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(MAINTENANCE PLAN) 1.0 NETWORK BRIEF POWERGRID has established a Digital Microwave communication network by installing PDH transmission & Radio system of NOKIA make along with NMS/100 Network Management system. The network spans over eight different states of Northern India. Simultaneously, to complete their Wide-Band Communication Network (WBCN), POWERGRID established a number of fiber-optic links throughout the northern region. The equipment is installed in the premises of POWERGRID and other constituents of the SC&C-NR project. In this specification term POWERGRID also implies POWERGRID or Constituents. The PDH transmission systems is primarily composed of primary order multiplexes along with Channel units, Digital cross connect equipment and DMR 2000 Microwave Radios. In order to monitor all these network elements, NMS/100 Network Management system has been commissioned at NMS Control room, New Delhi and X-terminals at all the SLDCs of the constituents. Continuous availability of the WBCN with a guaranteed System Availability (SA) of 99.9% is most essential requirement. To achieve desired SA, POWERGRID intends to enter into a maintenance contract for maintaining the wideband network equipment (FO&MW). Activities, procedures, responsibilities of employer & contractor towards maintaining the wideband network are described as following 1.1 PROJECT FACTS The Northern region power system interconnects the generation, transmission and distribution facilities of various constituents (State Electricity Utilities) in 8 states as indicated below: Delhi Himachal Pradesh Haryana Punjab Jammu & Kashmir Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh


There are a total of 125 sites in these eight states and the network mainly consists of the following systems/equipment. Serial No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Type of System/Equipment MW/ MW & FO /FO Stations Microwave Antennas Digital Microwave Radios (DMR-2000) Primary Multiplex Equipment (DM2, DB2) along with channel units Digital cross connect Equipment (DN2) NMS of MW, with NMS100 software of NOKIA on HP UNIX operating system ,ORACLE database on HP server (K class-9000) and workstation Fibre Optic Terminal Equipment (FLX150T) Fibre Optic Terminal Equipment (FLX150/600) Optical amplifier (FO) Network Management Terminal (FO) Network Management System (FLEXR Plus)- FO UNIX operating system on SUN micro system server including FLEXR at 14 locations. Number of E1 channel Number of channels (voice, Sync data & asynchronous data circuits and management data channels) Quantity 72/13/40 270 312 186 21 HP Server-K class 9000 at New Delhi Workstations at Lucknow,Jammu,Shimla,Patiala, Chandigarh, Panipat, New Delhi, Jaipur 26 40 12 Nos 15 Nos 9 (New Delhi RSCC, New Delhi Minto Road, Panipat, Chandigarh, Shimla, Jammu, Heerapura, Lucknow ) 894 (MW) +133 (FO) 972

7 8 9 10 11

12 13

The vast expanse of network along with the substantial numbers of equipment, demands proper placement of manpower at strategic locations in order to provide required system availability during maintenance period. The manpower placement plan and implementation philosophy is described in details in subsequent sections of this document. Contractor will have to make their own assessment of the network and deploy manpower accordingly to achieve system availability of 99.9%. Availability calculation will be done separately for MW & FO network and average of both shall be taken. However, in no case less than specified manpower of requisite qualification are to be deployed. 2.0 OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE SET-UP Both POWERGRID and the contractor have important roles to play in the operation & maintenance of the installed wideband network.


RESOURCE DEPLOYMENT In order to cover the entire network it is imperative that contractors maintenance engineers are strategically located so as to reach the site within shortest possible time frame. Thus a minimum of four (4) service Engineers in addition to maintenance coordinator will be deployed at four (4) strategic locations (one person each at New Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Jaipur), this however, does not relieve the contractor from its obligation to maintain required system availability of 99.9% accordingly contractor shall asses the actual manpower requirement and place them suitably at others locations if required. The central control and monitoring of transmission system will be performed from RSCC in New Delhi by means of the NMS. The other locations will work under the control/instructions of the Coordinator located in New Delhi. The control and reporting philosophy will be as indicated below:


Monitoring Network will be monitored by POWERGRID through NMS at RSCC (Regional System coordination & Control Centre at New Delhi). Network Monitoring Team (NMT), whenever, notices any fault/abnormality in the system shall notify to the contractors maintenance coordinator at New Delhi, over phone with an event no. An event report shall be generated by POWERGRID as per enclosed FORMAT appended at Annexure-I. On issuance of Event Report (may be recorded over phone in case of non-availability of contractors representative at RSCC) by NMT corrective action/s shall be carried out by contractors maintenance personnel for rectification. Contractors representative must report within four (4) Hours at locations where contractors engineers are stationed and within reasonable time at all other locations which shall in no case exceed more than 12 Hrs (including travel time). Time mentioned here is irrespective of normal working Hrs or holidays. The Network Monitoring Team shall co-ordinate and control any site visits to ensure that WBCN is operating with a minimum of disruptions during these visits. The Network Monitoring Team will inform the relevant POWERGRID / constituent to facilitate the access to the site/equipment where fault is suspected. The main responsibilities of the POWERGRIDs Network Monitoring Team are: WBCN monitoring at RSCC through Network Management System (NMS). Detecting faults, prioritising them and notifying to the contractor for immediate corrective actions. Follow up on corrective actions to verify that the agreed time frames are met.


Record all faults in the fault record sheet and summary of action taken for fault rectification. Co-ordinate all planned / breakdown site visits to minimize disturbance of service. Update status information of operated Network to users of POWERGRID communication network.

MAINTENANCE Maintenance activities are either Event Based (Fault/breakdown maintenance,) or planed site visits (Semi annual site visit, testing of channel/s if end equipment for data/speech does not communicate with corresponding equipment as and when required) mainly carried out during working days. Event based work is to be carried out round the clock seven days a week. All faults observed on the commencement of the contract shall have to be rectified within seven (7) days of award of contract. A start status form (Annexure-II) shall be jointly filled by POWERGRID & contractors representative at 10.00 Hrs of commencement date of contract. Planned site visits shall be carried out twice in a year (semi-annually) at all the sites in the network or time to time if speech/data is affected at a particular site. Thus, in a year, not less than two planned site visits to all locations will be undertaken. Contractor will maintain record of events during the maintenance services; simultaneously POWERGRID shall also record the events in the LOG BOOK available in the NMS control room. The tasks during the planned site visits for the system include but are not limited to following: Visual inspection of equipment Alarm measurement verification Status report of site Updating of log records Cleaning the equipment Tightening of connectors Sealing of antennas Sealing of cabinets to arrest entry of rodents etc. Measurement of earth resistance

Work to be taken up during semi-annual site visits are appended at Annexure-III

Fault/Breakdown maintenance is a process of fault correction / trouble shooting/interfacing with other contractor (for data & Speech connectivity of existing RTUs & EPABXs etc.) as per the fault reported by NMT. Contractor will maintain a log of activities carried out at all locations and necessary History will include site name, visit date, actions taken and site condition. Detailed report in this respect shall be submitted by the contractor in the monthly meeting. The representatives of POWERGRID will associate in trouble shooting, change of unit as per programme notified/intimated by the contractor however, due to any reason if POWERGRID can not depute their representative, contractor will proceed for the work so as to attend the breakdown/testing as per their programme. The scope of corrective maintenance is as follows: 3.1 Troubleshooting on a network element and its interfaces as and when required and directed by NMT engineer/coordinator of POWERGRID. Diagnostics on interfaces to locate problems in network elements. If required, the contractor shall depute maintenance engineer for joint inspection with other vendors for pin-pointing the fault. Identification of the faulty hardware unit, replacing it. Performance of function verification in co-ordination with the NMT operators. Handing over of faulty unit to constituent/POWERGRID at site or RSCC. Hardware Services In case any failure or malfunction is discovered, the NMT shall immediately inform the problem to central coordinator of maintenance contractor. The maintenance team shall identify the problem, organise to promptly attend the fault, replace the faulty equipment/card,/module or any other hardware component with a spare unit and ship the faulty unit to RSCC or any other specified location. Each faulty unit shall be returned with an accompanying, correctly filled-out Event Report. . Contractor shall ensure maximum utilisation of the channel capacity, hence healthy channel/s will be put in use and hardwired to respective MDF point without disturbing end user (PABX,PLCC,RTU ) connection so that outright replacement of card is avoided. Card shall be replaced when all the healthy channels are faulty. Necessary modification (temporary) in drawing/s in site copy and at RSCC will have to be done without changing in original document. POWERGRID is responsible to provide spares (Cards,modules,Feeder cable,Signal cable etc. ) to the extent of availability of spare with them. Spares does not include small hardware parts/accessories like BNC connectors, Coaxial cables, Euro connectors, crone module, Cables including FO cable used for Inter/intra

cabinet wiring, Joint Box for approach cable, orderwire phone etc. The same are to be provided/arranged by the contractor at no extra cost to POWERGRID. Contractors hardware services also covers support for the HP & SUN microsystem hardware and operating system software supplied to POWERGRID. Contractor will tie up with HP & SUN micro-system in form of comprehensive AMC (including spares) for providing hardware as well as software support to NMS of MW & FO respectively . This support from HP/SUN micro-system shall be available within 4 hrs of fault reporting at Delhi site (RSCC) and the next day for all other outstation sites after logging in of the faults. Contractor will carry out the following tasks for hardware services: The co-ordinator of the contractor shall receive faulty units and check to ensure that the Event Report is properly completed. Handover the faulty unit/s to POWERGRID Replace faulty units from POWERGRIDs own spares stock. Send faulty units to Original equipment suppliers representative in India on POWERGRIDs behalf with the correctly completed Failure Report with site information and symptoms of failure. Test the repaired unit for their healthiness after the same is rectified by the original manufacturer

4. MAINTENACE SERVICES SUMMARY The Maintenance Services are summarised below. Period Two Year ON-SITE SUPPORT / MAINTENANCE Scope Four Engineers + one co-ordinator Availability On all working days of a week except Sunday & holidays during the office hours. After office hours/Holidays duty phone to be contacted (with co-ordinator) Tasks Troubleshooting & Fault rectification MAINTENANCE FAULT/BREAKDOWN Equipment scope As per para 1.1 Service scope Rectification/Corrective maintenance Availability On-Call basis as mentioned at para 2.2 & 3.1 above PLANNED SITE VISIT Equipment scope As per para 1.1 Scope Visual inspection of equipment, alarm measurement verification, Status report of site, Updating of log records, Cleaning the equipment Availability Semi-annual / planned visits


Outage time definition: An outage time refers to period in which loss of communication is detected on any part of the telecommunication network / equipment and continues until the fault is cleared .Following conditions shall not be taken into account for outage time calculation. (a) Time of unavailability excludes running with faulty equipment on specific instructions from POWERGRID/constituents (not affecting communication or monitoring of other units other than faulty unit). (b) The time of unavailability excludes the transportation time to a faulty site average of twelve (12) hours and the time to get authorisation for access to the telecommunication room and to the equipment. (c) In case of failure of a E-1 channel, no consequential lower level channel failure shall be accounted for.

(d) In case a loss of communication is detected in system of third party (PLCC/PABX equipment, RTU) and no corresponding alarm is detected in NMS and it is decided by POWERGRID that the event will be jointly studied with the parties and plan /schedule of fault finding will be made. However, under such conditions of fault attribution to the third party, it would be contractors responsibility to logically establish such attribution. (e) Outages which are not attributable to equipment faults (Fading etc.) will not be considered for calculation of system availability. Contractor shall calculate total outage due to fading / Power interruption on daily basis (10.00 Hrs of previous day to 10.00Hrs of present day) and create a daily report. (f) If it is needed to pinpoint a fault, it is allowed to disconnect / loop circuits for trouble shootings. This testing time shall not be counted in the outage time calculations. However, interruption time for healthy channel should not exceed 10 minutes. Proper planning and coordination with all concerned may be required while carrying out this activity so as to minimise outage time. (h) Outage due to force majeure conditions (Not attending fault due to war, curfew, earthquake at the location of fault, serious accident during travelling

for attending fault) or outage due to failure in power system equipment (or AC/DC) ,non-availability of spare shall not be taken into availability calculations. 7.0 Documentation during Maintenance Period: Events shall be recorded by using of event form. The forms shall be filled in duly dated, timed and signed by representatives of both the parties. Absence of one or the other partys representative shall not render the record invalid but assumes only that such representative signs the record at his earliest convenience. The initial condition of the system shall be recorded on the start status form to constitute or reference for later events. All the events recorded in the start status form shall have to be rectified within 15 days. Faults not attended within 15 days will be considered as outage. Any and all events such as incoming and existing alarms, fault occurrence, action taken for remedies etc shall be recorded in the event report forms. If a unit is replaced or repaired both the new and the replaced or repaired unit is to be recorded in the event report form. Contractor shall submit the detailed report for fault occurrence after the cards/equipment is rectified at the works of supplier.


CALCULATION OF NETWORK AVAILABILITY Introduction This section describes the system availability calculation during the Maintenance period. Availability Calculation Formula. The system availability for FO & MW shall be calculated as follows. Tt*Cht - Chn*Tn S.A =

to Cht )

--------------------------- x 100 % Tt*Cht

Where SA = System Availability (%) Tt = Total test time (24*days in a month) Cht = Total number of channel Chn = Number of channels affected by event En Tn = Outage time of event En The NMS system availability for (FO & MW) shall be calculated as follows.

Tt*NEt - NEn*Tn

(NMS) Av. =

--------------------------- x 100% Tt*NEt

Where Av = NMS Availability (%) Tt = Total test time (24*days in a month) NEt = Total number of Network Element NEn = Number of NE affected by an event Tn = Outage time of NE 8.1 Availability Requirement The availability of communication system shall be measured in categories as below: (a) Channel (Voice, Asynchronous data & Synchronous data circuits and management data channels) (b) E-1 level channels (c) Availability of NMS system The availability requirement for type of channels, individually for MW, FO & NMS systems mentioned at Para 8.1 (a) ,(b) & (c) above shall be 99.9%.For calculation of availability main & Standby channel shall be treated as independent channels. However not-withstanding the commutation of availability of the communication system as specified above, the prompt restoration of faulty equipment/part of the network is also of equal importance and any delay in restoration of the faulty system shall be governed as per SCC clause no: 11.5. 9.0 COORDINATION REQUIREMENTS

9.1 Meeting Practices Regular meeting between POWERGRID and the contractor is vital for communication and information flow between these two organisations. The purpose of the meeting is to tackle the essential issues concerning the services and network performance. The suggested schedule for meeting is once every month. The meeting agenda shall be decided between POWERGRID and contractor and could for example consist of the following issues: Services and network performance according to the report during last one month Review of emergence situation Status of spare Action plan Next meeting 10

Alarm/events unattended till the date of meeting

The following participants should be present in this meeting: 9.2 Coordinator (contractor) Members of the contractor team as needed Coordinator POWERGRID/Constituents representative Operation and maintenance staff as designated to attend (POWERGRID) EMERGENCY MEETING: Whenever a major outage occurs in any part of the network, an emergency meeting may be called if desired by POWERGRID. In the meeting, the outage will be discussed in the context of cause, correction and prevention. 9.3 REPORTING PROCEDURE The purpose of report is to summarise the activities performed during the reporting period. The report provides the information on the performance of the services and describes the current status of the network. The report is a monthly report from Contractor to POWERGRID which shows the trends in the network and services provided by contractor. By analysing the report data, management and expert of POWERGRID and contractor are able to focus attention on the areas where further improvement is needed. Emergency reports: Contractor reports to POWERGRID every time the emergencies call up or call out service is invoked. In these cases, on termination of the emergency all details of the fault and clearance information are submitted within five working days. 9.4 INTERFACES BETWEEN POWERGRID AND CONTRACTOR Contractor Interfaces Contractor shall submit detail of personnel deployed in the prescribed format through which all problems identified by POWERGRID are to be reported to contractor via duty phone Description Name Telephone Fax Email New Delhi Jaipur Lucknow Chandigarh

Co-ordinator : 11

Telephone no : FAX No :

Mobile no: E-mail address:

(Details to be provided later) 7.2 Contacts in POWERGRID Name Responsibility Phone number (Residence) (mobile) Phone number office Fax number, Email address



RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES AND ARBITRATION: All the differences or disputes arising out of this contract shall be through the process of Settlement of disputes and Arbitration as per clause 48.0 & 49.0, Section-GCC, Conditions of Contract, Volume-I of the Bidding documents. The provisions of the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996, along with its modifications and amendments if any, shall apply to the arbitration proceedings. New Delhi Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the matter. The arbitrator shall give a reasoned award.

10.0 Notwithstanding anything stated elsewhere in the bidding documents, Letter of Award will constitute the formation of Contract and also becomes effective from the date mentioned at para 7.1. 11.0 CONTRACT AGREEMENT: You shall enter into a formal Contract agreement in line with Clause 42.0, Section-INB, Vol.-I of the bidding document within 7 days from the date of issue of this Letter of Award.




Start: Date :______________ Station 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ Description

Page: (1) Report no: Time : 10.00 Hrs:

_____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

Special test conditions or action:

Attachments: Initials: POWERGRID ______________ Contractor __________


EVENT REPORT FORM Event Report No ____________ Station:____________________ Affected Path: ________________ __________________________________ Date:____________________ Constituent:_________________

Fault Description: ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ A) Event start time (as per NMS) B) Reporting time by NMT REPORT i) Failure within contractor system Yes ____ No _______ ( If No then date _____ ii) Entrance to site and room for rectification date _____ iii) Rectification start time by Contractor iv) Fault fixed Total Outage time time_______) time_______ date _____ date _____ time_______ time_______

date _____ time_______ date _____ time_______


Comments: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Faulty unit Sl. No:___________________________ New Unit Sl. No.: ___________________________ Date: POWERGRID/CONSTITUENT _______________ Contractor_____________



SCOPE OF WORK DURING MAINTENANCE PERIOD 1 Description Overall Infrastructure Detailed Scope Infrastructure includes the building, air conditioners, AC/DC system, UPS, cable trenches, Earthing etc provided by POWERGRID. They will be maintained by POWERGRID General checking during semi annual / troubleshooting site visits and advise General checking during semi annual / troubleshooting site visits and advise. Checking, connector cleaning, redoing the connection during semi annual / troubleshooting site visits (limited to the earthing of equipment under scope of maintenance)and as required specifically.Earthing interconnection will be checked upto earthing star point). Earthing interconnection shall also be checked and corrected during troubleshooting site visits if it is considered the probable cause of fault. Measurement of earth resistance during semi-annual site visit. General checking during semi annual / troubleshooting site visits and advise General checking during semi annual / troubleshooting site visits and advise Contractor shall study in special case of repeated faults if the probable cause is earthing interconnection at the station or possibity of spurious signals through various cable connections to the wideband equipment and advise. Site checking (normal output, battery condition, earthing interconnection) as per approved/agreed format during semi annual site visits and advise. It shall also be checked during troubleshooting site visits if it is considered the probable cause of fault. Checking of output values, earthing interconnection at the NMS sites during semi annual site visits and advice. It shall also be checked during troubleshooting site visits if it is considered the probable cause of fault.

1.1 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3

Equipment site General conditions Cleanliness of the room Earthing interconnections

1.1.4 Air conditioning 1.1.5 1.1.6 Cable route EMI issues


DC system






Checking and tightening of nut-bolts etc if loose for platforms, Antenna pipe supports, during semi annual site visits and antenna or feeder related troubleshooting site visits. During the semi annual site visits, contractors shall also check nuts & Bolts of platform. Checking & repair/ replacement of lights and accessories like photosensor etc. as and when necessary. Scope of lights checking and repair will be limited to only the sites as per list given in the equipment details. Advise on related DC power supply.Supply of cable if found faulty shall be in the scope of POWERGRID Checking interfacing with other equipment and take corrective actions on its MDFs if required. The scope will be limited to the MDFs where the cables of wideband system have been terminated .Report and advise on others' if it is the probable cause of fault.


Aviation lights


Interfacing with others

2 2.1

Antenna components Antennas Checking for broken ribs, torn feed horn covers during semi annual site visits and rectification for broken ribs, the contractor will arrange the repair kits. It shall also be checked during troubleshooting site visits if it is the probable cause of fault. Cleaning, re-sealing and replacement and retermination if needed during semi annual / troubleshooting site visits. Sealing tapes will be arranged by contractor. POWERGRID will provide the connectors to be replaced. Checking and minor rectification (eg applying sealing tapes to feeder cables to feeder damaged by monkey bites etc). It shall also be checked during troubleshooting site visits if it is the probable cause of fault . Laying of feeder cable if found faulty. Feeder cable will be provided by POWERGRID. Checking terminations, re-kroning, if necessary, during semi-annual / troubleshooting site visits. It shall also be checked during troubleshooting site visits if it is the probable cause of fault . Laying of feeder cable if found faulty. Cable will be provided by POWERGRID. Checking terminations, re-kroning, if necessary, during semi-annual / troubleshooting site visits. . It shall also be checked during troubleshooting site





Cabling Indoor cabling



Outdoor cabling


visits if it is the probable cause of fault. Laying of feeder cable if found faulty. Cable will be provided by POWERGRID. 3.3 Fibre Optic Approach cable Fibre optic OPGW Checking signal path, joint box during semi annual / troubleshooting site visits and rectification. Joint box to be provided by the contractor.. Checking with OTDR and advise. Checking healthiness of spare fibres during semi annual site visit. Rectification if fault found to be in the approach cable/patch card etc upto DDF. Checking signal path, connectors during semi annual / troubleshooting site visits and rectification.



Fibre optic cables between radios and multiplexers Main Equipment Radio Nokia DMR2000 MUX Nokia DM2 and DB2 and Digital cross connect Nokia DN2 Fibre Optic terminal PDH Nokia DF8 Fibre Optic terminal SDH Fujitsu Master Clocks

4 4.1

Faulty equipment to be replaced at site as per conditions of Maintenance Plan. (Spares to be provided by POWERGRID). Faulty equipment to be replaced at site as per conditions of Maintenance Plan. (spares to be provided by POWERGRID).



Faulty equipment to be replaced at site as per conditions of Maintenance Plan. (Spares to be provided by POWERGRID). Faulty equipment to be replaced at site as per conditions of Maintenance Plan. (spares to be provided by POWERGRID). Faulty equipment to be replaced at site as per conditions of Maintenance Plan. (spares to be provided by POWERGRID).



4.6 4.6.1

NMS of Nokia system Computer hardware and Routers Alarm handling, Backups etc. software part NMS of Fujitsu SDH Faulty equipment to be replaced at site as per conditions of Maintenance Plan. Comprehensive maintenance with HP/SUN microsystem to be tied up. Alarm deletions, Backups as per maintenanceplan. Consumables to be provided by POWERGRID. Software corruption to be corrected as per actual requirement. Faulty equipment to be replaced at site as per conditions of Maintenance Plan.Comprehensive maintenance with SUN microsystem to be tied up.





Alarm handling Backups etc. software part Interference and Fading Monitoring and general operation of microwave Monitoring and general operation of FO Provisioning/ Reprovisioning of channels Contractor's setup

Alarm deletions, Backups as per agreed back up plan. Consumables to be provided by POWERGRID. Software corruption to be corrected as per actual requirement. Regular monitoring of the MW link operations through NMS in association with the POWERGRID staff. Investigations for abnormal fading, interference and take corrective actions . Regular monitoring of the FO link operations through NMS in association with the POWERGRID staff. Investigations for abnormal behaviour and take corrective actions. Approx 20 Nos of Speech/Data channels (64 Kbps) in PDH system and 10 Nos of E-1 channel (in FO system) per year.. Generally in consonance with the set-up mentioned in the maintenance plan.






1. SITE INFORMATION: Site name Address Telephone & Fax :------------------------------------------------------:------------------------------------------------------:-------------------------------------------------------

Contact Person :------------------------------------------------------2. GENERAL CLEANLINESS Communication room air conditioner Is air conditioner on? Are filters clean? Is air conditioner cooling O.K? Yes/No Yes/No OK/NOT OK

Action Required by POWERGRID------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Communication room cleanliness Check if communication room is in good condition (Over all) Check if regular cleaning of telecom room done. Check if room is manned. Check if AC/DC sully has been tapped for other uses. Is the room having any damp wall. Action required by POWERGRID. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Contractors representative

POWERGRIDs representative


EQUIPMENT RACK CLEANLINESS: Check if cabinets are closed and key available with room in charge. Key available Not Available Cabinet Closed Cleaned Open

Clean the equipment with vacuum cleaner.

Actions required by POWERGRID/Constituent:____________________________ Action required by Contractor:__________________________________________ 3.0 TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT : Room temperature Check the room temperature (25oC is recommended) Temperature very near equipment cabinet Temperature inside the telecom equipment rack _____________ ______________ ______________

Action Required by POWERGRID :_______________________________________ 4.0 POWER SUPPLY MEASUREMENT Input DC Voltage at MCB __________________ Input DC Voltage at Cabinet TB __________________ AC Voltage at the time of station visit (Primary source): __________________ Availability of AC Supply in 24 hours __________________ Charger Voltage __________________ Battery Voltage (Charger AC Supply off) __________________

Actions required by POWERGRID/CONSTITUENT __________________


_______________________________________________________________________ _ 5.0 RADIO EQUIPMENT CHECK Visual check for the alarm on DMR2000, in case of any alarm present further necessary corrective action. Direction:_________________ Radio-A Direction:_____________________ Radio-A Action required by Contractor 6.0 MULTIPLEXER & FOTE ALARM CHECK Visual check for the alarm on Mux & FOTEs, in case of any alarm present further investigation and corrective action. Healthiness of spare Fibre From To Condition Equipment used : : : : Fibre no: Colour : Radio-B _____________________________ Radio-B

Action required by Contractor:__________________________________ 7.0 CABLE CHECK Check the cable terminations at all MDFs visually. Recrone if any loose wires. Check cable route for any abnormality. Are cable trenches covered properly?



Check base of tower. It should be clean from plant, grass, and waste material. Tower antenna should be free from honey bees, bird nests etc Visual check of antenna for broken ribs, torn feed horn cover, sealing at connector point. Visual check for feeder cable and connectors.


TOWER LIGHTS Check if the DC cables are terminated correctly at MCB. Clean the photo sensor of the light. Cover the photo sensor and check operation of aviation light. Status of Low Intensity Light Status of Medium Intensity Light DOCUMENTS AND TEST INSTRUMENTS Available Not available


Check the documents at site.

Check the availability of test instrument/tool kit at site.(Multimeter,Screw driver,plier etc.) _____________________available EARTHING CHECK


All the cables are connected properly with the ground point. Clean the end points if required while removing the earth cable first put temporary earth cable. After correction place the original cable and remove loop cable. Clean star point with sand paper and put petroleum jelly. Measurement of earth resistance: ___________________





The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (A Govt. of India Enterprise) with its registered Head Office at B-9, Qutub Institutional Area, Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi- 110 016 (hereinafter referred to as POWERGRID) has implemented System Coordination and Control (SC&C) project for Northern Region which has established computer based control and communication system necessary for improving Power system operations of the region. The overall SC&C project includes Regional system Coordination and Control Centre (RSCC), associated State Load Dispatch centre (SLDCs), and sub-LDCs, remote terminal units (RTUs), Communication system, power supplies and all necessary support facilities. The communication system encompasses various Communication media, namely Fibre optics system, Microwave system and PLCC as well as PABXs and network monitoring systems (NMS). The voice and data connectivity between Gladini SLDC to Bemina SUB-LDC, has been established using VSAT link . The requirements condition, appendices etc., stated in General Conditions of Contract (Volume-I), Bid Proposal Sheets (Volume-IB), Technical Specifications (Volume-II) and data requirement shall apply to and shall be considered as part of this volume (Volume-IA) as if bound together. In case of any discrepancy between the provisions of this Volume-I and other Volumes, the provisions of this volume i.e Vol (IA) shall prevail. Unless brought out clearly, the bidder shall be deemed to conform strictly to bid documents. All deviations from the specifications shall be clearly brought out in the respective schedule of deviations. Any discrepancy between the specification and the catalogue of the bid if not clearly brought out in the schedule will not be considered a valid deviation.




1.5(a) The word `Owner and Employer both appearing in bid documents means Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., as defined in clause 1.2 of Section GCC Volume-I. 1.5(b) Network monitoring Team (NMT) means POWERGRID Engineers performing round the clock monitoring of Wide Band Communication Network (WBCN) at NMS control room, RSCC, New Delhi.



SCOPE OF WORK AND SERVICES 2.1 2.2 Detailed Scope of Work is specified in documents titled Scope of works during maintenance period at Appendix-III of Technical specifications (Maintenance plan) of the Bid documents. Where ever, unit rate has been asked in the detailed scope of work the same is for new work which Employer may feel necessary to be executed for alteration/modification/augmentation of the network and which POWERGRID may award to the contractor during execution of contract . Contractor is obliged to complete the work if awarded within specified period which shall be mutually agreed at the time of award of such work. Bidder is required to quote for the entire scope of work as defined above and detailed in the Annexure-III.. Offer for incomplete or part scope of work are not acceptable and shall be summarily rejected.



BID GUARANTEE TO BE SUBMITTED BY THE BIDDER IN A SEPARATE SEALED COVER 3.1 The bidder shall furnish, as part of its bid, a Bid Guarantee in a separate sealed envelope for an amount of Rs------------ (Rupees ------ only) in the form specified in Clause 24.0, Section-INB, Vol-I of the Bidding documents. The Bid Guarantee shall be valid for a period of 7 months from the date of opening of bids. Any Bid not accompanied with the requisite bid security in accordance with provisions of aforesaid clause will be rejected by the owner and shall not be opened. 3.2 Any bid not secured in accordance with para 3.1 above will be rejected by the owner as non-responsive.


PRICES AND PRICE ADJUSTMENT: 4.1 Prices for maintenance work covered under the scope shall be furnished by the bidder in the manner specified in the bid proposal sheet, Volume IB. 4.2 Prices quoted by the bidder shall be fixed during the bidders performance of the contract and not subject to variation on any account. A bid submitted with an adjustable price quotation will be treated as non-responsive and rejected.

5.0 5.1

BASIS OF AWARD & BID EVALUATION: Bidder has to quote for the complete scope of work as stated in Technical Specifications, Volume-II. Bids for the part of the package will be treated as incomplete and shall be rejected.



Bids shall be evaluated on the basis of lumpsum bid price for the entire scope of work and applicable taxes and duties on transaction between the Owner and the Contractor. The cost of withdrawal of the deviation, indicated in the Bid Proposal Sheet, Schedule-3B in line with the Clause No. 11.2, Section-INB, Vol.-I along with its subsequent Amendments (amendment No. II) shall also be considered for evaluation of Bid. OBJECTIVE OF MAINTENANCE SERVICES: The maintenance services proposal has the following objective a) To maintain the correct working order of wideband communication system installed at various locations as per list for a period of two years. b) To provide efficient, timely, reliable and responsive technical services for both preventive and corrective maintenance, so that availability of the system is maintained as specified. c) To familiarise POWEGRID personnel in fibre optic and MW equipment by imparting technical guidance/training during maintenance services. To utilize indigenously sourced labour, spare and materials wherever possible and economic.




CONTRACTORS SCOPE OF WORK: The scope of maintenance services to be provided by the contractor will include all but will not be limited to the following: (a) Contractor shall provide technical services to maintain the Fibre optic terminal equipment of FUJITSU and PDH telecommunication system of NOKIA including all other system component viz antennas, Aviation lights on MW towers, Feeder Cable, Cable between MUX to RTUs, PABX & PLCC MDFs, FO Approach cable, TMS/TMN of FO & MW system, hardware/software support to the servers for TMS/TMN of FO & MW, Alarm handling, updating, deletion, backup. Exclusion from the scope of work are mentioned at para (p). (b) Contractor shall document the maintenance activities to be carried out and shall establish a maintenance record for the performance of their duties and location wise history record of the equipment for future reference.


(c) Contractor shall advise on formal training requirements for POWERGRID personnel and shall accommodate inland on the job training for POWERGRID personnel. (d) Contractors Indian staff will arrange non-residential class room training course for POWERGRID Engineers (18 Nos) for one week (6 days). The course will cover following aspect Optical fibre cable Nokia equipment (radio & transmission equipment) FUJITSU equipment NMS of MW & FO network, System configuration & up gradation.

(e) One vendors engineer will report and be available to POWERGRID NMS control room at Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi and other specified locations between 09.00 Hrs to 17.30 hrs (except Sundays and holidays) to ensure satisfactory operation of communication and NMS system. Contractors engineer should be available on phone on holidays for attending any emergency. In addition to this contractor shall have to open one local office for keeping records, documents, design manuals, testing equipment and spares issued to them.Contractors office should have telephone & Fax facilities to enable the employer to make correspondence and communication with local coordinator. If required contractor may have to call foreign experts from OEM and all expenses towards any such visit/s shall be on account of contractor only. (f) Contractor should have all the requisite tools, tackles, testing equipment/instruments for successful maintenance of the FO & MW communication equipment. POWERGRID may issue test equipment on chargeable basis in case of emergency or breakdown of test equipment of contractor. Contractor will return the instrument, tool kit any other item issued to them by POWERGRID for maintenance work. In case any loss, damage, theft or malfunctioning of equipment (in part or full) due to reasons (directly or indirectly) attributable to contractor, same shall be rectified/replenished without any cost implication to POWERGRID. Failing which the prevailing prices of a similar make and model of tool, instrument, kit shall be deducted from contractor. (g) Contractor will provide all technical advise, resources, liaison, recommendation and new modification for maintenance or up-gradation if required from the original manufacturer of equipment/software including services of foreign experts if required. (h) For efficient and ease of maintenance contractor may put forth any recommendation for POWERGRIDs perusal. However, the modification will be implemented by the contractor without having any financial implication to POWERGRID after approval of the scheme by POWERGRID. This shall not be applicable for suggestions put forth to arrest/avoid frequent failure of


equipment/card/component at any other site, wherein modification shall be done by POWERGRID of their own or through any suitable contractor. (i) Three copies of monthly routine and breakdown maintenance report will be forwarded to POWERGRID coordinator for review & comments. The report should be submitted so as to reach POWERGRID office by 7th day of every month. (j) Routine maintenance and services of equipments/software and system shall be carried out by contractor without affecting the guarantee clause of the said equipment/software. (k) If any special testing equipment/s is/are required for testing and repair of the system the same shall be arranged by the contractor. (l) Consumables required for the work to maintain the communication system and NMS in working condition but not mentioned in this scope shall be included in the contractors scope.All other consumables like backup tapes,papers for taking print out from NMS shall be provided by POWERGRID. (m) Contractors maintenance engineer/service engineer shall have minimum qualification of graduate in IT (Computer/Telecommunication) with minimum one year experience or Diploma with three years maintenance/testing & commissioning experience in respective disciplines with recognized Indian professional qualification. This staff shall be supported by head office technical staff for restorative problem or other assistance as may be required. Maintenance engineers shall have technical background and trained in first & second level maintenance on the NOKIA & FUJITSU communication equipment and NMS system. (n) Contractor will arrange for adequate transportation for their staff as per work demand. Contractors staff (at all locations) should be equipped with necessary tools kit, mobile phones, vehicle etc . (o) Contractor will take all due necessary safety precautions for proper safety of man & machine while carrying out the work at site. Contractor will also be required to take necessary insurance cover for the personnel deputed for the work covered under this contract. POWERGRID shall have no responsibility whatsoever for claims arising out of negligence/accident or any other reason for the personnel employed by the contractor. (p) The scope excludes OPGW cable (Optical Fibre cable laid over high tension transmission lines) & MW towers. However, contractor may , be asked to provide relevant information (during preventive maintenance activity) in respect of above items/equipments which may be vital for the maintenance of MW towers & OPGW through a separate contractor.



SUB-CONTRACTING: Contractor shall not engage any party for the work without prior approval from the employer except parties already mentioned in the Bid document . The Contractor shall submit name of parties for its approval giving sufficient time so as not to impede the maintenance activity. Such approval by the employer for any of the sub-contractor shall not relieve the contractor from any of its obligations, duties or responsibilities under the contract.

8.0 (a)

POWERGRIDs RESPONSIBILITY POWERGRID shall immediately notify vendors nominated coordinator upon equipment/system failure. Vendor shall repair the system to bring back the operational requirement in normal condition in shortest possible time. POWERGRID shall assist to arrange security passes required by contractors staff, including passes for Non-POWERGRID sites. POWERGRID shall ensure vendors personnel and /or personnel acting on behalf of contractor free and unrestricted access to equipment sites during the maintenance period or when the urgent repairing of the system or equipment are required. POWERGRID shall be responsible for obtaining Right of Way (ROW) Access and other liaisoning for cable repair. Contractor shall assist in coordinating the activity for cable repair. POWERGRID shall provide the contractor with information on any planned expansion, alteration or relocation of the equipment that may have the impact on the system under maintenance. POWERGRID is responsible to supply information regarding any observation. in telecommunication, database recorded in the log-book maintained at NMS control room at New Delhi. POWERGRID shall provide list of spares available and the place where the same is available, during the maintenance period Contractor will use the spares and repair the defective unit and return it to POWERGRID with proper documentation. Contractor shall assess the extent of spares requirement for three months in advance and shall take in its possession from POWERGRID for utilisation for the next three months. Contractor shall be responsible for the spares provided to them for their safe storage and handling. Contractor shall be required to take proper insurance coverage for the spares issued to them from any of the nationalised insurance company after prior approval from the employer. Charges against taking insurance coverage shall be reimbursed to the contractor on production of insurance policy and original

(b) (c)





documentary evidence for the charges paid to the insurance company. Any loss arising for the spares provided to the contractor shall be to Contractors account only. POWERGRID shall be at full liberty to deduct/recover the amount for replenishment of damaged/lost spare. POWERGRID shall bear no responsibility for any loss for such spares for theft/mishandling/or any other reason. (g) In case communication failure is due to prolonged power failure/abnormally low/high voltage in power supply the outage time will be counted from the time POWERGRID gets the power supply restored. 9.0 PERIOD OF CONTRACT This maintenance service comes into force with effect from 16.06.05 for a period of two one year i.e up to 15.06.07. However, POWERGRID may extend the period of contract for further one year on same rate, terms and conditions. 10.0 REMUNERATION FOR CONTRACT SERVICES The contract price for contractor scope of services is as follows. Lumpsum contract for maintenance services: The fees for this basic service are based on the scope of service define in the scope of contract. This contract price is based on a lumpsum contract for services rendered as per technical specification. Contractor shall be responsible for all government charges, excise ,duties and octroi etc for carrying out the contract within their scope of work. 11.0 TERMS OF PAYMENT Payment shall be released to the Contractor on monthly basis. The bills are to be submitted to the Engineer-in charge once in a month after completion of the service for that month. Payment shall be released as per following:11.1 Hundred (100%) of 1st monthly bill payable after applicable statutory deductions shall be released within 30 days from date of submission of bills in proper form along with following documents:(i) (ii) (iii) Availability calculation statement duly certified by the Engineer-incharge. Submission of Contract Performance Guarantee for 10% of the Contract price in the format mentioned in Clause 43.0 of Section INB of Volume-I (Conditions of Contract) of bidding documents. Monthly spares reconciliation statement in the format provided by POWERGRID



Hundred (100%) of subsequent monthly bills, payable after applicable statutory deductions, shall be released within 30 days from date of submission of bills in proper form and submission of documents mentioned at clause 11.1 (i) & clause 11.1 (iii) above. TAXES & DUTIES (Clause 15.0 INB) Service tax as applicable on services that are not provided directly by the bidder viz. transportation & insurance shall be included in the bid price and any such taxes additionally payable will be to the bidders account and no separate claim on this behalf shall be made by us. However, applicability of Service tax shall be ascertained and if applicable on services (for which the charges are payable by you) that are provided directly by the bidder shall not be included in the bid price, but indicated separately, and same shall be reimbursed by POWERGRID.




Payments shall be made promptly by the Owner within thirty (30) days of receipt of contractors Invoice, complete in all respect and supported by the requisite documents. All the payments shall be released to contractor in Indian rupees directly. 11.5 PENALTY (a) Contractor will maintain an adequate level of qualified staff for carrying out this maintenance contract failing which Rs 50,000.00 per month will be deducted by POWERGRID from the amount due to contractor under this contract. In addition 5% of the total payable amount shall be deducted for every fall of 1% or part thereof in the specified availability. In addition to above, a penalty of Rs 1000.00 per day shall be imposed for not attending the fault in specified period for all non-communication equipment. For non-communication equipment maximum allowable restoration time shall be 48 Hrs. POWERGRID shall have the right to terminate the contract after giving notice of two month if the availability of the system is not attained as per specification consecutively for two months.



WORK SCHEDULE: 12.1 The Contract shall remain in force for period of two years commencing from date of award of the contract. Thereafter, POWERGRID reserves right to extend the contract for further period of one year at same rate, terms and conditions.


12.2 Notwithstanding the duration of the agreement, POWERGRID will be at liberty to terminate this agreement by giving two-month notice on the happening of any of he following events. (a) (b) (c) If contractor commits breach of any of the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract documents. If contractor commit any act which shall be prejudicial to the good name or interest of POWERGRID. If contractors firm is adjudged insolvent or any of contractors partner commits any act of insolvency or a compromise is entered into by contractor/its partner with your creditors or if a distress execution or other process is levied upon property and assets or those of partner. If for any act of contractor, POWEERGRID comes to the conclusion that it is not in our interest to continue with contractors services. If contractor fails to maintain the system as per technical specification and maintenance plan.

(d) (e)

12.3 POWERGRID may by notice to the contractor object to any representative or person employed by the contractor in the execution of the contract, who, in the reasonable opinion of the employer, may behave inappropriately, may be incompetent or negligent, or may commit a serious breach which will jeopardise companys reputation.. The employer shall provide evidences of the same, whereupon the contractor shall remove such person from the Facilities. 13.0 13.1 INSURANCE: All the test equipment and spares being supplied by POWERGRID shall be kept comprehensively insured by the Contractor from the time of receipt and return to POWERGRID at the end of contract. The insurance shall be taken in the name of POWERGRID. Actual cost would be reimbursed by POWERGRID on production of copy of premium of the policy. It will be the responsibility of the Contractor to lodge, pursue and settle all claims for all the equipments and materials with the insurance company in case of any damage, loss, theft pilferage or fire and the Owner shall be kept informed about it. The contractor shall replace the lost/damage material promptly irrespective of the settlement of the claims by the underwriters and ensure that maintenance activities are not affected. The losses, if any, in such replacement will have to be borne by the contractor. All contractors workmen shall be covered under an accident insurance policy operated by the contractor as per prevailing labour laws. POWERGRID shall in no way be responsible for any accident to the contractors men. In case of any such eventuality POWERGRID shall extend the First aid facility only if available at site, to the extent possible.





INDEMNITY BOND 14.1 For the materials/equipments to be provided by POWERGRID, it will be the responsibility of the contractor to take delivery, unload and store the materials viz spares at site and execute an Indemnity Bond against loss, damage and risks involved for the full value of the materials as per the Performa at Annexure-A1, trust receipt and obtaining authorization letter from POWERGRID as per proforma at Annexure A-2. The Indemnity Bond shall be furnished by the contractor before scheduled handing over of spares by POWERGRID and shall be valid till end of contract period. 15.0 SUBMISSION OF BIDS:


The Bidder shall prepare two sets of bid [i.e. one original and one copy, clearly marking each ORIGINAL BID and COPY OF BID as appropriate. Balance provision for submission of bids shall be as per clause no.26.0 of Section INB of Volume-I.





(Duly attested certificates to be enclosed)

(Please enclose experience certificate)





TRUST RECIPT FOR PLANT, EQUIPMENT AND MATERIAL RECEIVED FROM POWERGRID UNDER CONTRACT NO. ..DATED.. We M/Shave been awarded a Contract No. dated Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, B-9,Qutab Institutional area, Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi. We do hereby acknowledge the receipt of the plant, Equipments and materials as are fully described and mentioned under documents --------------- and in the schedule annexed hereto, which shall form an integral part of this receipt, as Trustee of Power Grid Corporation of India Limited. The aforesaid materials etc. so received by us shall be exclusively used in the successful performance of the aforementioned contract and for no other purpose whatsoever. We undertake not to create any charge, lien, or encumbrance over the aforesaid materials etc. In favor of any other person/institution(s)/Banks.

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