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Preliminary Meditative Work Part 4

Subject: Auditory Awareness, Seventh Plane of Existence Time Duration: These activities should be practiced until mastered but, at a minimum, daily for one week. Materials:
Cicero, Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero (1998) Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 1-56718-136-8 Fortune, Dion (2000) The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage. York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, Inc. ISBN 1-57863-158-0 Flowers, Stephen Edred Ph.D. (1995) Hermetic Magic: The Postmodern Magical Papyrus of Abaris. York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, Inc. ISBN 0-87728-828-3

Activities and Procedures:

Auditory Awareness: For the following week, take a daily walk and stop, deliberately focusing in on one particular sound. Take note of everything concerning this sound. (Cicero, xxix) Visualization: This final visualization of the preliminary meditative work is a bit complicated so we will take it one plane at a time. Be certain that you understand each plane before proceeding to the next and understand all of the planes before you continue to other material as this is one of the fundamental concepts of what follows. For the first week, study the knowledge lesson below to get a general idea of the planes of existence, and then meditate on the seventh plane throughout the week. Note: If you are unable to discuss male and female energies and social intercourse without juvenile giggling or otherwise being shocked, I would suggest that you are unready for the remainder of this material and should remove yourself from the list.

Please post for discussion on the list: 1) any questions you have concerning the above activities, 2) any variations that you find work better for you, 3) any unusual events that happen due to the above activities.

The next part of the Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Cicero is a ritual to act as a living channel to bring down the Spiritual Light. Once again, I believe this to be hinting at monotheistic symbolism and not acceptable for me. I believe one type of magic is accomplished by drawing energy from the divine energy of the Upper Spiritual Plane down the male side passing it over to the female side then following the female energies back to the Upper Spiritual Plane to complete the circuit. (This is explained in more detail in The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage by Dion Fortune.) To do this successfully, a person must understand this cosmology of seven planes so the following knowledge lesson and meditations are designed to teach that concept. The associations I have made below between the Planes of Existence and the Hellenic parts of the anthropos are for my convenience and some fit better then others. If there is any part of the information that isnt clear, tell me and Ill try to explain it better. If there are parts you disagree with, say so but say why you dont believe it and what your alternative explanation is. At this point it is important to know about the planes but dont try working magic until we have covered the subject in more detail.

The Seven Planes of Existence

Most authors that write about the Western Esoteric Tradition, describe multiple planes of existence. Either they didnt have a clear idea of what the planes were, they didnt explain them very well or it wasnt my time to learn the subject because it never made any sense to me and didnt fit into a coherent system. That is, until I read The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage by Dion Fortune (ISBN 1-57863-158-0). The seven planes of existence (from seventh to first) are Plane of Pure Spirit, Plane of Concrete Spirit, Plane of Abstract Mind, Plane of Concrete Mind, Plane of Emotions, Psychic Plane, and Physical Plane. The Plane of Pure Spirit (a.k.a. Upper Spiritual Plane or Seventh Level) is our connection to the Immortals, spiritual beings and the divine part of mortals (called the daimon). This part is what the mage tries to develop to have the authority of the divine and to command the energies referred to as magic. It is also used to control the next level by creating alternative solutions for every decision. If two people love each other at this highest of levels, they completely submit themselves and the two become one person. Since the two are one at this level, there is no male and female and there is no attraction or matingthey are simply the same being. This loss of identity frightens some so they vigorously resist developing to this point. The Plane of Concrete Spirit (a.k.a. Lower Spiritual Plane or Sixth Level) is the separation of the pure spiritual essence into all of the possibilities that are available to each person. I choose to associate this part of a person with what the Hellenics referred to as pneuma and I believe it includes all of our potential. At this level, the tendency to be an individual is considered male and the tendency to be part of a group is considered to be female. (From the sixth plane to the second plane, male and female are defined by function and one person may change from one to the other many times.) People mate at this level by sharing their spiritual beliefs and are attracted to others with similar beliefs. Magic at this level causes effects on the next level by determining logical cause and effect. The Plane of Abstract Mind (a.k.a. Upper Mental Plane or Fifth Level) is the plane of knowledge and is the lowest level that survives after death. I associate this part with what the Hellenics refer to as the psyche. To be male at this level is to use deductive logic (reasoning from the general to the particular) and to be female is to use inductive logic (using the particular to determine the general). Mating at this level is the sharing of knowledge and we are attracted to those who know what we dont. Magic at this level causes effects at the next level by teaching us what we dont know and be affecting how and what we remember. The Plane of Concrete Mind (a.k.a. Lower Mental Plane or Fourth Level) is the plane of memory. I associate this part with what the Hellenics called the nous. To be male at this level is to try to apply what is known and to be female is to try to determine the theories. We mate at this level by sharing interests and we are attracted to those who have similar interests. Magic at this level causes effects at the next level by changing what we believe we want and need.

The Plane of Emotions (a.k.a. Upper Astral Plane or Third Level) is the response to attraction and the desire for union. This is the part of the person the Hellenics refer to as the thymos. To be male at this level is to express your desires and emotions. To be female is to be satisfied with the expression of the desires and emotions of others. To mate at this level is to have sympathy and caring for others or to accept the sympathy and caring of others. We are attracted to those who are different; can care for us when we are in need or need us when we are caring. Magic at this level effects the next by affecting our passions and our emotional relationships with others. The Psychic Plane (a.k.a. Lower Astral Plane or Second Level) is the level of instincts and passions. I associate this level with what the Hellenics called the demas. To be male at this level is to actively try to achieve your desires and to be female is to accept what you have. To mate at this level is to desire someone and we are generally attracted to (or desire) those who desire us. Magic at this level affects peoples motivations and causes to do what we want without realizing why they are doing it. The Physical Plane is our physical existence and is what the Hellenics refer to as the soma. To be male or female is to be physically a man or a woman and, until modern times, was unchangeable. Mating at this level is sexual intercourse and we are attracted to those who are different. As an example of the last statement, research has shown that a woman can determine what a man is immune to by his natural body odor. She will be physically attracted to someone whose immune system is different from hers so, any children they have, will have the best chance of survival. At the moment, I dont know what effects there will be from magic at this level (such as sexual magic) since there are no lower levels.

Seventh Plane Meditation

Imagine that you are part of the Plane of Pure Spirit. Everything you know, desire or experience is known, desired and experienced by everyone else on this plane. Consider a few of the problems of the world and their alternative solutions if you only have the power to cause anything you want to happen. Further, consider what would motivate you to help those less developed. Remember what you have learned so your prayers and vows will be more effective in the future as you have a better understanding of what the Immortals want from you and what will motivate them to help.