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McGregor and Grant Family Trees

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Callum MacGregor: b. Nov. 1631 Laird Of The Mist Clan Chief of the MacGregors of Skye and infamous outlaw during the MacGregor proscription. He was tortured as a child for his fathers crimes against the realm, and later dubbed the Devil by his lifelong enemies, the Campbells. He doesnt seek forgiveness for the brutal retaliation he has taken on those who would strip him of his nameand his soul. His sins are too numerous for redemption. He is driven by one purpose, to kill those who created the beast no one dares call a man. Scorpio Traits: A master at passion and reason. He is a law unto himself. He is at his forceful, courageous best when the going gets tough. He is born to conquer any and all opposition.

Kate Campbell: b. Feb. 1639 Laird Of The Mist Bold, beautiful Kate Campbell doesn't just throw punches, she wields a sword as well. But nothing could have prepared her for the day she found herself facing her clan's most hated enemy, the man they call The Devil. Swept onto his stallion and taken prisoner, Kate vows to make Callum's life miserable. But despite centuries of contempt between them, she cannot ignore his tender touch or the way his fiery gaze leaves her breathless. And as they journey toward his home on the misty Isle of Skye, Kate discovers a hero in her Highland captor and embarks upon a battle that could cost her her life...the one to win his heart. Pisces traits: She adapts beautifully to conflicting situations. She is strong and capable but utterly feminine. She possesses a deep, mysterious wisdom and blessed understanding. She loves with all her heart.

Graham Grant: b. December 1632 A Highlander Never Surrenders Lifelong friend of the MacGregors and constant source of happiness to wenches from Skye to Stirling. When notorious rogue, Graham Grant, is sent to find Royalist rebel Connor Stuart, he finds the outlaws sister insteadand the only lass he wants to keep in his bed for more than one night. He wants to take her, tame her, and claim her as his own, but as they travel together Graham learns that he cannot touch her without betraying his honor and so much more. Sagittarius Traits: Unique combination of wit, intelligence, and fiery drive. Pretense and deception appalls him. His open, cheerful features invite friendship. His eyes sparkle and twinkle with humor. He has a thoroughbred physique and there is no halting or hesitating in his gait.

Claire Stuart: b. March, 1639 A Highlander Never Surrenders Royalist rebel and cousin to the exiled King Charles II. Lady Claire Stuart is no lady. In fact, she hasnt donned a gown in over ten years. Part of the rebel militia bent on restoring Charles to the throne, she can wield a sword as well as any maneven better. She doesnt need Graham Grant to protect her from her dangerous plans to rescue her sister from an arranged marriage, and even though his scorching gaze and even hotter kisses awaken her feminine desires, she belongs to no man. Aries Traits: She is fearless, with no trace of cunning or wile. Quick, capable movements with a mental process to match. Her posture reflects a supreme ego and self confidence.

Rob MacGregor: b. April 29, 1658 Ravished By A Highlander ~ The Firstborn Firstborn son to Callum and Kate MacGregor and heir to the Clan Chief of the MacGregors of Skye. Born to fill his fathers boots as protector of his clan, Rob takes life and the duties that come with his birthright seriously. Hes uncompromising in his loyalty to his kin and unshakable in his purpose of seeing to the good of his clan. He has no time for idle pleasures or for a lass with a secret that could destroy everything he has ever loved and sworn to protect. Taurus Traits: Strong, silent type. He moves deliberately and with purpose. Strong love of land. He is vulnerable to the scents of nature, the smoothness of skin, the softness of a womans hair. He is very much in control of his emotions.

Davina Montgomery: b. July 2, 1661 Ravished By A Highlander Only God could change Davina Montgomerys destiny. Not every woman needs a hero to ride headlong into her life, crashing down doors to save her. Davina did. The crowns most closely guarded secret, no one could protect her from the enemies who wanted her dead. No one but Rob MacGregor. Once in his arms, safe for the first time in her life, can she allow her hero to risk all to give her back her dreams? Cancer Traits: Expressive features. She is a guardian of her inner feeling., She is sensitive and loyal. A romantic dreamer, but sensible.

Tristan MacGregor: b. May 26, 1660


McGregor and Grant Family Trees

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Seduced By A Highlander ~ The Prodigal Son Second son to Callum and Kate MacGregor and unrepentant rogue. Slow to anger and quick to cast his devastating smile, Tristan has little trouble courting, wooing, and taking to bed any lass who catches his eye. A pastime gaining him, much to the regret of his father, the reputation of great lover, rather than great warrioror of knight, as someone even more dear to him would have preferred. A tragic event in his childhood has caused him to forget his lessons in honor, until his past returns to meet him in the kings private garden. Gemini Traits: He possesses fleeting, changeable expressions and clear, clever eyes that twinkle and dart here and there. Quick, graceful movements. Restless mercurial nature. Charm beyond comparison.

Isobel Fergusson: b. August 4, 1664 Seduced By A Highlander The MacGregors of Skye are barbarians, the scourge of Scotland and Isobel Fergusson hopes never to see any of them in this life or the next. She hates them for killing her father after the death of the Earl of Argyll, but at least it had appeased their need for further revenge. Or had it? When she learns that the handsome stranger who stole a kiss from her in the kings private garden is the Devils own son, she fears he has come to entice from her a truth she will take with her to her grave. When he pursues her, risking the wrath of both their families to prove his true purposse, she fears that the man she is sworn to hate might be the only man she can ever love. Leo Traits: Walks proudly, combining grace with quivering intensity. She is always ready to pounce if she feels threatened. Her claws are sheathed, but sharp.

Mairi MacGregor: b. Nov. 8, 1663 Tamed By A Highlander ~ A lass, the third. Its difficult being a woman in a warriors world, but Mairi MacGregor has learned to fit in quite nicely. Let her kin believe shes given up her love of the sword. Its easy enough to hide daggers in the folds of ones skirts. Part of a secret rebel militia designed to sweep Scotland free of its Protestant enemies, Mairi has no time or desire for a husband, especially not a lecherous, serpent tongued swine who stole her heart when she was a child and then broke it to pieces. She never wanted to see Connor Grant again after he left her for England. For seven years she has struggled to keep him from her thoughts, but when they are reunited due to events out of her control, her long battle becomes a war. Fortunately for Mairi, she knows how to fight. Scorpio Traits: Her voice can be velvety soft or measured and clipped. Her poised surface calm is carefully designed to hide her boiling inner nature. She doesnt grin or blush and there are no nervous mannerisms. She possesses a deep, mysterious beauty and enjoys winning.

Connor Grant: b. July 20, 1660 Tamed By A Highlander Connor Grant is a captain in the Royal army, at service to his Stuart family lineage. He has prepared for battle all his life, trained diligently to defend the kingdom and face any foe. But there is no armor thick enough to shield his heart from the sight of Mairi MacGregor, or from her deliciously viperous tongue and sublime smiles granted to everyone but him. He never wanted to lose her, but getting her back is going to be near impossible. Especially when he learns that the new king has arranged his marriage to someone else and calling it off could cause a war. Cancer Traits: He is sensitive and loyal, flirtatious and fickle. He can be rough and aloof, but always soft and affectionate. His freezing glances may make you shiver, or you may find yourself joining in his inescapably contagious laughter. A thousand different moods play fleetingly across of face in the course of a conversation.

Colin MacGregor: b. Oct 24, 1666 Conquered By a Highlander ~ Battleborn Colin MacGregor, youngest son of the outlaw MacGregor laird, has always believed that he was born for a purpose. His passion for the sword, for blood, and for winning sears his veins and when he fights, he feels invincible. Since James of Yorks coronation three years ago, Colin has spent each day in his service, either at the kings side and at his back, or at the ear of the kings enemies, learning their secrets and contemplating their demise. A soldier in a quiet war, Colin is sent to infiltrate the home of an enemy and to win his trust and his friendship. It will be easy. Hes battled a hundred different opponents and ended many revolts before they became threats to the Stuart throne. This time though, he isnt prepared when he must battle himself. Scorpio Traits: He possesses piercing, hypnotic eyes. His reactions are kept at a minimum. He is passionate in all things and charming with a frosty reserve. His intellect and emotions rule him equally. He is (or believes himself to be) invincible.

Gillian Dearly: b. September 18, 1668 By an unfortunate arranged marriage, Lady Gillian Dearly is a prisoner in her home, her cruel husband her jailer. She lives in misery but she has learned to accept her fate, and to survive it until a dangerous new mercenary arrives at her doorstep offering his service to her husbands traitorous plans against England, and then later offering them to her instead. As his attentions on her increase and his gaze grows hotter from across the room, Gillian knows that betraying her husband will cost both of them theirs lives if they are discovered, but Colin Campbells bold touch and forbidden kiss are too much to resist. Virgo Traits: She has a spine made of stainless steel. She is naturally shy and determined to pursue happiness wherever the path leads her. She possesses a clarity of wisdom and needs real love. Her laughter is like the peal of little bells.

*Astological traits taken from Linda Goodmans Sun Signs.