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qF 9*

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Herein the story of the demon king Bali is given, as to how he by just analyzing well
within, the words of his father Virochana and his Guru Shukraachaarya, attained the Self
state through his own effort.






Vasishta spoke



7 ||

Rama- the full moon shining in the sky of Raghu dynasty!
Otherwise you try to attain the taintless knowledge
like Bali who got it just like a flash in the intellect.

Rama spoke

7 cc9= (l
9 9 = ||

Hey Lord! You are an all knower!
By your grace I have attained whatever has to be attained
and I am resting in the taintless state.



q= = 9 ||

Please tell me O Lord, how Bali attained knowledge, for my better understanding.
The great ones never get agitated by the humble student.

Vasishta spoke


cc 9 ||

Listen Raaghava! I will tell you the story of Bali,
listening to which you will understand the eternal truth.

In the hollow of the universe, in some bower of the quarters, there is a world famed as
Paataala situated under the earth.

The demon king Bali, the son of Virochana ruled that world.
Having conquered easily all the worlds he ruled the kingdom for ten crores of years.
As abundant Yugas came and went, as the gods and demons went through victories and
defeats, after enjoying countless pleasures of the three worlds, the demon king Bali felt
disinterested in all the pleasures.

Seated near the window of his palace made of gems on the peak of Meru Mountain, once
Bali started pondering about the mysteries of the worldly existence.

{Bali thinks}


= c ||

My power is unbeatable!
For how long should I continue to rule this empire
and move about in all the three worlds even now!

* H|

l H


What great thing happens by enjoying this great kingdom of mine
which is filled with abundant pleasures pleasant to the mind
and considered as a wonder in all the three worlds?



Pleasing only at the time of enjoyment,
definitely perishing some time or other,
only fit for enjoying at that moment,
what happiness does it ever bring?

l |

= *


Again the day rises with all its flurries and worries!
Again the night comes and stays!
Again those very actions get performed!
This is not happiness; but sheer embarrassment!



= ||

Again the beloved wife is embraced!
Again she is enjoyed!
Such childrens play is a great embarrassment to the great ones!


l l =97

= = ||

Why does not the wise man feel embarrassed
by the same type of tasteless enjoyments and
same types of routine actions day in and day out?


= 97 ||

Again the day; again the night; again the hosts of routine actions!
This repetition of the same actions,
is just a matter of contempt for a wise man, I believe.


lH ||

Just like the water again and again rises as a wave and becomes wave less,
a man keeps on doing the same thing.

=c *

97 |


Like the meaningless actions of a mad man,
these repeated actions make a wise man feel awkward
as if participating in the idiotic play of the babies,
where they keep doing the same things.

c lH

s c7

q ||

Even if these actions are done daily,
what action is there which when completed and the result is obtained,
there will not be any more action to be performed again?


* l c ||

Or how long should I keep doing this great show of mockery?
And what am I going to get out of it?

9 = l ||

I do not see any great result getting achieved here,
like after doing something, where there is no other duty left to be performed!

7 l=cc| ||

Leaving out the enjoyments,
what excellent imperishable achievement could be there?!

In this manner Bali thought for long.
Suddenly he exclaimed-
Ah! I remember now!
His eyebrows wrinkled as he analyzed within his mind some old memories.

Long ago, my father Virochana had been questioned about this by me!
My father was a realized man. He knew everything higher and lower.
I asked him-

+ = s = ||

O Wise one!
What is said to be the extreme end
attaining which-
all the delusions, all the pains and pleasures become subdued?

H= H


In which state does the deluded mind gets cured?
In which state do all desires get finished off?
Where O Father, does one get unceasing permanent rest?

l9 + 9 s

l 7*g

c ||

By attaining what does a man get fully satisfied as if he has attained everything?
After seeing what will these ordinary perceptions appear meaningless?

c= l

H= = ||

These enjoyments though are abundantly available,
do not render any happiness.
They agitate the mind and make even the saintly man drown in delusion.


7H =- ||

So Father, tell me if any such thing is there
which shines beautiful with undiminished bliss,
where I can rest for long!

I asked these questions when my father was sitting under the KalpaVriksha- the divine
wish fulfilling tree, which he had removed from the heaven and planted in his own
garden. He had answered my questions in the following manner.


Virochana spoke

H 9 = =

q ||
=5l ||


= *
|=5 ||

Yes my son! There is a country with lots of caves.
Thousands of abundant tri-worlds fill in that place.
There are no oceans there, no seas, or mountains.
There are no forests there, no sacred centers, no rivers or lakes.
There is no earth, no sky, no space or winds.
There are no moon and sun there; no guardians of the world; no gods or demons.
There are no beings, no demi-gods or demonical beings.
There are no clusters of trees or beautiful forests.
There are no dry logs or grass or living beings.
There is no plant-life or mobile life there.
There is no water or fire or quarters.
There is no up or down or the heaven.
There is no world there; no hot sun.
I am not there; nor are the Vishnu, Indra and Shiva there.



There is only one great person there. He is the king of great luster.
He does everything. He is everywhere. He is all.
He remains silent always.

= ===

c ||

A minister has been conceived by him.
He always keeps giving good counsel about everything.
He makes things happen which have not happened.
He completely destroys what has happened


l=H l
c7s = ||

He cannot enjoy anything. He does not know anything.
Though he is ignorant, he does everything for the king alone.

= * ||

He alone does all the actions for the king.
The king just quietly sits happily in solitude.

Bali spoke


q 9 ||

O Wise one! Which is that country free of physical and mental afflictions?
How is to be reached? Who attains it?

7 =

s ||

Who is such a minister?
Who is that mighty king not yet defeated
by me who have conquered all the worlds with no effort?

t 9
(q- -


The story related by you has not been heard by me so far,
O Bestower of fear to the Gods!
Explain to me everything so that
the cloud of doubt covering my heart-sky gets removed.


Virochana spoke


H- ||

Son! That minister is so strong that
even the combined armies of demons and gods together
counting up to lakhs of numbers cannot defeat him in the least.



He is not the Indra of thousand eyes.
He is not Yama. He is not Kubera.
He is not a god. He is not a demon.
He cannot be defeated like you deem of defeating these!


= 7|c ||

Swords, maces, thunderbolts, discus, clubs
all these missiles become useless when attacking him,
like the rock hit by lotus flowers.

-s |


He cannot be defeated by weapons or magical missiles,
or by getting attacked by soldiers.
All the gods and demons are always under his control.





Though he is not Vishnu,
the demons like Hiranyaaksha have been defeated by him
like the Kalpa trees of Meru Mountain by the dissolution storms.



Even Gods like Naaraayana who enlighten others with knowledge
are under his control and he pushes them into hollow pits (wombs) as he likes.

HH- l ||

By his grace, the God of Passion with just five of his arrows,
ambles about pompously like an emperor
keeping the tri-worlds under his control.

s |

Hc9 -


Though caught by all the gods and demons, though without any virtue,
Anger, the wicked one who is terrifying to look at,
is on the increase everywhere because of his grace.


qH| = = ||

For that minister who is endowed with magical powers,
the battles that occur between thousands of gods and demons again and again-
is a sport.



s= c ||

He is just a minister, my son!
He can be conquered easily only by his master;
otherwise he is immovable like the mountain.


sc ||

That Lord sometimes randomly gets a desire to defeat that minister
and he conquers him with ease.


HcH ||

If you have the strength to conquer that great wrestler
who is the mightiest in all the three worlds,
who has made the three worlds struggle for breath by his power,
then you can feel proud of your valor.


= |= s ||

If that Sun rises, all the collections of lotuses
namely these three worlds, bloom forth.
If he sets, they fade away.



|s d


O Disciplined One! If you are capable of conquering him
with a single-minded concentration freed of all confusions,
then you can call yourself an acclaimed warrior.

= *=c
c ||

If he is conquered, the worlds get conquered though not conquered.
If he is not conquered, these worlds remain unconquered though conquered.


= c* * l * ||

in order to attain the never-ending success and never-ending bliss,
make efforts to conquer him, however difficult the task might be.

H l=


The mighty one controls with ease,
the entire collection of three worlds along with all its residents
like the gods, demons, serpents-gods, demi-gods, humans, huge serpents and Kinnaras.


Bali spoke

s 9


Father! What trick is there to conquer him?
Who is this great hero?
Explain to me everything.

Virochana spoke

= c


Son! Though his ministers remain unconquerable,
I will tell you the easy means of conquering him.



c @ ||

Son! If you can catch him with this secret trick,
he gets controlled within a second.
If you do not use this trick,
he burns you like snake-poison injected into you.

c Hc

H = ||

Those who bring him under control like pampering a child,
they get to see the king and attain the highest state.

7* =| =
= =H= 7


If that king is seen, the minister gets controlled.
If the minister gets controlled, the king gets seen again.

= 7* ==
= = 5 7 ||

As long as the king is not seen, the minister cannot be conquered.
As long as the minister is not conquered, the king cannot be seen.

=7* =

= sc= c7 ||

If the king is not seen, that wicked minister keeps giving pains as gifts.
If the minister is not conquered, the king completely disappears from view.

+ c
= ||

Through practice, one should do both the things simultaneously-
the seeing of the king and the defeating of the minister.

5 9c +
q q c


Through extreme effort, through sincere practice again and again,
by achieving both ends with effort,
you will reach that auspicious country.

c+ |

l c =5 |


If your practice becomes fruitful, O King of demons,
and if you reach that country for sure,
you will never again worry about anything again.

= c9l

*= 9= ||

Having got rid of all the strains, always blissful in the mind,
the knowers stay there with all doubts completely removed.

s 9
- H H


Listen to what this country is.
I will explain everything to you.
The term country was used by me to refer to
the state of liberation which removes all pains.


97 ||

The king is the Supreme Lord, the Self, who transcends all states.
He has appointed an all-knowing minister called the mind.

c c


This world has become a gross phenomenon
because of the subtle Vaasanaas which make up the mind,
like clay becoming pot and the smoke becoming the cloud.

= l



If that is conquered, everything gets conquered, everything gets attained.
Understand that it is not easily conquered.
It can be conquered only through certain tricks.


Bali spoke

H =


cq * 5 ||

Lord, what is the trick by which the mind gets defeated for sure?
Teach that trick to me so that
I can conquer that horrible thing.

Virochana spoke


( H


To conquer the mind, O Son,
the best way is to have no interest at all
for all the sense objects at all times.


cj 5c - ||

This the greatest trick by which
the highly arrogant rogue elephant namely ones own mind,
gets controlled quickly.

(c= *9


+ 9


This is easily achieved and also not at all achieved O Intelligent one!
Difficult to achieve if devoid of practice!
Easy to achieve through incessant practice!


* == l ||

The dwellers of the forest called the world (namely), the embodied Jeevas,
wallow in pains as long as they do not get disinterest in sense pleasures.

+ =
c= | = ||

Without practice one never can get disinterest in sense pleasures.
Even if a person is very strong,
he has to wander aimlessly if he is lost in another country.


t lH ||

The so called divine destiny which is believed by all
to be controlling the lives of all those who are born,
does not exist like a person.
It is just another name for what occurs definitely
which belong to a person
as per the rules ordained by the Creator.

+ 5 ||

This term Daivam or destiny
is an imagined entity invented by only humans, not others.
Destiny is just what happens as per rules.
It can be conquered by effort.


l=l q
5c * ||

There is nothing which can be attained here
except through manly effort.
One should get extreme dispassion
and get the disinterest in sense-pleasures.


Bali spoke

* =

| ||

O Lord of all demons!
How does the disinterest in sense-pleasures
which bestows the eternal state of the Self for the Jeeva,
become a permanent feature of the mind?

Virochana spoke

c 5c
( - ||

By the vision of the Self,
this excellent state of disinterest in pleasures
gets established in the heart
like Goddess Lakshmi in the center of the lotus.

c97 5
|5 c ||

Therefore one should at the same time
see the Lord (Self) by the light of
the Knowledge- gem, polished nicely by proper enquiry
and also develop disinterest in sense pleasures.


c *c


Along with the analytical process through the intellect, my son,
one should contemplate on the Self and at the same time
completely renounce the desires for sense objects.

7 *c

7*| | ||

When the vision of the Supreme is there, the desires vanish away.
When the desires vanish, the Supreme vision occurs.
They both exist complementary to each other
like the light and the lamp with its oil and wick.

= 7 ||

Not by penance, not by charity, not by visiting holy centers,
does a man get disinterest in pleasures
except by the contemplation of the Self.

5 cc c

= c97: q7 ||

Mustering as much effort as possible, casting afar the belief in destiny,
the wise man should throw away the desire for pleasures from his mind,
which act as the fastening bars for the door
opening the path for the supreme good.



Again you will not stumble and fall
into the mire of imagination (conception) and suffer.
Even if you move among objects, you will not show interest in them.
You are pure!
You are the ever auspicious Brahman.


Bali spoke

This was what my father told me in the past.
Remembering his words of wisdom, I have now understood everything.

I have now lost interest in all the pleasures.
I will from now onwards enjoy the nectar like coolness of the quiescent state.

I am exhausted by again and again fulfilling desires, again and again amassing wealth,
again and again enjoying the women.

This quiescent state of the mind is so blissful!
All states of pains and pleasures disappear in the quiescent state.

Ha! Alas! This body moving everywhere as if set on fire by the violent dancing of the
mind, brings about only pain!

In the past I found pleasure only in pressing my body against a womans body, flesh with
the flesh; that was sheer delusion!

I have seen everything that needs to be seen!
I have enjoyed whatever is there to be enjoyed!
I have conquered whatever world is to be conquered!
What have I attained in the end?

Again and again the same objects are seen, here or there or anywhere else!
There is nothing new!

I will renounce everything and remain in the state of the Self complete within myself!
Be it the nether world, or earth or the heaven, the pleasure-level obtained from women,
or diamonds or gems, keeps on diminishing.

All these days, I was behaving like an immature child fighting with the Gods, just for the
sake of fulfilling the lowly desire of owning some land!

The entire perceived world phenomenon is nothing but an imagined picture of the
mind! What is there to reject or covet?

Let me have no more desires as in the past!
I will change myself from this moment through effort.

I will approach my Guru Shukraachaarya (Ushanas) and ask him questions like-
Who am I, What is this I? and clear my doubts.

I will meditate on the Supreme Master and will follow his advice.

{After thinking like this, Bali closed his eyes and meditated on his Guru who was
travelling in the sky.
Shukra understood his students wish and immediately appeared before him.
Bali worshipped him in the suitable manner and after he was seated on the bejeweled
throne, spoke to him like this.}


Bali spoke

Lord! Your grace alone has made me ask these questions like the Sun by his very
presence moves men to do work.

I have lost interest in the sense pleasures which only drown one into delusory states.
I want to know that which destroys all delusions.

l= l
s c l


How long do these pleasures last?
What are they?
Who am I? Who are you? What are these worlds?


Shukra spoke


=5 H


What more is there to explain?
I was on my way to the heaven.
O King of all demons! I will give you a brief summary. Listen.

l = =
cc l ||

Chit is here! All this is Chit alone! All this is Chit in essence!
You are Chit! I am Chit! All the worlds are Chit!
This is the summary!

s c c
c( 9H c


If you are intelligent, this much instruction is enough
to make you understand everything for sure.
Otherwise, even if I give you a lengthy discourse,
it will just be wasted away like ashes.

c==H H5

cc @= ||

The conclusion of all scriptural doctrines is this-
Bondage in nothing but the perceptions conceived by the mind.
Freedom from that is liberation.
Self is that which does not conceive anything and is the essence of all.

cc= ||

In this manner if you realize it as a certainty,
if you disregard all perceptions,
you will attain the eternal state in the Self by the Self.

I am on my way to the heaven. The seven Sages are all there now waiting for me. I have
got some urgent work to attend to as connected to the gods.
King! As long this body is there, though I am liberated and am always in the state of
Brahman, I do not like to avoid the tasks that belong to me.

So saying, Shukra quickly rose up in the sky and vanished from sight.


Vasishta spoke

After the son of Bhaargava was gone, Bali thought like this-


l l lH ||

Yes! What you said is true indeed!
Chit alone is all the tri-worlds.
I am Chit. All these worlds are Chit.
Chit is space.
The very action is Chit.

q l


Outside and inside everything is Chit alone in truth.
Except Chit there is nothing else here anywhere.

lc c| l c
+ ||

If the sun is not cognized by the Chit as the sun
then how can the difference be seen between the sun and the darkness?

l c

l c

| ||

If the earth is not cognized by the Chit as the earth,
then what earthiness is there for the earth?
Because that exists, this also exists!

l l c= l
c l lHc l5 ||

If these directions are not cognized as directions by the Chit,
then where is the direction-ness for the direction,
where is the mountain-ness for the mountain?

=l l c
cc cc c s l ||

If this world is not cognized as the world by the Chit,
then where is the world-ness for the world,
where is the sky-ness for the sky?

s l c
c |c | | ||

If this mountain-like body is not cognized by the Chit,
then, what bodi-ness is there for the bodies of the embodied ones?

l=5 c=c
=qlc || ||

Chit is the senses. Chit is the body. Chit is the mind.
Chit is its desire. Chit is inside. Chit is outside.
Chit is the space. Chit is the perceived objects.
Chit is the world-existence.

| l ||

Moved by desires,
I contact all the sense objects, through touch,
by the Chit alone; not at all by the body (as it is inert).

l | **
c c ||

What use this body for me,
which is as inert as a wood piece or a mud-piece?!
I am Chit of the nature of consciousness,
the complete essence of the entire world!



I am the Chit; the sun in the sky!
I am the Chit in the cage of elements (body)!
I am the Chit in all the Gods and demons, all that moves and all that stays!

q l q


Chit alone is here!
There is not a second thing in imagination even!
Since there is no second one at all,
who is a friend or who is an enemy in this world?

- | =

l |=


If the splendorous head of this body labeled Bali is cut off,
can Chit be cut off as it fills the entire existence?!

q q =
qq c ||

Conceived by Chit alone, hatred remains as hatred, not by any other cause!
Therefore, hatred etc are all of the nature of Chit alone.

9 l
q l c


Without Chit, nothing at all is attained
in the expanse of the interiors of all the three worlds,
even if one makes a thorough analysis.

qs s c


There is no hatred; there is no attachment; there is no mind;
there are no thoughts belonging to it.
Where can there be any perturbation factor in that
which is just consciousness and excessively pure by nature?!

q ||

I am Chit!
I am everywhere! I pervade all!
I am of the nature of eternal bliss!
I transcend all these perturbing phenomena!
I am bereft of a second part!

l =
=c H


Even the words like, of Chit; Chit,
denoting the nameless one is not its name at all!
This (Chit) is the essence of the sound too!
The power of the Chit shines forth as the essence of all.

7 H +

cl 5* ||

I am of a taintless nature free of both the Seen and the Seeing.
I am the Supreme Lord who is always shining forth; without any fault!
I am the Seer (without the Seen and the Seeing)

{I am the principle of awareness bereft of the perceived phenomenon}


c ||

Like the digit of the moon reflected in the water ( ) or at the edge of the hair,
I appear as a limited being through imagination;
just shining forth as the appearance
yet always without any appearance.

cH H

9cH + + s


Salutation to you
who shines as my Self,
who is bereft of any coloring of the perception,
who is always free,
who shines as every individual self.



+ ( s


Salutation to you,
who is Chit,
who is bereft of the perceived phenomenon,
who is indivisible and so shines as the single essence of all,
(or, who is fit to be attained through the practice of contemplation etc.)
who shines forth as all this,
who is also myself.


= 7


I am endless like the sky.
I am subtler than the subtlest atom pervading all.
All these perceptions which are just states of pain and pleasure
will never come to me.

l) | c l H


If anything is taken away or given away, who loses what?
I am all the things always. I make everything.
I am in everything.

H- --c ||

I remain disturbed (by ignorance).
I will now remain subdued in the sacred Self (by Self-Knowledge).

Having contemplated thus, Bali remained silent humming the last part of the OMKAARA.

All conceptions subdued, all the hosts of perturbations removed, having thrown afar all
the ideas without hesitation, bereft of the meditator-meditation and meditated, freed of
all Vaasanaas, he was like the lamplight in a windless room and remained in the Supreme
With his mind in the quiescent state, Bali remained in that bejeweled terrace room for a
long time like a rock pained on a canvas.


Vasishta spoke

Balis followers climbed the marble stairs quickly.
His ministers, his subordinate kings, his army members, relatives, friends, gods like
Yama, Indra and others, Yakshas, Vidyaadharas , Naagas, all the divine damsels like
Rambhaa and Tilottamaa, oceans, rivers, hills, directions, all arrived there to offer their
services to Bali. Even Siddhas and all prominent people of the tri-worlds arrived there to
see him and get blessed by his vision.

Bali was absorbed in contemplation and was like a mountain painted on a canvas.
All the demons saluted him and felt gratified.
They were filled with apprehension, joy, surprise and fear all at once.
The ministers wondered what could have caused such a state in the king.
They all prayed to their Guru Shukraachaarya who knew whatever was to be known.
They all immediately saw the form of their Guru like seeing a city of illusion.
He was worshipped by all the demons and sat on his throne.


Vasishta spoke

Shukra saw the demon-king silent and absorbed in the Self.
He remained silent for a few minutes looking affectionately at his disciple.
He understood that Bali was now freed of the world-delusion.
Like embarrassing the milk ocean by the rays emanating from his body, he laughed aloud
and said these words.
Lord Bali has now achieved the highest state as ever by just analyzing everything in his
own mind.
O Demons! Let him remain in that state and realize the Self. Let him have the vision of
the state which has no afflictions.
He is exhausted and is resting with his mind freed of all delusions.
He now has no thought about the world. So do not disturb him.

Having suffered in the darkness of ignorance, he has now attained true vision like a man
getting sight at the rise of the Sun.
He will wake up by himself in course of time, like the sprout will rise up by itself from the
sleeping hollow of the seed.
You all take over the duties of the king and see that nothing goes wrong. After thousands
of years, king Bali will wake up.

The demons felt relieved by their Gurus words.
They engaged themselves in their works and took care of the kingdom in the absence of
their Master.
All those gods and others who had arrived there to salute the king, returned to their
respective abodes.


Vasishta spoke

After thousand years, the demon king woke up from his Samaadhi state.
As no one was around, he thought like this-

Ah! What a blissful state!
I have attained complete rest after being in the Samaadhi state for a moment only. What
do I want with the outside world? I will remain in the Self state alone, absorbed in the

His mind wanted to go back to the state of Samaadhi.

By that time all the demons surrounded him and saluted him with respect.
He again thought-
What do I want with my mind bereft of all conceptions?
If the mind is dead, the blissful state alone is there.
What do I want to be liberated from?
What am I bound by?
Why am I acting like a child?
There is no bondage! There is no liberation! My foolishness is gone completely!
What do I gain by contemplation, or what do I lose by not contemplating?
I will reject both the states of contemplation and non-contemplation and remain as the
Whatever comes or goes, nothing increases or decreases.
There is no contemplation, no non-contemplation!
I do not wish for enjoyment or non-enjoyment!
I do not wish for the Supreme state nor am I averse to the state of the world!
I am not dead, nor am I alive!
What matters whether I remain in contemplation or attend to the duties of a king?
I am nothing! Nothing is mine!
I am what I am!
When I have no duty as such ordained for me as the Self, why not I do the regular duties I
was doing before?

Having made such a decision, he smiled at his people and accepted their salutations.
From then onwards he engaged himself in his routine life as the beloved king of all.


Vasishta spoke

King Bali once, wanted to perform a Sacrifice.
But as Bali was not after the fruits of the Sacrifice, Lord Vishnu himself went there to
attend the Sacrifice to bless Bali.
He deceived Bali and got the three worlds back from Bali.
He gave back Indra the pleasure seeking king of heavens, his ruler-ship.
He bound Bali to the nether world like putting a monkey in a cage.

Rama! Even now Bali remains there absorbed in the state of the Self and rules the nether
worlds living as a JeevanMukta.
He has to act as a king for thousands of years, though he has no liking or liking for such a
Neither the gain of the heavenly lordship elates him nor does its loss brings apprehension
to him.
He is equal-minded towards everything and remains like space unaffected by whatever
I told you this story of Bali only for you to follow such thinking as done by Bali.

c9 cs
q 5 ||

Raaghava! Like Bali, reason out the truth.
With the affirmation I am eternal
attain the non-dual state with sincere effort.

The demon king Bali ruled the tri-worlds for ten crores of years and then at the end, felt
dispassionate towards all pleasures.


Vasishta spoke

c= c= d ||

Therefore, O Slayer of enemies,
discard completely the burden of enjoyments
which always end up as unpleasant
and seek the True Bliss which never becomes unpleasant.

= 7


Rama! These perceived objects which give forth various maladies,
should not be understood as attractive.
The hills that are far indeed look inviting (but no so when you go near)!

c l


You are the Chit-Sun who shines all over the world!
Who is an enemy, who is a friend?
Why do you waver for no reason?

c= cq 5c


O Mighty-armed! You are endless! You are the Ancient one!
You are the Supreme Being!
You alone, with the nature of Chit, burst forth in the form of hundreds of objects!!

c 9 c=
cl @


The entire perceived world of moving and non-moving objects
are sewn through you, the unchanging principle of knowledge,
like hosts of beads in a string!

c 5


=+= =


You never are born; never do you die!
You are unborn! You are the Supreme Being!
You are the Viraat (First One)!
You are Pure Consciousness!
The delusions of births and deaths do not happen to you!

= 9

= H ||

Analyze well
the strength (if desires are on the increase) and weakness (if desires are not there)
of all the diseases of births (and deaths),
and discard the Thirst for pleasures and
remain as the Witness of the experiences only.

c = lc l

If you, the Lord of the world, are there,
if the Chit-Sun is always shining,
all this grandeur of the world-dream shines forth.


s c c ||

Do not feel depressed for no reason!
You do not have to chase the pleasures and pains.
You are of a pure mind.
You are the Self of all.
You reveal all the objects.


c* *c
+ccs c ||

First of all, make all the liked things (sense pleasures) as disliked things;
and disliked things (the disciplines meant for a seeker of liberation) as liked.
Then practicing those, later renounce them (liked and disliked things) also fully
(as just conceptions, for there is nothing but Chit).

( = =


When the likes and dislikes are renounced,
equanimity rises up and remains for ever.
When it (equanimity) remains in the heart,
the creature does not get born again.

++ (c @ cc ||

In whichever object the mind gets interested,
divert it from there like guiding a child, again and again,
and direct it towards the Self.

++ cj
- ||

By habituating such a practice,
by controlling the intoxicated mind-elephant in all ways,
Supreme state gets achieved.

| 7 7*


: d ||

Do not be like those block-heads who are slaves to their desires;
those cheats, whose minds are blinded by misconceived understanding;
those who believe only in the existence of the material bodies.

lc| -ccH


There is no object in this world,
that gives more pain than the foolishness,
where one cannot ascertain the truth about the Self,
being bereft of all means (like discrimination, dispassion etc);
where one hangs on to the words of the next one
(like blind led by the blind).




O Wise one! You blow away this cloud of ignorance rising in your heart,
with the stormy winds of Discrimination (Viveka).

c 9c c

= ||

As long as one does not do extreme effort in realizing the Self,
by oneself and grace oneself, (by practicing Shravana, Manana etc)
the rational analysis (Vichaara) will not arise.

= 7*
c 9 = H ||

As long as one does not do through analysis of the Self
this Self does not get revealed
even by the study of all the Vedas, Upanishads, Scriptures and logical treatises.

cc=c 9
9s q


Rama! You are established in the blissful Self by the Self.
You have attained the complete knowledge.
You will be enlightened just by listening to my words.

| c q

c ||

You are free of all doubts and apprehensions.
By my words alone, you have received the expansive state of
the Chit Sun, the Supreme Self .

| = +

s = ||

With all the conceptions dissolved;
with all the confusing doubts subsided;
with the mist of curiosity cleared off;
you have become freed of the fever (of ignorance).

jj ||

Rama! You are of a contemplative disposition!
When you are rid of and thrown afar
the taint (desires, attachments etc) enveloping the enlightenment,
then you will understand the means of attaining it by approaching the knowers;
you will protect it by developing dispassion and discrimination;
you will destroy all the obstacles;
you will drink the nectar of the Self-state;
you will be amazed by the discourse which is forthcoming;
you will ascend step by step and reach beyond the topmost state
in Seven levels of the Knowledge.
Even then, let that be not there for you.
Just be you, the Brahman!


About the Author:

Maa Tejasvini

The author spent many years doing research on ancient Sanskrit texts in the Himalayan
region. She was exposed to many unique spiritual experiences which are beyond human
Her mission in life was to translate all renowned spiritual texts and literature of Sanskrit
and bring them to the light of the public.