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Nestl, over its long historical development from a small village operation to the worlds leading food Company, has demonstrated an enviable capability to adjust to an ever-changing external environment, without losing its fundamental beliefs and core values, so important for long-term success. Over the years to come, this capability will continue to be challenged even more as Nestl is growing in size and complexity up to a dimension which demands a continuous evolution of its organization and of the way in which it is run.

This permanent transformation will be driven by the need to manage complexity with a high level of efficiency, leveraging all the intangibles which enhance our competitive edge. Our personal motivation based on willingness to learn and to question what we are doing and why we are doing it, combined with our longstanding respect for certain Nestl values, will assure our success. In such a setting, every employee of Nestl has both an individual and complementary role to play in building the Company of tomorrow. The Basic Nestl Management and Leadership Principles were issued in 1997. The first version reflected the specific situation of the Company at that time, and intended to build a bridge at a moment when it was essential to ensure that our Nestl values were recorded for future reference.

The new version not only re-emphasizes the values that have been and always will be those of Nestl, but focuses strongly on the skills that will ensure Nestls future over the years to come. It is also aligned with the Corporate Business Principles, which have been revised in 2002. We wish that each of you carefully read this document, share it with your collaborators, take pride in adhering to its principles and implement them with conviction and enthusiasm. We believe indeed that these principles are there to be lived not only through discussions with colleagues and during training sessions but mainly by taking concrete action in the workplace. These principles should be applied everywhere and at all times in

our organization, thus becoming a tangible expression of our corporate culture and a key component of our success.


Nestl is a human Company providing a response to individual human needs throughout the world with specific concern for the well-being of both its consumers and its employees. This is reflected in its attitude and its sense of responsibility towards people. Nestl aims to increase sales and profits but, at the same time, to raise the standard of living everywhere it is active and the quality of life for everyone. Nestl is also convinced that it is the people who form the strength of the Company and that nothing can be achieved without their commitment and their energy, which makes people its most important asset. Involvement of people at all levels starts with appropriate information on the Companys activities and on the specific aspects of their work. Through open communication and active co-operation, everyone is invited to contribute to improvements enhancing Company results and personal development

Members of Nestl Management at all levels are strongly committed to the Company, its development and its culture as expressed in The Nestl Management and Leadership Principles. They practice what they preach and show the example in their daily work. Apart from professional skills and insight, the capacity and willingness to apply these principles are the main criteria for progressing in the organisation, regardless of origin, nationality, religion, race, gender or age.


High commitment to quality products and brands Worried by the high level of infant mortality at that time and relying on scientific research, the Company founder, Henri Nestl, created a revolutionary product, Farine Lacte Nestl (Nestl Milk Cereal), which has helped to save the lives of many children the world over. Nestls coat of arms, the birds nest, which refers to his name, has become a symbol for our products being a safe harbour for our consumers. Ever since, product safety and quality, Research & Development based innovation capacity and strong brands are a priority for Nestl.

Respect of other cultures and traditions From its inception, Nestl developed its business internationally and became aware of the fact that food products have to be closely linked to local eating and social habits. That is why Nestl from the very start has always shown respect for diverse cultures and traditions. Nestl endeavours to integrate itself as much as possible into the cultures and traditions where it is present, adding also to the local environment its own set of values laid out in this document. Therefore, Nestl embraces cultural and social diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of origin, nationality, religion, race, gender or age. Furthermore, Nestl believes that its activities can only be of long-term benefit to the Company if they are at the same time beneficial to the local community. In short, global thinking and strategies can best be expressed through local action and commitment.

The Nestl culture Apart from its commitment to safety and quality and its respect for diversity, Nestl is committed to a number of cultural values. These values come partly from its Swiss roots and have been developed during its history. They are also evolving so as to support the permanent reshaping of the Company. They can be described as follows:

Commitment to a strong work ethic, integrity, honesty and quality. Personal relations based on trust and mutual respect. This implies a sociable attitude towards others, combined with an ability to communicate openly and frankly.

A personalised and direct way of dealing with each other. This implies a high level of tolerance for other ideas and opinions, as well as a relentless commitment to co-operate proactively with others.

A more pragmatic than dogmatic approach to business. This implies being realistic and basing decisions on facts. Openness and curiosity for dynamic and future trends in technology, changes in consumer habits, new business ideas and opportunities, while maintaining respect for basic human values, attitudes and behaviour.

Pride in contributing to the reputation and the performance of the Company. This calls especially for nurturing a sense of quality and longterm achievement in the daily workbeyond fashion and shortsighted gain.

Loyalty to and identification with the Company.


Nestle is corporate to the following principles in all countries, taking into account local legislation, cultural and religious practices : Nestls business objective, and that of management and employees at all levels is to manufacture and market the Companys products in such a way as to create value that can be sustained over the long term for shareholders, employees, consumers, business partners and the large number of national economies in which Nestle operates. Nestl does not favor short-term profit at the expense of successful longterm business development, but recognizes the need to generate a healthy profit each year in order to maintain the support of our shareholders and the financial markets band to finance investments; Nestl recognizes that its consumers have a sincere and legitimate interesting the behavior, beliefs and actions of the Company behind brands in which they place their trust, and that without its consumers the company would not exist. Nestl believes that, as a general rule, legislation is the most effective safeguard of responsible conduct, although in certain areas, additional guidance to staff in the form of voluntary business principles is beneficial in order to ensure that the highest standards are met throughout the organization; Nestl is conscious of the fact that the success of a corporation is a reflection of the professionalism, conduct and the responsible attitude of its management and employees. Therefore recruitment of the right people and ongoing training and development are crucial; Nestl operates in many countries and in many cultures throughout the world. This rich diversity is an invaluable source for our leadership. No single document can capture every legal obligation that may be required in each of these countries. Indeed, there may be conflicting legal requirements. Nestl continues to maintain its commitment to follow and respect all applicable local laws in each of its markets.

If an interpretation of anything contained in this document is construed as country to local laws, such interpretation should not be followed in that country.


Members of the Nestl Management at all levels are more concerned with continuously adding value to the Company than exercising formal authority. This can only materialize with a high involvement of each employee and a common mindset geared to results. Contributing to results through project work and special assignments becomes more frequent, reaching beyond conventional boundaries in order to contribute to wider group performance. The broader the responsibility of a Nestl Manager, the more the following specific criteria should be considered, in addition to professional skills, practical experience and result focus: Personal commitment and courage. This includes the capacity and the willingness to take initiatives and risks as well as to maintain composure under pressure. Ability to motivate and to develop people, addressing all those issues that allow others to progress in their work and to develop their capabilities. Curiosity and open-mindedness as well as a high level of interest in other cultures and life-styles. This also includes a commitment to continuous learning and improving, as well as to sharing knowledge and ideas freely with others. A taste for initiative together with the ability to create a climate of innovation and to think outside the box. This implies the right to make a mistake but also the readiness to correct it and to learn from it. Willingness to accept change and the ability to manage it. Adaptability of thought and deed, taking into account the specificity and the complexity of the environment. Credibility as a result of coherent action, leadership and achievement. International experience and understanding of other cultures.

In addition, broad interests, a good general education, responsible behaviour as well as fostering a balanced lifestyle are required to hold high-level management positions.

As a dynamic and flexible organization, Nestl Waters North America recognizes that our workforce our human assets is one of the most important characteristics that differentiate us in the marketplace. Identifying, recruiting, and retaining top talent across our company are only the beginnings of the story. Our human resources teams cultivate our culture through employee learning and foster our sustained growth by ensuring employee passion is directed to help deliver on business goals. Below is a snapshot of a few of our key opportunities.

Area Human Resources Manager Human Resources Manager Human Resources Associate


Area Human Resources Managers have field Human Resources leadership responsibilities for a specific geography or business unit(s) in the specific areas of Staffing, Regulatory Compliance, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations, Organizational Development, and Diversity. They create hiring plans, develop local sourcing strategies, host interview skills training, coordinate and executes selection processes, and measure process effectiveness. In addition, Area Human Resources Managers coordinate and execute new employee orientation, identify retention issues, develop retention plans, administer exit interviews, and measure process effectiveness. Furthermore, they also ensure compliance with all relevant employment regulations; develop and monitor compenstation and benefits programs; manage employee relations programs; and lead organizational development programs.


The Human Resources Manager leads staffing and recruitment efforts for the facility, including identifying training needs and developing training plans with business partners and leaders to ensure a successful start-up. In addition, the position support managers and employees on day-to-day employee relations issues; conducts wage analyses, and monitor labor market trends to ensure competitive pay practices; and maintains legal compliance in HR related areas and conducts audits on employment practices.


The Human Resources Associate position at Nestl Waters North America is designed to develop individuals with high potential for leadership in Human Resources. Individuals in this role will be responsible for providing human resources and project support for a business group. This position provides an excellent opportunity for incumbents to acquire and strengthen skills in core human resource areas. The position will provide support for, and deliver results in: Staffing, Employee Relations, Compensation, Benefits, and Training. Additional responsibilities will be guided by business initiatives.


The consumer's voice is the key to Nestle vision and working. Whether you live in the remotest village or the city, Nestle consumer services team stands ready to listen to your concerns and provide answers about our products and guidance on matters of health and wellness. Nestls global vision is to be the leading health, wellness, and Nutrition Company of the world. Nestle subscribes fully to this global vision. In addition to that, Nestle also envisions to: L e a d a d yn a m i c m o t i v a t e d a n d p r o f e s s i o n a l w o r k f o r c e t h a t i s p r o u d o f i t s heritage and bullish about the future Meet the nutritional needs of all age groups through a d i v e r s i f i e d p r o d u c t range that contains an innovative portfolio of branded food and beverages of the highest quality Maintain long-term growth and deliver shareholder value. Establishing responsible communication with the consumer which in turn can provide us a better look into what changes need to be made to our products Strengthen the position as the best career destinati o n f o r t a l e n t e d a n d motivated individuals

NESTLE MISSION Nestle is dedicated to providing the best f oods to people t h r o u g h o u t t h e i r d a y, t h r o u g h o u t their lives, throughout

t h e w o r l d . W i t h o u r u n i q u e e x p e r i e n c e o f anticipating consumers' needs and creating solutions, your well-being and enhances your quality of life. Nestle contributes to



Nestle business objective is to manufacture and market the Company's products in such away as to create value that can be sustained have t h e l o n g t e r m f o r shareholders, employees, consumers, and business partners. Nestle recognizes that its consumers have a sincere and legitimate interest in the behavior, beliefs, and actions of the Company behind brands in which they place their trust and that without its consumers the Company would not exist. Nestle continues to maintain its commitment to follow and respect all applicable local laws in each of its markets. A t t h e entrance of this new millennium, Nestls objective Is to c o n s o l i d a t e a n d strengthen its leading position at the cutting edge of innovation in the food area in order to meet the needs and desires of customers around the world, for pleasure, convenience, health and well being.



A social and managerial process where by individual & groups obtains good food and good life through creating and exchanging products and values.


We can easily observe that Nestle itself is taking active part in social welfare. We see the lower prices of the product as compared to the other FMCGs Companys p r o d u c t s l i k e U n i l e v e r a n d P r o c t e r & G a m b l e . I f w e l o o k a t t h e p r i c e s , w e c a n observe that Nestle is also using its name for the promotional activities and pricing strategies also. They have to maintain their level of efficiency and always provide the b e s t at best price. Nestle cares about the customers. As the time is o f i n f l a t i o n , nestle is trying to overcome the pricing problems to the extent they can do. Nestlp o i n t o f v i e w i s O n l y b y u n d e r s t a n d i n g c o n s u m e r n e e d s c a n w e s e r v e o u r consumers to the fullest. P r o f i t e a r n i n g i s the core aim of every company but in case of Nestle their p r o f i t margin is small just for the sake of customers trust and happiness. Nestle is also one of the leader of retaining their customers. This is one reason of their success.

Nestle launch was, perhaps one of the most aggressive as far as processed Nestle product concerned, with TV, print ads, radio commercials, billboards and plenty of BTL (below the line) activities including direct consumer and shop branding activities. Due to this aggressive marketing campaign, the competition seems to begetting tougher. So far ads focus towards the younger generation, who want to feel f r e e , yo u n g a n d e x c i t e d , l e a d i n g a h e a l t h y l i f e s t yl e . T h e s e a d s a r e a p p e a l i n g s pecific social class. They keep the information of

the other companies what they are offering. Try to improve their strategies from others so that they can promote their product more. Like more companies are now coming in the market so there is more completion in the market and they have to be up to date from the current situations


The Corporate Business Principles outline the Companys commitment to fully endorse and to respect a series of principles and international conventions concerning employees rights, the protection of children against child labor and other important issues. These principles are to be respected everywhere and under all circumstances.

The management will implement the necessary processes to ensure that these principles are enforced at all levels. Employees who are not abiding with the Corporate Business Principles and the Nestl Management and Leadership Principles cannot be maintained in employment and will be requested to leave the organization. Also their main suppliers and providers of out sourced services should be informed of the Corporate Business Principles and should comply with those. Nestl provides a working environment which protects the health and there welfare of the employees according to the highest?

Affordable standards of safety, hygiene and security. Each employee should not only Care for her/his own safety but also that of her/his colleagues. Therefore, suggestions for improvement are they come and will be given prime consideration.

In the same way that no discrimination for reason of origin, nationality, religion, race, Gender or age will be tolerated when joining Nestl, no such discrimination will be tolerated towards Nestls employees. Furthermore, any form of harassment, moral or sexual, will not only be prohibited but actively tracked and eliminated. Internal Rules and regulations will explicitly deal with discrimination and harassment issues so as to obtain the best possible prevention. Nestl considers that it is not enough to avoid discrimination or harassment. It is essential to build a relationship based on trust and respect of employees at all levels. Therefore, it is indispensable for each manager to know how her/his

employees feel in their work. In larger units it may be necessary to organize such feedback on a regular basis, using internal surveys or other valuable approaches. Nestl favors a policy of long-term employment. Whenever, an operation activity cannot be maintained within the Nestl sphere, reasonable steps will be undertaken to avoid overall loss of employment by identifying an external Business willing to take over activity from Nestl, whenever this is possible.

If this is not possible, a closing down may be unavoidable. It will be handled in full respect of local legislation and of the Corporate Business Principles. A social plan will be elaborated taking into account the legitimate interests of the concerned staff.

Reasonable efforts will be deployed to reduce, as much as possible, the negative Social impact of such a situation.


In Nestle, management dealing with people is respect and trust. There can be no room for intolerance, harassment or discrimination of any kind as they are the expression of an elementary lack of respect. This principle suffers no exception and is to be applied at all levels and under all circumstances. Nestle management has work simplicity & honest in dealing with people for efficient communication. Based on facts and sincere dialogue, such transparency is the only solid basis for boosting continuous improvement. This is to be complemented by open communication with purpose of sharing competencies and boosting creativity. It is particularly relevant in a flat organization to convey systematically all information to those who need it to do their work properly. Otherwise no effective delegation or knowledge improvements are possible To communicate is not only to inform. It is also to listen a n d t o e n g a g e i n dialogue. Every employee has the right to an open conversation with superiors or colleagues. In case of discord between an employee and his/her superior or another employee, the possibility must be offered for a fair hearing. The HR staff of Nestle will provide assistance to ensure that the disharmony is dealt with impartially and that each party the opportunity to explain her/his view point regardless of hierarchical position.



ADOPTION ASSISTANCE Family is an important part of who we are, which is why Tetra pak offers a valuable support for the families through various programs.

EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS Tetra Pak offers discounts on a broad range of products to their employees also provide travel and quarters, electronics, gifts, financial services, clothing and more.

VOLUNTARY BENEFITS Tetra Pak makes a number of voluntary benefits available to you through an outside service provider, including auto and home insurance, prepaid legal services and pet insurance.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM The Nestl Scholarship Foundation is proud to sponsor a scholarship program that provides financial assistance. Scholarship recipients are s e l e c t e d b a s e d o n academic record, demonstrated leadership skills, and participation in school and community activities.

LONG-TERM CARE Long-Term Care insurance is available to protect employees and eligible family members from the potential cost of nursing homes or other longterm care.


EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) N e s t l p r o v i d e s E A P s e r v i c e s a t n o c o s t t o e m p l o ye e s a n d t h e i r e l i g i b l e f a m i l y members for confidential access to professional counselors trained to help with a variety of personal and family issues.

PICK AND DROP FACILITIES Nestle provide their employee pick and drop facility, the timing of employee come into the workplace is also not disturb. All employees are relatively on the time in their workplace.

GOOD WORKING ENVIRONMENT W o r k i n g e n v i r o n m e n t i s v e r y s u i t a b l e f o r e m p l o ye e s . N e s t l e is multi national company so they provide their e m p l o ye e s e f f e c t i v e w o r k i n g e n v i r o n m e n t t h a t encourage employee to done their work continues effectively



Nestle regards its people as its most valuable asset and places the highest priority on protecting them. In every country where we operate, our company emphasizes the need for safe working environment, which must meet our strict global corporate standards. We are determined to provide a safe working environment for all our employees, contractors and visitors and we are vigilant in continuing to implement Health and Safety practices and programs at all our sites. Valuing our people by providing a safe place to work. I d e n t i f yi n g , a s s e s s i n g a n d r e d u c i n g r i s k a n d p r e v e n t i n g injury or visitors. Operating our business to meet health, safety, legislative a n d other requirements applicable to Nestl. Continually monitoring, review and estab lishing new objectives aimed at eliminating or minimizing work illness to our e m p l o ye e s , contractors and

related injury or illness. Developing and implementing effective and efficient i n j u r y m a n a g e m e n t s ys t e m s w h i c h e n a b l e a s a f e a n d s u s t a i n a b l e r e t u r n t o w o r k f o r a f f e c t e d e m p l o ye e s . Providing information, training and supervision to employees and contractors to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities in eliminating or minimizing the risk of workplace injury or illness. Encouraging a similar Health and Safety commitment from our suppliers and c o n t r a c t o r s . C o n s u l t i n g w i t h e m p l o ye e s a n d o t h e r s t a k e h o l d e r s o n Health and Safety matters.



HR Organization Development interns contribute as full members of their team during their 6 month internship, with responsibilities in the areas of: Organizational development and a variety of learning solutions Learning Management and Mentoring Systems Design and implementation of e-learning modules Focus groups, survey work and data collection in support of development solutions Organizational development marketing campaigns Learning effective assessment strategies focused on behavioral-based interviewing


Our intern assignments are real world projects based upon business needs. You will gain experience working with people from a variety of departments. Interns typically present project findings to their HR team, as well as relevant department leadership.

As a HR Organization Development Intern, you can expect informal feedback and coaching to assist in your development throughout your internship.


When evaluating internship candidates, Nestl Purina PetCare looks for people who are:

Enrolled in a Masters degree program in Human Resources or Industrial-Organizational Psychology Effective multi-takers Detail oriented Self-starters Independent workers Team oriented


HR Trainee positions are unique in that trainees will have the chance to take a hands-on approach to learning in all areas of a manufacturing plant as well as focusing within your own discipline. As an HR trainee, you will gain a holistic understanding of plant operations. HR Trainees will contribute as full members of their team during their 18-24 month training period, with responsibilities in the areas of: Employee relations Recruiting/Selection process Training & Development Compensation/Benefits Affirmative Action Planning SAP


Our intern assignments are real world projects based upon business needs. You will gain experience working with people from a variety of departments. Interns typically present project findings to their HR team, as well as relevant department leadership.

As an HR Trainee, you can expect informal feedback and coaching to assist in your development throughout your internship. Who We Are Looking For: When evaluating internship candidates, Nestl Purina PetCare looks for people with:


A Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management, Business Administration, or a related field A willingness to work nights and weekends as required A willingness to relocate to any Nestl Purina plant upon completion of the program Co-op or practical experience Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


The Nestl Human Resource Policy The long-term success of the Company Depends on its capacity to attract, retain and develop employees able to ensure its growth on a continuing basis. This is a primary responsibility for all managers. The Nestl policy is to hire staff with personal attitudes and professional skills enabling them to develop a long-term relationship with the Company. Therefore the potential for professional development is an essential standard for recruitment.

Each new member joining Nestl is to become a participant in developing a sustainable quality culture which implies a commitment to the organization, a sense for continuous improvement and leaves no place for complacency. Therefore, and in view of the importance of these Nestl values, special attention will be Paid to the matching between a candidates values and the Company culture.

Hence, a clear communication of these principles and values from the very beginning of the recruitment process is required. Moreover, for managerial positions specific leadership qualities and business acumen will be required. Nestl wishes to maintain and develop its reputation as an employer of high repute. Contacts with universities, attendance at recruitment events and other contacts are to be undertaken so as to ensure good visibility of the Company visa vis relevant Recruitment sourcing. Particular care will be given to the treatment of each Candidacy regardless of the outcome of the selection process.

Even when promoting employees intensively from within the organization, it is the role of management and HR to keep an eye on valuable candidates from outside and to Benchmark internal





Whilst adequate recruitment tools may improve the hiring process, it is understood that the decision to hire a candidate remains in the hands of the responsible manager Supported by the HR staff. Under no circumstances should the decision to hire or not to hire be left in the hands of an outside consultant or expert. As mentioned in the Nestl Management and Leadership Principles, only relevant skills and experience and the adherence to the above

Principles will be considered in employing a person. No consideration will be given to a candidates origin, nationality, religion, race, gender or age.

It is as important to hire the right person as it is to integrate newcomers in the organization so that their skills and behavior can merge smoothly with the Company culture. Whereas from new employees it is expected to respect their companys culture, it is accordingly required from all employees to show an open mind towards new ideas and proposals coming from outside.



If you're young, bright and hard working, the Management Trainee Program may be the place for you. They hire fresh graduates as potential managers to develop new competencies and skills through on-the-job development. You'll be hired in one of various departments at inductee level on a 12-month training program. Once you've completed the program, you will be assigned independent responsibilities supporting the company's business needs. They begin sourcing Management Trainees in January. Preliminary interviews and screening is organized according to the graduation schedules of Pakistani and foreign universities, and are followed by interviews with senior management.


Building a continuous nutrition learning culture within Nestl is a key element in our journey to become a nutrition, health and wellness company, to provide profitable growth in the future. To support this objective, they have developed the NQ (Nutritional Quotient) training program for employees, based on the principle that nutrition is everybodys business at Nestl, irrespective of the area in which employees work. Nestls expert nutrition knowledge is long-established, centered on the activities of Nestl Nutrition and our R&D network. The NQ program is designed to widen and increase the knowledge base among employees in other job functions, giving everyone the confidence to apply this knowledge in their work. The program combines nutritional knowledge with commercial application. For example, when communicating with consumers about balanced diets, the knowledge gained by Nestl employees through the NQ program will help make nutrition and wellness tangible to consumers, ensuring that Nestl is regarded as a knowledgeable partner in nutrition matters. Not only this - a major aim of the program is also to help employees make informed and healthy nutrition choices for themselves and their own families.

NQ training comprises engaging modules suitable for all employees, from the Executive Board to plant operators, and leverages the nutrition expertise of Nestl scientists and health marketing specialists. Implementation began in 2007, with Nestl nutrition experts and marketing specialists taking part in "train the trainer" sessions across our zones to support the cascade of knowledge to all employees. Key to the success of the NQ training are interactive, customized modules designed to encourage people to participate and put knowledge into action. These are tailored to specific needs: 1. Foundation module: a stand-alone program of learning and development for Nestl employees whose jobs are principally non consumer or customer facing. 2. Advanced module: core learning for staff who are engaged with external bodies and consumers/customers. 3. Specialist modules: place particular emphasis on understanding the consumer and application of the Nestl nutrition and wellness strategy in specific product categories.

A COMPLETE TOOLKIT The NQ program toolkit comprises a suite of materials for trainers, including training manuals and slide sets. For trainees themselves, learning takes place in an engaging way using a variety of media and formats, including interactive games, motivational video content and an on-line quiz. This is used to measure collective progress and to allow each trainee to evaluate, in an entirely confidential way, his or her personal lifestyle choices. The toolkit also comprises awareness-raising and motivational material that can be used and adapted to meet local needs, including posters, questionnaires and certificates.


As nutrition and our insights into nutrition evolve, so too will our NQ Nutrition training, helping Nestl employees to keep abreast of new developments and maintain a high level of credibility through the breadth and depth of our nutrition expertise.

Internships are a great way to apply the knowledge and skills you are developing at university and get experience in a leading corporation. They offer project-based internship positions in various departments at Nestle.

You may be hired as an intern at various points during their academic career: during undergraduate study or graduate school. Most internship assignments are offered during the summer months and generally run for 6 to 8 weeks. At the end of the internship you will be required to submit a project or program report to the company on the topic assigned to you at the beginning of the internship program.

If you impress us with their talent & hard work, you may be considered for employment opportunities after you have completed their studies.


A performance appraisal, employee appraisal, performan c e r e v i e w , o r ( c a r e e r ) development discussion is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated (generally in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and time) typically by the corresponding manager or supervisor .Nestle give importance to their employees at their work place because Nestle totally d e p e n d o n t h e i r q u a l i t y , s o q u a l i t y b y t h e N e s t l e o n t h e b a s e s t h e i r e m p l o ye e s p e r f o r m a n c e . S o i f e m p l o ye e s a r e o n r i g h t t r a c k s o c o m p a n y g i v e s incentives to their employees.

Compensation is a key part of Nestl Real Rewards package and helps to attract, motivate, and retain a workforce of top performers. Our philosophy is to provide and maintain disciplined compensation programs which value long term relationships with employees while recognizing individual performance. Nestl is also committed t o o f f e r i n g c o m p e n s a t i o n packages, including base pay, short and long-term incentives and benefits, that are competitive in todays market.

Your base salary is the fixed portion of your pay. Base salaries are designed to be c o m p e t i t i v e , b a s e d o n d a t a s p e c i f i c t o e a c h p o s i t i o n a s m e a s u r e d i n t h e marketplace. High performance over time is recognized by base pay that is higher than the market.

Short-term Incentive pay is designed to reward you for

accomplishments during a specific performance period (typically annually). For most Staff and Division level positions, Nestl offers Awards for Performance Excellence. Nestl also offers a variety of Sales and Plant Incentive.


Long-term Incentive plans, such as Nestl are designed to motivate and reward those in eligible leadership positions for the Companys sustained success over a longer period, often three years or more. LTIP target award opportunities are set to be competitive within the market and are calculated as a percentage of pay


1. 2. . 3. . 4. . 5. 6. 7. .



Nestle is the world leader in FMCG industry. People trust on the products launched by the company even the product is facing some problems. Nestle today move for new strategies to retain their customer and also want to get new customer. Nestle enhance their internal and external policies to satisfy their customers and also their employees. HR plays a major role to maintain Nestle status in the market.