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BEGINNER'S LITHUANIAN LEONARDAS DAMBRIUNAS ANTANAS KLIMAS WILLIAM R. SCHMALSTIEG ippcrnepapertack eon, 199, Thin pring 08 Conse © 1966 by Franciscan Faber Fe ifomaton, ues: New Yor NY 10016 Foreword Lidhanin ithe guage of the people of Lihuanin and of about 8 milion Americans of Lidhanin erg, Along with Latenn (Laces) and the now extinct Old Proman it tlongs wo the Bute roach cf Indo-European family of language. ‘The Babe languages sre noted hei exremely conersatie and philloiallyinterting Inge ere ‘his a koowedge of Lidiuanin art a “mun” for any linge ate ovis in comparave Indo-European lnguistce The need for neta bok 5 fe bth among language scholars who witht fanfare those, with Lithuanian and among thoe Americans af Lian deren ate EB to know something ofthe language oft acer Up noes forunately, the numberof grammar of Lidhanin sate as tee vey sell ndecd. There ate not more thin twa erties stable in Bega, And thee are cee ‘This grammar is designed not fr young chile, but rather for those wo have aleady reached cain stage of atury, The pees ne tonal, bu there are some canvertine and paten eile ie ake ae andi would be pie to we the bok with an audio nga appease ‘The bok hs 40 esos in is main pat A typical ese hat a rading scleton, vocabulary Ist amerar, acres and top, onal at ected convenation of i uterances No efor was mae to age ay eon even in log and diticaly. By tenn of the grammaticophy ‘ome lesen are very lng (eg. Lena 24, wheal exe! none ne sce with examples, wile others are rather shor With the Led ot rangement, he itrctr wl Have all Kinds of teaching peti Ie ‘an tres citer te auratoral approach oe the reading pene weedy, tho. Bach ith leon (ie Lesoas 5, 1,15, 20,25, 90,35 40) isa “Ree oy Les” Thee sons are “ee” oss nl inthe ete at ep ont introduce any now srammateal material which the stant she eam, But thy wary wry mich i the supplementary weading Reno har ry. Anon ewery ono thereon ose he pate stom ail types ety) whch pty Sev I a pen “The review brn aimed wih te ‘Mier the 40 sin Ise ential spends where the toe grmmar af Liha Ie prec in the "lical™ pater: the noun ajtnrs slr A snl hoe caper festa prefs aod ney on sell se “Then follows avery shot sayin of ests wean aecsane afl fal, few short eects Misys tra fom Tithaanisn nevspaper, = few folks rvs A these action fe heavily smote and te weary i a the Liha gl vocabulary. ‘The next part compris the Lithuanian gtk vocabulary which laches all the words sted in the lesions and inthe eeadings. We Rave rovided rather Inge vocabulary, nce, for some tape a least his gre far wil have to be apr, arsine grammar, a Tide eae ands 8 Alcsnay “The Engli-Lithuoran vocabulary conte oly howe words which are needed Tor the talons fren Ens ito Titan "The best way to get a Evod pronunciation Isto try to nate the ‘oninciaon ofa natee Libuanian. The descriptions of the wounds {oem inthe test ae oly an approinaton and othe em replace he eal guidance cf etn rae Litanian. Te sggeted hat he Student make every effet to find vr to lp in. Evenly 1 hoped tat taper to scimpany hs tetook wl be aval for mle oF In leaning o conver in Lithuanian th student sould try etn cee te comveraone rater than the grammteal eu Alter memo ing the conversation he may then lara vac why each word put inthe fora in which he find He may thn ost oter words ving ‘Sa meanings In ding he exercises the dent ould fellow a ee "spoubl the examples even Inthe reading and he gmat expe aston Inte and enigma have no place forthe eget in a Feveign langue Parcs initason i preerable to incorrect einl formations, Tn the fata, we plan to propre Bey to all he exerci in hi took which will be svsabe forte. Rafe wltacers of Tasman. Avene abr, tapes will ae he oc Tor te ete ook, i forthe promunition ec of the ntact leon, and former ofthe a ing sony, conversion, “The utr wiht expr thei gral shank o Re. Re. Mae. ‘A. Karas for hegre al nd iol lpi aking in poe asin tk i he ale Me Vil Bed ior making the mp onthe imide snes tnd se tg the enw oe te Tntacay eM Pl Jk for i dav sons 20,25 and 3, and to MV. Angin forthe polo Foal the ators expo tir thnks tthe Unvnity Rereer ‘ih lose ands for ping withthe page the orga manutrp Leowardet Dambritnes ormeriy Later in Litho Antanas Klimas Wiliam R. Schmalitieg ‘Pe Fenian tae Uventy