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Julie Billon

Vice President
Global Wealth Management Investments Marketing
270 Park Avenue, 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10017

To Whom It May Concern:

In nearly a decade of my work in banking, Jon Laxmi stands out as one of the most energetic and results-
oriented analysts I have worked with. In 2015, Jon joined JPMorgan Private Banks Investments
Marketing team during a challenging period in which investment flows were decreasing in tandem with
increasing competition from startups with newer technologies, quicker execution and lower fees. In
response, JPMorgan has invested significantly in digital tools to remain competitive and serve clients
more comprehensively.

Without hesitation, Jon took a leadership role, going beyond others in similar, and even more senior roles,
to take the initiative and become involved with projects spanning multiple groups, including the Chief
Investment Office, the Economics and the Alternatives teams.

Specifically, Jon independently generated digital roadshow presentations for all private equity fund
offerings, enabling transparency and improving remote access for clients. Jon took the program from trial
stage to execution seamlessly, making it user-friendly to our high/ultra high-net-worth investor base.
Initially, this new project had no designated leader and required coordination across multiple groups. It
was essential to have someone who could quickly grasp the more traditional models of pitching
Alternatives fund offerings while simultaneously envisioning the digitally-designed, cost-effective future
of roadshow presentations. Jon quickly learned all the components needed to successfully execute the
project, and collaborated with the Alternatives teams, the Marketing group, Digital team, compliance
personnel and external vendors to ensure successful implementation. Within a few weeks, Jon became the
main point of contact for the whole effort, and managed the process from start to finish. This initiative has
since generated the highest ROI for the Private Banks marketing group and is the new standard.

Jon demonstrates unbounded optimism and passion for his work. His natural charisma and flair for
inspiring individuals and groups help him be an effective and innovative leader. I have watched him
develop as a collaborator and leader, something you cant teach. His experience with newer technology-
driven initiatives, paired with his finance exposure, enables him to employ cross-functional insights to
successfully manage complicated, long-term projects.

Jon is extremely well-rounded and versatile, with broad exposure to multiple sectors in large and small
organizations. It is my pleasure to recommend Jon and I am confident he will bring a distinct leadership
perspective and business acumen to any effort.

If you have any questions, please reach me at 212-464-0684 or

Warm Regards,

August 31, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Jonathan Laxmi.

Jonathan worked as an intern with our Ad Sales Research department at NBC News during the
Fall of 2013. Our group focused on formulating strategic advertising sales insights to effectively
drive revenue. In 2014, we brought him back as an interim Research Analyst given his strong
performance during his internship.

Jonathan took initiative and contributed to our team beyond his core responsibilities. He has
strong interpersonal skills and showed enthusiasm for his work. While he was with us, Jonathan
was simultaneously working another part-time job while also pursuing a full-time degree.
Jonathan put in the extra time to work on a range of projects including, creating competitive
landscape decks, providing analyses on metrics and data, and putting together reports using
multiple research tools. He also implemented macros, which improved our efficiency, by
creating reports more quickly.

I've gotten to know Jonathan over several years and have supported him through many of his
personal and professional ambitions. I am glad to be one of his mentors, and have encouraged
his passions throughout his career.

As an experienced media executive, with over 20 years of experience across F500 companies, I
endorse Jonathan for the Masters program at your University. He has the drive, curiosity, and
persistence to excel at whatever he pursues, and I look forward to seeing the great things he

If you have any questions about Jonathan's work with our team, please do not hesitate to contact
me at



Maria Caraballo
VP, Client Partnerships & Research
NBC Universal

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Jonathan Laxmi for his future endeavors. Jonathan was a summer
analyst with the Investment Bank Marketing and Communications group at J.P. Morgan from June
to August 2012.

Jonathan came in with diverse academic and professional backgrounds and used both to his
advantage to grasp the way our group works. He first worked on a marketing campaign bid for a
series of +$1 billion municipal bond offerings by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA),
and reviewed distribution plans and budget proposals for the client. Through the process, he
developed a substantial network which he effectively utilized for his next campaign. Following the
MTA bid, he independently organized and executed the successful marketing campaign for the
New York City Transitional Finance Authority, regarding an $850 million municipal bond offering.

To understand the firms operations completely, Jonathan took the initiative and directly interfaced
with both global and regional directors regarding over-the-counter derivatives clearing and the
effect of regulatory reform, electronic client solutions and the growth of technological innovation for
pre-trade, trade, and post-trade analytics, and global expansion goals for the firm.

In additional to these key projects, Jonathan also conducted analytic research and worked on a
broad range of marketing collateral for our global clients. His projects involved real estate
investment banking, regional client distribution materials, and contributions to a wholesale
marketing presentation for the firms senior country officers, among others.

Jonathan has been an excellent addition to our team. Im confident that his focus and
determination to solve important and challenging problems will definitely contribute to his personal
and professional success.

If you have any questions regarding Jonathan or this recommendation, please feel free to contact
me at 212.270.1319 or


National Aeronautics and ' . 1-

Space Administration

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

2101 NASA Parkway "~'.
. , .
.. ~
Houston, Texas 77058-3696

August 5,2011

Reply to Attn of: AD94

To Whom It May Concern:

Jonathan Laxmi interned with NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston for eleven weeks in the
summer of 20 11 as part of our External Relations team. During his time here Jonathan worked on
a broad range of projects, including writing articles for the center's internal magazine, shooting,
editing, and acting in informative videos, and directly assisting with organized news media and
employee events. His willingness to learn, adaptability, flexibility and perseverance were an asset
in the sometime chaotic atmosphere of public relations. He proved he could think on his feet and
complete tasks on time while preserving quality.

Jonathan's diverse background helped him to acclimate easily, to apply his experiences to our
challenging environment. His first project was to expand our YouTube and NASA multimedia
channel presence, challenging him to learn how to use our camera and video editing equipment
and to produce a coherent video product. Jonathan served as producer, videographer, interviewer
and editor for the project. Three of his videos filmed an academic innovation, challenge, in which
universities were selected to design an inflatable loft in our annual X-Hab competition. These
videos can be found on NASA's multimedia channel.

Jonathan also served in much the same capacity to create a business intern recruitment video,
which will be used in a number of ways, including the center's education recruitment website.
His video will be used to inspire future interns, employees, and the public.

In addition to his work in the Public Affairs Office, Jonathan took the initiative to speak with
scientists here who work in physics, planetary sciences, aerospace engineering, and other fields to
gain a better understanding of NASA's projects, as well as individual perspectives.

Jonathan has been a leader and positive force within our office. We appreciate his creativity, his
willingness to take on any challenge and his dedication. We would welcome his return.

If you have any questions regarding Jonathan or this recommendation, please contact me.

Ly ette Madison
Communications and Public Affairs
National Aeronautics and
Space Administration

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, Texas 77058-3696

August 5, 2011

Reply to Attn of: AD9

To Whom It May Concern: I

Jonathan Laxmi was an intern with us in the Public Affairs Office at Johnson Space Center (JSC)
from May 23 to August 5, 2011. I had the chance to personally interact and WII ork with Jonathan
during his time here.

He quickly mastered both professional video editing software and the operation of high definition
cameras with minimal training. It is particularly exceptional that he accomplished this having no
prior experience. His portfolio now includes several videos, posted on JSC ,ebsites all of which
were planned, shot and edited by him. In all of the videos, Jonathan took responsibility to identify
the goals, create the plan and direct the people involved. He also added his 0rn considerable on
camera talents to create a superior production that met or exceeded the standards of NASA while
reaching the intended audience with his message. All of these videos can be found on NASA's
multimedia channel or Johnson Space Center's Features Site, which serves as a testament to
Jonathan's creative power.

Jonathan took the time to learn all parts ofthe Producers/Director/Editor's prcess combing
image, sound and program flow to create a powerful communication productl This included
accessing and filtering through our production music library, researching software reference
materials, and capturing footage in all sorts of environments with different types of professional

Aside from his extensive work on video projects, Jonathan also contributed to our office through
his writing, volunteering, and assisting with employee projects from other divisions.

Jonathan is a leader who has helped our agency evolve through his purposeful work. I am glad to
have been both a teacher of and witness to his ability and recommend him with full confidence.
We are glad to have had him at NASA's Johnson Space Center!

If you have any questions regarding Jonathan orthis recommendation, please contact me.


David L Youngman
Chief, Broadcast Services and Audiovisual
Office of Communications and Public Affairs
October 25, 2007

Dear Selection Committee,

I am writing to strongly recommend Jonathan Laxmi for admission at your institution. Jonathan volunteered
with Indicorps in Ahmedabad, Gujarat for several weeks during the summer of 2006. At Indicorps, Jonathan
assisted in various activities designed to engage him on-the-ground with our work in India including:

Assisted Indicorps and Manav Sadhna staff teach English in a nearby low-income, make-shift urban
Helped gather statistics on India's demographics for Indicorps recruitment.
Assisted with office duties in preparation for Indicorps August 2006 orientation
Helped organize information related to Indicorps projects.

Although Jonathan was younger than our normal volunteer pool, he was a self-starter that found a way to
contribute wherever he was needed. He was able to fit into our community of hard-working young people from
around the world dedicated to grassroots development. In getting to know Jonathan, he has a demonstrated
pattern of following his passions, creating something from them, and helping spread his interests to others. His
time at Indicorps, though short, clearly illustrated his spirit.

To make the trip and commit to the type of work we do requires significant initiative. Jonathans insistence on
doing independent work in India is a sign of a bright future in taking the path less traveled without fear of
uncertainty. Especially at his age, his determination is both extremely rare and admirable.

Indicorps and our partner organizations were glad to have Jonathan on board. We appreciated his efforts and
contribution to our overall mission in inspiring young people of Indian orgin to reconnect and give back to
India. If you have any questions about Jonathans participation as an Indicorps volunteer, please do not hesitate
to contact me at +91.98255.99950.

In service,

Anand Shah