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JPM is an outreach of Martinsburg Christian Center, Martinsburg, WV Celebrated 13 years of Prison Ministry in 2012

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1 J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 3 VOLUME 13, ISSUE 02

Revs. Tom & Monica

OUR MISSION & VISION Our Mission – to help men in prison reach their fullest in the Lord. What we do – Ministering to their spirit, soul and body, though one on one mentoring as their spiritual advisor and friend. How we began – Jeremiah Prison Ministry began on November 30, 1999, which was birth out of a bond for a young man that made a wrong choice in life Our Vision – to be able to go into the prison chapels without the inmates having to take us off their visiting list. “We know with God ALL things ARE Possible! 71 men have been released in 13 years. We still are ministering to 66 inmates in 5 states.

years. We still are ministering to 66 inmates in 5 states. Please make sure to use

Please make sure to use our new address when sending a donation.

make sure to use our new address when sending a donation . God Will Intervene in

God Will Intervene in 2013…

We had a great Christmas with family and friends. Our grandchildren are growing up so fast. And our great-grandson, Ethan will be one in February. I ask for your prayers for Aaron, Cara and Ethan, as Aaron headed to Afghanistan for six months. Pray for his the all the others over there for their safety!

God gave me the above slogan for 2013, God will intervene in 2013 because He is the King of Kings. The media likes to keep things stirred up to instill fear in people but I have good news for you. God is in control! We are to pray for our leaders and nation.

God is an on time God…

We have a JPay account, it’s a quick way of communicating with the inmates. I somehow didn’t verify our change of email address so I wasn’t getting updates from JPay. I hadn’t logged in our account since the beginning of August. But on Jan.18th I logged in and found two emails in my inbox from August, Wow! Two inmates wrote to me from Michigan, I was over joyed; their emails were right on time because the week before Christmas I had a relapse with my left hand, I have no idea of what I did but I am doing my part & God is healing me. I want to share these with you.

PRAISE GOD! Rev. Cohee, I got the newsletter for the month. As always it's a blessing to see what GOD is doing in people lives. Now to you I read what the devil is trying to do to you. Just to let you know that he is a liar. You spoke on some things dealing with your health. We must speak the WORD of GOD only. Because DEATH AND LIFE our in our WORDS. So only speak the report of the LORD. The body may be doing something different but his WORD will help us OVERCOME. GOD BLESS YOU Rev. Cohee by his STRIPES YOU ARE HEALED. IS-53:5 (JEROME HATFIELD 8/2/12)



I would first like to wish a

HAPPY, yet belated, BIRTHDAY to Pastor Monica. You aren't getting older; you're getting more glorious in Christ Jesus. Amen. And know that every day of your blessed life is the birth of a new beginning. Hallelujah. The newsletter is wonderful. My best part is Pastor Tom's message of He's An On Time God. What truly, truly grab hold to my heart is the last two paragraphs beginning with the quote of Philippians 4:19. From that point to the end is what I needed to receive. I have been dealing with that area for quite some time and to have read that this evening encouraged my soul, and empowered me to fight the good fight of faith even harder. Amen. I am so grateful to you both and I believe that there is so much yet ins tore for you all. The Father has so much more to give to you. And my faith is yoked with yours believing that our God shall do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can possibly conceive in Jesus name. And, also trust that your health and healing is to be obtained; just allow the hand of faith in the redemptive work of Christ to bring

forth its manifestation. I love you both in Christ. Stay encouraged. (Brother Malvin


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We are still rejoicing in the SCOTUS ruling! Keeping you informed about the PA Courts to change the sentencing laws for juvenile offender serving life without parole. We hope for an update real soon.

PRAYER CORNER ~Pray for Kevin, Mike, Domino, Michael, & Richard that God blesses them financially. ~Pray for Larry, Ricky, Lewis, Corey, Bob, Greg, & Eric to receive favor for commutation and retrials. ~Pray for Jeremiah as we continue to believe for a miracle for his release. ~Pray for continued healing for Bob, Larry, & Harvey. ~Leah remains cancer free and graduated from high school. ~Pray for Andy our grandson, he carries a 4.0 avg. at DSU and healing from a skin graft. ~Pray for our family spiritually, physically and financially. ~Pray continue to for my brother, Norman. Pray for Tom’s brother, John, as he is on dialysis. ~Pray for the salvation of the world. Pray for inmates and their families, our Nation, our leaders, our military and their families. ~Pray for prison reform in our nation. ~Pray for Bill our dear friend & his wife Rose for restored health. ~Pray for Dotty & her husband Stan for good health. ~Pray for us for strength and wisdom in all we do, that we remain cancer free and healthy to do God’s work, for our cars to be mechanically sound.

You are an Extended Hand and a vital part of this ministry. Together we are making a difference with Jesus Christ, taking life to a dark place! We go because you send us. Thank You so much!

Jeremiah Prison Ministry Revs. Tom & Monica Cohee 223 Cameo Dr.


Fax: 717-352-0392 We’re on the Web!

Your Editor: Rev. Monica Cohee

Your Editor: Rev. Monica Cohee Pastor Tom’s Preaching Corner THE SHIELD OF FAITH Psalm

Pastor Tom’s Preaching Corner


Psalm 37:4, 7, 23-25 NKJV Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart…Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; For the LORD upholds him with His hand. I have been young, and now am old; Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, Nor his descendants begging bread.


The Bible says that the steps of a good man are ordered by God. As long as I keep walking, He will direct my every step. My steps are ordered of the Lord. I have to keep walking by faith. If you love the Lord, you have to believe that your life is in His hands. You have to believe that God is in charge and has

established your steps. You have to believe that He is the one that is working things out in your life. When the master potter finishes molding the piece of clay, he puts it in the fire to temper it. When it’s ready, he takes it out of the furnace and sets it on the shelf to cure. He has you on hold for a little while because He’s working some things out in your life.

Joseph had a dream at a young age. He dreamed that he was going to be

a ruler. He dreamed that people would be bowing down to him. It looked

like Joseph’s dreams were not going to come to pass. What Joseph did not know was that his life was on hold for a little while. God had some things to work out in him before He could promote him. Instead of fighting God’s will, learn to humble yourself and say, “Yes.” Say “Yes,” to His purpose and destiny for your life. Say “Yes,” to God’s ways

and lift high the shield of faith. He has ordered your steps and everything

is for a reason. He is guiding your steps and watching over you. God

says…I’m watching over your life. I’m guiding your every step. I’m taking you where I want you to go.

The Bible says that God provided a ram in the thicket for Abraham. Jehovah Jireh provided for the need at that moment. When you have a need, the Lord will meet all your needs.

You need to know that God is working out some things in you and your day

is coming. He has to change some things inside you first, but your day is

coming. He has to fix some situations in your life first, but your day is


If God has spoken to you about something in the future… He expects you

to wait on Him. He expects you to be patient and quit forcing the issue. He expects you to give up control. He expects you to wait for His timing. The fight you’re in today is over your faith. That’s why you have to use the shield of faith. Be faithful in the little things and He’ll take care of the big things. Cast all your cares on Him and walk by faith. Be still and know that He is God. You may feel like dropping out, but keep walking by faith. You may feel like quitting, but keep walking by faith. You may feel like throwing in the towel, but keep walking by faith.

“I walk by faith, each step by faith, to live by faith, I put my trust in You. I walk by faith, each step by faith, to live by faith, I put my trust in You. Every step I take is a step of faith. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”