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UPDATED : WEDNESDAY, MARCH 06, 2013 MISSION STATEMENT To facilitate Internet users acquiring their own domain address on the Internet. It is no longer the province of business. Everyone should have a Personal Domains (dot) net EDUCATION Brunel University 1982 ~ 1986 B.Sc. (Hons) University of Kent at Canterbury 1991~ 1993 MA C.Q.S.W. Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (Excel 2007) Alcohol and Drug Counsellor ECDL Trainer Wordpress Blog Trainer Webmaster Training SKILLS Web Design (html, flash, widgets, and micons) Image Creation and Formatting for publication in any media Photography with digital editing and enhancement Video Production both short and feature including voice over and capture Audio Production Training Videos for Information Technology Publications and Presentations (Internet, paper, PowerPoint, prezi) Data Analysis including budgeting and what-if Computer Configuration, Maintenance (Windows) and repair. I.T. Consultation and Resource Acquisition Social Networking Virtual Reality Development, Implementation and Consultation SEO optimization Web Master Creative Writing Languages :Japanese and some French


EXPERIENCE Telecoms Technician 1968 1969 Accounting Machine Sales ~ 1969 ~ 1971 Misc. Travelling in Africa, India S.E. Asia 1972 ~ 1976 T.E.F.L. Tokyo, Japan 1976 ~ 1980 Student 1980 ~ 1986 Brunel Psychology / Computing Asst Warden Probation Hostel 1986 ~ 1989 Student 1989 ~ 1992 MA Social Work Probation Officer 1992 ~ 1995 Self Employed 1995 ~ 2005 Internet Service Provider Since 2005 I have been on disability benefit. I am better now Self Employed 2009 to date Inc. all aspects of the internet Timeline Telecoms Engineer responsible for Power, Stores, the provision of new lines and Junction Test in the Telephone Exchange Programming of electro-mechanical accounting machines and sales T.E.F.L. completed post graduate course Psychology, Computer Programming, Expert Systems, National Database Access with real-time updating, public access touch screen provision, Artificial Intelligence Systems Management and Supervisor of Those on Bail. Full Probation Officer Duties Next (1995 ~ 2005) Design of pre E.C.D.L. (European Computer Driving Licence ) course Internet Training Web Design Registration of Global Domains Web Hosting Inc. DNS and IP allocation Independent Wireless Internet Service Provider Secure Server Certification Installation and maintenance of Web Servers Licensed E.C.D.L. Training Centre Next (2009 to 2010) Web Design Configuration of domains Inc. email, php, MySql, File Management, password allocation, sub-domains, on-line technical support. Web Hosting inc registration of domains and provision of domain management software Google Search Engine researcher Microsoft Partner and Developer ICANN Job Employment Agent Google Wave Researcher (sandbox) Microsoft BizSpark LicenceBusiness Start Up Mentor Inc. provision of real world print support, advertising and appropriate domain name allocation Innovation from idea to practice Inc. CORE .Entertainment poster design Photography for print media and web Software Application Training videos Social Media Virtual Reality Gaming (?) Blogs Image manipulation Inc. 3d modeling. Microsoft Application Specialist in Excel (2007) exam passed July 2010. Clck here to view card. And Powerpoint 2010. 2002 Irish Secure Internet Services (Irish Secure) 2


(next 2010 contracted cancer started up again December 2011) Re registered Irish Secure Internet Services and restarted domain hosting has all my sites. My flagship site is PersonalDomains dot net It has been designed to encourage people and families to get an Internet address. While I run a generic registration and hosting business at Personal Domins (dot) net, I have targeted Second life a 3D virtual world, users,. I wrote a briefing on Cyberculture highlighting the blues community in second life. I write about Second Life on a blog I am active in the field of cybersquatting. I run a Community Blog dealing with issues relating to inequality ( ) I am an expert in WordPress and configuring both an individual blog and a community blog. I offer tutorials in wordpress and have set up for this purpose. I plan virtual teaching in a virtul world. My videos are on YouTube at philipjamesbryan (56k views) and on Blip TechnologyIsMe My book site (66k reads) is on

Philip Finlay Bryan B.Sc (hons) MA

2002 Irish Secure Internet Services (Irish Secure)