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General Use Overhead Crane Operation Manual

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1.General2 1.1 chief use of cranes2 1.2 basic performance data and structure2 2. erection and commissioning2 2.1 preparation for installation and attentions23 2.2 bridge assembly3 2.3 trolley assembly3 2.4 crane traveling mechanism3

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3. electric control principle and installation 3 3.1 control principle3 3.2 installation3 6 4. running test of the crane6 4.1 no-load test6 4.2 load test67 5. maintenance, protection and lubrication7 5.1 inspection of steel structure7 5.2 inspection and maintenance of mechanisms78 5.3 maintenance of control system and electrical parts8 9 5.4 lubrication of cranes9 10 6. common troubles and disposal10 6.1 steel structure11 6.2 parts11 17 6.3 control system18 19 7. notice for operation19 7.1 technical safety rules19 20 7.2 duty of driver2022

1. General The manual is used for guidance of erection, operation and

maintenance for erection, operation and maintenance persons. 1.1 chief uses of cranes Electric Overhead Cranes are usually used to move materials or install and maintain equipments in fixed span at factories, power station, and storehouse and goods yard. 1.2 basic performance data and structure 1.2.1 Main performance data Lifting weight, span, lifting height, working grade, wording speed of each mechanism, working limit of the crab, maximum wheel pressure, grab volume and material density, model of electromagnetic plate, exterior dimensions, explosion-proof grade and so on. For detailed values, see general diagram of the crane and table of function data. 1.2.2 Structure The Overhead Crane consists of bridge, crane traveling mechanism and trolley

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with hoisting, traversing mechanisms. a. bridge This part is composed of main girder, end carriages, walkway etc.. b. crane travel mechanism consists of motor, brake, reducer, transmitting axis, couplings, wheel group. Majority of cranes are driven intensively and the trolley are usually driven respectively. c. trolley The trolley consists of hoisting mechanism and trolley traversing mechanism. The hoisting mechanism is equipped with limit switches.

2. Erection and commissioning

2.1 Preparation for Installation and Attentions Before erection work started, erection supervisor together with users

representative should open the package of equipment, check everything actually received with the packing list to see if there are any loss and damage to the goods. Unloading from vehicle should be specially paid attention, when hoisting up, there should be at least two hanging points, and cushion should be used. The hanging point is suggested to be the ends of the main girder. 2.2 Bridge assembly Bridge is main part of the crane; here are the requirements for bridge assembly as follows.

The bridge is assembled on ground, the main girder shall be put on provisional supports and emend by gradienter; the end carriage should be connected with main girder as prescribed in the drawing before checking gradient.


All data can be inspected when support point under wheels, if support points are under main girder, the camber cant be inspected.

2.3 Trolley assembly Assembly two parts of trolley together as prescribed in the drawing then hoist it onto the bridge. 2.4 Crane traveling mechanism

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The crane traveling mechanism has been installed and tested, user should take under mentioned tests:

Check the benchmark of traveling mechanism to see if it is the exterior of the driving wheel;


Check the horizontal deflexion of wheel;

c) Check the span of crane;


Check the centricity of wheels to see if their exteriors are on one same plane;


The max. vertical deflexion of wheels is 1/400 of span;

3. Electrical Control Principle and Installation

3.1 Control principle The circuit consists of main circuit of each system, control circuit, light control circuit and protection circuit. 3.2 Installation

All installation and wiring should be done according to the drawing;

Check all electrical parts before installation;

Check the insulation condition of motor, brake, carbon brush, contactor, resistor and so on, if the insulation resistor is lower than 0.5mohm, desiccate the part;

Check the pressure between motor carbon brush and slip ring, all pressure in the same motor should be equal;

The joystick shall move flexible; Check the pressure of electronic contact of each controller, contactor and relay;

The control panel, resistor supposed to be put on platform should be firmly fastened on the frame, the resistor should be parallel to the main girder;

The max. gradient of control panel 5, the space in front of the panel should be more than 500mm(600mm recommended);

The conduction insulator must be complete and not have cracks, and fixed

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firmly on electric conduction. The electric conduction must tightly press on the electric contact conductor. When there is spark occurring, it shows that they dont contact well. The reason may be because the electric conduction and the electric conduction contact conductor dont contact well or the active face is not clean, or the two exist at the same time.

To install the trolley electric conduction device, first straighten out the electric cables, eliminate the torsion, then arrange end point clamps, the electric cable pulley and festoon pulley in order according to the drawings. Drive the trolley to the limited position opposite the drivers cab, then let go electric cables, adjust the position of festoon pulley to keep the length of every period consistent basically and maintain certain relaxation, the sagging angle maintains about 120, after adjustment, uses cable cleat to fix electric cables in the end point clamps and festoon pulleys firmly. Then drive the trolley to the limited position near the drivers cab, adjust electric cables to keep the length of every period consistent basically, uses cable cleat to fix electric cables in the end point clamps and festoon pulleys firmly. Weave and clamp the electric cables with the iron sheet every 500 ~ 700 millimeters. Do guarantee all electric cables are clamped tightly. For such a reason, rubber must be put under the cable clamps. Then install towing wire-rope, adjust its length to guarantee wire-ropes bear force during running, finally connect the two terminals of cables to the junction boxes on the bridge and trolley separately.

Check the wiring of limit switch to ensure it can work when the hook hoisting to the limit height;

The working temperature is -25~45; Use electric welding to fix the electric wire tube. Rubber or wooden drivepipe should be padded at the end of the wire tube

where the wire comes out. For those crane used in the open-air, seal their mouth with asphalt and make the tube mouth bend downward. If condition permits,

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insert the wire tube in the wire inlet hole. The wire outlet hole in the drivers cab should be opened on the side plate, do not open on the top. After all the wires are laid well, use megameter to measure the insulating performance in the whole electric circuit. It can be judged qualified only when three dielectric resistances exceed regulated standard and the resistance value difference is not big between all insulation. The curving radius should not be smaller than 5 times the pipe diameter when bending the tube. All curving angles should not be smaller than90

The wire tube body should all reliably earth for all the cases of electric

equipments on the crane. The trolley rail and drivers cab should be welded with the main girder to earth. The end at the low voltage side of the transformer. The earth wires can be flat steel with section not smaller than 75 square millimeters, 10 square millimeter copper wire or 30 millimeters round steel. 440 millimeter or above galvanized flat steel should be used for drivers cabin and the crane body to earth not less than two points. The earth wires should be fixed by electric welding or with earth screws in the equipment. Clear off rust and clean the surface at the fixed points.

The resistance should not be more than 4 from any point on the crane to the neutral point in electrical network.

Original data of QR1-3Y series time relay

QR1Y code time/S K01 K02 3 1.5 QR2Y K01 K02 3 1.5 QR3Y K01 K02 K03 K04 K05 1.5 3 1.5 6 6

Original data of QR2S series time relay

series 4class resistor /S K040 0.6 K041 0.7 K042 0.4 K043 0.6 K044 0.3 K045

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5class resistor /S







4. Running test
4.1 No-load Test a) Turn the braking wheel of each system, wheel shaft and drum shaft manually to see if they can move flexible; b) Operate each system at slow speed first, then at rated speed, watch the system to see if there are any abnormal condition; c) Operate the crane to run along the rail for three times, checks each traveling mechanism; d) Check each switch, limit switch, door switch etc, and check if everything is in condition; 4.2 Load Test a) Operate the crane to hoist small load(0.5~0.75 of rated load) for several times, then hoisting rated load, run the trolley along the girder back and forth, then stop it on the middle of the girder, get the datum mark. Raise the load up to 1.25 rated load, lift 100m~200m from the ground, hold for 100min, the unload it, check the deflection to the datum mark. Repeat this test for three times, after that the girder shouldnt have any permanent distortion, move the trolley to the end of main girder, the actual camber should be 0.75/1000~1.5/1000 of span. At last, hoist rated load, lift 1m up from the ground, check the deflection, it shouldnt exceed 1/700 of span; b) Hoist 1.1 of the rated load, run each system, repeat each movement and function, the test should last for one hour, after the test, there shouldnt be any damage and loose, then the whole crane is eligible.

5. Maintenance, Protection and Lubrication

5.1 Inspection of the steel structure Check the steel structure 1 or 2 times each year, see if there is any loose, cast,

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distortion, craze or cauterization. Here is the inspection standard as follows: Item Main girder distortion structure Trolley frame structure Standard deflection 1/700 of span No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization No paint flaking away, no rustiness Fastened and reliable

others Connection between cabin and main girder

5.2 Inspection and Maintenance of mechanisms Item Brake Drum group brake Drum Shaft and bearing Pulley Shaft and wire rope bearing structure condition Assembly hook Standard Enough oil, no leaking, no crack
No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization

No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization, well lubricated No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization, well lubricated Two or more safe loop less than 10% cores of each lay break, the actual diameter is larger than 93% of rated diameter No rubbing with other things, no distinct abrasion No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization, well lubricated

Pulley group

Hook group

5.3Maintenance of control system and electrical parts Item motor resistor Bearing Standard No crack, loose Insulated resistor under confine, no abnormal

heating Sliding ring Well lubricated, no abnormal noise Carbon No loose, distinct abrasion, sparking, proper Contact contractor brush Contact contractor voltage No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization

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switch contactor relay cable

switch contactor relay cable

No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or cauterization No crack, loose, cast, distinct distortion, craze or

cauterization Maintenance of electrical parts a) Daily inspection: eliminate dust, sludge and the oil etc. adhere to electrical equipments. Survey with hand the heat situation of electric motor, the electro-magnet, the controller contact, the resistor and so on, inspect whether there is oil leak phenomenon on the bearing, whether the connect terminal is tight on the chief equipments, when opening the observation hole cover or the case, the dust, the iron filings and so on should be prevented invading in the winding. Record all discovered peculiar circumstance. b) annual: Disassemble each electrical equipment to clean up, overhaul the support of each equipment, clean the rolling bearing in the electric motors and exchange new grease, survey space between the stator and rotor, change for new rolling bearing if uneven phenomena is discovered. Survey dielectric resistance, dry if necessary. Repair any kind of problems when carrying out annual overhaul. Replace those parts which cant be repaired. Annual overhaul and large-scale repair both depend on the actual attrition and obsolete degree of all equipments. Only dry-type fire extinguisher must be equipped on the crane. And carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher is commonly used. Foam fire extinguisher is forbidden. Dry sand is only used to put out lead fire but not fire in the electric motor. When fire happens, try to cut off the power supply first. At this moment, cut off the power supply with emergency switch or knife switch on the protection plate. When fire happens to the lead in front of the protection plate, cut off the knife switch on the lead. For those cranes which have fired, they cant be used again until clean and clear up, dry and check all electrical equipments and wire layout, repair to be qualified.

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5.4 Lubrication Lubrication point: hook shaft and bearing; fixed pulley shaft;

wire rope;

gearbox; coupling; bearing base; motor bearing; brake; Lubrication material for typical parts Item 1 name wire rope Circle period 15~30 days



heat the grease calciumsodium

up to 50~100 base grease daub without heating


3 months (early days) 6~12 months

circular spouting

L-CKC100 LCKC150 L-CKC220 Gear grease HG1-26-73

Open gear

15days Cleanout every 6 months 30 days 3~6 days Considering the actual condition Overhauling Overhauling Working temperature -20~120

4 5 6 7 8

Gear coupling Rolling bearing Sliding bearing Drum Motor

General Grease

Purpose GB7624-

Lithium Lubricating 1994 low-temperature grease No.54 Purpose Lithium

Lubricating Grease


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No 3 9 brake 30 days

6. Common troubles and disposal

6.1 steel structure trouble Web or cover plate have crack Possible reason Long time overload solution If the crack width is under 0.1mm, just mill it down, for others, drill one 8 hole at each end of the crack, beveling 60groove along each side of the crack, then take repair welding, for some important parts where the stress is large, use strengthen plate to ensure Web of main girder have distortion Main girder bending Main girder deflection Stress superposition Stress superposition Flame emendation Flame emendation overload the intensity. Flame emendation

6.2 parts trouble hook Crack abrasion Possible reason overload solution replace Replace when abrasion is more Permanent distortion abrasion than 10% replace replace

wire rope


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Asymmetrical abrasion

improper assembly, rope doesnt fully fit

Replace when wall abrasion more than 10%,or radial abrasion more than 20% Replace shaft and bearing, reinforce lubrication Fasten all fastener, check drum groove replace replace Stop working, check shaft and key, replace when needed replace

Pulley doesnt turn

Damage on shaft or bearing

Loose, deflexion Crack Crack Shaft & key abrasion

Fastener loose, rope jump out of groove Damage on pulley Damage to drum


Groove abrasion, rope jump out of Gear groove Tooth break evident abrasion Crack Working Impact and libration improper assembly Damage to gear

replace replace Check hoisting system, replace when needed Check hoisting system, replace when needed replace replace replace Check hoisting system, replace when needed replace Replace in pairs Replace

Damage to Key


desquamation Crack inflected Damage to Key


Crack Asymmetrical abrasion Wheel tread abrasion 15%


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Wheel flange coupling abrasion 50% Crack Bolt abrasion

Replace Replace Hoisting system: replace Traveling system:

Gear abrasion

repair welding Hoisting system: replace when abrasion reach 15% Traveling system: Hoisting system: replace Traveling system:

Key inflected

Rolling bearing

Rubber ring abrasion overheat

No oil or over lubricated

repair replace Replace bearing, check lubrication condition Clean bearing Add oil replace Adjust, add oil or change oil check the chain, lubricate Clean Adjust Replace shoe Replace main spring or fasten nut

Sliding bearing brake

Abnormal noise Metal milling noise Impact noise overheat

Bearing smeary Lack of oil Damage to bearing Bearing deflected, over pressed, lack of oil or oil not qualified Chain is blocked Braking wheel and shoe smeary Magnetic moving

Cant brake

distance too short Braking wheel and shoe abrasion Main spring loose or damage


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Fasten nut loose or push bar loose

Fasten nut

Cant brake Brake cant open Magnetic burn Cable loose Shoe stock on braking wheel Gemel stock Main spring over pressed Push bar inflected Wrong oil Wheel stock Low voltage Shoe cant fully disengage braking wheel Asymmetrical distance from shoe to braking wheel Supporting spring damage Braking wheel tread not Braking torque not steady Magnetic overheat, abnormal noise gearbox Seasonal libration noise Bearing overheat Bearing damage Shaft stock Gear abrasion Lack of oil smooth Fasten nut loose Screw damage Main spring over pressed Push bar stock Replace or repair the spring Machine the wheel Fasten nut Replace Adjust Check and lubricate Reinstalled Reinstalled or replace gear replace check and adjust Maintain the gear Lubricate Adjust Replace reconnect Clean with kerosene Adjust Adjust Adjust or replace Change Adjust Check Adjust


Break overheat, shoe burnt and abrasion


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Leak of oil

Gearbox libration on base motor Gearbox overheat Whole motor overheat

No longer hermetic Outer proof inflected Some plane not flat Connection bolt loose Connection bolt loose Improper installation Base damage Too much oil Overload caused by heavy duty Low voltage

Change seal Repair or change Repair these plane Fasten bolt adjust adjust fasten Adjust oil Reduce working duty or change proper motor Stop working when voltage is lower than 10% rated Change motor Change motor Check and eliminate short

Wrong type of motor Change of crane Stator overheat working condition Stator short circuit


Motor shaft and gearbox shaft not concentric Bearing abrasion or damage Mover distortion Stator phase move Stator steel core over pressed Bearing abrasion Bearing end wiring short circuit Wrong connection Brush loose Brush and ring smeary Ring face not flat, brush jump Low pressure

reinstall Replace Check and repair Check and repair Check and repair Replace Check and eliminate short Check and repair adjust Clean Machine the ring, smooth the face Adjust pressure to 18~20kPa

Abnormal noise

Motor stator rub with mover Spark on motor carbon brush

Wrong brush



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Asymmetric current Contactor and relay Contactor noise Loop overload Loop overheat Loop overload

Check and adjust Reduce contact pressure Reduce contact pressure

Loop dirty Contactor burnt Low contact pressure Contact dirty Main contactor cant switch on knife switch open, emergency switch open Door switch open No zero adjustment to controller Control circuit breaker burnt No current Power-off protection happens frequently Low contact pressure Contact burnt Contact dirty Large current caused by overload Current collector and contract conductor(DSL system) contact problem 6.3 control system trouble Breaker burnt when the protective knife-switch shut Possible reason The relative phase contact ground

clean Adjust pressure Clean Close

Close zero adjustment


Check the voltage Adjust pressure Replace or repair Clean Reduce load

Repair contact conductor

solution Check with ohmmeter, eliminate the earthing.

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off Protective relay works when certain system running Improper of relay Initialization Certain parts of the system stock One phase power off Mover circuit wire loose No circuit voltage Contact doesnt contact to each other Brush broken Brake cant open Motor can only run in one direction Contact problem Wiring failure Limit switch open Limit switch problem Contactor fail after limit switch open Controller cant work during crane working Protective contactor failure after power off Switch circuit problem Wiring problem Positioning system failure Contact burnt Short circuit or earthing in control circuit Contact burnt Reset Initialization Check and repair Check and rewire it Check and rewire it Check and rewire it Repair the controller repair repair Check and repair Check and repair Reset limit switch Check the limit switch and repair Check and eliminate Check and eliminate Adjust pressure repair contact Check and eliminate repair contact

Motor cant work after controller switched on

7. Crane operation notice

7.1 technical safety rules


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a) do abide by the following safety technical rules

Having professional workers to operate the crane. The label plate which gives clear indication of maximum hoisting weight, span, working system and manufactory must be hung on the flank of the crane.

During the working time, no person is allowed on the working spot except the control cabin.

While doing the inspection and reparation, the crane must keep power down. While crane running without load, the height of the hook from the floor is 2.5 meters (over the height of a person).

While using the crane to handle the weight, the weight traveling over the head of the person is strictly forbidden.

While crane handling weight, the height from the lowest point of the weight to the highest point of barrier is 0.5 meters at least.

Using the hook to deliver and hoist man is strictly forbidden. Any way to cast the goods from crane is forbidden. Tools, spare parts, fastener, sundries and so on must be kept in the special box, in order to avoid the body injury and harm to equipment, put on the crane is forbidden.

While hoisting the liquid metal, harmful liquor and important goods, no matter how much weight is it, firstly, one should hoist the weight to 150200mm from the floor in order to examine and certify the reliability.

Store the flammable good on the crane is not allowed and good fireproofing work is necessary.

With the crane working in the open air, stop work while the wind power is larger than six degree.

The crane working in the open air must be well fasten when it stop work (for example, the hook with ground anchor fastened and wheel with slanting iron stopped) in order to prevent accident.

Regular safety check must be done with the crane, including static load and


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dynamic load test, and the test result should be recorded in the equipment files. b) Safety technical rules to examine and repair electrical equipment

Only the electric professionals can duty the electric repair work. The pocketed spotlight whose voltage is below 36V should be used when doing repair work.

While doing some work regarding electric, the worker must wear rubber gloves, rubber shoes, and use tools with insulated handhold. And have special person to control the electric switch, once there is some accident, the person can cut off the power at the first time, and places close with the electricity should be enclosed with barrier.

The metal shell of the electromotor and electrical equipment and other metal parts should be grounding.

7.2 duty of driver a) Familiar with the function, method of operation and maintenance rules. b) Strictly abide by the safety technical rules. c) Following work should be done before the crane starting to work Check situation of power supply, the crane will not be started when the voltage of power supply is under 90% of the rated value.

Check situation of every main parts to ensure the connecting and running situation and adjust separate mechanism.

Check if there are any leaving tools and other good, prevent from bodily injury or damage to equipment.

Oiling the lubricating point according to rules. To the crane working in the open air, some measures prevent from the damage of the wind should be taken.

d) Before turning on the main switch, the entire controller should be in zero position. During working time, no one is allowed on bridge and rail. e) Before starting up the crane, warning alarm should be sent out.


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f) The weight of the good would not heavier than the rated load-lifting capacity. g) The driver must cooperation well with hook worker. Moving or hoisting weight should accord with the sigh of hook worker, but the sign of stop no matter who send out, the driver must stop the crane. h) Hoist the weight to upright, move the crane or trolley to drag the weight is not allowed. i) While the crane and trolley having a small distance with the edge position, with slow motion gradually close to the block and without hitting the block. j) The controller should be started step by step. Before the mechanism completely stop, putting the controller from veering to reversing is not allowed, but in emergence situation to stop the accident, this method also can be used with the controller k) Driver assures that the crane will not run against another crane. Only in the position that one fail to operate then use another to push and both of then should have no load and remove in the lowest speed. l) In the situation of voltage drop markedly or power is cut off, the main switch must be turn off and all controller should be in zero position. m) While the motors power is suddenly cut off or voltage of circuitry drop suddenly, the entire controller should be in zero position, the main switch should be cut off immediately and driver should notice the hook worker promptly. n) While handing the weight and lowing downing the weight, driver is now allowed to apart from control cabin. o) The hook is on high position, controller is on zero bit and the main switch is turned off after finishing the work. p) Turns off the main switch and electric lock after finishing the work. q) Does the cleaning and re-checking after finishing work, preparing for the coming work. r) While handing over the work, the note book also is handed over to the next driver, and any trouble be found must be notified to related department and the next driver.


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s) While the driver departs from the crane, the crane must be stopped on the given points and be fastened.

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