Who is the Boss? Aircraft types? History? What are the route s, etc? What will you do if your application is unsuccessful? Have you applied to any other airlines? What are you best at? What are you most proud of? What would you change in yourself to improve? What would your colleagues think of your performance in the group test? What would you look for in a friend? Describe your best friend. How do your see yourself as a First Officer? What have you done for humanity? What annoys you? What do your friends think of you? What do you think of your friends? What do you do if you meet someone you don't like? What is your assessment of your character? How many people works in our Company? How much profit was made last year? What major events have happened to this Airline in last 18 months? Are you happy with life? Do you have many friends? Do you ever argue? Talk about the school you went to. How did you prepare for the interview? How are you going to cope after 10 years in right hand seat? What hobbies and interest do you Pilots have many simulators responsibilities during the flight. What can you tel l me about this? Answer: Pilots take responsibility to navigate the flight, view and guide the ac tivities of the team, check instruments, and keep track of the weather, control the height and air traffic. Performing all these and more, often at once, reques ts salient multi-tasking abilities and strong concerntration.

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Tell me about yourself? Why did you leave your last job? What kind of salary are you looking for Cathay pacific pilot? Why should we hire you as Cathay pacific pilot?

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What are your career goals for Cathay pacific pilot? Why do you want to work here? What is your greatest weakness? How many years of experience do you have for Cathay pacific pilot position?