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Performance Appraisal at Wipro

Presented By Ajay Kumar Gupta (Roll No. -06) Abhay Kumar (Roll No. -01) PGDM 2nd year (Marketing & hr) ICBM-School of Business Excellence Hyderabad, India

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is the process of obtaining, analyzing and recording information about the relative worth of an employee. The focus of the performance appraisal is measuring and improving the actual performance of the employee and also the future potential of the employee. Its aim is to evaluate what an employee does. According to Flippo, a prominent personality in the field of Human resources, "performance appraisal is the systematic, periodic and an impartial rating of an employees excellence in the matters pertaining to his present job and his potential for a better job." Performance appraisal is a systematic way of reviewing and assessing the performance of an employee during a given period of time and planning for his future.

Objectives Of Performance appraisal

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Setting targets and goals as performance standards To review the performance of the employees over a given period of time Identifying training and development needs Rewarding performance Improving performance To strengthen the relationship and communication between superior subordinates and management employees To reduce the grievances of the employees

Recent Survey Result on Performance Appraisal (purposes of organisations)

Other purposes 6%

Promotions, demotions and transfers


Deciding future goals and course of action


Identifying cause of gaps in Performance


Training & Development Needs


Payroll & Compensation Decision

80% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%

The Appraisers in Performance Appraisal

Self Appraisal



Customers/Clie nts


360 Degree Performance Appraisal System

360 degree feedback, also known as 'multi-rater feedback', is the most comprehensive appraisal where the feedback about the employees performance comes from all the sources that come in contact with the employee on his job. 360 degree respondents for an employee can be his/her peers, managers (i.e. superior), subordinates, team members, customers, suppliers/ vendors - anyone who comes into contact with the employee and can provide valuable insights and information or feedback regarding the "on-the-job" performance of the employee.

Companies using 360 degree performance appraisals

Tata Infotech HCL Infosystems

Asian Paints Ashok Leyland

Wipro Technologies Ltd (Dec17th 2002)


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Wipro started as a edible oil producer in 1947 from an old mill founded by Azim Premji's father under the name Western India Vegetable Products Chairman- Azim H Premji In 1977 it entered the IT segment. Third largest IT services company in India Wipro is the first People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) Level 5 Company & also first Indian company to adopt Six Sigma 3rd Best HR Management company in India Employees- 97250 as on ovember 2008

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Manpower Planning Internal & External Recruitment Intensive Training & Development Performance Appraisal Promotion, Transfer, & Demotion Job Rotation

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Administration Section
Grievance Handling Kaizen suggestion Welfare Activities Wipro Employee Stock Option Plan (WESOP) allows employees to share in the companies success

Aims of a performance appraisal at Wipro

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Give feedback on performance to employees. Identify employee training needs. Document criteria used to allocate organizational rewards. Form a basis for personnel decisions: salary increases, promotions, disciplinary actions, etc. Provide the opportunity for organizational diagnosis and development. Facilitate communication between employee and administrator. Validate selection techniques and human resource policies to meet federal Equal Employment Opportunity requirements.

Important factors in 360 degree feedbacks

According to Mr. Pratik Kumar.
 The mission and the objective of the

feedback must be clear.  Employees must be involved early.  Resources must be dedicated to the process, including top management's time.  Confidentiality must be assured.  The organization, especially top management, must be committed to the program.

Pratik Kumar Corporate VP HR, Wipro Technologies Limited One of the pioneers of 360 degree PA in India.

To the individual:
Helps individuals to understand how others perceive them. Uncover blind spots Quantifiable data on soft skills

To the team:
Increases communication Higher levels of trust Better team environment Supports teamwork Increased team effectiveness

To the organization:
Reinforced corporate culture by linking survey items to organizational leadership competencies and company values Better career development for employees Promote from within Improves customer service by involving them Conduct relevant training