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What is HRM? State its objectives and functions. Discuss scope of HRM. Short Note : Qualities of HR manager. Difference between HRM & Personnel management. Define Human Resource Planning. Write its importance. Describe main steps involved in Human Resource Planning Process. Explain the term Job Analysis and describe briefly the process of Job Analysis. 8. Define Job Analysis. What are the important methods of analyzing jobs. 9. Discuss the importance of Job Analysis. 10.Short Note : Job Description and Job Specification. Also state the difference between two. 11.Define Job design. Explain factors affecting Job Design. 12.Explain any 3 techniques of Job Design. 13.What is Recruitment? State and explain briefly internal & external sources. 14.What are Common interview problems? How can they be overcome? 15.Define Selection. Explain Selection process. 16.Define the term training and state its importance in the development of personnel. 17.Explain any 4 methods & techniques of training. 18.Define Carrier Planning. State reasons for having it. 19.Methods of employee development : Transactional Analysis & Role Play. 20.Carrier planning process. 21.Define Performance Appraisal. Discuss the various methods of appraising an employee.

22.Difference between Job evaluation & Performance appraisal. 23.Problems/errors in Performance Appraisal. 24.Discuss in detail principles or bases of Promotions. 25.Define separation & various types of it. 26.Bring out the components of Employee Remuneration. 27.Discuss the factors influencing Employee Remuneration. 28.Write a note on Fringe Benefits. 29.Justify the high remuneration paid to executives. 30.Describe the importance & disadvantages of the Incentive Schemes. 31.Define Industrial relations. Discuss its objectives. 32.Discuss the role of different parties to industrial relations. 33.Define Industrial dispute. States its causes. 34.Discuss Collective bargaining in detail. 35.Define Placement. Discuss the Placement problems. 36.Define & Explain Orientation program. 37.Define safety & discuss its need. 38.Define stress. Explain the various sources of stress in detail. 39.What are the various strategies of overcoming stress. 40.Define Trade Union. Discuss the need of trade unions. 41.Define welfare. Discuss the points in favour & against of labour welfare. 42.Short Note : Discuss various types of Welfare activities. 43.Define HR Audit. Also state benefits associated with it. What an HR Audit covers. Discuss in details various areas covered by it.