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= 101 | SHORT CUTS IN MATH ANYONE CAN DO By GORDON ROCKMAKER New York Copyiht © 195 by Gordon Rokmater Libary of Cangas Catalog Card No 65500 exp} Malo ine, Tra 2, Ovi PREFACE 101 Short Cuts in Math Anyone Can Do will unlock the secreis ofthe art of caleulation, Tr will erease your ower of computation and thereby enable you to get more Gut of the mathematics you now Know, You will soon be Simazed at your ability to solve once complex problems ‘ule Mathematics Is perhaps the most important baste sel nee today. Its & powerful atd Indispensable tool in every Biase of science and engineering, ‘The world of business hd rieance could act survive without i. From law and medicine tothe fine art, {rom atomic physics to shopping atthe supermarket, mathematics plays an essential role {our daily lives. ‘Many people never get farther than grade-school mathe- matics simply because they become bogged down inthe tlementary arithmetic operations. For them mathematics {is something mysterioss asd beyond understanding. They read about electronic computers performing complicated Arithmetic operations at speeds measured in microseconds (microsecond is millionth part ofa second) and wonder ‘why its sill Important to know how to perform these Dperations themselves. ‘The reason is obvious. For most people in their offices, shops, classrooms, stores, oF homes, use of such electronic ‘brains is impractical or impossible,’ The simple fact is that engineers and scleatiats have yet to develop a com- puter ae compact and efficient as the haman brain. ‘The short cuts in this book cover the busic arithmetic ‘operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fivision. ‘They are used with whole numbers, decimals, Rapa cen Rae Bae ar oe PREFACE fractions, mixed numbers, and percentage, Ina word, they range across the whole Stel of ealculation ore is TABLE OF CONTENTS ely to se. in compiling the shortcuts tobe incled n this bok, any authentic ones wore chosen, Ab auhenti abort ca fs one tat wil prodice an arewor quekly and easly With- react ‘ out the necessity of gotng through tne usual intermediate” |——_INTRODUCTION t Stepe, and itis wunly very apeific, By extting through | iheneunaming menial oration a0 ging Chote raight fo the neat ofthe auswer, a tremensousamoust ol needlese wore is aided. SHORT CUTS IN ADDITION , ‘Al computations inthis book are performed from lett to right, This io the first tne thle approach has boon tu bate fie opine epics te tegen Mr ac raue ont es teparre es easel Cope? took uncon evary ter oa hy i SHORT CUTS IN'MULTIPLICATION eee ieee an oa devised, | Perigs he mst impor fuclno hisWook to re bios fo =. Tere seit 10, Matipbine br ¢ 14. Mutpiving by 438. Maltpiing by 8