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Quick Install Guide

Product: FCU-150Z Motorcycle models: Yamaha FZ-150i and V-ixion

This is a step by step guide for installing the FSR Technology FCU-150Z on the Yamaha FZ-150i and Vixion motorcycle models. FCU Wire color codes: FCU Wire Yellow Green White Grey Red Black Orange Blue Connect to Pink/White wire from MAP sensor (cut) Pink/White wire to ECU input (cut) Brown/White wire to ECU (cut). Only for 170cc and above Grey wire to ECU (splice, do NOT cut) Rear brake light switch or other +12V power source (switched) Battery ground/negative terminal Button black wire Button red wire Function MAP input MAP output IAT output RPM detect Power Ground Switch Ground Switch +3.3V

CAUTION! FCU may be damaged by static electricity discharge. Please ensure you discharge any static electricity by grounding yourself and your motorcycle before handling and installation of the FCU. 1. Engine must be off. Key must be in OFF position. 2. Remove the seat. 3. Remove the black sleeving around the wire harness going to the ECU.

4. Connect FCU grey wire to ECU grey wire using wire splice connector (red). Be sure to place the FCU grey wire on the splice connector side with the end cover (see picture below).

5. Cut and strip pink/white wire going to ECU (MAP sensor ECU).

6. Connect yellow FCU wire to pink/white wire coming from the sensor. Connect green FCU wire to pink/white wire going to the ECU.

7. Remove the right side cover.

8. Disconnect the rear brake light socket (black 2-pin). Plug in the FCU power sockets in between the disconnected brake light sockets.

9. Connect the FCU black wire to the battery ground terminal.

10. Install the FCU button/switch at the desired location. The button is designed for mounting on the handle bar. 11. Connect the FCU button wires to the FCU orange and blue wires. The order is not important.

12. Turn key to ON position. If Check Engine light indicates a problem, immediately turn key to OFF and ensure all connections are correct. 13. A constant LED light should be visible in the center of the FCU, while a blinking LED light should be visible near the USB port. 14. Start your engine. Ensure the Check Engine light does not appear. 15. Your FCU is now ready for use!

Note for stock FZ-150i and V-ixion bikes

An optimized performance map is already included in the FCU. Press the FCU switch to activate this map. This will give better power with better fuel economy at full throttle. This optimized map is fairly conservative to account for variations between bikes. It is NOT tuned purely for maximum performance. Only a good dyno tune will extract the maximum performance from your bike.