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ImprovIng oIl & gas recovery protectIng the envIronment

Degrmont Industry, your partner in sustainable, efficient and cost-effective water management for industry.

water For the upstream oIl & gas Industry

Degrmont InDustry WAter For the uPstreAm oIL & gAs InDustry

saFety, complIance and relIaBIlIty For your water treatment lIne

process DesIgn & engIneerIng / equIpment / servIces

Sea Injection water for EOR Well water Water for steam generation & EOR River Injection water for fracturing or stimulation Municipal waste water External water source treatment plant External water source Exploration & production Produced water for chemical EOR Flowback water / Produced water / Wastewater Produced water treatment plant

Oil & TSS removal

Further treatments

Produced water for EOR

Produced water for steam generator / boiler / stimulation

Reuse or discharge

Understanding your specific challenges

Conventional Oil and Gas Industries (Heavy Oil, Light Oil) Unconventional Oil and Gas Industries (Extra Heavy Oil, Oil Sands, Shale Oil & Gas, Tight Oil & Gas, Ultra deep reservoirs, Pre-salt reservoirs, Coal Seam Gas, Coal Bed Methane)

The water quality must meet reservoir requirements. The adequate quality of produced water contributes to Enhanced Oil & Gas Recovery. In gas fields, the produced water contains SS (Suspended Solids), Oil, BTEX and MEG.

Oil fields (non mature) Oil and TSS removal enables particles adjustments (i.e. 5-2-1) before reinjection.

Mature Oil fields Mature Oil fields require chemical EOR for the extraction of the remaining oil. The produced water quality must also be adjusted to the chemical requirements (A, S, P,...).

For Oil Sands and Heavy Oil, raw water or produced water is treated for steam generation and injection to mobilize the Bitumen or heavy oil. For Shale Oil & Gas and Coal Seam Gas, mobile water treatment solutions are most suitable during the exploration phase (Flowback water) followed by semi mobile/fixed units during production phase (Produced water). Coal mine water which is extracted alongside Coal Bed Methane needs to be treated (metals, etc.) for deep reinjection or beneficial reuse.

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Degrmont InDustry WAter For the uPstreAm oIL & gAs InDustry

InjectIon water and produced water to Improve oIl & gas recovery

Water is critical to Oil & Gas Exploration and Production. Whether it is for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) or chemical EOR, for reuse or discharge, water quality is crucial. Water treatment process lines have to meet requirements related to reservoirs as well as those related to local regulations and environmental constraints. Cost optimisation of water treatment lines remains a fundamental concern and requires innovative or tailor-made solutions which meet the complex conditions and needs of Upstream Oil & Gas industrials. Indeed, Degrmont Industry supplies robust and reliable water treatment systems and services to ensure the long lasting service life of a facility.

External water sources for injection

To produce injection water or steam, different kinds of external water resources are available: seawater, brackish water, well water, lake water, river water or municipal wastewater. For Injection and/or Enhanced Oil Recovery purposes, water treatment process lines differ depending on the external water resource available and on the water quality required by reservoirs i.e. particles (5-2-1) and salinity adjustment. Moreover this injection water quality (e.g. filters, deoxygenation processes, sulphate removal) must not cause corrosion or indirect decreased oil production. For shale oil and gas, water is essential for extraction processes.

Produced water and reinjection for EOR and chemical EOR

The amount of produced water may rise as the field matures. Produced water treatment for reinjection purposes is key to Enhanced Oil Recovery and chemical EOR.

Water Reuse or Discharge

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations encourage the Upstream Oil & Gas industry to reduce its environmental footprint and develop efficient water treatment solutions for reuse or discharge. The amount of produced water and its contaminants (TDS, TSS, dissolved and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, and chemicals used in production such as biocides, lime and corrosion inhibitors, etc.) usually vary over the fields lifetime.

Degrmont InDustry WAter For the uPstreAm oIL & gAs InDustry

Focus on your business while we focus on guaranteeing the quality and quantity of water that you need
Water treatment installations are key to problem-free production but are becoming increasingly more complex. Our professional teams, specialised in services, provide technical assistance, operation and maintenance support. At Degrmont Industry, we understand the specific challenges that you face on a daily basis and provide tailor-made services.

Your benefits: Optimum water processing and value creation

In-house expertise in water treatment and project management

Understanding the specific needs of Upstream Oil & Gas Industrials Proven experience as a solutions integrator Guaranteed industrial processes and water quality Environmental compliance and high quality standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 18001, Mase, VCA, OHSAS) Tailor-made solutions meeting the specifications of every customer Safe and reliable technologies Optimum OPEX and asset preservation Continuous improvement in both design and operation

Degrmont InDustry WAter For the uPstreAm oIL & gAs InDustry

Degrmont Industry provides services for water treatment located on both onshore and offshore production facilities.

Insulated PPI allowing recycling of concentrated free oil.


Deoiling sandfilters ensure not only the removal of oil from produced water but also that of suspended solids.

Dissolved Gas Flotation (DGF) allows removal of emulsified oil and small TSS particles from produced water. Thickener DGF allows thickening of oil and solids in used wash water from nutshell or sand filters.

Our large portfolio of technical solutions adapted to meet your challenges

Injection water & stimulation water Produced water & flowback water Produced water for reuse or discharge

Coarse filtration Pressure filtration Ultrafiltration Ion exchange Cartridge filtration Sulphate removal Nanofiltration Vacuum deaeration Reverse osmosis

Cyclone (desander,

deoiler) High rate clarification CPI / PPI API / DCI (circular API) Fuel gas stripping for removal of VOCs & BTEX Flotation systems: DGF, DNF, DAF, IGF Deoiling sandfilters Coalescer filters Nutshell filters

Pressure filters Atmospheric filters:

Advanced oxidation system GAC, anthracite filters Evaporation systems Meteor MBBR (mixed and

Aquazur V, ABW Microfiltration Ultrafiltration Ion exchange High TDS Reverse osmosis Ozonation

(Ozone, H2O2, etc.)

free culture)
Biofor (fixed culture) Ultrafor / MBR (Membrane

Bioreactor processes)

AmeriwAter Anderson infilco ondeo is ozoniA Purite wPt

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