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SAP Note 372630 Note Language: English

Information: Reversal for settlement
Version: 7 Validity:
Valid Since 21.11.2001

The following symptoms may occur in the course of the reversal of the settlement: o o The reversal in the settlement delivers illogical values. The reversal of the settlement does not reverse all values of the period. There are still values in financial accounting which are still not reversed after the reversal of the settlement. After the reversal of the settlement, it is still not possible to change the settlement rule. You are not sure how the reversal works for the settlement. The reversal of the settlement of co-products also reverses the preliminary settlement.



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Other terms
KO88, KO8G, CO88, CJ88, CJ8G, VA88, KK88, KK87, reverse, reversal KO9E, KO9G, CJ9E, CJ9G

Reason and Prerequisites Solution Reversal for the actual settlement
The reversal for the settlement is a document reversal.In other words, exactly one settlement - the last one - is always reversed. In detail, this implies: o You run the reversal of the settlement for an object in period X. If the last settlement for this object was not in period X, the system issues error message KD547 'Reversal not possible; last settlement was in period & &'. Otherwise, the last settlement is reversed. The entire period is not reversed, but only an individual settlement. Thus, to reverse the values of an entire period, it may be necessary to carry out the reversal of the settlement several times in the period. The processing type does not play any role for the reversal. The last settlement is reversed regardless of the processing type. The settlement and the settlement reversal select the order headers and the items for co-products. As a result, the preliminary settlement is also reversed with the reversal.





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o The system reads the following settings from the old document and does not redetermine them: The split of the costs for the receivers. deterimination of the functional area.The system also displays which settlements are reversed.2012 Page 2 of 3 . resetting for the planned settlement always resets all planned settlements of the period entered. the system displays the total sum settled for the sender. the system redetermines the last use of the settlement rule by using the previous settlements of the sender.Unlike the reversal for the actual settlement. document reversal means that the settlement document reverses exactly.5).SAP Note 372630 - Information: Reversal for settlement In this case. automatic account assignment. - - For the reversal of the settlement. Function 'Previous settlements' For a general overview of the settlement documents for a sender.The follow-on documents such as CO documents.5).12. FI documents and so on are restructured from the settlement reversal document. Determination of the CO-PA value fields in accordance with the PA transfer structure. substitution.Thus the last use of the settlement rule is the same period in which the rule was last used. The MM account determination for settlement to material. The work in process account determination (prior to Release 4. While resetting the planned settlement. the settlement document is turned around. Determination of the settlement cost element in accordance with the allocation structure.It is also possible to branch to the follow-on documents. The work in process account determination (as of Release 4. therefore. 21. the system redetermines the last use of the settlement rule. Resetting for the planned settlement In contrast to reversal for the actual settlement. which documents are reversal documents and which of these documents were reversed. which you can find on the initial screen of the settlement transaction via 'Goto > Previous settlements'. you can use the 'Previous settlements' function. - o The system currently reads the following settings for reversal: All derivations of characteristics in the area of account assignment supplementation in the CO interface. First. The stock coverage check for settlement to materials with average moving price. The 'Itemization' function causes the individual settlements. for example. It is possible to change the settlement rule for this period again only when all settlements of a period are reversed.

) Header Data Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Secondary Components: CO-PC-OBJ Cost Object Controlling Released for Customer 20. Example: An order was first planned and settled with a settlement rule in the periods 1-6/2000. If the settlement in 1-6/2001 is then reset.12.2012 Page 3 of 3 .SAP Note 372630 - Information: Reversal for settlement the determination is not carried out exactly by using the settled periods.11. then the use would be 1-16/2000.2001 23:00:00 German Recommendations/additional info Consulting CO-OM-OPA-F Period-end Closing The Note is release-independent Support Packages Support Packages SAP_APPL Release 470 Package Name SAPKH47009 Related Notes Number 934627 911367 701077 398631 397799 359814 Short Text Differing posting period in settlement and reversal Settlement in prior periods that are already settled FAQ 2: PS Period End Closing INFO: CO-PC-OBJ (settlement) INFORMATION: CO-OM-OPA (Order & Project Accounting) Info: Settlement reversal cannot be reversed 21. then the last period used is set for reversal of period the same as for the previous period. (If the fiscal year 2000 had 16 and not 12 periods.If a rule was used in the past. then the use of the rule is 1-12/2000 and not 1-6/2001. then in 1-6/2001.