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MODEL : BD65 BULL DOZER SCOPE OF SUPPLY : BD65 BULL DOZER POWERED BY BS6D125-1 ENGINE DEVELOPING 165 FHP (123 KW) STANDARD EQUIPMENT. SPEC SHEET DESCRIPTION: EQUIPMENT: Heavy duty Crawler Mounted 165 HP Bull dozer mechanical / hydraulic operated suitable to work in iron ore mines having iron ore of bulk density 2.4 to 3.0 ton per cum.( BD65 Bull Dozer) 2. ENGINE 4 Stroke, 4 cycle, water cooled, turbo-charged, diesel engine to generate 165 HP (min). The details are furnished below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 3. Make : M/s. BEML Model : BS6D125-1 HP : 165 hp (123 KW) Bore X stroke : 125mm X 150mm Displacement : 11.04 l (0.01104 m3) Nos. of cylinders and their Arrangements : 6, in line Max. Torque : 765 N-m @ 1000 r / min. R.P.M. : 1850 r /min. Fuel Consumption ( Ltrs / hrs.) : Specific fuel consumption 163g / kw-hr.. : ATTACHED (Form No. BD65/D/002/07/2007)

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DRIVE SYSTEM Power transmission from the engine to the crawler drive sprocket is through conventional means i.e., power shift planetary gear multiple disc clutch transmission, final drive, steering and brakes. 3.1 TRASMISSION Power shift planetary gear multiple transmission consisting of 3 elements, single stage single phase and gear shift with lock lever having 4 forward and 4 reverse speeds.

.2 3.2 FINAL DRIVE Heavy Duty spurs gear, double reduction type final drive with splash lubrication having reduction ratio of 16.66 : 1 3.3 STEERING Hand operated steering clutches are hydraulically boosted for light touch and actuation. 3.4 HOSES All hoses and piping are clamped and protected from damage. 4. DRAW BAR PULL Maximum draw bar pull is 28000 kg. 5. UNDER CARRIAGE The under carriage is heavy duty rugged designed suitably, suspended with oscillating type equalizer bar and pivot shaft to reduce shock loads transmitted to the dozer. Track frames and track rollers are of sufficient strength to withstand the high loads. The sprocket is segmented bolt on type. Track tensioning arrangement is provided. Extreme service single grouser shoes of 510mm width are provided. 6. HYRAULIC SYSTEM It is equipped with a powerful gear pump and 2 nos. of lift cylinders. 7. BRAKES: Brakes are of wet, contracting band, foot operated, steering brakes with hydraulic booster for light touch actuation. Brakes and clutches are interconnected for easy steering. 8. ELECTRIC SYSTEM 24 V electrical systems along with sufficient, front and rear head light for night operation. Reverse warning system to be provided. .3 2 -

- 39. BLADE Straight type and made from, wear resistant, high tensile steel material for Iron ore application. 10. METER GAUGES & SAFETY SYSTEM All controls, gauges & meters are clearly and permanently marked with easily recognizable symbols Machine should be fitted with all the standard accessories, meters, gauges & safety system. 11. FIRE EXTINGUISHER 2 nos. dry type (cartridge type) fire extinguishers confirming to IS -2171 should provided at suitable location having minimum capacity of 5 kg. 12. ADDITIONAL One set of standard tools and tackles and minimum 3 sets of operation & maintenance manuals and parts catalogue to be supplied with each equipment. --------- o --------