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6 of 6 Amsel (XV/4229/83) 1983/1987 5 files 7093 25/07/86 (HVA/III) 7034 07/05/86 (HVA/III) Bob (XV/1471/65) 1965/1985 5 files 6494 21/02/85 (HVA/II) 4910 05/02/82 (HVA/II) 4842 18/12/81 (HVA/II) 4755 09/10/81 (HVA/II) From Poland 7597 03/05/89 7541 07/05/87 6884 22/11/85 From Bulgaria 7542 7539 6874 6843 13/05/87 30/04/87 13/08/85 18/03/85 on radio monitoring stations and tapping centres in Cyprus. on conduct of NATO manoeuvres "Cold Winter" discussions on terrorism at special NATO Council ACE COMSECD NATO: Nato discusses a program for the exchange of coding equipments that are commonly used within the national military intelligence systems. Technical equipement of British police exercises, united NATO armed forces, Winter-Cimex 1987 meeting with chief of national section of BBC radio no entry

letter of the British FM Howe to Oliver Tambo internal information of the British secret services to the ANC on negotiations perspectives of the BOTHA regime with the liberation movement and reaction of the ANC no entry

VS material on dislocation of British Rhein army FES highly confidential report to the SPD leadership summit on industrial relations in GB - SPD discussion paper results, meeting of the 6th circle within the SPD directorate on 26/11/81 internal note of the SPD PV on the office session of the union of the social democratic parties of the EU on 10-11/09/81 in Brussels

Ringo (XV/400/86) 7519 17/11/87 (HVA/I) 7518 17/11/87 (HVA/I) MfS/HAII: 6439 16/01/84 6438 01/01/84 Protocol lists, NATO armed forces in West Berlin General Major B. C. Gordon-Lennox, MBE (former infantry guard) HVA II/ref 5 information material from the British Emb. In Moscow structure, staff and leadership, UK ministry of industry and trade

Gaston (XV/141/65) 6735 18/10/85 (HVA/II) 6192 20/07/84 (HVA/II) 5461 08/10/82 (HVA/II)

GASTON reports of ZDF foreign correspondent as background for upcoming discussions of the Television council for policy and TV prog in Bonn on 18/09/85 ZDF-reports from foreign correspondent ZDF reports from foreign correspondent (material formerly not open)

Susi (XV/4265/76) 6240 05/10/84 (HVA/XV) 5861 21/12/83 (HVA/XV) 5660 15/04/83 (HVA/XV) Lore (III/621/76) 5787 14/10/83 5786 14/10/83

no entry structure of civilian employees of British Rhein Army British Rhein army services structural questions of the OETV and information on pbs of the UK and US armies in Moenchen Gladbach area

development of MIK grouping modernisation of weapons of countries of the Warsaw Pact through NATO nations

Tajo (XV/6721/80) 5775 11/10/83 (HVA/XIV) 5774 11/10/83 Eric (XV/75/83) 7576 03/10/88 5719 20/06/83 (HVA/III) 5485 26/11/82 (HVA/III) English arms companies Feuerleit control system, British arms company Ferranti RES. 201 ERIC GB Factory ICI and trade with the GDR info on decision to send and activities of a CND representative to Prague meeting (21-26/06) on specific questions of the British state of emergency planning (preparation of war time)

Zielke (XV/2178/74) 6998 17/04/86 (HVA/XIII) 5741 03/08/83 (HVA/XIII) Stamm 6189 18/07/84 (HVA/XI) 5649 00/04/83 (HVA/XI) strategic synopsis of office for studies and exercises of the German army dated 26/09/83 4 position papers of the AA in the FRG on middle range weapons with a remark from the disarmament officer, Amb. Ruth HVAIX/REF 9, P 231 chemical and biological warfare developments 1985 - JP Perry Robinson proceedings, conf. of Swedish representatives and ministers on chemical weapons 05719

Roland (XV/4608/75) 5742 09/08/83 (HVA/III) 5640 17/03/83 (HVA/XI) 5406 03/09/82 (HVA/XI)

doc. From Chase World information corporation on arab investments planning of exercises and mil. Activities of the US/Berlin brigade for 1983 personnel data on total number of Berliner officers of the Us/Berlin brigade with partial data on French and British mil. Personnel in WB HVA I/ref 6, P 202

Richard (XV/351/73) 5427 26/10/82 (HVA/I) 5426 26/10/82

HTR symposium natural gas HVA X/ref 3, P 226

Alpha (MfS/4283/60) 5851 15/12/83 (HVA/X)

EU Commission docs on funding, positions of come states

5206 21/04/82 (HVA/X)

letter of former Foreign Minister Lord Carrington to EU President

Pirol (XV/2904/78) 7219 17/12/86 4911 09/02/82 (HVA/XII) material from UK intelligence services on Libya info. From UK secret services on far-right extremism

Holz (XV/2426/74) 4892 06/01/82 (HVA/III) 4865 23/12/81 (HVA/III) 4843 11/12/81 (HVA/III) on internal report of the British National Council for economic developments and development trends of British trade in the field of manufacturing industry internal report from the British National Council for economic development on energy situation internal assess. of the British National Committee for economic development on theme industry policy in Europe

Joerg (MfS/10874/60) 5785 14/10/83 (HVA/XI) 4769 22/10/81 (HVA/XI) leading employee from the national security council on US future actions towards the Soviet Union and other socialist countries Study on legislative perpsective and the new committee sys. Of the House of Commons.

Bettina (XV/92/67) 4641 25/06/81 project system (UK) extension of invts for the construction of a computer sys. based on GDR micro-processors in Leeds, Yorkshire BNFL Windscale project (UK)[Bau v. Anlagen] for the storage and the 4658 25/06/81 (KARL MARX XV) manufacture of nuclear combustible in Windscale (Grafschaft Cumbria) Zimbabwe conf. on reconstruction and dev. 23-27/03/81 4476 02/04/81

5071 12/04/82 5032 21/04/82


project for rational energy need in England airport project in Manchester


Jaeger (XV/2313/79) 4881 30/11/81 (HVA/III) 4719 14/08/81 (HVA/III) 6 reports from the foreign policy committee of the British Parliament Zimbabwe - the role of British economic aid to the development of Zimbabwe Info on 5th report of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons on upcoming North/South summit in Mexico (oct. 81)

Doktor_Zeit (XV/2855/68) 4924 05/02/82 (BERLIN XV) 4730 (BERLIN XV) activities of the Greens within peace movt at the European level. conclusions report on the 1st term of the Central Commission for Biological Security

Jutta (MfS/1815/60) 4671 21/08/81 (BERLIN XV) 4531 18/05/81 (BERLIN XV) reports on 719th and 720th EU Council meeting on 6 & 13/07/81 completion of reform of EU budget

Rat (XV/305/79) 6509 04/03/85 (BERLIN XV) 4653 12/08/81 (HVA/III) on conference " nuclear war by mistake - evitable or inevitable?" on 15-16/02/85 in Stockholm Info on a confirmed project of the Labour Party leadership (NEC) related to the question of GB's exit from the EU

Granit (XV/305/79) 4652 12/08/81 (HVA/III) 4380 04/03/81 (HVA/III) Eva (XV/1362/65) 4981 00/04/82 (HALLE XV) 4638 00/08/81 (HALLE XV) operational concept for the area of 1st PZDIV-Braunschweig, Hildesheim, Zweigkanal, Peine, Hannover - protocol from the Wehrbereichskommando II dated 20/01/82 exercises of Allied armed forces. Combat exercise of the UK 3rd Division Red Claymore on 28/9-28/10/81 (transfer of division on [V Fall festgelegten Routen]) MI 53.2 - 1551-1 (81) Secret Info on power struggle within the Labour Party on activities of British [Gewerkschaftsdachverbandes] (Roof trade union?) TUC on protection of Polish trade union Solidaritaet

Bruecke (XV/1908/73) 4571 19/06/81 (HVA/III) on interal assess. of the politburo of the central committee of the UK CP on the Polish issue at the PR meeting on 11/06/81

Anna (XV/2873/62) 4572 08/05/81 (HVA/II) XV/268/68 3218 18/04/79 (HVA/XV) XV/134/71 3230 02/04/79 (HVA/III) XII/2486/70 2309 14/08/77

doc. On the meeting of liberal and democratic faction within the EUP on 27-28/04/81 in the Hague on theme EU security and defense

Internal report from BSC London on visit to fair in Kwangchow (China) and on trade negotiations with China in the steel sector

British Navy staff HQ document

SI confidential internal docs nr B/1/77 on 21/01/77; b/4/77 on 11/03/77; 4/77 on 11/02/77; B/7/77 on 26/05/77 on SI office meeting on 30/03/77 in London - Invitation - Agenda - List of participants - Office activities - SI plan 1977-78 and related pbs detailed 1977-78 program - Analysis resolution in Spain - Resolution in Czechoslovakia - List of participants - protocol of participating party representatives

XV/2742/76 2362 28/09/77 (HVA/IX) files from British armed forces (Phone directory of the British Corps 159 and 1 dept. info nr 27)

XV/1093/67 1976-1980 35 DOCS GB gov. / Labour Party

3062 14/11/78 (HVA/III) 2229 28/06/77 (HVA/III) XV/ 3926/63 1792 05/02/75 (LEIPZIG XV) XV/ 212/73 1962 15/11/76 (HVA/IX) 4963 1964 15/11/76 1965 15/11/76 (HVA/IX) 1968 11/11/76 (HVA/IX) XV/2962/76 2281 19/08/77 (HVA/III) XV/1823/64 2281 11/07/77 (HVA/IX) OTHERS 4752 4745 4739

Confidential studies on EU problematic from the British Labour Party material from the international committee of the British LP leadership from meeting on 10/05/77

Phone directory, British armed forces in WB on November 1974

Staff list, British infantery brigade HQ in WB, July 1976 Protocle list of the British armed forces in WB, Feb. 1976 Staff list, British armed forces in WB, 1975 Exercise Parang, 1 Batalion paratroopers of the British Armed forces from WB on troop exercise field Sennelager various material from the British armed forces in WB

Confidential conversation of the EU Council nr S/692/77 (RCC39) - 8th report from the EU trade council in China

manual of joint warfare volume II joint tactical communications

30/10/81 PIERRE (HVA/XI) 22/10/81 DOKTOR (HVA/X) 12/08/81 KONGRESZ (HVA/III) 18/09/81 WESER (HVA/XI) 26/08/81 HELMUT (HVA/III) 07/09/81 MAI 04/09/81 JACK (HVA/IV) 14/04/81 GERD (HVA/XIII) 04/04/81 TENNE (HVA/II) 02/04/81 ANTON (HVA/III) 26/02/81 ZENTRUM (HVA/XIV) 02/05/89 REINHOLD

Allies manoeuvres Rondo XXI in WB strategic and tactical thoughts of the international dept of the British Labour Party on current policy towards South Africa Apartheid and Business a Swiss strategic and tactical study for the establishment of eco. & tactical relations between the imperialistic countries and RSA in the eighties dated 26/02/81 (nr. 1262) Study of the Congress - research service on NATO pbs and the modernisation of arms control internal assess. of an Indian and a Belgian diplomats on issues related to the Geneva disarmament negotiations Views of Richard Lehner on NATO manoeuvre negotiations in Fall 81 on Lower Sachsen territory eco. and industry policy of British gov. progress of work on chemical war materials in GB consultations, the Conf. of European Churches (CEC) in Cardiff / GB on 24-28/03/81 NATO secret files on a multifunctional communication [verteilung] system MIDS Activities of ICL England company and upcoming business with the GDR Assess. Of Gorbatchow's visit in GB, views of diplomats from British Emb. In Vienna

4732 4700 4695 4684 4486 4465 4409 4382 7582

7578 7526 7488 7479 7479 7440 7406 7377 7366 7360 7351 7350 7320 7220 7203 7411 7141 7126 7121 7118 7087 7064 7052 6795 6789 6779 6723

06/10/88 KARL

11/02/87 FROM HUNGARY 02/10/87 INGRID E88 (GB, France, Israel's contributions) 10/09/87 ALTMEISTER modalities of deployment of British military units on / from transport facilities.(ferries) 10/09/87 RAINER conversations with representatives of Konzerns from the FRG, GB and Sweden on 05/09/87. 03/07/87 ROEMER classified telegram on memorandum of understanding for electronic order of battle support, zuflint lock 87 su bold guard 86. 01/06/87 BASTIAN files on the structure, capacities, profile and market position of chemical konzern. 04/05/87 GEMSE Egon Bahr on prospective policy for Europe; more security in Europe will relieve both superpowers (quote?) 14/04/87 OLAF Analysis for the British Konzern United Sterling Cooperation on delivery pbs of the GDR AHB Polygraph 06/04/87 DISKONT assess. Of the Midland bank, London, on eco. Situation and trade activities with VR Bulgaria 00/04/87 HANS Conversation with Loeffler, Ristock, Momper, Heimann and Kremendahl on one side, and the British envoy in West Berlin and two other representatives of the British military. 30/03/87 TRISTAN full text, Howe's speech, at the Belgian Royal Institute for International Relations, Brussels, 16/03/87. 23/02/87 ERLE some thoughts from VRM leadership on structure of relations between the UK and Frontlienienstaaten? 17/12/86 HERZOG Report on 8 international HTR meeting in San Diego, California on 15-16/09/86 03/12/86 FLIEGER manual of interoperability of health services (HVA/IX) 05/06/87 BAR/875 assess. Within the SPD and the diplomatic corps on discussion on the military doctrine, as well as assess. Of the FRG gov. on disarmament policy 09/10/86 TALAR SPD Parliament's section's final proposals on 1986-1987 (HVA/II) budget for the "Hunting flight 90" [Jger90] project 08/09/86 ROTHER ICI's position on trade with CMEA countries, particularly (HVA/XIII) the GDR 26/08/86 SCHAEFER materials from the Greens on topic"the FRG contribution to (HVA/II) nuclear disarmament in western Europe" 18/08/86 ASPHALT confidential report of the UK Emb. In Libanon on the UK (HVA/III) policy in the Middle-East 16/07/86 ANTOS a Rand note British and French strategic forces response (HVA/XI) options 19/06/86 BERG internal convention between the Labour Party Leadership (HVA/III) and British monopoly circles on policy of a future Labour government after the parliamentary elections 27/05/86 WALD joint study of the FCO and the UK Defence Ministry on the (HVA/III) eco. Situation in the USSR and the feasibility of the soviet eco prog. 04/12/85 SCHUSTER studies, 3rd world congress for soviet and East-European (HVA/XI) studies, 30/10-04/11/85 in Washington DC. 29/11/85 BAR/102 synopsis on SDI (HVA/I) 19/11/85 OLSEN internal personal views of WEU sec gen, Alfred Cahen, on (HVA/III) assess. Of a report from WEU SDI working group 16/10/85 PAUL US military bases in the UK (HVA/III)

assess. Of British PM Thatcher's speech in Bruegge and in Luxembourg on 20-21/09/88 on co-operation between the US and the RIIA

6716 6629 6635 6674 6538 6535 6529 6523 6521 6520 6509 6480 6321 6304 6299 6239 6193 6059 5867 5824 5823 5821 5813 5777 5772 5718

15/10/85 ANDRE (HVA/XI) 21/06/85 DIREKTOR (HVA/AG K) 03/07/85 REINHARD (HVA/I) 12/08/85 PETRA (HVA/II) 29/03/85 BAR/650 (HVA/I) 27/03/85 JUST (HVA/XII) 19/03/85 14/03/85 13/03/85 12/03/85 04/03/85 29/01/85 27/12/84 07/12/84 05/12/84 05/10/84 23/07/84 23/03/84 29/12/83 15/11/83 14/11/83 09/11/83 03/11/83 12/10/83 06/10/83 16/06/83

Thoughts of one of the representatives to the congress, Gorbatchew/Mitterrand & Gorbatchew/Reagan summits. On London institute for international relations "Cosmic space, national security and C3I" conference material of Mitre corporation, USA changes in UK Rhein Army

material from "German Strategy Forum" on 14/03/85 in Bonn-Bad-Godesberg position of leading members of the international politologists executive committee IPSA on US/USSR and US/Western Europe relations FRITZ conclusion of contract between Ministry for chemical (HVA/XIII) industry and Shell International Chemical company JOCHEN Conference"Key problems of technological transfer and the (HVA/XII) need for intellectual property" on 6-7/03/85 in Cambridge FREQUENZ Infra Red measureing Ir-Vermessung (flight data) of NATO (HVA/IV) planes during NATO exercise Trial Embow I in Aberporth / GB HANDWERKER Federal institute for Eastern and international studies, (HVA/AG K) Cologne - 2nd conference on "Relations between economy and politics in the USSR". RAT on conference " nuclear war by mistake - evitable or (BERLIN XV) inevitable?" on 15-16/02/85 in Stockholm ECKAHRDT on internal split within the UK CP leadership (HVA/III) KOREN reductions in US costs to station forces in the Federal (SWT/AG1) Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom are unlikely STADT Konzern analysis interatom GmbH (GERA/AG) FALKE internal study of the Federal Ministry for German relations (BERLIN XV) on situation of GDR research in the UK and the US HERZOG report civil exploitation of defence technology (HVA/AG K) H_SCHNEIDER combined action of big companies Kloeckner Humboldt (ERFURT XV) Deutz with NATO military officials on the development of MRCA tornado MUENZER NATO commissioned study on history, structure, spectrum (HVA/X) of activity, field of influence and evolution of British peace movement KOBRA 14 TH RB 199 local tecnical committee meeting (HVA/XIV) VOGT on Ripon - Bow - Adenauer conference on NATO-Alliance (HVA/XI) relations and on East-West relations SCHOEN report on results of trip to Moscow on 10-12/10/83, (HVA/I) delegation of unterausschusses for disarmament and arms control of the FRG parliament SONJA political activities of FRG citizens against the state and (HVA/XII) their connections with West European Peace movement ZENTRAL NATO conlusions - working paper for argumentation in the (HVA/AG K) political opposition KRUG MfA Political directors council, FR, GB, US and the FRG in (HVA/XIII) NY B_STERNBERG on organisation of NATO base Norfolk, on relevant military (NEUBRANDENconstruction measures for the stationing of cruise missiles BURG XV) in the area of Cornwall, England SCHULZ on E. Thompson's activities against Prague Peace



5728 5635 5629 5619 5600 5586 5578 5523 5254 5221 5203 5153 5089 5072 5069 5049 4985 4981

(BERLIN XV) conference ANNA report from commercial director of the F. Naumann (HVA/II) Stiftung on global work 1983/83, as well as material from the Th. Heuss Academy on 1984 plans and material from the Europe office of the F. Naumann Stiftung 07/07/83 HENRY internal files from the Commerzbank (HVA/X) 17/03/83 GOVERNOR on the creation of an export insurance company Bond (HVA/XIII) Support Advisers Ltd in London british defence directory 15/03/83 SAMSON
(SWT/ 13.15.III)

07/03/83 LINDNER (HVA/XI) 10/02/83 BRITTA (HVA/IV) 19/01/83 RODE (HVA/XIV) 17/01/83 AKKER (HVA/II) 09/12/82 JUST (HVA/XII) 08/07/82 RAUCH (HVA/XIV) 01/06/82 SCHWARZ 23/06/82 JACK (HVA/XI) 05/05/82 DR PETER (HVA/XII)

The politics of central Europe, report from David Owen thanks to a reliable source we have conception information for Chancellor Kohl for his upcoming meeting with English Pm in Febr. 83 construction and finalisation of Tornado CFK-Tailerons internal working paper from the PV of the SPD on German strategy towards the US and the USSR during the Geneva INF negotiations internal report from a former US Amb. ontheme "the persic gulf and the US policy - What still has to be done" creative strategies - Western European robotics instrumentation industry analysis service European institute for security policy The Falkland crisis info - material from the research department of the US congress results of discussions within the EU on pbs related to the GB/Argentina conflict, as well as on similar potential conflicts between France and Canada 3 studies on concept of the Reagan's administration and on West European opinions on arms control & security issues on the SPD security policy towards the GB/Argentina conflict at its Party Day in Munich International Energy Agency - activities

4924 4904 4896 4881

12/05/82 KORB (HVA/XI) 28/04/82 BELIN (HVA/I) 25/03/82 HELENE (HVA/I) 19/03/82 JUTTA reports on EU Council meeting - 753 rd meeting (economic (BERLIN XV) and finance ministers) on 15/02/82 - 755th meeting (Foreign affairs) on 22-23/02/82 01/04/82 WAGNER HMS Speedy report of proceedings during operation F (HALLE XV) IBALT 28/10-01/12/81 00/04/82 EVA operational concept for the area of 1st PZDIV(HALLE XV) Braunschweig, Hidlesheim, Zweigkanal, Peine, Hannover protocol from the Wehbereichskommando II dated 20/01/82 05/02/82 DR_ZEIT activities of the Greens within peace movt at the European (BERLIN XV) level. 14/01/82 LESNER US and GB anti-Ethiopian activities from Sudan and on (HVA/III) results of manoeuvres Bright Star 82 08/01/82 DIREKTOR views of FCO Foreign Office (blacked out name) former (HVA/XII) member of British Emb. in the GDR on current political pbs 30/11/81 JAEGER 6 report from the foreign policy committee of the British (HVA/III) Parliament Zimbabwe - the role of British economic aid to the development of Zimbabwe