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World Product – Hugo Boss

Next to Armani, global giant Hugo Boss is

arguably the most recognizable suiting label in the
world. In the forty-five years since the house
began making suits, the label has been a dominant
force in the market, with six hundred stores
worldwide and a presence in 108 countries. With collections for every demographic, from urban
sport to demi-bespoke, Hugo Boss continues to expand its global reach.

HUGO BOSS – the name denotes success, perfection and a style that transcends international
borders. The Group has been successfully asserting and expanding its position as a global
market leader in the upscale fashion market for
years, despite the overall weakness of the global
economy. There are many reasons for the
Company’s success. A major component is the
professional senior management and dedicated
workers who possess extensive knowledge of both
markets and customers. Product competence, a
global sales network and top-notch logistics are
also important factors in the Company’s successful
development. Uniform presentation of our
products through-out the world and effective
marketing measures support the strong image of
the HUGO BOSS brands and the Company.

Creativity and Perfection

The process of designing the collections and developing state-of-the-art manufacturing
techniques takes place at the Group’s headquarters in Metzingen. Here, our creative
teams design new models for each season of the year that are in step with current
fashion trends. First, patternmakers transform ideas into prototypes. Sample
collections are prepared as part of the further creative process; these are then
presented as retail samples in worldwide
showrooms. After the orders have been
received, production planning in Metzingen
prepares the models for series production.

The introduction of new, labor-intensive

collections such as BOSS Orange Womenswear
presents increasing production challenges,
which we are meeting by developing unique
processing techniques. Modern distribution
logistics using automated warehousing and
conveying techniques guarantee optimum
goods flow management throughout the process chain. Our quality control
management oversees the entire production
process and ensures that our high quality
standards are maintained – from the selection
of suppliers and procurement of raw materials
to the delivery of the finished collection to
retail stores.

In addition to steadily developing its
collections, HUGO BOSS also continues to
focus on new technologies and optimized
work processes. With this goal, we initiated
the Columbus project, the most comprehensive
project in our corporate history. Columbus
aims to significantly increase efficiency in all business processes and involves
reorganizing all processes, from collection planning and production up to delivery.
This allows us to predefine delivery windows for complete fashion programs accurate
to the week and to service retailers just in time; a development that is unique in the
fashion industry, meets today’s demands and underpins our market leadership.

HUGO BOSS products are
available worldwide in
over 108 countries. Our
own subsidiaries guarantee
professional knowledge of
key local markets. Our
architects, merchandising
teams and marketing
services assist in the
uniform presentation of
HUGO BOSS at over 5,000
points of sale. Shop
concepts are updated on
an ongoing basis to enable constant innovative and high-quality presentation of our
products. Our new accessory stores, for instance, are reaping the benefits of our new
shop design. The first two such stores, opened in Frankfurt and Amsterdam in 2005
were immediately successful. This is an important step in expanding this market
segment, which is of great significance to HUGO BOSS.

Corporate and brand communication at HUGO BOSS is coordinated at our
headquarters in Metzingen and supported by in-house staff at the subsidiaries as
well as international public relations agencies. In addition to handling international
business and lifestyle press relations, these professionals design and place magazine
print ads and update our Internet presence, which is growing in importance as a
marketing tool.
Sponsorships and Events
HUGO BOSS maintains very successful sponsorship programs. Cultural sponsorships
link the HUGO BOSS brands with the aesthetic appeal; openness and innovation
that are characteristic of the art world, while our sport sponsorships lend the BOSS
core brand the attributes of success, fascination and dynamism. Major international
fashion events serve to further enhance the HUGO BOSS brands by creating an
additional emotionally charged aspect.

Product Portfolio
The HUGO BOSS brands encompass all key fashion areas, ranging from classic
clothing, evening and leisurewear to functional sportswear and complementary
accessories. Licensed products such as eyewear, watches, fragrances and cosmetics
further enhance our collections. In the cosmetics segment, the new skincare series for
men, BOSS Skin, enjoyed immediate market success in 2005.
The HUGO BOSS Brand World
HUGO BOSS is represented in the fashion market by the BOSS and HUGO brands.
These brand collections and their fashion lines are aimed at various target groups, creating a
brand world of extraordinary fashion diversity at a constantly high level of quality. The BOSS
Black, BOSS Selection, BOSS Orange and BOSS Green
lines as well as the accompanying accessory collections
are all part of the core BOSS brand.

BOSS Black
The womenswear and menswear collections of
the BOSS Black line offer wide-ranging styles.
The comprehensive spectrum encompasses
elegant business ensembles, casual sports
clothing and evening wear designed for special
festive occasions. The person wearing these
clothes appreciates the flawless look that
expresses his or her personality and the high
standards of quality.

BOSS Selection
The luxurious BOSS Selection Menswear
collection embodies the premium tier of the
BOSS brand world, implementing the design
competence of the BOSS brand using the best
materials and the finest workmanship. Hand-stitched details and features of
traditional custom tailoring express the line’s exclusive nature and assure its
positioning in the upper market segment.

BOSS Orange
The BOSS Orange collection offers leisure fashion for men and women who enjoy
stylish outfits and an element of surprise. Unusual materials, vibrant colors and
intricate details are aimed at customers who like experimenting with fashion and also
value good workmanship.

BOSS Green
The functional sportswear in the BOSS Green line offers athletic and fashion-
oriented men a collection that promises optimum performance from both a sports
and fashion perspective.
The HUGO brand combines creativity and individuality. It offers self-confident men
and women a collection to express their own style. HUGO is unconventional and
avant-garde – a fashion defined not by age group, but by attitude.

Thus, by proper market research, innovation, creativity and perfection the company has
been successful in marketing its unique world class product in various countries. By
adopting the strategy of manufacturing world product instead of national or
international product, the company has been able to cut down its production cost
( simplified inventory control, costly downtime in production not needed,
anticipation and preparation of necessary local adaptation) and has directed these
costs in Innovation, R&D, marketing strategies and improving the production
process, making the company successful worldwide.