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Grade -7
General Science
Marks: 50
Time: 70 mins


Section- A

I. Under line the most correct answer.


1. The unit used to measure energy is

a) Kilogram
b) Newton
d) Meter
2. What is the NOT an advantage of wind mills
a) To generate electricity
b) To grind corns
c) To mine oils and gases from underground
d) To pump water
3. Oxygen is a/an
a) Element
c) Mixture

b) compound
d) solution

5. The heat reaches from sun to earth by

a) Conduction
b) convection
c) Radiation
d) reflection
6. A non- renewable source of energy is
a) Sun
b) wind
c) Fossil fuel
d) tide
7. One kilo joule is
a) 10J
c) 1000J
8. 200 mm= ------------- cm
a) 20
c) 200

b) 100J
d) 10000J
b) 2
d) 0.2

9. Which of the following is a set of insulators?

a) Fur, wool, copper
b) Wool, fur, wood
c) Aluminium, cloth, wood
d) Steel, wood, fur

10. Two or more substance joins chemically to form

a) An element
b) mixture
c) Compound
e) none of these

II. Write the energy changes for the following.


Look at the list of words in the next box.

Fill in the blank spaces with the correct word
Loudspeaker, microphone, battery, electric fire
a) Changes chemical energy into electrical energy? ____________________
b) Changes sound energy into electric energy? ___________________
c) Changes electric energy into sound energy? _______________________
d) Changes electric energy into heat (thermal) energy? ____________________

III. Match the following with the correct description.


1. Rising currents of hot air

a) Conduction

2.Material that allow heat to flow through them

b) radiation

3. material that do not allow heat to flow through them

c) convection

4. Heat travels in solids by

d) conductors

5. heat travels in liquids and gases by

e) Insulator

6. Suns heat reaches to earth by

f) Thermals

7. Moving energy is called

g) Using formula

8. Stored up energy is called

h) Displacement method

9. The volume of regular shape can be found by

i) Kinetic energy

10. The volume of irregular shape can be found by

j) Potential energy


I. Firag is driving is his new car.


a) Where does the car get its energy from?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------b) Give the energy conversions which take place in when Firag drive his car,
------------------------ energy in the fuel to is converted to -------------------------.

c) Give two ways we can use energy from the wind.


II. The bar graph below shows the amount of heat from the sun reflected from different


WW = White Washed Wall

DA = Dull Aluminum
= Earth
PA = Polished Aluminum
RB = Red Bick Wall
= Tar

90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 WW




a) Which surface reflects most heat?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------b) Which surface absorbs most heat?
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------c) Which surface reflects 50% of heat?
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------d) Why houses are painted white in hot countries?
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------V. Answer the following.

[9.5 M]

a) What is monsoon?


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------b) What is the general name given to materials like wood, plastic, glass, wool etc in terms of
heat conduction?---------------------------------------------------------------


c) How does convection occur in North-east monsoon?



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------d) When does convection take place?


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------e) It is much more sensible to use a wooden spoon or one with a plastic handle to stir curry.
Explain Why?


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------f) Mention any two differences between mercury and alcohol thermometers.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------g) Calculate the volume of the fish tank if the length is 15cm, breadth 5cm, and the height


I. Write a WORD EQUATION for the formation following compounds


1. Water is made by burning hydrogen in oxygen

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Carbon reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Sodium reacts with chlorine to form sodium chloride.


a) How do you know that a chemical reaction takes place when you heat a mixture of iron
and sulphur?


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------b) Name the compound formed in the above reaction.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------c) How does this compound differ from the elements that make it?



---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------d) Give one difference between compound and mixture.



VI. a) Classify the following into conductors and insulators.


Copper, iron, feather, silver, fur, tin, wood, aluminum, plastic,




b) Complete the blanks to describe how do a thermo flask work.


You can choose the correct words from the list given in bracket.
(Convection, heat, conduction, cold, radiation, hot)

Thermo flask helps to keep things ----------------------------- and ------------------------------------------by

preventing the movement of -------------------------------. It has a stopper which prevents
--------------------------------- and part vacuum that reduces ---------------------------- and its silvery
surfaces reduces -----------------------------------------.