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The Triskelion is an ancient solar symbol representing the unity of the three elements land, water and air

r in a single entity the sun. It symbolizes the suns potential to empower the three fundamentals with infinite energy and the shine of life. DRDO is a dynamic centre of knowledge and development that is determined to empower the nations Defence Services Army, Navy, and Air Force with the radiance of technology. Incorporating over 50 laboratories and more than 7000 scientists, the organisation is engaged in the design and development of state-of-the-art weapons and futuristic technologies. The core principle that runs like a lifeline through the Defence R&D Organisation is to make Indias Defence Systems self-reliant. DRDO is ever evolving to illuminate the way for Land, Water and Air forces to march towards a self-reliant future.

Directorate of Industry Interface and Technology Management (DI2TM) DRDO Bhawan, Rajaji Marg, New Delhi 110105



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Make India prosperous by establishing world class science and technology base and provide our Defence Services decisive edge by equipping them with internationally competitive systems and solutions.


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Design, develop and lead to production of state-of-the-art sensors, weapon systems, platforms and allied equipment for our Defence Services Provide technological solutions to the Services to optimize combat effectiveness and to promote well-being of the troops Develop infrastructure and committed quality manpower and build strong indigenous technology base

MBT Arjun 2 Combat Improved Ajeya Tank (CIA) 3 Self Propelled (SP) 155 gun (BHIM-T6) 3 BLT T-72 4 Hydro Pneumatic Suspension Unit 4 Sarvatra 5 Amphibious Floating Bridge and 5 Ferry System (AFFS) BLT Arjun 5 Counter Mine Flail (CMF-72) 6 Mat Ground Surfacing (MGS) 6 Remotely Operated Vehicle DAKSH 7 Disrupter Mounted Robot (DMR) 7 Netra 8 Gun Mounted Remotely Operated Vehicle (GMR) 8 Armoured Amphibious Dozer (AAD) 9 Armoured Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle (AERV) 9 Wankel Type Rotary Engine 10 Four Cylinder Two Stroke Reciprocating Engine 10

Torpedo Advanced Light Varunastra Thermal Torpedo Hull-Mounted Sonar (HUMSA) Hull-Mounted Sonar System for Surface Ships (HUMSA-NG) Sanjeevani Silent Fuel Cell based Generator Third Generation Underwater Wireless Acoustic Communication System (3G UWACS) Nagan Ushus

elecTRONIcS & cOMpuTeR ScIeNceS

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Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher Pinaka Pinaka Rocket 5.56 mm INSAS Weapons Rifle 5.56 mm INSAS Light Machine Gun 5.56 mm INSAS 5.56 mm INSAS Ammunition Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) Modern Sub Machine Carbine Pre-Frag OFAB Bomb Mortar Bomb Illuminating 81 mm MK-II Shell 105 mm IFG Illuminating 2A ADRUSHY MK-II 120 mm FSAPDS Ammunition for Arjun 125 mm FSAPDS Ammunition for T90 84 mm Light Weight Launcher PZT-Based Electroceramics Geo- Hazard Gallery Multi-Mode Hand Grenade Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Plant ABC Powder Baffle Range Bund Blasting Device Semi-Active Mission Homing Missile (SAMHO) Portable Water Mist System Safe Disposal Of Hazardous Chemicals Emergency Escape Chute Integrated Fire Detection & Suppression System

Programme AD Ballistic Missile Defence Programme BrahMos Shaurya Akash Nag Agni-I Agni-II Agni-III Prithvi and its variants Fog Based Inertial Navigation GPS System (FINGS) MEMS Based INS GPS (MINGS) Fog Based Sensor Package Unit (FSPU) RLG Based GPS INS (RINS) OnBoard Computer (OBC) Electro Mechanical Actuators (EMA) Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve (EHSV) MEMS Sensors Active Radar Seeker (ARSEEK)


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Tejas Pilotless Target Aircraft (Lakshya) Flight Simulator LCA Remotely Piloted Vehicle (NISHANT) Precision Stabilised Gimbal Payload Assembly (GPA MK-IV) Micro UAV (MAV) Kaveri Engine Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine Engine (KMGT) AHS Arrestor Hook System LEVCON Leading Edge Vortex Controller Aerostat Systems

ROHINI Medium Range Surveillance Radar (3D-CAR) LCA MMR Antenna Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) Maritime Patrol Radar TR Modules Situation Assessment Tool (SAT) Secure Data Adaptor (SDA) Wearable Computer (WC) Subscriber End Encryption Device (SEED) OnBoard Computer (ABACUS SOC-V1 Processor Based) High Speed Video Tracker Indigenous Microprocessors Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) BHUMIKA A GIS Application Millimeter wave Components Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna BaseLine Interferometer Array Ridged Horn Antenna Bi-conical Antenna Blade Antenna Rotary DF Antenna Quadrifilar Helix Antenna Log Periodic Antenna Airborne Radome Submarine Radome Constant Beam width Horn Antenna ECM Reflector with Auto-track Horns Advanced MSS terminal Combat Net Radio Data Link System for AirBorne Surveillance Platform Electro-Optical Fire Control System Navy Day Vision Devices Pulsed Coupled Cavity TWT Microwave Power Module (MPM) Hand-held Portable Laser Dazzler Weapon-Mounted Thermal Sight (WMTS) Helmet-Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera (HMTIC) Passive Night Sight (PNS) for 5.56 mm Rifle / LMG Panoramic Surveillance Sight

Titanium Sponge Production 52 Ceramic Cores 52 Turbine Integral Rotor 52 Investment Cast components 52 High Energy Rare Earth Permanent Magnets 53 Titanium Isothermally Forged Disc 53 Steel Bulb Bar 53 Armour Materials and Modules: 54 Armoured Fighting Vehicles Armour Materials and Modules: Helicopters 54 Aluminium Foams 54 Tungsten Alloys & Components 54 Jacket Wind Cheater 55 Trouser Wind Cheater 55 Tent Glacier (10-12 MEN) 55 Aqueous Foam Generating Device for 55 Multispectral Camouflage Applications Synthetic Life Jacket MK-I 55 Conducting Polymer based Antistatic and 56 Radiotransparent Paint RDM-1 for aircraft radomes Imaging IR Target with controller 56 Aiming Thermal Target 56


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lIfe ScIeNceS

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Combat Free Fall (CFF) Swine Flu Detection Kit Resuscitator Attracticide Alocal Cream DEPA Woolcare Mosquito Repellent Cum Room Freshener Herbal Mosquito Repellent Vaporizer Bio-Digester Carbogen Breathing Equipment Electrically Heated Gloves/Socks Floor Cleansing Herbal Germicidal Liquid Kerosene-Based Space Heating Device (BUKHARI) Iron Removal Unit Bio-Fertilisers Bio-Diesel Jatropha Soap Cordyceps Sinensis Jatropha Fuel Briquette Lukoskin

NBC Over Boots NBC Permeable Suit MK-IV NBC Gloves with Inner NBC Haversack Roentgenometer (RM 102) Radiation Detection Measurement and Control Unit (RADMAC) NBC Casualty Bag Half NBC Casualty Bag Full Gamma Flash Sensor Beta Light Portable Dose Rate Meter (PDRM) RadiacMeter Personal Locket (RPL) Dosimeter Pocket Dosimeter (PDM) Super Heated Liquid Neutron and Gamma Sensor RPL Dosimeter Reader NBC Water Purification System

Holographic Sight Hand-Held Thermal Imager Passive Night Vision Goggle Meals Ready to Eat (MREs Ration) Passive Night Sight (PNS) for Modern Sub-Machine Carbine (MSMC) Light Weight Foldable Stretcher Energy Bars Boot Anti Mine Infantry (BAMI) Survival Blanket Advanced Demolition Devices (ADDs) Explosive Detection Kit Water Testing Field Kit (WTFK) Oleoresin-Based Incapacitating Smoke Grenade Blast Protection Suit 84 mm High Temperature Suffocating Smoke (HTSS) Ammunition Frangible Bullets

The quest for self-reliance

The Defence Research & Development Organisation has come a long way since its modest beginning in 1958. Starting with only 10 laboratories, DRDO has grown multi-dimensionally and has evolved to be a core research organisation with a vast network of 50 laboratories and establishments spread across the country, 30,000 knowledge workers including about 7,000 scientists; 12,000 technical personnel; and 11,000 support staff - a strong scientific force to reckon with. With a vision to empower India with cutting-edge technologies and equip our Services with internationally competitive systems, DRDO has proven its competence to produce state-of-the-art strategic and tactical military hardware and related technologies in diverse disciplines such as Aeronautics, Armaments, Combat Vehicles, Combat Engineering, Electronics, Missiles, Life Sciences, Materials, and Naval Systems. At the core of this technological strength of DRDO is its expertise in system design, system integration, testing and evaluation and project management built over the last five decades, which has enabled it in developing indigenous capabilities in weapons and their delivery systems. Today DRDO has transformed into a highly professional and mature Organisation with strong technology base and management systems to undertake indigenous development of state-of-the-art Defence systems in a comprehensive manner including design, development, integration and production. DRDO has made the country proud through achievement of technological self-reliance in a number of critical areas including ammunition, armoured systems, surface-to-surface missiles, sonar systems, electronic warfare systems, NBC defence and advanced computing.

Combat Vehicles and Engineering

Combat Vehicles and Engineering

The main objective of Combat Vehicles and Engineering cluster of DRDO is the development of technologies for progressive achievement of self-reliance in the area of Combat Vehicles & Engineering. The emphasis is on the development of Combat Vehicle Technology and Engineering equipments/systems, empowering our defence forces with breakthrough technologies. Combat Vehicles & Engineering Group of Labs are striving to ensure high mobility, fire power and protection to troops during military operation with world-class Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Wheeled Vehicles, Bridges and Combat Engineering Support Systems as well as Ground Support Equipments for Missile Systems and airborne platforms.

MBT Arjun


SElf ProPEllEd (SP) 155 gun (BHIM-T6)

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Fully autonomous turret mated with high mobility chassis system Extended Range Full Bore (ERFB) type projectiles Modular Charges, high accuracy, long range, high rate of fire, Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact (MRSI), Muzzle velocity measuring radar, fully automatic laying, navigation and ammunition loading 81 mm smoke grenade launchers High power to weight ratio

SaliEnt FEaturES Crew Combat Weight Power-to-weight Ratio Ground Pressure Length (Gun Forward) Ajeya tank has been modernized to meet the threat perception of our country by upgrading its Fire power enhancing its Mobility and strengthening its Protection. SaliEnt FEaturES ExcEllEnt Mobility
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3 56 t 18.39 kW/ton 0.078 n/mm2 13.63 m 3.53 m on road: 70 km/h cross country: 45 km/h 35 2.43 m 0.91 m 155 mm 5 to +75 50 rounds 3 rounds in < 20 sec 8 rds/min for 3 min 2 to 3 rounds per min for 60 min

Width (Over Tracks) Maximum Speed Gradability Trench Vertical Obstacle Ordnance Elevation Ammunition Stowage Rate-of-fire Burst Intense Sustained

Height (Over Turret Roof) 3.25 m

SupErior FirE powEr

n n n

Crew Combat Weight Power-to-weight Ratio Ground Pressure Length (Gun forward) Width (over tracks) Height (over turret roof) Maximum Speed Gradability Trench Vertical Obstacle Shallow Fording Ordnance Elevation Ammunition Stowage Rate-of-fire Ammunition Loading Co-axial MG Anti-aircraft MG

3 43.5 t 17.93 hp/ton 0.87 kgf/cm 9.53 m 3.37 m 2.19 m on road: 60 km/h cross country: 35 to 40 km/h 30 2.6 m 0.85 m 1.2 m 125 mm Smooth bore 6 to +16 44 rounds 8 rds/min Automatic 7.62 mm 12.7 mm

High performance 1500 HP engine for high power-to-weight ratio Robust transmission Low specific ground pressure Flexible Hydro-pneumatic suspension Optimised running gear with high shock energy absorption

Fast and accurate target acquisition Fast reaction time Excellent first hit probability

EnhancEd protEction
n n n n

Indigenous lightweight, compact KANCHAN composite armour Integrated fire detection and suppression system Laser warning system Improved sight Common stabilised head for Day sight, thermal sight and Laser range finder for improved all-round day and night surveillance and target acquisition


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BlT T-72
aSSault bridgE MountEd on ModiFiEd hull oF t-72 tank
n n n n

Multi-span mobile bridge System comprises of a pre-fabricated bridge in two halves in folded condition mounted on a wheeled carrier vehicle along with a launching mechanism Each bridge is 15 m long, 4 m wide, fully decked and provided with a trestle at the far end Multiple span up to 75 m can be launched in 90 mins Suitable for heaviest military traffic (MLC 70)

Controls located with commander and driver for convenient operation Can be launched without the troops having to dismount Can be launched manually or electrically within 3 to 5 min Positive launch ensured, with two alternate power sources in the event of main engine failure

SpEciFicationS Vehicle Load No. of Station Type of Suspension Spring Characteristic Oil Gas Wheel Travel Damping Axle Arm Road Wheel Ground Clearance 58.5 t 14 nos Hydro gas nonlinear SAE 10 W 30 nitrogen 535 mm Hydraulic Bi-directional In-built 550 mm 660 mm 450 mm

SaliEnt FEaturES Bridge Span (m) Width (m) Load Class Tread Way (mm) Weight (ton) Ground Pressure with Bridge Loaded (kg/cm2) 20 m and 22 m 4m MlC 70 1625 mm 46.5 t 0.98 kg/cm

AMPHIBIouS floATIng BrIdgE And fErry SySTEM (AffS)

n n n

Versatile equipment having excellent cross country and aquatic mobility. A single unit can be used to ferry traffic across large and deep water obstacles. Two or more systems can be joined together in a river to form a continuous floating bridge up to 105 m length, within 30 min. time. Wheels retracted the vehicle can also be used as grounded bridge/ ramp to negotiate high banks. SaliEnt FEaturES Load Class MLC-30 (upgradable to MLC-70) 4055 kmph 2.7 m/sec 42 t 28.4 m 10m x 3.6m x 4m

Ground Mobility Aquatic Mobility Gross Vehicle Weight Ferry Length Roadway Dimensions

BlT Arjun
n n n n

Slide launch assault bridging system mounted on Arjun tank hull Single span, tread way type construction Crew of two Commander and driver Independent power unit for bridge launch/retrieval

SaliEnt FEaturES Bridge Length Load Classification Launch/Retrieval Time 24 m in Steel 26 m in Aluminum Alloy MlC 70 10 min

CounTEr MInE flAIl (CMf-72)

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A state-of-the-art Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) DAKSH, capable of being remotely controlled over a range of 500 m line-of-sight (LOS) or up to three walls within buildings, is an invaluable asset in the hands of Bomb Disposal Units of the Army, Police and other Paramilitary Forces. DAKSHA has two more variants Disrupter Mounted Robot (DMR) and Gun Mounted ROV (GMR) SaliEnt FEaturES Versatile reach extending below vehicles Payload lifting capability of 20 kg at 2.5 m / 9 kg at 4m with special extension assembly In-built brakes to stop the roV in any position and slopes Electrically operated through compact rechargeable batteries Continuous operation for three-hours Wireless operation up to 500 m loS with optional fiber-optic control Multiple switchable cameras on-board Steep slope negotiation Stair climbing capability Manipulator Arm with Six degrees of freedom Cameras on motorized pan-tilt platform with zoom and focus controls Towing capability for suspected vehicles low power, high intensity lEd based illumination lamps open interface to connect different payloads as per mission Incorporation of neutral Mechanism in transmission Safety alarms provided during firing operations Weather-proof construction for outdoor applications

System based on modified T-72 gun tank designed to clear 4 m wide safe lane through mine field Can breach a mine field at a speed of 1 to 3 km per hour up to a depth of 25 cm

SaliEnt FEaturES no modification to automotive system. Minimum modification to driver compartment Separate power source for flail operation Provided with gPS Multi-barrel smoke discharger enables operation under cover of smoke screen Capability to rotate flails in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions flail controls with commander for convenient operations Adequate protection to crew against small arms, shell bursts, mine blasts and fire hazards Extensively tested under extreme weather and rugged terrain conditions successfully

MAT ground SurfACIng (MgS)

n n n n n n

Mat Ground Surfacing provides a rugged trackway to the movement of tracked and wheeled vehicles in marshy terrains, shallow waters and soft soil It is an assembly of extruded aluminium planks of length 50 m rolled on to a spool Easy mobility Fordability in shallow water up to 1 m depth Quick laying of mat Small crew size

SaliEnt FEaturES oF Mat Length Width Weight per sq. m Total Weight 50 m 5m 34 kg 8500 kg

dISruPTEr MounTEd roBoT (dMr)

This is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) capable of diffusing IEDs and suspected objects. SaliEnt FEaturES range: 500 m operation: 2 h Cross Country Mobility Two recoilless disrupters on-board with built-in aiming devices lightweight and portable Backpack-based Master Control Station Integrated with Stereo Vision System for depth perception

NETRA is a fully autonomous, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed specifically for antiterrorist and counter-insurgency operations. Netra is lightweight and portable, constructed using carbon fiber composites, allowing for two-men to carry the system along with the control station to field locations. Netra flies by four high speed propellers (quadrotor) allowing Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) and providing the power to soar through the skies. SpEciFicationS Weight (kg) Dimensions (cm) Navigation Battery Payload Capacity (g) Max Height (m) Endurance Battery Change Range (km) Payload 1.5 kg 90 cm x 90 cm Auto-pilot based with preflight mission planning Compact lithium Polymer 400 g 150 m 30 min per battery charge Quick snap and externally swappable 1.5 km loS High resolution CCd camera with Pan/Tilt and Zoom facility Wireless video transmitter Communication loss/low battery allowing for self recovery

ArMourEd AMPHIBIouS doZEr (AAd)

AAD is designed to provide integral engineering support to battle groups in offensive operations by reducing banks of water obstacles to facilitate construction of wet / dry assault bridges and improving mobility of mechanized formations by construction and improvement of existing tracks. AAD is based on re-engineered BMP-II chassis. The Limited Series Production (LSP) placed by Indian Army is being executed by VRDE (DRDO). SaliEnt FEaturES GVW Bucket Capacity Prime Mover Hydraulic System Dual Control System Drive Reversal Gearbox Hydraulic Winch Amphibious Capability Hydrojets Rocket Propelled Anchor (RPA) Suspension Lock Air Conditioning System 13.5 t Steel bucket 1.13 m3 (normal), 1.43 m3 (heaped) CI engine, 82 kW @ 2400 rpm, water cooled Semi-closed loop drivers controls duplicated for dozing operations To reduce dozing speed below 1 km/h Ex M/s rotzler , 8 t capacity Amphibious (without preparation), speed > 7 km/h for propulsion and better maneuverability in water for self-recovery from water obstacle Mechanical with easy engage/disengagement 1.5 t capacity

gun MounTEd rEMoTEly oPErATEd VEHIClE (gMr)

This is an ROV designed for offensive operations mainly in urban area for hostage situations and counter insurgency missions. SaliEnt FEaturES range: 500 m Endurance: 3 h Multiple Armaments on-board with built-in aiming device Portable Master Control Station Pan-o-vision capability for 180 deg vision to the operator Safety features in-built

Failure Modes


AERV is designed to carry out terrestrial and riverbed survey to facilitate construction of assault bridges across water obstacles. The vehicle is based on amphibious BMP-II chassis, retaining its mobility and protective features. The Indian Army had placed a Limited Series Production (LSP) order on VRDE (DRDO) which has been executed successfully. SaliEnt FEaturES Advanced land navigation System (AlnS) Picket driving System (PdS) for route marking Control Console Integration of data from recce instruments and processing.

land rEconnaiSSancE inStruMEntS

n n

watEr rEconnaiSSancE inStruMEntS

n n n n n

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Digital Cone Penetrometer (DCP) For measurement of bearing capacity of soil Electronic Distomat & Theodolite (EDT) For measurement of distance, height and slope of the bank Laser Range Finder (LRF) Passive Night Observation Device (PNOD)

Echo Sounder (ES) To measure water depth, bed profile, etc. Water Current Meter (WCM) Electronic Distance Meter (EDM) To measure distance traveled in water Handheld water current Meter Stand alone device for measuring water current Depth Measuring Equipment

WAnkEl TyPE roTAry EngInE

The Wankel type Rotary engine indigenously designed and developed in the country for the first time. SaliEnt FEaturES Max Power Displacement Compression Ratio Min SFC Idle Speed Weight (Dry) Fuel System Cooling System Ignition System Lubrication Dimensions 55 hp @ 8000 rpm 324 CC 9.2 250 g/ 2700 2900 rpm 28 kg diaphragm Type Carburetors for all position operation Water Cooled Housing and Air Cooled rotor Electronic 28V dual CdI forced type lubrication system 450 x 360 x 320 mm

four CylIndEr TWo STrokE rECIProCATIng EngInE

SaliEnt FEaturES Max Power Displacement Compression Ratio Min SFC Idle Speed Weight (Dry) Fuel System Cooling System Ignition System Lubrication Dimensions 40 hp @ 7000 rpm 684 cc 7:1 485 g/kW.h 20003000 rpm 22 kg diaphragm Type Carburetors for all position operation Air Cooled Electronic CdI oil in gasoline 450 x 400 x 400 mm



Armament laboratories of DRDO are involved in the development of arms and ammunition required for land warfare as well as air delivered bombs. DRDO has made significant contributions in the indigenisation of small arms, mortars, RPGs, disposable RLs, mines, bombs and ammunitions. High energy propellants and explosive composition required for missiles, guns and warheads have been successfully developed and technology has been transferred to industries. Multi barrel rocket launcher system (pinaka) and modern sub machine carbines for close combat and bi-modular charge system for large calibre artillery guns have been successfully demonstrated and inducted. It is a matter of great pride that due to the sustained efforts of armament cluster of DRDO, the country has achieved self reliance in these areas, to a large extent.

5.56 mm InSAS WEAPonS

INSAS consists the following Weapons and ammunition
n n n

Rifle Fixed butt and folding butt Light Machine Gun (LMG) Fixed and Folding butt Ammunition Ball, Tracer, Blank, Proof and Drill

The highlights of the weapon system are common Ammunition for all the system weapons and have 60-70% common working components. The complete system is designed and developed indigenously and bulk production established at Indian Ordnance factories. So far more than 9 lakh Rifles, 50 thousand LMGs and 120 Crore rounds of Ammunition have been produced and supplied to Indian armed forces and other paramilitary forces like BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP NSG, etc.

rIflE 5.56 mm InSAS

The Rifle 5.56mm INSAS is the basic weapon of the system. As compared to the 7.62 SLR weapon it is 25 percent lighter, having 70 percent less recoil and more compact and comfortable to handle and fire. A foldable butt version of this rifle has also been developed with reduction in overall length of the weapon when butt folded for Para troopers, Mechanised Infantry and Counter Insurgency (CI) formations. The Rifle operates on Gas operation principle, close breech and rotating bolt. The rifle can fire in single shot or Three Round Burst . Muzzle velocity is 900m/s and recoil energy of 4.2 joules. The effective range of both versions is 400m.

MulTI-BArrEl roCkET lAunCHEr PInAkA

n n

Area weapon system to supplement the existing artillery gun at ranges beyond 30 km. System comprises of a launcher vehicle carrying 12 rockets in 2 pods, a command post vehicle, loader-cum-replenishment vehicle and Digicora MET radar.

SaliEnt FEaturES Range Quick reaction time High rate of fire High lethality Circular error probability (CEP): 10 to 38 km gets into action within 3 min fires a salvo of 12 rockets in 44 s Salvo from a battery of six launchers can neutralise target area of 1000 x 800 m 1 to 2 per cent of the range

lIgHT MACHInE gun 5.56 mm InSAS


SaliEnt FEaturES Calibre Weight Length Fuze Warhead weight Types of warhead 214 mm 276 kg 4950 mm Proximity/ET 100 kg Blast-cum-prefragmented, High Explosive, A/T minelets and incendiary

n n n n

Rifle and LMG designed to fire the same ammunition Commonality of components 60-70% Available in fixed butt and folding butt versions More Compact with much less recoil compared to replaced weapons Rifle lighter than 7.62mm SLR by 25%

SaliEnt FEaturES rifle Modes of Fire Effective Range Single Shot Burst of three rounds 400 m lMg Single Shot Automatic 700 m



5.56 mm InSAS AMMunITIon

The indigenous 5.56mm ammunition is more effective in terms of range and lethality as compared to standard NATO ammunition i.e Belgium SS 109 type 5.56mm ammunition. Because of its higher bullet mass, higher remaining velocity, ballistic shape, the INSAS ammunition has flat trajectory, increase in hit probability, higher remaining energy, better penetration capability as compared to NATO 5.56mm. The tracer round is also developed for trajectory tracing in the night firing. The development of both the ammunition and Blank, Proof & Drill has been completed and are in bulk production at OFs.

MorTAr BoMB IlluMInATIng 81 mm Mk-II

This ammunition is used for illuminating the large target area during night warfare for surveillance. The bomb consists of time mechanical fuze, upper body, lower body, buster charge, candle and parachute assembly. The ammunition can be fired with a minimum range of 800 m to maximum range of 5000 m. iMportant FEaturES
n n n n n

Longer duration of illumination Larger area of illumination Longer range Better parachute stability and less drift Consistent height of burst and smooth ejection

SaliEnt FEaturES Total mass Total Length Muzzle Velocity Range 3.85 kg 557 mm 326 m/s 5000 m (with charge 10) 30 s 10 lakh Candela 2-5 lux 400 m radius


SaliEnt FEaturES gas operated with rotating bolt Calibre 5.56 mm 600 to 650 per min 30 rounds 200 m 700 mm 500 mm

Duration of illumination Candle Luminosity Target illumination Area of illumination StatuS

undEr BArrEl grEnAdE lAunCHEr (uBgl)

n n n n

Rate of fire Magazine capacity Effective range Length of weapon

l l

Production of the store has been established with Ordnance Factories and store is being used by Indian Army.

Add-on attachment to INSAS rifle for launching 40mm Grenades. Can fire a variety of in-service grenades (HE, HEDP, RP, smoke). Made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy for strength and light weight. Integrated iron sight and beta light sight enable firing by day as well as in low light condition.

Butt Extended: Butt retracted:

SHEll 105 mm Ifg IlluMInATIng 2A

Shell 105 mm Illuminating is designed for illumination of battlefield. The illuminating shells provide good illumination over wide area during its total burning time. This could facilitate redeployment of own forces for surveillance of enemy movements. The illuminating shell is fired from 105 mm IFG & LFG. It Illuminates the area for minimum 30 secs with light intensity of 7 lakh candela. Height and position of burning candle depends upon the setting of the fuze, muzzle velocity and elevation of gun barrel. For optimum illumination of the area, ignition height of 350 - 400 m above the target is recommended. novEl FEaturES oF thiS aMMunitionS arE
n n n n n

PrE-frAg ofAB BoMB

n n n n n n

First indigenously developed Pre-fragmented bomb for aerial delivery. Has a thin metallic outer casing with a contoured FRP Pre-Frag module (PFM) The FRP module is filled with HE and 20,000 steel balls placed between FRP layers. Fragments capable of penetrating 6mm MS target up to 40m from the point of burst Fragment density - >1 frag / Sqm. at 40 m The bomb can be carried on all Russian aircrafts

SaliEnt FEaturES Mass Length Max. Dia FRP Module mass Mass of HE filling 125 kg 1048 mm 272 mm 84 kg 23 kg

It is comparable with similar foreign ammunition of same caliber. No failure of any kind in dynamic firing has been reported which in turn ensures functioning reliability Anti-rotation Flap Ring mechanism. Palletizing of illumining composition to withstand the higher stresses at charge super. No gyration effect on candle while descending with parachute.

SaliEnt FEaturES Fuze Average mass of shell With Fuze Total Length of shell with Fuze Maximum Dia of shell over DB Charge Maximum range at charge super Average Time of burning Average Luminosity Radius of Illumination Rate of descent Height of deployment of parachute Time mechanical 213 P Mk-5 (M-2) 15.9 kg 538 mm 114 mm upto Charge Super 16.5 km 30 s 7 lakh candela 400 m approx 8 to 10 m/s 350 to 400 m



AdruSHy Mk-II (The Indian Influence Mine)

Adrushy the intelligent A/T mine is Indias answer to increasing threat caused by the MBTs of nineties. With the introduction of this mine with shaped charge and magnetic influence fuze, a new dimension has been given to the mine warfare. Sophistication, simplicity in handling and indomitable kill capability makes the mine invincible and user friendly. SaliEnt FEaturES Armour Penetration 85 mm causing k kill full width attack capability Tank trawl discrimination non-actuation under B vehicles difficult to breach reusable with three field settable Sn periods of 10, 40, 80 days Magnetic mode of operation of fuze Immunity against ClMC (V) blast All weather and terrain resistant Electronic cum mechanical safety Length 330 mm Width 240 mm Height 140 mm Total weight 7.6 kg Explosive 2.3 kg Body 10% grP Polycarbonate Liner Copper Battery cells liSoCl2 (lithium Thino Chloride)

84 mm lIgHT WEIgHT lAunCHEr

SaliEnt FEaturES Effective antitank, antibunker Infantry weapon useful against soft and hard targets light weight and recoilless Man portable and Shoulderfired, effective under adverse conditions and temperature ranging from 40C to + 55C. Calibre 84 mm Mass Launcher 10.5 kg 0.5 kg Carrier System 3.5 kg Penetration > 400 mm on rHA Rate of Fire 6 rounds / min Type of Ammunition HEAT, HE, TPT, Illuminating, HEdP and HEAT rAP Effective Range 400 m for HEAT 700 m for HEAT with rAP Crew Two Range 30 to 300 m Elevation 30 Azimuth 180 Sight Telescopic day Sight, Passive night Sight Firing Mode Manual / Auto

Modified Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) Piezoelectric Ceramics, a class of polycrystalline oxide materials, exhibit excellent piezoelectric properties and find wide ranging applications in electro-mechanical / mechanoelectrical energy conversion transducers. It is a strategic energy converting material that finds applications in :
n n n

125 mm fSAPdS AMMunITIon for T90

n n n n

Antitank KE ammunition Tungsten alloy penetrator Combustible cartridge case Assembled with tracer for indication of flight path up to 3000 m

Impact initiation of Hollow Charge (HC) warheads. Electro-acoustic transducers for SONAR systems. Sensors for sea mines, torpedoes and imaging arrays.

gEo- HAZArd gAllEry

SaliEnt FEaturES Mk-I Propellant mass Muzzle Velocity L/D ratio Range at which triple NATO target defeated 19 kg 1500 m/s 14 2.5 km Mk-II 19.3 kg 1600 m/s 20 3.5 km

120 mm fSAPdS AMMunITIon for Arjun

n n n n

Soft core (Tungsten Alloy Penetrator) Wear reducing Additive Liner Semi Combustible Cartridge Case Steel Obturating Cup

SaliEnt FEaturES Length of complete Round 944 mm Weight of complete Round 20.2 kg Weight of propellant 8.3 kg Weight of projectile 6.8 kg Muzzle velocity 1650 m/s Chamber Pressure 510 MPa Capable of defeating single, double and triple heavy standard nATo targets at 5000 m range.

There are many places across the Himalayan region where highways are prone to number of geo-hazards such as avalanches, floods, landslides and debris flow etc. One such site is located at about 20 km from Manali on the approach road to South Portal of upcoming Rohtang tunnel. To protect the highway from all such geo-hazards a special type of structure known as Geo-Hazard Gallery is designed with provisions to pass flowing water, flash flood, debris and avalanche without disturbing the flow of traffic. It is basically a box type of structure in which there are provisions to allow the flowing water to pass underneath the carriage way while flash flood and avalanche over the top of roof. A folded grating is provided on the upstream side of structure to avoid damage to main structure from the impact of flowing boulders and for safe rolling down of these boulders, a grating is also provided on the downstream side. Some other features of this unique structure are - ogee spillway for smooth passage of flowing water, retaining wall to take care of active pressure of soil.



MulTI-ModE HAnd grEnAdE

n n n n

Additional safety in storage, transportation including para dropping provided Grenade for use in offensive mode comprises of a plastic cup containing pre-cast pellet of RDX/TNT A pre formed cylindrical fragmenting sleeve of mild steel is screwed on for use in defensive mode Shape, size and weight convenient to handle and use

DRDO has successfully developed a Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical ABC Powder for extinguishing all types of fire. It has excellent fire extinguishing properties, high fluidity, high humidity resistance, high electrical insulation, non-toxic, non-corrosive, eco-friendly and long shelf life. The powder is suitable for use in all types of portable fire extinguishers, mobile extinguishers and fixed installations. Both nitrogen and carbon dioxide can be used promisingly as dry propelling agents. It conforms to EN-615, EN-3, UL-299, UL-711, ISO-7202 and IS-14609 standards. Technology is available with DRDO for commercial exploitation.

BAfflE rAngE
Conventional small arms practice firing ranges occupy a large area for reasons of safety
n n

SaliEnt FEaturES Effective range 8 to 10 m from point of burst for defensive grenade 3 to 5 m for offensive grenade offensive grenade 260 g defensive grenade 490 g 3s

Baffle range designed to drastically reduce real estate requirement Uses a system of ground barriers, side walls, baffle walls and stop butt to arrest the misdirected bullets. Enables construction of small arms practice ranges close to camp, built-up area, making them more accessible

Weight Detonation delay


n n


DRDO has developed this technology for destruction of all types of toxic & hazardous organic and cyanide compounds from effluents for its safe environmentally acceptable discharge. The Process uses UV radiation in combination of oxidants to produce powerful hydroxyl radicals to facilitate the oxidation process which is much faster than conventional processes. FEaturES oF thE tEchnology
n n n n n n portablE aop pilot plant oF 200 lph

Device used for breaching canal banks. Can also be used to clear snow covered roads and to trigger planned avalanches in snow bound areas Based on the principle of Follow through tandem warhead. On activation the pilot charge drills a hole in the earth. The rocket assisted main bursting charge follows the pilot charge, enters the hole and bursts after a delay of 3 seconds to create a crater Several devices can be joined together to form an array Time taken for deployment of an array of six devices : 15 to 20 min

SaliEnt FEaturES gross weight Explosive charge weight: Hollow charge Main bursting charge Crater dimensions depth diameter length of breach Width of breach
abc powdEr itS tESt and uSE

20.5 kg 2.75 kg 5 kg Single device 2 to 2.25 m 3.5 to 4 m 9m 4.5 to 5 m Array of six devices 2 to 2.25 m

End products are CO2, H2O and inorganic salts No production of secondary toxic by-products & sludge and thus eliminates the need for further solid handling. The treated water meets the stringent discharge limits as per CPCB norms. Zero discharge process & recycling and reuse of treated water possible Clean and user friendly plant Modular construction

potEntial uSErS oF aop tEchnology

n n n n n n n n n n

Dye industries Electroplating mining and metal processing industries Electronic and semiconductor Paper and pulp industries Distilleries Pesticide industries Drug and pharmaceutical Petrochemicals Explosives industries Organic chemical industries
harnESS bag For carrying Frp packing box For tranSportation




n n n n n n



Technology for disposal of cresylic acid by polymerization using phenol-formaldehyde polymerization process and converting it into non toxic solid cresol formaldehyde polymer has been developed. A bulk disposal plant of 100 kg/batch capacity has been designed and fabricated, based on the data generated through lab scale process incorporating all safety measures. The polymerization of unserviceable cresylic acid to non-fusible and non-soluble thermosetting plastic was followed by disposal into RCC pits. Detailed design techno-commercial aspect for plant and SOPs have also been worked out.


The emergency escape chute is a tubular fishnet made of strong fire resistant Kevlar fibre which is kept extended by incorporation of aluminium alloy rings in the net at an interval of one meter. SaliEnt FEaturES Provides a safe & effective method of evacuation from high-rise buildings & oil rig platforms Simpler & safer to use and requires no training or practice Can be made up to 50 m length Can take load up to 5 t Can be used in conjunction with auto inflatable raft Modification as per requirement is possible and the same can also be used for rescue operations where it can be attached to helicopter or aircraft and person can jump into it and land safely on to the ground Can also be used for climbing from ground to the helicopter or vice versa

A versatile tube-launched antitank Laserguided Missile. Can be launched from multiple platforms Engages ground and low-flying aerial targets up to 5km range Has a tandem HEAT warhead that can defeat MBTs and helicopters Modular architecture for greater design flexibility Gas generator based ejection followed by boost-sustain rocket propulsion after a safe distance from the launch post

SaliEnt FEaturES Range Diameter Length Missile mass SSKP CEP Kill mechanisms Propulsion Cruising speed Guidance Control Target Designation 1.5-5 km 120 mm 1000 mm 18.5 kg 0.8 0.75 m Tandem HEAT and HEf Ejection Charge followed by Boost Sustain rocket propulsion 250 m/s (a) Midcourse Inertial-MEMS based (b) Terminal Semi-Active laser Homing Aerodynamic tail control with electromechanical actuation (a) direct By the missile launching platform (b) Indirect By external laser designator

back-pack SyStEM

The system, weighing less than 23 kg, uses a low pressure twin fluid technology to create a spray of water mist with a lancing distance of 17-18 m. The critical component of this system is the mist gun which has three parts viz. mixing chamber, atomization chamber and acceleration chamber. The mist gun system is effective against class A, Class B and electrical fires. The system is useful as a first aid fire fighting on naval platforms, POL stations, defence stores, trains, process industries, civilian buildings, hotels, warehouses, village farm stockyards etc.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
MiSt gun

Plant building Main plant Scrubber Toxicant filled drums oil based Heating Toxic chemical

7. 8. 9.

Control panel Polymerized waste other reactants

10. Metering pumps 11. Waste in pit 12. final disposal pits





A micro controller based fire detection and suppression system for armoured fighting vehicles. The system automatically detects the fire and suppression of fire is carried out either automatically or manually. SaliEnt FEaturES Built-in-Test facility (BITE) Continuous checking/monitoring of detector units, fire wire, Alarm & flasher unit and fire Extinguishers lCd display data logging facility real Time Clock detection of fire within 50 ms response time for complete of fire suppression is within150 ms Easy maintenance and repair Environmental specification as per jSS 55555 low power consumption false free operation Auto cut off voltage below 18 V and above 36 V Electromagnetic compatibility as per MIl Std. 461 C low power consumption false free operation Auto cut off voltage below 18 V and above 36 V Electromagnetic compatibility as per MIl Std. 461 C EnvironMEnt Operating Temperature Storage Temperature JSS 55555 Relative Humidity EMI/EMC POWER 20 C to + 55 C 20 C to + 70 C Class l3 95% Max. at 40 C MIl Std. 461 C 18-36 V dc @ 0.4A (Max. in no fire condition) & @ 2.0A (Max. in fire condition) Main control unit Dimension Weight dEtEctor unit Dimension Weight alarM cuM FlaShEr unit Dimension Weight FirE wirE Length Diameter Type FirE ExtinguiShErS a) aSSy. FirE ExtinguiShEr 3.5 kg, btM (halon-1301) Squib opEratEd Dimension Wt. of Gas/ water capacity Working Pressure diam. 140 mm, overall length 300 mm, Thickness 3.5 mm 3.5 kg / 3.6 ltrs. 52.5 kg/cm2 (750 psi.) 6 m (20 0.05 feet) 2 mm nTC 100 x 90 x 73 mm < 1.0 kg (approx.) 54 x 42 x 30 mm 0.3 kg (approx.) 180 x 150 x 65 mm 1.0 kg (Approx.)

b) aSSy. FirE ExtinguiShEr 2 kg, bcF(halon-1211) portablE Dimension Wt. of Gas Weight of filled Extinguisher cablE harnESS Temp Rating Conductor Material Wire specification 65 C to + 250 C for Teflon coated 20 C to + 70 C for complete cable including sleeve PTfE/fEP/19/0.2 diam. 108 mm, overall length 400 mm. 2 kg 6 kg (approx.)

naval Systems

FirE wirE

alarM unit to 24 volt powEr Supply


ir dEtEctorS halon cylindErS with prESSurE gaugE


Naval Systems
Naval warfare is highly complex and technology intensive due to its dynamism and geographical & environmental challenges. Therefore distinct approaches and specialized technologies are required to create state of the art Naval Defence Systems. DRDO has specifically set up the Directorate of Naval Research and Development (DNRD) to coordinate activities of Naval Physical Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL) Kochi, Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) at Visakhapatnam and Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL) at Ambernath. These three laboratories function with a single mission: selfreliance of the Navy in underwater weapons. DRDO has made path-breaking accomplishments in the field of underwater weapons, Stealth, Corrosion Protection, Marine Steel Weld consumables, Underwater Paints and Bio degradation. Moreover the superior performance of Sonar systems designed and developed by DRDO have led to their installation in newly constructed Naval ships.

n n

High power propulsion system for Torpedoes packaged and integrated in Torpedo configuration Has hydraulic fin control system and a low noise pump jet propulsor

SaliEnt FEaturES High energy mono propellant fuel digital controlled fuel Management Prime Mover Supersonic Turbo Expander Thruster Silent Pump-jet Propulsor

TorPEdo AdVAnCEd lIgHT

Anti submarine torpedo with a maximum speed of 33 knots. SaliEnt FEaturES High power seawater activated battery Contra rotating motor Made of lightweight high strength material dynamic frontal sealing system makes it more reliable at higher depths and less noisy operating depth 450 m Weight (War head version) 220 kg Can be launched from ships as well as from helicopters. Parachute system ensures touch down velocity of 30 to 40 m/s during helicopter launch. Parachute gets automatically released once the torpedo touches water. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensor packages, on-board computer, hybrid controller, acoustic sensors and BldC actuation motors, all indigenised and comprehensively proven in sea trials.

Hull-MounTEd SonAr (HuMSA)

n n n n

Presently operating on around 20 Naval Ships Single array, hull mounted, medium range sonar system Capable of simultaneous active and passive panoramic search Bow mounted version also available

Hull-MounTEd SonAr SySTEM for SurfACE SHIPS (HuMSA-ng)

n n n

n n n n n n n n n n n

Ship launched anti-submarine torpedo Speed above 40 Kts with electrical propulsion Long range with multi maneuvering capabilities Acoustic homing with wide look angle capable of tracking silent targets ACCM features and multiple-signal tracking system Advanced guidance algorithms Low drift navigational systems Warhead with acoustic proximity fuze Centralized mission control with distributed functional units Dual redundant communications bus for interface between intelligent systems Self tests and testability features for all intelligent systems

HUMSA (NG) is an advanced integrated ship sonar system designed to be installed on a variety of Naval Surface platforms, corvetts, frigates, destroyers, etc. It is primarily an active sonar with enhanced passive and intercept capabilities It has modular third-generation feature with user-friendly MMI

SaliEnt FEaturES Simultaneous Active-cum-Passive operation Multiple Transmission Waveforms omni & directional Transmission Beam Tilt / Stabilisation Multi-Static operation Contact Motion Analysis Early Warning Through Intercept function Passive / Active Target Classification Torpedo detection Integrated Bathy-Thermograph, Sonar Performance Prediction and underwater Communication fault detection & localisation Aids (BITE) Enhanced displays / graphical Interfaces raw data and Video recording open Systems Architecture dimensions in mm : 570 (W) x 645 (H) x 560 (d) Weight: 60 kg

dISPlAy unIT

TrAnSduCEr ArrAy





n n

This equipment is used to detect and save human beings trapped under the debris of collapsed buildings due to earthquake or landslide. It is based on highly sensitive acoustic sensor and audio signal processing to clearly listen to the victims low frequency sound signals like hitting, tapping, scratching or moaning sounds made by the victims trapped under debris. The sensors and related equipment are hermetically sealed and hence it can be used in wet/rainy weather. The sensor can detect human beings trapped 6 to 8 m below the debris

SIlEnT fuEl CEll BASEd gEnErATor

n n n n n n


n n n n n

n n n

Designed for field use and meant for continuous operation Comprises of phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) stacks that consume hydrogen to generate dc power A methanol fuel processor (reformer) produces the required hydrogen from methanol (methyl alcohol) dc power generated is regulated to 100 V stabilised dc for use. 220 V ac or any other dc voltage required can also be provided Suitable heat recovery devices installed to achieve high conversion efficiency. Low flue temperature, absence of heavy moving parts ensure low IR and acoustic signature Capacity 2 kw Size 1200(L) x 685(W) x 985(H) mm Weight 350 kg

Used for wireless communication underwater especially at sea Supports remote operations and monitoring through standard technology It incorporates advanced modulation and coding techniques Comprehensive GUI providing flexibility in operation maintenance Uses ruggedized COTS platform and open architecture, data recording and analysis

n n n

Active-cum-passive towed array sonar Equipped with advanced microprocessor-based systems Range more than 30 km

SaliEnt FEaturES Backward Compatibility with Existing uWT System Tunable Carrier frequency for Multiple Standards (nATo/EkM) Multi-mode operation n Voice n Pinger n Morse n fSk n ofdM (High data rate) n CSk (long range) ranging facility Transmit Power Control linear Power Amplifier with very low Harmonic distortion 38cm (15) Touch Screen display Synchronization with other Systems using IEEE 1588 optional gPS Interface Sector / omni operation Modular System Architecture dimensions in mm: 570 (W) x 645 (H) x 560 (d) Weight: 60 kg

ucS SyStEM

n n n

Sonar system with target classification facilities Can be interfaced with onboard weapon system Range more than 30 km

ucS opEration

ucS tranSducEr ElEMEnt


The glorious story of Guided Missiles in India started at the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) in Hyderabad. Missiles developed under Indias Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme got success all the way. While Prithvi-I and Prithvi-II have already been inducted into the Services, the ship Launched Dhanush (Naval version of Prithvi) has been weaponised. Development of Trishul, Akash, and Nag has been completed; Akash is being productionised for the Air Force, and Nag user trials have been completed. The development of re-entry technology gave impetus to Agni class of long range missile systems (Agni-I, Agni-II, & Agni-III). Agni-I and AgniII have already been inducted into service and Agni-III has entered the induction phase. BrahMos, developed as an Indo-Russian joint venture for development of a supersonic cruise missile system, has been inducted into the Services. AD programme, wherein exo and endo-atmospheric interception of incoming ballistic missiles has been demonstrated successfully and has further proved the ballistic missile interception capabilities of the nation. DRDO has also undertaken development of beyond visual range air-to-air missile Astra, Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle (HSTDV), and joint venture projects like LRSAM (70 km surface-to-air missile). DRDO successfully flight tested stateof-the-art 750 km canisterised surfaceto-surface missile system named Shaurya. This developmental flight trial of Shaurya missile system is a part of ongoing technology development work undertaken by DRDO. These successful developments have given India the capability to design, develop and produce all classes of Missiles as required by defence services.


n n n n n n n n

Twin Layered Defence EXO and Endo-atmospheric interceptors Wide area defence Multi stage hypersonic vehicles Advanced kill vehicle Automated multiple launches through C4I Robust and secure communication network Very high kill probability

n n n


n n

Exo-atmospheric interceptor A twin stage vehicle Guidance Mid Course Inertial with target update Terminal RF seeker based End Game Twin axis gimballed warhead Propulsion Liquid booster Control Thrust vector Aerodynamic Reaction control Divert Liquid

Supersonic cruise missile capable of being launched from multiple platforms based on land, sea, subsea and air. Primarily an anti ship missile. Can also engage shore based radio contrast targets. Can be launched in either vertical or inclined position. Will cover 360 azimuth. Configuration identical for land, sea, sub sea platforms. Air launched version has smaller booster and additional tail fins for stability at launch. Launched from the canister that also serves as storage cum transportation container.

SaliEnt FEaturES Maximum Range Maximum Velocity Cruise altitude Terminal Altitude War head mass 300 km 2.5 to 2.8 Mach up to 14 km 10 to 15 m 200 to 300 kg

DRDO successfully flight tested state-of-the-art 750 km canisterised surface-to-surface missile system named Shaurya. This developmental flight trial of shaurya missile system is a part of ongoing technology development work undertaken by DRDO. The Shaurya Missile system has a unique feature of simplicity of operation and maintenance. The canisterised missile system can be easily handled, transported and stored within the canister for longer shelf life. The high manoeuvrability of the missile makes it less vulnerable to anti-missile defence systems. SaliEnt FEaturES Missile Weight Length Canisterised surface to surface Missile 6.5 t 10.22 m

Diameter 740 (Canister 620 x 740 x 12 m glass Composite) Range 750 km 2 Stage Solid Propulsion



n n n n n



n n n

Medium range air defence system for area defence with a multi-target, multi directional capability Can simultaneously engage several targets in fully autonomous mode of operation Low reaction time Uses high-energy propellant based booster and ramjetrocket propulsion for the sustainer phase Rajendra, the multi function phased array radar, forms part of the Battery Control Centre. It carries out surveillance, target tracking, missile acquisition and tracking, missile guidance and launcher control. State-of-the-art ECCM features have been incorporated in the radar

Medium-range surface to surface missile

SaliEnt FEaturES Single-stage solid propulsion Carbon composite re-entry vehicle Closed-loop explicit guidance road-mobile system range launch Weight length 700 km 12 t 15 m

Tactical surface to surface missile for battle field support Air force version (Prithvi-II) developed for deep interdiction Naval version (Dhanush) can be launched from ships. Stabilisation platform designed for ships enables launching of missile even during sea state 4. Features of stabilisation platform: l Stabilisation controller interfaced with launch computer l Launch stabilisation achieved: +/- 1 l Missile Range and payload: rangE Army Version Air force Version navy Version payload 40 to 150 km 250 km 250 km 1000 kg 500 kg 500 kg

SaliEnt FEaturES Maximum intercept range Fragmentation warhead weight 25 km 55 kg

n n n n n n n n n


Third-generation anti-tank guided missile system with fire-and-forget and top-attack capabilities Passive homing guidance achieved through Imaging Infrared (IIR) system for autonomous (fire and forget) and day and night operation. Digital autopilot for automatic trajectory shaping top attack capability Tandem shaped charge warhead Nitramine based propellant High strength composite airframe with foldable wings and fins Compact sensor package and electric actuation systems High immunity to countermeasures Range: 4 km

Intermediate-range ballistic missile

SaliEnt FEaturES Two stage solid propellant rocket motors Carbon composite re-entry vehicle Strap-down inertial navigation system rail mobile launcher system range launch Weight Pay load Weight length 2500 km 17 t 1t 20 m

n n

2 stage solid propulsion 3500 km range



fog BASEd InErTIAl nAVIgATIon gPS SySTEM (fIngS)

n n n


n n

Provides Pure GPS and Hybrid Navigation Solution Better Position Accuracy Interface High Speed Rs 422 Communication Channel Sub-systems l Sensor Packages l Processing Card l dc dc Converter with voltage output

Linear Actuators with different capacities and linear speeds & Rotary Actuator for ASTRA Actuators use State-of-the Art brush-less DC Motor technology and incorporate compact high capacity satellite roller screw mechanism


n n n


roTAry EMA

MEMS based sensor (Gyro, Acceleration, Pressure transducer etc.) Range - +/- 50 g Better position Accuracy


n n

fog BASEd SEnSor PACkAgE unIT (fSPu)

n n

High precision flow Control Valves Assembly, Testing as per SAE standards


Developed FOG based 3 axis FSPU and tested successfully in NAG Developed FOG based 2 axis FSPU and tested in Main Battle Tank (MBT) ARJUN trials
SMArT PIEZo ACTuATor, 500 m 50 BAr PrESSurE SEnSor ACCElEroMETEr 30g

n n n

rlg BASEd gPS InS (rInS)

n n

Provides Inertial, pure GPS and hybrid Navigation solution for Navigation and Guidance. Provides output of linear and angular acceleration, velocities, three dimensional position coordinates, heading, attitude (Roll and pitch), body angular rates and time lags.

All weather Ku-band Radar Seeker It detects, acquires and tracks the target It improves target information for Missiles guidance and improves miss distance and enables hit-tokill capability

on-BoArd CoMPuTEr (oBC)

n n n

Dual ADSP based OBC Miniaturized OBC High Speed Serial Communication

32 2

DRDOs flagship programme, Indias own fourth-generation multi-role Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas is almost ready for induction into the Indian Air Force. Tejas compares with the best ones in the world. Other variants of LCA (Tejas), namely, the trainer and the naval version, are also being progressed concurrently. The Electronics Warfare (EW) technology too has become a DRDO forte. Its indigenous EW technology is already installed in most of the Indian military aircraft and helicopters. An Advanced Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) System is also indigenously developed by DRDO. DRDO has also successfully developed and productionised Pilotless Target Aircraft (Lakshya) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV Nishant), and efforts are on to develop longendurance and medium altitude UAVs. DRDOs other achievements have been pilots life saving parachutes, aircraft brake parachutes, free-fall combat parachutes, spinrecovery parachutes and the space-capsule recovery parachute. Aerial Delivery Platform, DDS (Duck Drop System) for Navy, Aircraft Arrestor Barriers and Aerostat for reconnaissance and surveillance has also been developed by DRDO. With this incredible array of technologies, DRDO can boast of a high degree of self-reliance achieved through the efforts of the Aero cluster laboratories.

Tejas (LCA) is state-of-the-art, lightweight, multi-role supersonic aircraft designed to meet the stringent demands of Indian Air Force. LCA integrates modern concepts and the state-of-theart technologies such as tail-less compound delta planform with relaxed static stability, fly-bywire Flight Control System, Advanced Cockpit, Multi-Mode Radar, Integrated Avionics System, Advanced Composite Material for Structures and a Flat Rated Engine. It is capable of short take-off and landing, has high maneuverability, excellent maintainability and a wide range of weapon fit. SaliEnt FEaturES Wing Span Length Take-off clean weight 8.2 m 13.2 m 9790 kg


n n n

Cost effective, re-usable, high sub-sonic aerial target system Carries two tow targets having radar, IR or visual signature augmentation Tow bodies deployed in flight to train land or ship based gun and missile crew and combat aircraft pilots in weapon engagement

SaliEnt FEaturES Maximum manoeuvrability Structural limit load factor Maximum All-Up-Weight Booster Thrust Sustainer engine thrust at sea level Fuel capacity Endurance at 1.5 km at 0.56 Mach Maximum speed in clean configuration Maximum speed (one stow + one tow) Maximum altitude clean configuration Maximum altitude with Tow bodies Minimum altitude 3g 6g 705 kg (including two tow bodies) 3750 kgf 420 kgf 190 kg 50 min. 0.65 Mach 0.5 Mach 9 km 5 km 300 m

flIgHT SIMulATor lCA

n n

Built using COTS components Configured around a cluster of high-end PC systems interconnected with high-speed data links and work in LINUX environment The three channel out-of-the window scenery is generated by PC systems using high performance graphic processor boards A generic head-down LCD display is driven by a PC based system to provide HIS, ADI, Flight plan and other navigational pages for situation awareness The cockpit environment is generic and is provided by a FRP based cockpit shell with typical fighter control stick and throttle. The cockpit has been wired with typical membrane switches for functional simulation of aircraft systems. The presentation of the out-the-window visual scenery can easily be configured with Projectors or Collimated displays for providing realistic visual cues.



n n n n n n n n


Electro-optical (EO) payloads are used in air vehicles to perform battle field surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition, artillery fire correction, laser designation and damage assessment. SaliEnt FEaturES Target Acquisition Range (3 m x 3 m target) Spectrum Payload NFOV TV Resolution Stabilization Accuracy Size Weight (approx) Environmental 17 km (for detection) 6 km (for recognition) 0.4 0.7 m (visible) and 3-5 m (Ir) 1 deg (approx.) 400 TV line /Picture Height Better than 30 rad rms 400 m dia 43 kg (incl. of payloads and electronics) As per MIl-STd 810E (Tailored)


Multi mission Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with Day/ Night capability Used for battlefield surveillance and reconnaissance, target tracking & localization and artillery fire correction Launched using a mobile hydro-pneumatic launcher. Has autonomous flight capabilities and is controlled from a user friendly Ground Control Station. Carries electro-optic payloads mounted on a stabilized steerable platform. The aircraft has a jam resistant command link and digital down link for transmission of imagery. Ground Image Exploitation system is used for analyzing the images transmitted from the UAV Highly mobile, compact and easily deployable system.

dESign i black kitE gEoMEtric dEtailS Planform Shape Span Area, S Aspect Ratio, AR Weight Wing Loading (WIS) aErodynaMic data Airfoil Camber% CLoss Re L/D (Lift to Drag Ratio) Airframe Mean Camber of S4082 3.45% 1.3 1,90,000 7.5 flute Board, composite CfrP & gfrP Modified Inverse Zimmerman 300 mm 0.0618 m2 1.45 300 g 47.62 n/m

dESign ii goldEn hawk gEoMEtric dEtailS Planform Shape Span Area, S Aspect Ratio, AR Weight Wing Loading (WIS) aErodynaMic data Airfoil Camber% CLoss Re L/D (Lift to Drag Ratio) Airframe SM-4308 Airfoil 3.69% 1.26 1,60,000 9.7 foam & Balsa Wood Cropped delta 300 mm 0.06 m 1.5 245 g 40.05 n/m
2 2

dESign iii puShpak (puShEr) gEoMEtric dEtailS Planform Shape Span Area, S Aspect Ratio, AR Weight Wing Loading (WIS) aErodynaMic data Airfoil Camber% CLoss Re L/D (Lift to Drag Ratio) Airframe Modified MH-49 0.7% 1.05 2,00,000 7.7 foam & Balsa Wood dihedral delta 300 mm 0.0566 m2 1.59 270 g 46.696 n/m2

SaliEnt FEaturES Length Span Cruise speed Max. speed Min. speed Altitude ceiling Endurance Payload link Recovery 4.63 m 6.64 m 125 150 kmph 185 kmph 110 kmph 3600 m AMSl 4 h 30 min. 100 km Parachute + landing Bags

Command range 160 km

prototypE FabricationS

prototypE FabricationS

prototypE FabricationS

Indigenously designed Gas Turbine Engine under Development at GTRE

kAVErI MArInE gAS TurBInE EngInE (kMgT)

Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine is a spin-off of aero-version of Kaveri engine. During technology development, the engine has demonstrated a power output of 15 MW




Recovery on the ship will be by using aircraft arrestor hook engaging ships arresting gear with 90 meter wire pull. The aircraft will experience a deceleration of nearly 4.5g during deck landing. Also, nose landing gear will experience higher loads due to a larger pitch down moment at the instant of hook engagement.

lEVCon lEAdIng EdgE VorTEX ConTrollEr

LEVCON (Leading Edge Vortex Controller) is a deflectable aerodynamic device in wing apex region. LEVCON surface is deflected 20 (down) to 30 (up) from its neutral position. Upward deflection of LEVCON is used for reducing approach speed for carrier landing.

Electronics & Computer Sciences

An Aerostat is a lighter than air system that can stay stationary in the air and are tethered to ground. Aerostat balloon derives a lifting force mainly by the buoyant effect that results from displacement of the higher density air surrounding it. The gas used is helium because it is safest as being inert and does not burn. Ground based sensors have limited Line Of Sight (LOS) range due to the limitations posed by earths curvature. Mounting these sensors on elevated platforms could increase the LOS range. Aerostats are excellent platforms for these sensors especially in surveillance and communication role for a variety of civil and military applications.


Electronics and Computer Sciences (ECS)

DRDO exhibited its capability by developing the state-of-the-art electronic systems, which include Communication, Command and Control Systems, Radars, Electronic Warfare, and Electro-optical systems. There is also significant achievement of technology development in the areas of Advanced Computing, Image Processing, Microwave Tubes, Solid-state Materials, Devices, and Lasers. Over the years DRDO has developed many outstanding technologies and product. Some of them are the Rohini Radar, 3D-CAR, Weapon Locating Radar (WLR), Bharani (Low Level Lightweight L Band 2D Radar), Ashlesha (3D Low Level Lightweight Radar), Maritime Surveillance Airborne Radar, SAMyUKTA and SANGRAHA EW Systems. The domain in electronics, communications and computers include R&D on radars, electronic warfare, communication, optical and electrooptical instrumentation, crypto analytical tools, cryptography, microwave tubes, sensors (FPAs, SAW), radars, artificial intelligence, robotics, solid-state devices and subsystems, directed energy weapons (Lasers, MPMs), knowledge management, avionics, and geographical/ terrain information systems. The efforts of ECS cluster laboratories have made the country self-reliant in these technology areas.

WEAPon loCATIng rAdAr (Wlr)

n n n n n n n

roHInI MEdIuM rAngE SurVEIllAnCE rAdAr (3d-CAr)

n n n n n n n n n

n n n n n n n

3-dimensional radar capable of detecting and tracking several air-borne targets simultaneously 3D Surveillance of designated volume of space Height computation using stacked multiple beam technique. Track while scan (TWS) facility, 150 targets handling capability in TWS mode Pulse compression for high range resolution 360 azimuth and 20 elevation coverage Detection range more than 120 km at 15 rpm and 150 km at 7.5 rpm Effective operation under heavy clutter and ECM environment 3-vehicle configuration Radar Sensor Vehicle (RSV), Data Center Vehicle (DCV) and Generator Vehicle based on high mobility TATRA vehicles Extensive system BITE, Independent BITE for antenna

Coherent, electronically scanned, C-Band, Pulse-Doppler radar Slew-able phased array antenna Two-vehicle configuration. Sensor on a single vehicle. Automatic projectile acquisition and data transmission Weapon location in high-density fire environment Adaptive radar resource scheduling Coherent traveling wave tube based transmitter Low phase noise, multi-channel source Highly sensitive three-channel, gain and phase matched receiver Programmable digital signal processor Mono-pulse tracking with pulse compression Remote display with the facility to change sector of coverage Target simulator for training of operator High-resolution multi-mode display with digital map overlay


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Tr ModulES
Transmit Receive Module (TR Module) is the basic building block of Active Electronically Scanned Array. It contains low noise receiver, power amplifier and digitally controlled phase/ delay and gain elements. SaliEnt FEaturES l band Transmit (Tx) power 200W per module Duty cycle Overall Tx Gain Receive Noise Figure Receiver gain Phase shifter Attenuator Operating Temperature Environmental Specifications Power supply Package I S band 200W per module 10% (max) 10% (max) 10 dB 3.5 dB 20 dB 6-bits 5-bits 40C to + 55C MIl STd 810 f +40V dc, 5A (Max) 53 dB 3.6 dB 30 dB 6-bits 6-bits 40 C to +55C MIl STd 810 f +40V dc, 5A (Max)



Light weight (100kg), compact, X-band maritime patrol radar High performance slotted wave-guide array antenna Continuous and sector scanning Platform motion compensation Automatic pitch and roll correction Programmable PRF and frequency Pulse to pulse frequency agility ECCM features Open system architecture based processors MTI and Doppler processing rolE PrIMAry Anti ship/ submarine surveillance SECondAry Navigation, Weather, and Beacon

Slotted waveguide array antennae are ideally suited for critical, airborne applications owing to their excellent attributes such as: l Compactness and light weight l High power handling capacity l Broad band operation l Low side lobe levels l High gain l Low cross polarization Slotted waveguide arrays have been developed in S-Band, X-Band and Ku-Band for specific applications

Individual Two Tr T/r module Modules packaged in a unit





A Secure Data Adaptor (SDA) designed and developed to secure Data that is sent directly over any wired and wireless communication media or transported using any portable storage device. SaliEnt FEaturES Porting of Indigenously designed high-grade encryption algorithm Provision for algorithm update by reprogramming through configuration port Robust automated synchronization User authentication using rugged Security Token Secure Data for transmission over wired/wireless communication media CPU High speed 75 dMIPS rISC processor Maximum packet size 6000 bytes Maximum data communication throughput 115.2 kbps Interface ports a) uSB 1.1 (12 Mbps) b) rS232 Port (115.2 kbps) Power <1W uSB Powered


onBoArd CoMPuTEr (ABACuS SoC-V1 ProCESSor BASEd)

This is a ruggedized environmentally qualified computer for onboard applications. Developed using ABACUS SOC-V1 32-bit RISC processor from ANURAG, this computer has CPU card and power supply card mounted onto 160 pin airborne connectors on a passive motherboard. Operating at 200 MHz frequency, the processor has two serial ports, two 16-bit timers and one 1553B bus controller on chip. The CPU card has 16 MB of SRAM, 256 KB of NVRAM and 16 MB of flash memory. The card provides for additional programmable timer and an external DDC 1553B controller. The signals from the OBC are brought out onto the chassis through a 40 pin round shell connector. The software environment includes a monitor program for OBC, C Compiler suite for Abacus Soc-V1 microprocessor and an open source RTOS standalone-rtlinux (sa-rtl). With its small foot print and low latencies this RTOS is ideal for OBC applications.

SAT Designed to assist commanders in assessing the current enemy courses of action. It is developed to enable combination of evidence, based on text-based intelligence inputs.

A Subscriber End Encryption Device (SEED) to secure Voice, Fax or Data transmission over insecure telephone lines of the Public Switched Telecommunication Network (PSTN). SEED works off 230 Volts AC mains/24V DC and it consumes less than 6 Watts. SaliEnt FEaturES Encryption Indigenously designed high-grade encryption algorithm Algorithm updatable by reprogramming through configuration port Robust automated synchronization User authentication using rugged Security Token User Transparent session Key Exchange intErFacE Voice/Fax/Data Configuration Security Token gEnEral Secure transmission of Voice, G3 Fax and Data User transparent call establishment Pulse/DTMF and abbreviated dialing using Phone book
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It is a semi-automatic tool with the knowledge capture being done manually and evidence computation done automatically. Capture of knowledge and domain expertise from the user Computation Evidence Combination Display of the results such as to allow the user to gain a situation assessment. Support for Different Types of Operations Multi-user stand-alone model or clientserver architecture based model. Hardware platform: Desktop and Laptop User-friendly Graphical User Interface evolved through extensive user trials Hierarchical knowledge presentation Importing of Int Report and Indicators from external databases and CSV files GIS integration via common database Spatial and temporal based triggers to accelerate knowledge capturing process On demand generation of summary of Result and Backtracking Advance report generation and database options for expert users Online help system Supports multiple concurrent exercises


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The Wearable Computer is a compact, low power, high performance computing platform capable of providing Desktop Computer like performance on palm size platform. The system is capable of executing Windows XP/ Linux operating systems. SaliEnt FEaturES Intel ATOM 1.1 GHZ processor 1 GB DDR2 RAM 16 GBytes of Solid State HDD Dual display interface (VGA / LVDS) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Interface Audio interface Built-in GPS receiver Built-in Bluetooth Transceiver Optional Wireless LAN IEEE-802.11 b/g RS-232 serial Communication port Operates on single +12V dc power supply Consumes less than 9.5 W

Single 6U VME board with 72 processors on board Peak performance 200 Gflops Track RPV/UAV/Drones-EO sensors for high energy LASER gun Tracking algorithms Centroid Correlation SDRAM 3GBytes Flash 96Mbytes Interchip communication throughput of 1 Gbps Video Processing @ 100 frames/sec (640 x 512 pixels)



IndIgEnouS MICroProCESSorS
ANURAG has a series of microprocessors and System-on-Chips (SoC) based on them. Latest in this series are Abacus SoC-V1, SocFlash and MIGA Core processors. To miniaturize the hardware for Onboard computing applications system on chips SoCV1 and SoC-Flash asics have been realized. SoC-V1 is a system on chip based on 32-bit ABACUS integrated with 10/100 ethernet MAC controller and 1553B controller for on-board-computing applications. SoC-Flash is a System-On-Chip based on dual 32-bit RISC processor ABACUS along with on-chip peripheral controllers like PCI Rev.2.3, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 1553-B BC/RT/MT, 400 MHz DDR2, Flash, SIO/Timer and on-chip SRAM. To target for high-end applications MIGACore processor is designed and is working at 800 MHz. Software suite for the microprocessors is based on GNU C Compiler (GCC 2.95.3) suite. Various GPOS and RTOS kernels such as Linux kernel 2.4.20, RTLinux, RTAI and saRTL are ported and available on Abacus SoC-V1 processor.


Saw diScrEtE chEMical SEnSorS
SaliEnt FEaturES Hand-held Sensor for CW agents and Explosives Microcontroller based Threshold alarm PC interface User interface through keypad Online PC data acquisition Suitable for Laboratory Use
paraMEtErS tESt vaporS SEnSitivity rESponSE tiME rESEt tiME Min. dEtEctEd lEvEl driFt warM-up tiME powEr Hz/ppm sec sec Hz/min min Watt Watt 3 (60) 0.5 20 0.5 SEnSor 1 Sarin 1400 15 60 120 (50) dMpp 1300 SEnSor 2 dMMp 12 15 60 0.25 5 0.3 dnt 206 60 300 SEnSor3 tnt 2400 120 300 45 (450) 5 30 0.7


BHUMIKA is a customized Geographical Information System (GIS) for the analysis and visualization of tactical geo-spatial information. BHUMIKA can be used as an effective tool for viewing and analysis of map data (vector/raster) and user-created layers over the maps, known as overlays. It supports different types of map interaction and viewing functionalities like zoom, pan, measure distance/perimeter/area, thematic layer wise display, etc., through highly user-friendly interfaces. User can perform spatial/non-spatial analysis on the displayed data through spatial/attribute query interfaces. User can create layers over the existing map layers or modify the existing editable layers, using the rich set of Military symbols provided with BHUMIKA. Operation plans can be prepared or observed activities and terrain changes can be marked using the user-friendly marking interfaces. The user can also annotate marked features to make it more readable. SaliEnt FEaturES Import spatial data from varied military sources Map search by Sheet Ref, Place Name, Latitude/ Longitude, etc. Multilayer integrated display of raster, vector and elevation data Map reading - Indian Mil Grid, Lat-Long, Height Overlays supported by extensive Military Symbol Library 2D & 3D Terrain Analysis, Fly through creation and visualization Tools for operation planning with spatial decision support aids Spatio-temporal Query analysis Programmed Briefing Sequence Exchange of tactical and terrain data in the form of overlays across geographically separated users, in real time


Some critical active and passive components such as Gunn Oscillator, Balance Mixer, Twist, Cross guide coupler, Potter Horn, Pyramidal horn, Short slot coupler and Circulator at 140 GHz have been developed including realization of narrow and broadband components. These components are useful to realize experimental systems to carry out scientific experimentation to characterize the atmospheric propagation conditions and for short range imaging applications.

5 (25) 117 (130)


SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency
SEnSor rESponSE

ultra Broad Band 3:1 75 x 75 0dB (nom.) Circular (rHCP/lHCP) 4dB (Max.) 142 x 47 mm (dia x Height) 0.760 kg

VSWR Beam-width (E x H planes) Gain Polarisation Axial Ratio Size Weight

Saw Multi-SEnSor E-noSE

SaliEnt FEaturES Hand-held Sensor for CW agents Four Sensors and One Reference PLD + MCU + Graphic LCD based Text and Image Display Threshold alarm User interface through keypad Online PC data acquisition Suitable for Laboratory Use
paraMEtErS tESt vaporS SEnSitivity rESponSE tiME rESEt tiME driFt warM-up tiME powEr Hz/ppm sec sec Hz/min min Watt E-noSE 1 dMMp 200-600 15 60 0.5 15 0.3

E-noSE rESponSE For Four SEnSorS




SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency VSWR Coverage Phase tracking Gain tracking No. of elements Antenna element Size Weight Broad Band 2.5:1 45 10 (on axis) 15 (45 off axes) 1 dB (on axis) 1.5 dB (45 off axes) 4 Spiral Antenna 154 x 55 x 30 mm (lxWxH) 0.325 kg

SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency VSWR Beam-width Gain Polarisation Omni variation Size Weight ultra Broadband 3:1 360 x 30 (Az x El planes) 0 dB (nom.) Slant linear 45 3 dB (nom.) 82 x 94 mm (dia x Height) 0.625 kg


SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency VSWR Beam width Gain Polarization Size Weight mm wave Band 2:1 205 Azimuth & elevation 17dBi linear 60 x 35 x 45 mm 150gm

log PErIodIC AnTEnnA

SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency VSWR Beam Width Gain Polarisation Broad Band 3:1 1000 X 600 6 dB (nom.) linear


SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency VSWR Beam width Gain Polarization Size Weight mm wave Band 2:1 3 x 3 >28 dBi Slant linear 300 mm 3 kg

SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency VSWR Beamwidth Gain Polarisation Omni variation Size Weight V/uHf 2.5:1 360 x 30 (Az x El Planes) 0 dBi (nom.) Vertical 3 dB 120 x 138 mm (l x H) 0.140 kg


SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency Configuration Transmission loss Shape Size (Dia x Height) Weight Broad Band A Sandwich <3 dB Hemisphere 70 x 78 mm 0.085 kg MSS terminal is a compact communication equipment capable of providing secure voice and data services from remote areas using indigenous GSAT-2 satellite. SaliEnt FEaturES RF band: S-band (2500-2520MHz Rx and 2680-2700MHz Tx) One voice/data channel at 4.8 Kb/s Built-in planar antenna Battery operated with Talk time of ~ 3 h Weight ~ 10 kg SCPC DAMA based robust networked communication between terminals through central Hub, including access to any landline / cellular terrestrial user Built-in software-implemented encryption for signaling and traffic Elaborate authentication and key management mechanism Easy and quick alignment with satellite (setup time <2 min.)

rIdgEd Horn AnTEnnA

SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency VSWR Beam-width Gain Polarisation Size Weight Broad Band 1.5:1 50 x 120 (nom.) 6 dB (nom.) Circular 130 x 60 x 50 mm (lxWxH) 0.130 kg

roTAry df AnTEnnA
SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency VSWR Beamwidth Gain Polarisation Size Weight Millimetric Wave Band 3:1 360 (Az.) >3 (El.) 15dBi linear 270 x 270 x 230 mm (lxWxH) 2.5 kg


SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency VSWR Beam Width Gain Polarisation C Band 1.5:1 (Max.) 1800 3 dB (Min.) Circular

SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency Configuration Transmission loss Ultra High strength Size (Dia x Height) Weight Broad Band C sandwich <3 dB 60 Bar 144 x 67 mm 0.540 kg


Development of frequency hopping technology for CNR is a major break through in the field of anti jam secure communication. It provides reliable secure voice and data communication to our armored forces in tanks and other fighting vehicles. This radio set can be operated with legacy sets as well with advanced sets.



dATA lInk SySTEM for AIrBornE SurVEIllAnCE PlATforM

ElECTro-oPTICAl fIrE ConTrol SySTEM nAVy

It is the first indigenous developed EOFCS, capable of providing surveillance, acquisition and tracking of targets up to 20 km range both during day & night and provide fire control solution for naval guns. SaliEnt FEaturES Passive, long range surveillance system Capable of target detection, acquisition, and auto tracking for ships up to 20 km 3rd gen. MWIr Camera Colour CCd camera with optical zoom High repetition rate lrf Two-axis Stabilization Steerable line of sight Supports different types of guns/ammunition


Mpc 5070
The MPC 5070 is a coupled-cavity TWT with a two-stage depressed collector, nonintercepting gridded gun, PPM focusing and capable of operating at two duty cycles, 2.5% with liquid cooling and 0.5% duty without cooling (for 10 minutes). It is high gain, high efficiency, light weight tube suitable for Airborne radar applications. SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency ku Band 10 kW (Min) 45 dB 2 dB liquid non-intercepting grid 2.5 % (0.5% for 10min. without cooling) 10 s (max) PPM Wr 62 Wr 62 Airborne radar Peak Output Power Gain (rated Power) Gain Equalization Cooling Modulation Duty Cycle

Mpc 2081
The MPC 2081 is a coupled-cavity TWT with non-intercepting gridded gun, PPM focusing, single stage depressed collector and liquid cooling. It has a high gain, high power, wide band width, high efficiency and suitable for surveillance radar applications. SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency Peak Output Power Gain (rated Power) Band Width Duty Cycle Modulation Pulse Width Focusing Connectors Input output Application Collector Beam Voltage Beam Current S Band 130 kW (Min) 47 dB (Min) 400 MHz 4.5% non-intercepting grid 100 s (max) PPM Type n Wr 284 Surveillance radar Single stage 45 kv 16 A

Mpc 4068
The MPC 4068 is an inverted slot-mode coupled-cavity (inter-digital) TWT with nonintercepting gridded gun, PPM focusing, single-stage depressed collector and liquid cooling. Its main features are high gain, high efficiency, small size and light weight. It is suitable for air-borne radar application. SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency Peak Output Power Gain (rated Power) Gain Equalization Band Width Duty Cycle Modulation Pulse Width Focusing Connectors Input output Application Collector X Band 6.5 kW (Min) 38 dB 0.5 dB 200 MHz 10 % non-intercepting grid 80 s (max) PPM SMA Wr 90 Airborne radar Single stage depressed


rf PACkAgE




It is a compact and lightweight sight. It has been developed for day time aiming & viewing the target with higher magnification. It has variants for LMG and Rifle.

day light tElEScopE For 5.56 lMg


SaliEnt FEaturES Magnification 4X 90 131.2 mm fixed focus, Monocular 800m for human target 288 mm 73 mm 610 g Field of View Effective Focal Length Type of Eye Piece Range Physical Dimension n length n dia n Weight Pulse Width Focusing Connectors Input output Application

Data Links are the backbone of communications between the Ground Control Station (GCS) and the Unmanned Airborne Vehicles/ Remotely Piloted Vehicles (UAVs/RPVs) that provide real-time battlefield Surveillance and Reconnaissance information. The flight critical Command and Telemetry Links employ anti-jamming technique. The Payload Link incorporates Digital Video Bandwidth Compression Technique for transmission of real time high-resolution digital video. The Data Links also provide the range and position of the air vehicle through PN ranging and mono-pulse tracking system.


n n n

day light tElEScopE For 5.56 riFlE

SaliEnt FEaturES Magnification Field of View Effective Focal Length Type of Eye Piece Range Physical Dimension n length n dia n Weight 2.5X 150 66.7 mm fixed focus, Monocular 400 m for human target 255 mm 65 mm 530 g

Indigenously developed super component comprising a solid-state power amplifier, a highly efficient power booster TWT and an electronic power conditioner assembled on a compact base plate cooled chassis Built-in micro controller for monitoring functions of the various sub systems Under evaluation

SaliEnt FEaturES Frequency Band Power output Gain Duty Cycle Weight C-X-ku 80 W 50 dB CW 3 kg



HAnd-HEld PorTABlE lASEr dAZZlEr

It is a non-lethal Laser weapon system, which can be effectively used to disorient or dazzle an armed soldier of adversary without causing any collateral damage. SaliEnt FEaturES laser type diode pumped laser operational range 50 m Safety lock digital Activation Trigger-based Self-contained rechargeable battery pack low battery indication


It is an uncooled camera developed for Indian NAVy for fire fighting application. It is to be used as visual aid for fire fighting operations. SaliEnt FEaturES Detector Type Detector Spectral Range Field of View Power Battery endurance Range Video Display Weight uncooled Microbolometer 320 x 240 amorphous Si 812 m 45 x 34 6W 90 min. 50 m for human target CCIr-B olEd display 1.2 kg (with battery)


n n

PASSIVE nIgHT SIgHT (PnS) for 5.56 mm rIflE / lMg

It is a compact and lightweight sight using micro channel image intensifier tube for accurate weapon aiming and surveillance at night by the infantry personnel. SaliEnt FEaturES Magnification Field of view OG Aperture II Tube Eye Piece Range Power Supply Weight 4X 10 60 mm 2nd gen 18 mm proximity focused Monocular, focusable within 5d 200 m for man size target Two AA size 1.5 V cells 1 kg

Based on advanced 3rd Gen 320 x 256 InSb FPA cooled detector (3-5 m) Developed for infantry applications

SaliEnt FEaturES Spectral Range Field Of View E Zoom Detector Cooler Video O/P 3-5 m 2.6 x 2.0 X2 In Sb fPA 320 X 256 Integrated Stirling cooler CCIr 625 lines, 50 Hz


Power Supply 12 V dc, 10 W (li-ion rechargeable battery/ endurance 4h) Weight 1.8 kg (with battery)

rangE (T=:2C, V=10kM, T=27C, rH=85%) Detection Recognition rEcognition 8.0 km (against Vehicle) 2.0 km (Group of person) 2.0 km 1.5 km


n n

Hunter- Killer Mode of IFCS Firing through Ballistic Graticule

SaliEnt FEaturES Magnification Field of View LOS Freedom n Elevation n Azimuth Stab Accuracy Slaving Accuracy 2X 28 20 n x 360 0.2 mil 0.2 mil 8X 7


Material Science Laboratories of DRDO are engaged in R&D in frontier areas such as advanced alloys, ceramics, composites, nano materials and high performance materials for diverse applications such as camouflage, stealth, advanced armour and NBC Defence for the Defence Services. A range of advanced materials have been developed and successfully introduced into service to address a wide range of requirements for protective clothing, habitat and logistics in extreme environments. Several technologies developed over the years have been transferred to industries for bulk production. Naval materials developed by these laboratories have reduced the nations dependence on import for critical material and has contributed significantly towards self-reliance. DRDO has developed core competence in several advanced technologies related to processing, testing and evaluation and infrastructure. It is well poised to take up challenges for developing next generation material technologies, particularly for use in aerospace and missile systems.

TITAnIuM SPongE ProduCTIon

A state-of-the-art combined process technology has been developed at DMRL for production of premium quality titanium sponge from indigenous raw material (TiCl4), on an industrial scale of 3000 kg/batch. arEaS oF application Aerospace, Defence, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil exploration, Power, Biomedical implants. prESEnt StatuS
n n

TurBInE InTEgrAl roTor

The turbine rotors have been developed using Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) technique that consolidates pre-alloyed gas atomized stainless steel powders in a single step into complex near-net shapes of full density. The shaft, the disc and all the blades in this component are one integral piece and the blade profile is net shape requiring no further machining for the intended application (the shaft and the disc are only marginally machined to meet the drawing dimensions). SaliEnt FEaturES Homogenous and fine grained microstructure Improved mechanical properties Significant cost reduction potential over conventional manufacturing processes


Isothermal Forging Technology for manufacturing critical components (Discs and Shafts) using titanium alloys, Titan 26A & 29A, for Adour (Jaguar) and Kaveri (Tejas) engines has been developed.

Pilot scale production established at DMRL Technology Transfer underway to KMML, Kollam, Kerala

Smco5 coMponEntS diScS bladES EquivalEnt plaStic Strain diStribution


Technology development for magnetic components of SmCo5, Sm2Co17, Nd-Fe-B with high energy product (18-35 MGOe), thereby enabling device miniaturisation. The technology involves powder compaction in a magnetic field followed by sintering / annealing treatment in vacuum / inert atmosphere. prESEnt StatuS
n n

diSc Forging


Investment casting technology has been developed to produce state-of-the-art hollow columnar-grained blades and vanes for aero gas turbine engines. DMRL has produced components for Kaveri engine, Jet Fuel Starter (JFS) for LCA (Tejas) and Pilotless Target Aircraft Engine (PTAE) for Lakshya, high-pressure turbine blade for Adour engine of Jaguar aircraft. This technology has also resulted in a civilian spin-off for the manufacture of large sized blades used in land-based turbines for power generation (BHEL and NTPC).

Nd-Fe-B magnet technology transferred to MIDHANI SmCo5 technology is available for transfer
tEMpEraturE diStribution

S I M u l AT I o n o f I S oT H E r M A l f o r g I n g P r o C E S S


(Speciality Steel for naval Applications)

To cater to the needs of the Indian Navy, DMRL has successfully developed the technology for indigenous production of AB class of steels. SaliEnt FEaturES Continuous casting technology to make the steels cost effective Controlled rolling of dMr-249A steel to get the required properties in the as-rolled condition itself obviating the need for heat treatment and thereby eliminating size limitation of plates arising from infrastructure limitation

A viable process based on ceramic injection moulding (CIM) has been developed. It is used in making highly complex and intricate ceramic cores required for making critical Kaveri gas turbine engine blades and vanes. These cores meet the stringent dimensional and other quality requirements needed for their use in the investment casting / directional solidification process.

Sm2co17 prototypE coMponEntS For twtS hollow bladES and vanES oF kavEri EnginE

intEgral coMponEntS oF JFS



Their ultra low densities, bending stiffness per unit weight, and high energy-absorption capability distinguish closed cell aluminium foams from fully dense materials. Applications such as light weight structures, and where high crash resistance, sound absorption, bending stiffness and blast-cum-fire resistance are required, are emerging.


SaliEnt FEaturES Made-up of Polyurethane coated nylon fabric, white. Waterproof and water repellent finish. Elastic tape provided at the waist for snug fitting. functions as an over garment. Provides protection against chilly winds. double zip arrangement at front to minimize possibility of ingress of chilly winds. Weight 285 g Sizes Small, Medium & large

TEnT glACIEr (10-12 MEn)

SaliEnt FEaturES rectangular tent made on double layer principle outer fly: Polyester fabric 650 gsm PVC coated white Inner liner: Two layers of non-woven polyester fabric 425 gsm along with one layer of aluminized nylon knitted fabric, all encased in closely woven 235 gsm fabric cotton ground sheet of polyester fabric 650 gsm PVC coated grey attached with inner liner opening/closing operated by heavy-duty zip fastener frame structure of cadmium plated mild steel tubing cadmium plated Controlled ventilation Length 4.20 m Width 4.30 m Height 2.35 m Wall Height 1.55 m Weight 290 kg

Mbt arJun with kanchan arMour

ArMour MATErIAlS And ModulES: ArMourEd fIgHTIng VEHIClES

Intense R & D in the area of armour materials at DMRL has generated totally indigenous materials and solutions and also provided for timely indigenisations/ improvements of armour for imported equipments. Nearly 20,000 t of various armours comprising steels, ceramics, titanium alloys and composites have been produced. A modified and concast Spade M1 steel, produced through SAIL, for T-90.


SaliEnt FEaturES
FoaM block FoaM cEll StructurE

Made up of polyurethane coated nylon fabric, white Waterproof and water repellent. Velcro tape arrangement provided at bottom for tightening purpose. Elastic tape provided at waist for snug fitting Provides protection against chilly winds. Weight 130 g Sizes Small, Medium & large


Aqueous foam is considered to be the one of the most important disposable multispectral camouflage material. With suitable colouration/ pigmentation, it can be made adaptive to any kind of terrain such as desert, forest, snow-bound, mountainous, etc. It provides very good blending with the surroundings and is highly effective means to camouflage/conceal not only military equipments but also large areas static objects such as helipads, runways, etc. for short durations. SaliEnt FEaturES Highly effective for temporary camouflaging in multispectral regions Very good blending with desert, vegetative and snow backgrounds High absorption of thermal infrared and microwave radiations Very good stability 48-16 h at temperatures ranging from 0-45C low cost


Ceramic armour for Mi-17 helicopter that is substantially lighter than imported steel armour.

pipE FillEd FoaMS

TungSTEn AlloyS & CoMPonEnTS

Tungsten is one of the heavier metals, with a density 19.3 g/cc, which makes it ideal for kinetic energy penetrators. Indigenous technology for KE penetrator has been established at DMRL and productionised at Heavy Alloy Penetrator Plant (HAPP), Tiruchirapally. This technology has also been extended to the production of pre-fragments and ballasts to meet the requirements of systems laboratories.


anti-tank aMMunition FSapdS Mk ii

It is a life saving appliance used by the Army (Infantry & Engineers) personnel by way of preventing the wearer and the equipment carried by him from drowning in water when crossing water obstacles and during bridging operations. Rip stop flame retardant nylon fabric is used as basic material and expanded Polyethylene foam as filling material. A plastic whistle has also been provided for use in emergency, if and when help is needed. SaliEnt FEaturES Provide protection from drowning at the time of crossing water obstacles oil repellant flame retardant Weight 1.0 kg (max) Buoyancy 18.5 kg (min) Sizes Small & large

Mi-17-1v hElicoptEr




IMAgIng Ir TArgET WITH ConTrollEr

IR imaging targets are special class of thermal targets with controlled thermal characteristics, specifically tuned to provide a thermal equivalent to that of an object in 3-5 m and 8-12 m wavelength band in the desired spatial configuration.

ConduCTIng PolyMEr BASEd AnTISTATIC And rAdIoTrAnSPArEnT PAInT rdM-1 for AIrCrAfT rAdoMES
Conducting polymer based antistatic and radiotransparent paint RDM-1 is useful for RADOMES of Aircraft and Antenna System for their protection and unhindered communication. SaliEnt FEaturES 90% MW Transmission over the frequency range of 2-18 gHz Certified for Airworthiness by rCMA (CEMIlAC) dgAQA has issued dS Cat no. for the product for use by Indian Air force Single pack room temperature drying and curing fast drying and curing Antistatic property Coating thickness Thermal stability Surface resistivity 0.515 M/ 100 microns 50 to +150C

SaliEnt FEaturES Can be configured to any shape and size Capable to generate a variety of thermal images as per use requirements open loop temperature controller designed to provide maximum Ir radiations in the forward direction optimized to provide high emission efficiency in 8-12 m low power consumption light weight and portable structure Temperature range within the imaging target can be varied from ambient to 90C as per requirement

life Sciences


Thermal targets are night time infrared reference targets; provide differential brightness contrast in 3-5 m and 81-4 m bands in desired configuration when viewed through thermal sight. They are essentially training tools for accuracy practice firing and testing of thermal projectiles. SaliEnt FEaturES: Size Weight Duration of assembly Power requirement Temperature control Multiple hit capability 3mx3m 4-6 kg per sqm 1h 12 V/120 AH (2 nos. min.) from ambient to 90C above 8-10 shots of fSAPdS Minimum no. of persons for assembly 04

Portable, rugged, very long shelf life of 5 years having high thermal inertia


Life Sciences
The Life Sciences cluster of laboratories is interdependent and interdisciplinary in nature and functions in alignment and assistance with the expertise available in other DRDO laboratories. These laboratories provide life-support systems, detection and protection systems required in modern warfare scenario, logistic backup related to food and nutrition, protective gear/ clothing, and personnel health and well-being. For development of these unique military-specific products, the laboratories work in close collaboration with DRDOs engineering, material, combat vehicles, aeronautical, and naval laboratories. The sustained efforts of these laboratories have over the years resulted in development of specialised and customised products and technologies and promulgation of guidelines/processes required for successful operations by Defence Forces on land, sea, and air. These laboratories have successfully developed and handed over several tests for personnel selection and trade allocation for both Officers and other ranks. This includes a Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS) for the selection of candidates for flying branch of the Indian Air Force. Other notable achievements include development of protection equipment, life support systems, and biomedical technologies to meet the requirements of the Armed forces. The portable HAPO bag and nitric oxide delivery system for treatment of High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPO) developed by DRDO have saved many lives.

CoMBAT frEE fAll (Cff)

Paratroopers forming a part of the Special Forces need an effective combat free fall life support system along with the parachute to carry out the High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) and High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) operations in combat to gain entry stealthily into the enemy territory. On being dropped from altitudes of 30,000 ft, the paratrooper is exposed to hypoxia and cold temperatures thereby necessitating an effective Life Support System that essentially consists of oxygen system and protective equipment. The developed oxygen system consists of (a) Pre-breather console (PBC) that provides 100% oxygen to the paratrooper in the aircraft to flush out nitrogen in the body while climbing to gain the altitude; (b) Personal Bail-out Oxygen System (PBOS) and Dilution Demand Oxygen Regulator (DDOR) for supply of oxygen/air mix to the paratrooper on being paradropped. Protective equipment consists of helmet with communication facility, oxygen mask, well insulated jump suit, gloves, socks and jack knife. Entire Life Support System has been developed indigenously.

n n n n n n n n n n

A broad spectrum insect repellent manufactured using the base drug diethylphenylacetamide developed indigenously to protect human beings from the painful bites of blood sucking organisms such as mosquito, flies, ratflea and land leeches. The spray, cream and lotion formulations have been developed. Extensive studies have been carried out for its bioefficacy and toxicity including inhalation toxicity. No untoward effect on mammalian systems has been found. SaliEnt FEaturES Available as Cream, lotion and Spray non-toxic and non-irritant In use with the defence Services as personal protection against insects Shelf life 2 years

A novel technology for surveillance and control of Dengue and Chikungunya transmitting mosquito Aedes aegypti. Experimentally tested in laboratory and field. A combination of oviposition pheromone (C-21 hydrocarbon) and IGR C-21 oviposition pheromone indigenously synthesized and technology transferred. Acts as Lure and Kill Attracts female mosquitoes to lay more eggs at application site. Prevent development of larvae to adult. Ability to monitor the mosquito population at different breeding sites. Can reduce application of pesticides, as a component of integrated pest management. Effective and environmentally safe.

It is ready to use safe insecticidal spray for moth proofing/ beetle proofing to protect carpets and woolen textiles including wool-synthetic blends from insect damage by clothes moths and carpet beetles. It is effective against both beetles and moths and very effective throughout the service life of fabrics. Its effect last beyond 10 washes (dry cleanings).The innovation is very effective in providing complete and durable protection to the woolen textile & clothing, fur & feather lined clothes, upholstery furniture, etc both in store and use.

n n n n

Aloe juice (Aloe Barbadensis. Mill) 50% w/w Vitamin-E Acetate 0.2% w/w Sesame Oil 2.0% w/w Suitable base and Preservatives

MoSQuITo rEPEllEnT CuM rooM frESHEnEr

It contains extract of some local herbs which act as Mosquito Repellent without any harmful side effects. This eco-friendly herbal formulation is 100% natural and gives sweet fragrance to keep away mosquitoes and other biting insects for 3-4 hrs. As it is a herbal product, it is eco-friendly, cost effective & has no side effects.

An important medical device used for the first aid treatment of soldier with respiratory failure due to chemical warfare agent

SaliEnt FEaturES Herbal (Aloe based) product non toxic, safe Easy to use, anti-freezing and anti-flaking Prevents cold injuries/frostbite at extreme cold conditions Prevents/cures bacterial infections, burns, ulcers, wound and cuts Protects from sunburns, chaffing of cheeks, lips and fingers


DRDO has developed a rapid and cost effective kit for reliable and early clinical diagnosis of H1N1 patients. This is an alternate real-time test system for rapid detection as well as identification of novel H1N1 Swine Flu virus. One of the most attractive features of this isothermal gene amplification assay seems to have great advantage in terms of monitoring of amplification that can be accomplished by SyBR Green I dye mediated naked eye visualization.


The Herbal Mosquito Repellent Vaporizer uses some local herbs, the extract of which act as Mosquito Repellent without any harmful side effects. This eco-friendly herbal formulation is 100% natural, cost-effective and evaporates slowly with fragrance to keep humans away from mosquitoes and other biting insects.



Ecofriendly disposal of human excreta at low temperature. Biodigester for human waste degradation at low temperature and Glacier region.


n n n

Carbon Fibre heating element maintains 22C (normal) or 15C(battery saving mode) Lightweight rechargeable Li-Ion batteries work efficiently in sub zero temperatures. Charging of batteries with foldable thin-film solar panels in remote locations.


n n n n n n n

Iron rEMoVAl unIT

The IRU is designed to bring down the Iron content of ferruginous water to WHO Standard (<0.3 ppm) from water having dissolved Iron up to 40 mg/ltr. The Unit provides 300 liters of clean water per hour. It is easy for installation and suitable to cater to the needs of Army Barracks & small size population residing in remote areas where access to treated drinking water does not exist. The IRU is cylindrical in shape, 1.75 m in height & 1 m in dia., weighing 490 kgs (approx). It is made of mild steel with four chambers and sludge/ backwash outlet valves. An aeration system and double filtration bed have been provided in the Unit for its efficient functioning.

Totally separated flue gas and Air-heating chambers. Room air is heated and circulated with the help of a DC fan operated with solar rechargeable battery or directly by a Thermoelectric Module. Safe. No build up of harmful gases like CO and CO2 inside the room. Safe. No explosive, automatic re-ignition in case of extinguishing with a sudden back draft of outside air. Kerosene consumption is almost half in comparison to the existing bukharis. Efficient convective heat extraction and dissipation, less wastage of heat at the exhaust. The triple burner stove can be used for cooking food.



n n

Noise induced hearing loss can be prevented by inhalation of carbogen (a mixture of 95% O2 and 5% CO2). A device to facilitate inhalation of the mixture has been designed In the absence of other protective, preventive or control measures carbogen inhalation provides following advantages: Provides significant reduction in hearing loss due to high-level noise Hastens recovery from temporary hearing loss after exposure to high level noise

Jatropha oil cake can be converted into bio-fertilizer which is eco-friendly. Jatropha bio-fertilizer can be utilized for crop cultivation. It is at par with other bio-fertilizers like Neem cake, Castor cake, Mahua cake, Cow dung manure and Poultry manure.

Bio-diesel, an eco-friendly fuel is the main product for blending with petro-diesel as per norms and will be provided to ASC as per the Bio-fuel policy for its use in defence vehicles which will not only reduce import of diesel but also it will ensure reduce environmental pollution.

floor ClEAnSIng HErBAl gErMICIdAl lIQuId

This herbal liquid is an excellent product for schools, hospitals, restaurants and office buildings for cleaning of floors and tiles. A single application removes dirt and grime and is an effective fungicide. It also inhibits the bacterial growth where odors are a problem. This germicidal herbal liquid gives sweet fragrance lasting for 3 to 4 hours of its use. Some of the salient features of this product are its effective Fungicidal and bactericidal properties; Eco-friendly; highly effective and Cost effective.



Jatropha oil has a very high saponification value and is being used for making soap. Jatropha soap being plant origin is biodegradable and environment friendly and can be used for washing and bath.


Troops deployed in High Altitude rely on kerosene oil or coal bukhari for heating purposes to combat biting cold. Jatropha fuel briquette prepared by fruit husk can be well utilized in bukhari for heating purpose by troops in High Altitude.

It is pure mycelium culture of high value medicinal fungus Cordyceps sinensis. Cordyceps sinensis acts as performance enhancer and supplement of this medicinal mushroom will help the troops to carry out their duties efficiently at High Altitudes.

cordycEpS SinEnSiS

laboratory culturE oF c. SinEnSiS

Lukoskin is a poly herbal product (7 plants), very effective against leucoderma. The main active ingredient of Lukoskin is furanocoumarin. The efficacy of the product is around 80 to 90%.


lukoSkin ointMEnt

lukoSkin oral doSE


NBC Defence
The threat of NBC warfare is a very clear and present danger. DRDO has developed various technologies in the areas of detection and demarcation of contaminated area and transmission of relevant data to strategic planning commanders. DRDO has also developed equipment to test contamination of water, monitoring of gamma radiation doses as well as equipment to detect nerve agents and biological weapons. This has made India self-reliant in NBC defence preparedness.

nBC oVEr BooTS

NBC Over Boot has been developed for the protection of the foot from toxic chemical materials during NBC warfare. It is worn over normal boot alongwith NBC garments. It is made by moulding butyl rubber and giving an inner lining of cotton stockinette. For tightening over the ankle, three sets of cord elastic and plastic buttons have been provided. The boot is non-porous, homogeneous and fulfils all the required parameters. It is in two different sizes i.e. 5-7 and 8-11. SaliEnt FEaturES Provides protection to foot and lower calf portion in contaminated environment Provided with tying cords for proper fitting Allows normal combat activities when worn Available in two sizes covering full range Material Break through time Packing Weight Size 5-7 8-11 butyl rubber >6h In nitrogen filled specially developed laminated pouches 1300 g At front (mm) At back (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg) 330+5 290+5 286+2 1.3 340+5 300+5 320+3 1.3


NBC Gloves have been developed for protection of hands from hazardous chemicals. The surface of thumb, fingers and palm is serrated for better gripping of any equipment if needed. It is made from butyl rubber by compression injection moulding system. It is worn over cotton Gloves. SaliEnt FEaturES Weight Size 210 g length Wrist to top of middle finger Small 168 mm Medium 191 mm Large 214 mm Provides protection to hands in contaminated environment Seamless cotton gloves for sweat absorption designed for maximum dexterity Materials Butyl rubber Break through time >6 h Packing In nitrogen filled specially developed laminated pouches

roEnTgEnoMETEr (rM 102)

It is GM tube based instrument for monitoring the radiation dose rate received by the crew of any infantry combat vehicle operating in a nuclear scenario. SaliEnt FEaturES Sensor Range Accuracy Power Mounting Weight Size (LxBxH) Energy compensated gM Tube 80 keV to 1.3 MeV 0 to 1000 r/h in four ranges (AnAlog display) 20% 18-32 V dc (Vehicle batteries) Shock proof vehicle mounting 2.5 kg (approx.) Main unit 28 cm x 18 cm x 12.5 cm (approx.) Probe 15 cm x 9.5 cm x 8.5 cm (approx.) Working Temperature 30C to +55C Ruggedness Meets environmental test standards

rAdIATIon dETECTIon MEASurEMEnT And ConTrol unIT (rAdMAC)

The integrated RADMAC unit is a nuclear instrument for the automatic operation of NBC protection systems of tank in a nuclear environment. This instrument measures gamma radiations in a contaminated area and displays them on the instrument panel. SaliEnt FEaturES


NBC Suit Permeable MK-IV is an upgraded version of existing MK-I suit, It protects the wearer from NBC warfare agents specially hazardous chemicals for much longer period compared to the MK-I suit. This suit consists of jacket (Smock) with integrated hood and trousers. NBC Suit Permeable MK-IV can withstand three wash cycles under specified conditions, without loosing its functional properties. SaliEnt FEaturES outer layer lightweight, disruptive printed fC treated, inherent fr polyester fabric Adsorbent layer made of newlys developed active carbon spheres bonded on non woven fabric with lamination Suit can withstand up to 3 wash cycles under specified conditions without loosing its functional performance. Packing In nitrogen filled specially developed laminated pouches Weight 3.0 kg (max.) BTT >24 h (Min.) Size Small, medium, large & ex. large NBC Haversack is a rectangular kit used for keeping respirator mask, medical kit and detector paper, booklet/ personal decontamination equipment carried by a soldier at the event of NBC alert. It is attached at the waist of the individual, fastened with tape nylon and cord nylon. It is made of fabric that is waterproof and resistant to toxic chemicals. SaliEnt FEaturES Waterproof Contains various pockets for housing mask, auto injectors, canister and repair kit, etc. Provided with adjustable strap and cord Material fabric nylon Pu coated 250 gsm Fabric design disruptive printed Packing In nitrogen filled specially developed laminated pouches Weight 380 g Total length (without equipment) 245 mm Total width 205 mm Total weight 380 g

Gamma Dose Rate Total Dose Alarm Activation Indicators

Size (LxBxH)

5 mr/h to 1000 r/h Auto ranging 0.1 mr to 1000 r At 4 r/s in Anti Atomic Mode At 50 mr/h in fallout Mode 4 digit 7 Segment display for dose rate 2 x 16 Alphanumeric general Purpose display 32 Segment Bar graph for Analogue dose rate Visual Alarm - lEd lamps Audio Warning Coded Beeps 215 mm x 195 mm x 95 mm




Used for protection of walking wounded personnel in NBC contaminated areas. SaliEnt FEaturES Provides protection in contaminated environment Provided with observation window Breathable / air permeable flame retardant oil & water repellent Prevents contact of carbon with skin Packing In nitrogen filled specially developed laminated pouches Weight 900 g Total Length 118 cm Total Width 93 cm

nBC CASuAlTy BAg full

During the NBC war, on injury, the personnel who is not mobile is wrapped in this bag and removed from the contaminated environment. The individual is encased fully in this casualty bag and is carried for medical aid. This bag is Water repellent, Flame retardant and Oil repellent. For observation, a window of transparent polyester sheet has been provided. SaliEnt FEaturES Provides protection in contaminated environment Provided with observation window Breathable / air permeable flame retardant oil & water repellent Prevents contact of carbon with skin Packing In nitrogen filled specially developed laminated pouches Weight 2000 g (approx.) Total Length 240 cm Total Width 97 cm


It is a GM Tube based electronic instrument which measures Gamma Radiation dose rate in a nuclear environment SaliEnt FEaturES Sensor Energy Compensated gM Tube Range 5 mr/h to 1000 r/h in 4 ranges (Analog display) Accuracy + 20% Power 4 x 1.5 V (r6/AA size) Battery life > 500 h (for Alkaline batteries) Weight 950 g (approx.) Size (LxBxH) 16 cm x 9.5 cm x 9 cm Working Temperature 30C to 55C rugged construction to withstand jSS 55555 environmental test standards EMP Test As Per MIL STD 461C/462C, RS 05


A GM Tube based instrument that indicates gamma radiation dose and dose rate alternately. tEchnical SpEciFicationS Sensor Range Energy Compensated gM Tube 0.1 to 999.9 r (dose) 0.001 to 999.9 r/h (dose rate) lEd digital display + 15% below 500 r/h + 30% from 500 to 999.9 r/h lithium Battery (r6/AA) Audio warning at 50,75,150 r and Battery low, through Micro Controller 200 g 96 mm x 64 mm x 28 mm 30C to +65C Withstands jSS 55555 l2 Tests As per MIl STd 461C/462C AS rS 05

Accuracy Power Alarms Weight Size (LxBxH) Working Temperature Ruggedness EMP


Gamma Flash Sensor is meant to sense the INR pulse of the nuclear explosion and to generate an electrical output pulse to activate NBC Protection System of the tank. SaliEnt FEaturES Sensor Trigger level Response Time Hold Time Power Mounting Weight Size (LxBxH) Working Temperature Ruggedness Silicon PIN photo diode 4 R/Sec ( 2 R/s) <100 msec >100 msec 18-32 V dc (Vehicle batteries) Shock proof vehicle mounting 500 g (approx.) 11 cm x 4.5 cm x 5 cm 30C to +55C Meets Environmental Test Standards

SuPEr HEATEd lIQuId nEuTron And gAMMA SEnSor

Droplets of low boiling point liquid held in elastic polymer matrix on exposure to nuclear radiation are converted into visible bubbles. Number of bubbles indicate radiation dose. SaliEnt FEaturES nEutron Energy Range Response <100 keV to>14 MeV 0.5 keV 14 MeV (flAT) 2 60 Bubbles/mrem 120 (l) x 20 (d) mm 15 35C 45 g gaMMa 30 keV to > 3 MeV 200 keV to >3 MeV (flAT) 2 50 Bubbles/mrem 120 (l) x 20 (d) mm 15 35C 45 g


It is a device designed to record cumulative gamma and neutron radiation doses received by an individual in a nuclear warfare scenario. SaliEnt FEaturES Sensor Radiophotoluminescent (RPL) glass and Special P-I-N Diode in Lead Lined Nylon Wrist Locket. 2 to 1000 cGy + 10% 30 g 40 mm dia, 12 mm thick locket in 280 mm long wrist strap Dose can be evaluated repeatedly without loss of Information 40C to +75C Withstands JSS 55555 L2 Tests

Dose Range Sensitivity (Typical) Size Temperature Range Weight

0.5 mrem 200 mrem 0.5 mrem 1 rem

Night operations by the army across the border requires self illuminating low intensity identification marker to avoid detection by the enemy. Beta Light Devices are ideal choice for this purpose. These devices are based on the principle of Radioluminescence wherein beta radiation from tritium isotopes filled glass capsules strikes ZnS phosphor coated on inner surface of glass capsule, emitting low luminosity light continuously. DLJ has developed a number of such light devices in collaboration with BARC for Armed Forces. SaliEnt FEaturES Type Visibility Range Colour Weight Power Maintenance Life Edge Marker & Centre line Marker 50 m green 200 g not required not required 1012 years

Range Accuracy Weight Size Repeatability Working Temperature Ruggedness

Dimension (LxBxH) 5 cm x 5 cm x 12 cm




In NBC warfare scenario, the water sources are likely to get contaminated. Purified water is required for drinking, washing, vehicles, and for decontamination purposes. NBC Water Purification System (WPS), designed and developed by Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur, caters to such situations. The system can also be deployed for disaster management.

rPl doSIMETEr rEAdEr

The RPL Dosimeter Reader Mark-II reads the Gamma and Neutron radiation doses registered by RPL Dosimeter, which are worn by individuals during Nuclear emergencies. It is a state of art instrument with latest electronic circuits, built-in microcontroller, alpha-numeric display, programmable keys, digital calibration, self check and help features. SaliEnt FEaturES Range Accuracy Reading Time Weight Size Power Supply Test facility Calibration Surface finish EMI/EMC Compatibility 0-1000 cgy in any combination of gamma & neutron dose reader 10 % or 10 cgy (whichever is greater) less than 10 seconds per locket Instrument: less than 12 kg Carrying Case: less than 3 kg 390 mm x 229 mm x 205 mm (5 mm) 12 V dc Battery (1014 volts dc) Built in Self check & battery check facility digital Calibration facility with reference locket Powder Coated olive green As per MIl Standard 461C / 462

SaliEnt FEaturES reverse osmosis Membrane based, Mobile System Capacity: 2000-3000 l/hr Feed water salinity: 4000 ppm Turbidity: 50 nTu Self supporting system: 15 kVA diesel generator Set SS-316 construction Semi-automatic Controls Pre and post filtration, Treatment using dosing pumps Back-wash arrangement for coarse filter flexible SS-316 hoses with quick release couplings Pillow type collapsible potable-water storage tanks Water analysis kit, firstaid box, Potable decontamination, Apparatus, Water Poison detection kit running cost rs 60 per 1000 liter of potable water

Environmental Compatibility As per jSS 55555 Specifications

low Intensity Conflict


Low Intensity Conflict

Over the last few years terrorism and insurgency have become a very important from the point of view of national security. DRDO has developed various technologies in order to engage and mitigate these challenges. The INSAS rifle and Light Machine Gun Carbine developed by DRDO, have been used by para military forces in counter-insurgency operations for many years now. The Remotely Operated Vehicle is also proving to be very useful in hazardous operations like bomb detection and disposal. DRDO is committed to develop many more technologies and products to strengthen the hands of the paramilitary forces in their fight against the scourge of terrorism and insurgency.

n n


It is a lightweight binocular system, which can be used for the purpose of surveillance, driving and map reading etc. during night illumination conditions. tEchnical SpEciFicationS

Can be mounted on small arms to enable aimed firing with both eyes open. Ideal for use in CQB, CI operations where speed of action is critical.

SaliEnt FEaturES Weight Range Magnification Window size Field of View 350 g up to 300 m 1X 30 mm x 25 mm Practically unlimited (both eyes open shooting)

Magnification Field of View Objective II Tube Used Eye-Piece Range Power Supply Weight l goggle l face Mask

1X 400 31 mm, f/1 2nd gen 18 mm proximity focused focusable 225 m for group of men under starlight conditions Two AA size 1.5 V cells 550 g 325 g


It is a compact, lightweight electro-optical device based on 18mm double proximity focused Super Gen image intensifier tube, which can be used by infantry personnel for accurate aiming of weapon at night. SaliEnt FEaturES Magnification Field of View OG Aperture EFL of OG II Tube 2.5X 100 30 mm 50 mm 18 mm Super gen 5 to +5d 22 mm 100 m for man target under star light 600 g


SaliEnt FEaturES Spectral Range Optics Spatial Resolution Detector Cooler Video O/P Power Supply Weight Dimensions (LxWxH) Reliability Field of View l narrow l Wide rangE vEhiclE Detection Recognition 6.0 km 2.0 km MEn 2.0 km 1.5 km 3-5 m 50 mm, f/3 0.2 m rAd InSb fPA (320 x 240) Integrated Stirling rotary micro-cooler CCIr 625 lines, 50 Hz 12 V dc, 18W li-ion rechargeable battery 2.8 kg (without battery) 3.3 kg (with battery) 233 x 212 x 84 mm MTBf > 2000h 3.7 x 2.7 7.4 x 5.4

Diopter Setting Eye Relief Range Weight

MEAlS rEAdy To EAT (MrES rATIon)

Meals-Ready-to-Eat rations have been specially developed to meet the operational needs of the Army and Navy. The ration does not require any cooking since the contents are thermally processed and can be consumed readily after little warming, if required. The MRE packages besides having Indian dishes have specially designed foldable stove and fuel tablets for warming the food items. The total calorific value of the ration is 3150 Kcals and meets the immediate nutritional requirements during operation. Six types of meals-ready-to-eat rations having both vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes have been developed to introduce multi-entre menu system and to meet the tastes of all ethnic groups. SaliEnt FEaturES Shelf life of one year under ambient conditions Based on retort pouch processing technology Without chemical preservatives or additives Packed in specially developed multilayer packaging system Safe, palatable, nutritious, lightweight, and provides adequate calorific value and convenience




A Light Weight Foldable Stretcher for the Armed Forces made of high strength light weight materials comprising of high strength aluminum and nylon etc has been developed. It folds into four segments and can be brought into operation within one minute. It is capable of all-terrain and weather deployment and does not cause burn or frost bite. It has a provision for keeping some emergency drugs and hanging an IV fluid bottle. Its fabric is washable and resistant to corrosion, bacterial and fungal infestation. SaliEnt FEaturES Strong, lightweight (6.6 kg), foldable structure nylon fabric specifically developed for the purpose replaces duke fabric presently in use. Material is 60% lighter, water repellant, washable and resistant to fungi and bacteria Can be carried as back pack in folded condition (60 cm) Has successfully qualified static and dynamic load tests

EnErgy BArS
Different kinds of bars such as soy fortified oat bar, barley bar, composite cereal bars and other ergogenic bars have been developed which are stable and acceptable for more than 12 months. Barley, wheat, corn flour, soy concentrates/isolates, oat bran, puffed amaranthus seeds, cocopowder, groundnuts, milk powder, dates, corn syrup and other nutritious ingredients have been used for these calorie dense ready-to eat wholesome bars which can be eaten as snack for replenishing energy in times of need. The fibre enriched bars are tasty, nutritious, easily digestible, cost effective and delightful items.


These devices are used to demolish a variety of soft and hard targets like RCC constructions, buildings, fencing, steel wire ropes etc.

WATEr TESTIng fIEld kIT (WTfk)

The Water Testing Field Kit (WTFK) is useful in remote areas for ascertaining Water quality in order to get rid of Water-borne diseases. The Kit is cheap and suitable to carry to the hill tops and can easily be used by semiskilled persons.



BooT AnTI MInE InfAnTry (BAMI)

Boot Anti-Mine Infantry (BAMI) has been developed for infantry troops for use during assault operation. The boot provides protection to leg/ foot from the blast of AP mines. Amputation level injury can be avoided by the use of these boots. SaliEnt FEaturES for use of assaulting troops. Combat/ Ammunition design boot for assault troops. Safe against blast of APnM M-14 mines. Multilayered over boot of blast resistant fabric. Weight 3.0 kg per pair. Allow comfortable, fatigue free walk and water-resistant. Indigenously developed technology for the first time for an assaulting soldier to cross mine field with minimum injury to the foot/ leg in case of accidental mine blast. Performance of boot is the best among similar boots of foreign origin. Type Explosive mass (g) Modular 350 350 Charge dimensions l (mm) 105 W (mm) 73 T (mm) 41 gross weight (g) 500 Effective against a wide range of targets. Charge mass to be estimated depending on the target to be demolished. Cut 2 mm M.S. sheet. flSC- 4 flSC-12 FLSC-25 RCC-85 RCC-100 Performance
FlSc rcc


The newly developed grenade based on oleoresin plays an important role in incapacitating and flushing out of terrorists from their hideout and camps without harming them, for a possible capture and enquiry. SaliEnt FEaturES Smoke dissemination almost immediate Water wash does not reduce the effect Effect comes down naturally in about 30-60 min. Polymer based outer casing Throwing back to user is not possible since polymer body starts melting

Modular 220






Sheet Explosive flSC- 4 flSC-12 FLSC-25

850 4 12 25 9.4 13.6

500 5.0 8.7 11.5 85 100

300 4.2 7.6 10.0 90 110

4 0.120 0.350 0.460 15 20

850 1 2 4 85 100

It is used for evacuation of casualties under sub zero temperature condition by wrapping the body. SaliEnt FEaturES It is made of metallised polyester film Very light weight less pack volume Can be kept in pockets Preserves metabolic heat of the body by reflection from the metallised surface

RCC-85 RCC-100


An explosive test kit has been developed for identification of explosives in pre and post explosion field conditions. Explosives in trace quantities (as low as 104 g) can be identified using the kit. It is in use by paramilitary forces, home ministry etc. SaliEnt FEaturES detection of practically almost all military explosives no false alarms Entire process at room temperature Minimum reaction time required Sensitive up to 104 g level Cost effective




Blast Protection Suit (BPS), developed for mine clearing operation. BPS is lightweight and provides mobility and maximum protection against the blast of APNM-M14 mine even from a short distance of 30 cm. SaliEnt FEaturES The BPS consists of Hard Armour Panels (HAPs) and Soft Armour Quilts (SAQs). The total weight of BPS is 6.5 kg approx. More than 1500 suits have been produced and supplied to Army

84 mm HIgH TEMPErATurE SuffoCATIng SMokE (HTSS) AMMunITIon

84 mm Incendiary round is a multi purpose round. The round after penetrating target creates incendiary and suffocating smoke. The incendiary fragments burn with high temperature setting on fire combustibles and spews out smoke that suffocates human beings. SaliEnt FEaturES Weight of round 3.2 kg (same as for 84 mm HE) Weight of incendiary composition 1.1 kg Muzzle velocity 240 m/s (same as for 84 mm HE) Effective Range 300 m Maximum Range 1000 m Sight same as for 84 mm HE Burning Duration of incendiary +2 min. Spread diameter of incendiary >25 m Packing, handling, storage, transportation as well as firing: same as 84 mm HE round

frAngIBlE BullETS
n n

Made of Ceramic or metallic powder by powder Metallurgy techniques Bullets fragment into a number of small pieces on impact on any hard target

SpEcial FEaturES Non-toxic and Eco- friendly Available in 9mm caliber Can be fired from standard service weapons without any modification. Disintegrates into powder on hitting hard targets like walls, metallic plates but is very effective against soft targets Ideal for indoor training shooting ranges Ammunition effects can be tailored to specific requirements Calibre Composition Wt. of the Bullet Muzzle Velocity Effective Range Feed cEraMic 9 mm Alumina 1.2 g 360 m/s 30 m Magazine MEtallic 9 mm Tungsten-Copper 6g 380 m/s 50 m Magazine