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More Appetizers from The-LION's-Table

Cuts From The Releasing-The-LION-Syllabus

By Larry Napier Thompson Station TN

The Power of HOPE

The Womb of the Dawn brings a burst of Life-Giving-Energy to restore the earth and wake up the LIGHT-Dependent-Life, in all of creation including our Soul and Body. The LIGHT from Behind-TheVeil gives ENERGY to our Spirit and HEART. Viewing the SOURCE of Life as what we can see, hear, touch, taste and feel with our physical senses is a very OX view of Life. Where is The-HOPE in that? Today will be like yesterday. How do we know? Because

yesterday was like the day before and tomorrow will be like today until we Rediscover-The-HEART. The higher view recognizes that a
Merciful-Stream of New-Spiritual-Energy continually flows into our HEART every morning. How that Energy is going to be expressed

will be determined by the way it is Formed, Shaped and IMAGED in The-HEART. As we learn to Live from Our-HEARTS, we will
increasingly awaken to the awareness that the Power of Hope in every Sunrise can make TODAY better than yesterday and TOMORROW better than Today.

Ancient Hebrew and Nature Reveal Our LOST-Treasure . . .

Youve had The-HEART of a Genius since conception and you prove it every day!

This amazing treasure was discovered in

The-HEART of A Severely-Brain-Damaged

4 Year Old Baby-LION

What Can We Learn From A BABY?

The Baby-LION-King of Nature is not an instinctual big-cat on the Serengeti; it is the creative-genius in The-HEART of every human baby. So, wheres the proof? Eureka! The answer was been found in

The-HEART of severely-brain-damaged-baby! (Youll Love This Story)

We began as Baby-LIONs learning spontaneously with IMAGES, Experiences and Feelings. We were taught and trained to think by OX-Trained-Adults with image-less-words, definitions, and objective data. Thats all good, necessary and a vital part of life; however We Lost The-LION by an over-used and misuse of the role of The-OX.

We must Release-The-LION


Relearning the Language of our Birth requires an honest survey of

Shadow-lands barren structures. The landscape is cluttered with Schools that convince Geniuses that they are dummies, Organizations whose core philosophy is we dont pay you to think, we pay you to work and Religious Institutions that exalt the Souls
intellectual capacity to quote dogmas and the traditions of men; rather than Nurture The-HEART, the home of all Genuine Spiritual Experiences. Internalize the following three questions. What is the Soul? What is The-HEART? What is the Spirit? Ask CEOs, PhDs and Theologians. Search hundreds of religious books and secular bestsellers. Sadly, the External-Soul-Life is viewed as the deepest part of our being. The-HEART summed up as you know what The-HEART is, everybody knows what The-HEART is, (no we dont). And the Internal-Spirit-Life described as that wispy-gauzy thing.

No wonder our core institutions have not KNOWN or TAUGHT us HOW to use our most God given ability!

The Home of The-HEART

So, what is the purpose of all this storage capacity? Every significant experience since conception that has come through our outer Sensory Receptors are permanently stored in The Hear, See, Smell, Taste and Feel Receptors in our HEARTS. They have to be stored there, always awake and readily available or we would never be able to interpret what the incoming signals MEAN and what we are going to do about it. Said another way The Soul/Body has 100 Million Sensory Receptors that the five senses use to collect current data. The Ancient-Hebrew-HEART has countless video-discs preserving the five Soul/Body signals that accompany EACH individual experience. Just do the math, we have five times X to the nth more Sensory INTERPRETERS than Sensory RECEPTORS to determine what the FIVE current signals MEAN. We Have INFINITELY More Capacity to LIVE from The-HEART than we do from the SOUL!

Its Time We Begin To LEARN-HOW

The Language Of The-HEART

From The-FIRST-Use, Ancient Hebrew declares The Language of The-HEART as Visual IMAGES. As we are about to SEE, thousands of years later Modern Science has finally recognized that IMAGES CONTROL Everything We Do! Why is this most vital

information not shaking the foundations of our core institutions?

Left-Brain-Scholars are not resolutely committed to choosing the most precise word available in translating from Hebrew to English. Translators consistently use the word MIND for the Hebrew Word HEART (Lev). There is NO Hebrew Word MIND! The instant the Hebrew word HEART is translated MIND the MEANING of the word HEART is LOST. What The-HEART Is, Where It Is and What Language it speaks can never be rediscovered as long as we substitute the WRONG word MIND for the RIGHT word HEART.

We Need To LOSE our MIND.


The Healing Code

The Father-Mentor wraps His gifts to us in many different packages. Dr. Alex Loyd is one of His special packages. Please understand that my relationship with Alex is not from a distance. Our seminar series entitled Living from The-HEART, is billed as The Mentor and The Prodigy for a reason. I had the pleasure of watching Alex's life change in a single weekend. I met Alex in 1988 hours after his wife Tracy had told him their marriage was over. Shattered by the failure of his life, Alex was wide open to start over. Alex healed, Tracy healed, changed her name to Hope and their marriage healed. Since that beginning Alex and I have spent 24 years searching for new insights to this lost world. Today finds Dr. Loyd achieving world-wide recognition as the author of THE HEALING CODE based on The Rediscovery of The-HEART. Hopefully many Scientists will follow Dr. Loyd's lead. THE HEALING CODE has become a world-wide best seller published in 29 countries and translated into 25 languages and is still in its 2nd year Hardback Printing. Dr. Loyd is Brilliant,

Courageous and He started in the RIGHT-Place.


The Reality of Dabar

When is the thirstiest youve ever been? Lets place that thirst in the scene of a movie . . . Youre running in the wilderness on a warm summer day . . . lost in your thoughts, suddenly you recognize that its much hotter than you realized, youre drenched in sweat, and youve run farther than you intended. Worse, dehydration has become a real threat; you have to find water. As if by magic my house, the first house on the edge of the trail appears out of nowhere. From my front porch I see your desperate condition and hurry to get you some lifesaving-water. I frantically grab paper and pen write in bold print A Glass of Water; careful to not spill a drop I rush to your side assuring you there is plenty more where that came from! I leave . . . You die . . . The End . . . Roll the Credits. If we are dying of

thirst we dont want a piece of paper LABELED-Water, We Want an ACTUAL Glass of WATER.

REALITY Not Words . . . MEANING Not Definitions

The Deception of Midbar

During 49 years with my bride Kim, I have told her I Love You countless times. The question is how many of those times did Kim feel like Im dying of thirst and this man, who says he loves me, just

handed me a piece-of-paper inscribed with the WORDS A Glass of Water, then walked away to pursue some self-centered-activity and he wants me to believe that he really loves me. On the other-hand I
would be stunned that she didnt get the message, cant she read? Such is life in the wilderness. Far from Reality insisting the-word-

label is the-Essence-itself.

Dabar/Reality/Meaning exists in our HEARTS . . .

(Or It Doesnt Exist At All.)


The Intellectual JOLT

Our Schools, Organizations and Religious Institutions are built around FOUR-Words that dont exist as ROOT Words in Ancient Hebrew. As we have learned the word MIND does not exist at all. Word, Read and Think are distant branches or loan words that have a resemblance to their family roots. The ROOTS themselves on the other hand create powerful IMAGES that reveal the central MEANING of these critical words. Hebrew Sages say that the greatest distance in the world is between The-Head and The-HEART. Words known and definitions memorized when The MEANINGS are not experienced create a greater distance between The-Head and The-HEART than ignorance.

We Have To START-OVER . . . If We Are Going To Release-Our-LION.


The Law of The-HEART

Why is it of Utmost Importance that We Rediscover TheHEART? What do Solomons words say? Thats a Left-Brain-OX question . . The Right-Brain-LION on the other hand asks What do these words MEAN? Without learning Solomons MEANING this stunning-message About-The-HEART will remain interesting words from an old book, for a fleeting moment. Before we get to the bottom of the page The ONE Message that can Change our LIVES-Forever will be petrified in a Left-Brain-World. We will remain barbarians to the Wisdom of the vibrant life that Solomons IMAGES lavish upon us. The Images of Solomons words will give you a Big-Aha!

Without the Rediscovery of The-HEART . . .

We will have No IMAGES that match Solomons Sounds.


Einstein's Secret

What was Einsteins greatest discovery? Left-Brain-Factoid: E=MC, everything is Energy; a world changing discovery but the wrong answer. HOW than Einstein WHAT discovered he E=MC is infinitely more important discovered. The-IMAGE-Maker

(imagination) is more important than Knowledge! Einsteins genius came from His-HEART and not his intellect and this leading spokesman for the scientific community meant exactly what he said,

The-IMAGE-Maker is MORE Important than Knowledge.


The Greatest Gift

Chambers is the Ignored Discoverer of The-IMAGE-Maker by millions of readers of My Utmost For His Highest; (second only in readership to Pilgrims Progress). Like Einstein, Oswalds declaration is profound. And what was Oswald Chambers greatest discovery? There is no debate. Oswald just told us. Oswalds insights came from HisHEART and not his intellect and this renowned teacher of spiritual truths meant exactly what he said,

The-IMAGE-Maker Is The-Greatest-Gift God has given us.



There is No-ROOT-Word for the English word READ in Ancient Hebrew. Hebrew is not an abstract language. The accent is on the VERB.





something. Left-Brain-Reading is
Its Elementary because our

Elementary, Essential, and Deceptive.

Souls-Visual-Receptors have to send the written words to TheHEART. Essential because without them The-HEART has no signals to select The-IMAGES that will interpret the Words. And Deceptive if The-IMAGES The-HEART is selecting are Black and White factoids devoid of action; or if Definitions are being accepted as a substitute for MEANINGS.

Deeper still . . . Ancient Hebrew Reading MEANS Meeting The-Author


Memorization Is Not Thinking

Memorization is not thinking! The Primary Hebrew Root used for the English word THINK will make this abundantly clear. Again, what did our school systems teach us to do? Memorize. As we have already seen words, definitions and intellectual concepts are the necessary SEEDS of Wisdom and yet The-Greatest-Hindrance to that Wisdom actually being experienced. If we take the Left-Brain facts, figures and words and convert them into IMAGES, like we did as babies, we will find that the action-

IMAGES of The-HEART are vastly superior to Left-Brain abstractconcepts. If we learn to use our most God given gift . . .

We Can Go Where We Have Never Been

Taught To Go!


More Food-From The-LIONs-Table

LIONS Are Big Eaters, Great Hunters and Sleep Like Babies This is what The Rediscovery of The-HEART is ALL About . . . LEARNING Like Geniuses. . . FINDING Creative Treasures . . . LOVING-Life That Begins With REST!

The Beginning

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Part 1 - Laying The Foundation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Its TIME To Wake-Up There Are NO New Doors Our Caged LION The Primal Order of LEARNING Meditation IN The Garden The SECRET Marriage The Language Of The-HEART Imagination: The Common View The IMAGE-Maker

10. Every Thought Has An IMAGE 11. Science Discovers The-Ancient-Path 12. My Right-Brain-LION

13. So WHAT Is The PROBLEM? 14. Two Things We Were Not Taught In School 15. Memorization Is Not Thinking 16. "I Was Wrong" 17. The Beginning 18. The OX Does Not Know There Are TWO LIVES 19. The Outer Man (Soul/Body) 20. Puppy-girl: My Soul-Mate 21. The Home of The-HEART 22. The Mountain Mama 23. IMAGES Control Everything We Do 24. Who ARE We? 25. What Do We Believe? 26. Why We DO What We DO 27. Where ARE We? 28. WHERE Is Peak-Performance? 29. Instant Stress: Fight or Flight Part 2 - Building a LION'S Life 30. What is LIFE All About?

31. The Problem Deeper Still 32. The Intellectual JOLT 33. The Reality of Dabar 34. The Deception of Midbar 35. LION-HEARTED-Reading 36. The Wholistic IMAGE 37. The Fractal Geometry of Nature 38. The First Believer! 39. What Can We Learn From A BABY? 40. Einstein's Secret 41. The Greatest Gift 42. Intellectual Metamorphosis 43. Authentic Metamorphosis 44. The Roar Of a LION Part 3-Living from The-HEART A Goal. . .A Path. . .A Place. . . 45. The-Ancient-HEART 46. The Law of The-HEART 47. The IMAGE-Maker Is Physiological 48. The Biology of Belief

49. A Life Without JAWS 50. The Wizard of OX 51. Religious Prisons 52. Anxiety In The-HEART 53. A Rejoicing HEART 54. The HEALING CODE 55. The Lie Vs. The Truth 56. The FALSE-Self 57. The Power of HOPE 58. How do we LEARN to SEE? 59. Epilogue: Why Ancient Hebrew? A. List of Applications