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Strategy for Dead Horses

The tribal wisdom of the North Dakota Indians, passed down from generation to generation, says that when you
discover you are riding a dead horse the best strategy is to dismount.
Every Tribe, Organization whether Small, Medium or Large have what I call “Dead Horses”. You can find them
at their Branch locations, Subsidiaries, Affiliated and Associated Companies, and even in their respective
Departments etc. It is only matter of time to identify, classify and sort them out among rest of the herd. Then the

However, after witnessing and working with many dead horses during my career, I myself and my customers
have attempted a whole range of far more advanced strategies, such as to:

1. Change riders.
2. Buy a stronger whip.
3. Do nothing: "This is the way we have always ridden dead horses".
4. Visit other places, countries to see how they ride dead horses.
5. Conduct a productivity study to see if lighter riders improve the dead horse's performance.
6. Hire a contractor to ride the dead horse.
7. Harness several dead horses together to try to increase the speed.
8. Provide additional funding and/or training to increase the dead horse's performance.
9. Appoint a committee to study these dead horses and assess how dead they actually are.
10. Re-classify the dead horse as "living impaired".
11. Develop a Strategic Plan for the management of dead horses.
12. Rewrite the expected performance standards for all horses since performance of dead horses pulling down
the total herd’s performance.
13. Modify existing standards to include dead horses.
14. Declare that, as the dead horses do not have to be fed, it is less costly, carries lower overheads, and therefore
contributes significantly more to the bottom line than many other horses.
15. Do nothing in the hope that these dead horses recover.
16. If there is more than one dead horse, keep oversights on them including on their riders?
17. Promote the dead horse to a supervisory or senior management position.
18. Get a critical detailed medical analysis over the dead horse, if that helps.
19. When everything failed, bundle all dead horses, along with their riders whether they are lighter or heavier,
create Credit Default Swaps (CDS) instruments. Call them Anonymous Dead Horse Development (A.D.H.D)
Securities; insert a value in $, £, €, ¥, auction them off to Wall Street, and to the rest of financial market
Wizards around the globe. Did it work? No? Well, we tried.
20. O.K. Now since the mortgage crisis, credit crunch, bank failures, item 19 did not work. It may very well be,
what worked all these years, bundling, betting using whatever methods on these exotic instruments had their
own days.
Call me to help you, as to what else you can do with these DEAD HORSES before they cause any more
damage over the performance of the rest of the herd.

Subash Murray is a Business Consultant works closely with small and medium enterprises to optimize
their performances in Gross Margins and streamline their operations to enhance their value and
profitability under Generally Accepted principles of Governance, Ethics and Compliance. To learn more
about the above and how to get a Infrastructure analysis and a Financial Profiler for your company,
please call him at 407 466 9060 or email at,