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Leadership Change Management


Define the following with examples where applicable;

a) b) c) d) e) k) l) o) p) q) r)

Business Model Organizational Capabilities Norms Physiological safety Consultant Dialogue Organizational silence Upward communication Emotional bond Open system Alignment

f) g) h) i) j)

Synergy Activity-based management Balanced scorecard Learning Diversity

m) Diagnosis n) s) t) u) v) Diagnostic framework Stakeholders Content-driven change Process-driven change Stretch goals


Explain the link between strategic renewal and organizational change? Explain the strategic renewal model with examples.


Explain behaviour and behaviour sources in the organizational context?


Define resistance and participation also briefly explain the following;

a) b) c)

Reasons for resistance? How are the managers responsible for creating resistance? How can participation help to prevent resistance?


Explain three faces of change?


With the help of examples describe trigger event? Write a detailed note on Lewins Change Model?



Define organizational development and explain its perspectives?


What are the factors that affect organizational effectiveness?

10. What are the approaches to change implementation? Give examples.

11. a) Explain the sequential model for effective change implementation? b) What are the mistakes must be avoided while implementing this change model and why?

12. What are the steps to power equalization?

13. Explain the principles for organizational diagnosis?

14. What are the two ways for closing the loop?

15. a) Differentiate between organization design and organizational redesign? b) What are the elements of design?

16. a) Explain differentiation and its dimensions with the help of examples? b) Show the relationship between differentiation and integration?

17. What is the difference between environmental complexity and environmental dynamism?

18. What type of controls enhances employee creativity and how?

19. a) Define employee commitment and what are the informal design elements for building high commitment? b) What is job design and how use of job enrichment can increase commitment?

20. Explain different types of teams and also describe the team effectiveness model?

21. Explain organizational structure and its various types?

22. Define pay equity and also Distinguish between extrinsic and intrinsic rewards?

23. How can new technology be useful for organizational leaders?

24. a) What is organizational culture and what are its impacts on organization? b) Differentiate between robust and adaptive cultures and explain the values of adaptive cultures?

25. a) What are managerial assumptions about people also explain self-sealing value loop? b) Which managerial values hinder employee participation?

26. Differentiate between espoused and enacted values?

27. Define leadership and list down the core tasks of change leadership? 28. How does organizations shared purpose helps change?

29. What practices create barriers to effective leadership development?